What the depression thread taken down?

Hi Anne -I got your response I just didnt know where to post back. Thank you for caring so much its nice to have people on here like you. Im still suffering each day with something I cant really describe. As iv said in the past its sort of feeling like im half awake even though Im not necessarily tired, its like a dream-like state. I could also describe it as disconnected or depersonalized is the term I think. Anyway learning to cope but its hard. I also get headaches and sensitivity to light and sound constantly. If theres no headache theres pressure and sensitivity issues.

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  1. Hi Mernicole,

    I am not sure if you are referring to the discussion about suicidal thoughts?

    If so this post has not been taken down however the title of the post was changed. The title is now ‘Discussion on suicidal thoughts……..’ you can find every post that has been created if you go to ‘ALL POSTS’ at the top of the home page and they are all listed – in date order – most recent at the top.

    I hope that you begin to feel improvements soon.

  2. Hi MerNicole,so glad you have come back here to let us know how things have been going for you.Im so sorry you have not been well,and are still experiencing these symptoms.I totall get the depersonalised feelings and be unrealness of this.Im permanently stuck in this state,and just don’t know how to get put of it,it’s just amazing what this stuff can actually do,and keep doing.I hope you feel better,soon.I am just starting to take glutathione for brain dysfunction,I will try anything to just feel like me again,sending best wishes,keep strong,kx.

  3. Katie I didn’t know you get the depersonalization too. Its that how u describe the brain suffocation that u talk about? Can u describe how you feel the depersonalization?

  4. Hi Meredith,sorry I just read your post,well the depersonalisation for me,is like I’m here,but my brain is not,like here in the body but not the brain.I could be talking to someone,I am aware of the words coming out of my mouth,but it’s like I’m not saying them,like I am a robot,or I’m on autopilot.Im standing there,but my brain is sitting on the fence next to me.Its like I’m here bit it’s not real,almost like a movie playing,you can see and hear everything,and get involved,but you are detached from and not totally involved.Like I am preoccupied,and have this constant agitated feeling that I need to be doing something,somewhere else.Is this how you feel in a way,or is this totally different for you.I hope you are bearing up ok,please keep posting,kx.

  5. Is that one in the same with the suffocation feeling or is that different?

    That is very familiar. Ill just go ahead and state exactly how I feel as well even though its pretty similar to your description. I feel as though Im questioning “Am I really here” all the time. Its really a bad feeling to be stuck with. Of course I can get distracted but no emotion ever really feels the same. I can honestly say that in the months Iv dealt with this I havent had really any moments of peace and true happiness, just distraction at best. I feel very disconnected to my surroundings very dream-like. I feel stuck in my head. Sounds and sights dont look right. I feel muffled. And its hard to think creatively and motivation and emotion is off. im sad to say the only thing that helps be through the day is an addictive substance called ativan which will have its own set of problems.

  6. Hi MerNicole,gosh,yes that sounds just like me,so sorry you are gping through this,it is different from the brain suffocation symptoms,that seems to happen more at night,or if it happens in the day it just comes on like a cloud is passing over,and my brain function becomes even more dim,and I then start to feel I can’t swallow and I’m going to die.The depersonalisation and derealisation is there all the time,like my brain is functioning through quick sand,my reactions are slow,thinking is slow,sometimes I think am I actually talking in competent sentences.Can people understand what I am saying,I lose my train of thought all the time.I don’t even get seconds of clarity anymore,I use to now its just continuous muddling throughout the day,my only relief is to sleep,and if I wake up in the night to use the loo,I am disorientated and don’t know where I am.Getting up in the morning is so bad,because I am so slow,my thinking is even more muddled and it takes an hour to get to the not so muddled,by mid morning.Mid afternoon,it gets worse,I can feel my brain function diminishing,and getting worse by 4 o’clock.
    Yes and I too just don’t feel connected to anything anymore,even if I laugh,which I don’t much,sadly anymore,it’s like it’s not a real laugh,it’s subdued,and the action of laughing feels foreign to me,as does any other other emotion too.Sounds and lights aggravate me so much,I just feel like my brain needs to clear,and my eyes to stop burning constantly.I feel people are talking to me,thinking ‘she’s not with it ‘,but everyone thinks I’m just being paranoid,or it’s me just being conscious of not feeling myself.I just want to get out of my body,if that makes any sense,like I’m trapped and there’s no way out.I haven’t tried anything like Ativan,though I suppose it would be under a different name here.Its good if helps you,MerNicole.I am going to try Glutathione,a supposed antioxidant for brain cells.I read that capsules don’t really get into cells as the stomach enzymes metabolise it before it reaches anywhere.So it’s recommended to take it in a whey supplement.At the moment I will try anything,as I just want relief,I am so grateful I can sleep,more now but it just doesnt seem to be enough to regenerate my brain function.The herbalist I see advices it will take time as my brain is inflamed,I pray this is the case as I would not want to live in this state,for the rest of my life,I feel like I have had a chemical lobotomy,and I am just partially functioning as a zombie.I hope you start to feel different soon MerNicole,and there is a breakthrough in how you feel,and this hazy feeling and disconnection dissipates.This is just horrible and just should not be a part of side effects that could occur.Please kee posting,I will,and if I ever find anything that helps,I will gladly post it on here,I will put everything I can on here that relates to my symptoms,or if you need to ask anything,please do,or just to compare or relate anything.kx.

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