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Hope, Healing and Toxins: Iatrogenic Botulism and Lyme Recovery

For a very long time I was unable to participate in this group or even continue following it. I was so sick and afraid I could hardly get through each minute, each hour, each day and night. It’s hard to imagine that now. My last injection was in December 2014. In 2015, I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and I suspect I have the genetic mutation that makes me a slow detoxifier. It has been a long, arduous journey toward healing, but I have improved so much, and I have hope again! (And some energy to try to help others suffering this horrific experience.)

I cannot describe nor even recall all of the things I have done that have helped. Generally, they are along the lines of detoxing, taking nutrients/supplements prescribed by various doctors, and minimizing exposure to more toxins. Everyone is different, so what has worked for me may or may not work for others. A commonality I’ve seen with many chronic health issues, though, is an increased sensitivity to all toxic substances. As many of us have learned through this terrible, life-altering experience, the toxins in our environment, food, personal care and home care products, etc. are many!

Eliminating gluten, dairy and grain from my diet has helped me tremendously! Also, I changed my entire beauty regimen to clean, safe products. I had no idea how many toxic substances are in most haircare, skincare, sun-care, perfume and makeup products! When I discovered how much I was hurting my body and impeding its healing with this daily toxic (over)load, I transitioned to Beautycounter, a company that refuses to us 1500 + toxic ingredients in its products [despite that they have yet to be banned in the US (many are banned in Europe!)]. Not only are their products safe, they are really wonderful and provide me with a little extra income as a Consultant. Please visit my page here https://www.beautycounter.com/alihoffman if you’d like to take a look/purchase products. I’m also happy to offer free phone/text/email or in person (if you’re near Santa Barbara or San Francisco) assistance with product selection, and I have some samples and information I can mail out as well!

Additionally, I have replaced all of my household cleaners with natural alternatives, many of which are made with essential oils. I use Young Living, and I am also happy to assist anyone interested in getting started with their amazing oils! I don’t have my own page with Young Living, but their site is here https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/discover and you can use my ID number (3441106) for purchases. Oils can also be used to promote healing, and a practitioner friend has given me some good recommendations for addressing neurological issues with oils, which I’d be happy to share.

Please be in touch! I’m happy to share samples and any/all knowledge I have about Beautycounter and Young Living. I truly believe reducing the toxins in my diet, personal and home care products has made a tremendous difference in my body’s ability to heal itself. Please reach out if you think this might be right for you––I know the sheer misery of being incapacitated by this terrifying illness and I want to help others who aren’t as far along on their healing journeys as I am.

Attorney. Lawyer. Lawsuit. Message me.

Hello. I’m now 11 months out from my terrible botox experience. I’m looking for people with similar experiences as me who would be willing to let me give their information (or their situation, date of injection, diagnosis etc to start) when contacting attorneys.  Following detrimental botox injections I was hospitalized with botulism as well as autonomic dysfunction and respiratory failure on exertion as well as abnormal heart rhythms. After 3 months of home oxygen I was then diagnosed with heart failure. I’m still on medications to help and have an array of other side effects. 11 months out I’m positive I have permanent damage and I’d like to pursue this. Please email me privately on here. Thank you.

Oxygen in drops anyone tried?

Hi all, just thought I will share with you I have also done bioresonance test now and it has shown botulinum toxin in my system stil.. Doctor who did the test has told me about Oxy Max Oxygen in drops to drink, she said people with Lyme get very good resuts with this and it could also be helpful for botulism toxin. Also I am going for consultation about ozonotherapy and high dosw of vitamin C in drip. Dont know if anyone tried that all yet but I thought it could be very helpful as Vit C is never absorbed fully by our system and terapeutic results are when given intravenously..

Here is link to Oxy drops


I will post about it when I get more info.

Sending all healing thoughts xoxo

Slowly but surely – recovery taking time but is real

Hello,  I have been on this site several times over the last 2 years and at the deepest hell pit of my symptoms can honestly say many of you saved my sanity!!! I am only registering and posting now to share my experience out of honest hope that I might be able to offer some of you a glimmer of optimism that recovery is real and can happen – though slowly with patience and courage.

My journey started in 2012 a as chronic migraine sufferer desperate for a treatment that would make a difference.  I received 4 rounds of injections over a near 10 month period. I got side effects (SEs) beginning approx 1 week after my initial treatment – only to be told what I was experiencing could in no way connected to Botox (sound familiar??). It took me a few rounds before I was able to start directly linking my SEs to the injections – hmmm – injections and symptoms – wow there is no coincidence. And it was discovering this website that gave me the proof I was looking for that I was not CRAZY like the MDs all told me I was! I am eternally grateful to this site and it’s members – because the night I discovered I was not alone I cannot begin to tell you what emotional relief it brought me.

Anxiety, and tachacardia have been the absolute biggest SEs I have had to manage in my recovery. Outside of a plethora of other SEs I experienced during active Botox treatments – feel free to review my profile –  the absolute worst was when I had 2 terrifying panic attacks  within about 1 month of each other – where I thought that’s it – sianara – off I go to the big blue yonder – convulsions and the works. I’m not posting today to relay all the horrors so many of you know too well in your own terrible journeys with this poison. Just reading the posts here sometimes sent me into panic over what might come next.  If you are in the deepest throws of your Botox nightmare right now – please believe me when I say it will get better – manage the best you can by whatever means brings you relief or support – and as hard as it sounds accept that time and deeply caring for yourself is the key – you are not alone – you are not crazy and it will get better! At least this has been my experience and I am confidant with time many of you will have the same.

I am now 17 months since my last injection. After reading many posts I was hopeful that I might find full recovery within about 6 to 12 months – and focussed on that.  While that hasn’t been my personal experience I can say that I now have literally weeks and sometimes months that will go by where I feel like I am almost back to my pre-Botox self – and then bam – a relapse will hit me out of the blue – for no apparent reason that I can link to.  That being said, the relapses are getting farther apart and when they happen they are more mild and manageable. While it winds my spirits and faith when it comes back – I remind myself that it will improve and pass (usually a couple of weeks) and I just need to stay focussed on believing that it has before and it will again. I now accept that my full recovery may still be a few years away. But when it does recur I know what it is, I know what to do and have the courage to continue to hang on.

My go to therapies have been healthy diet, massage, acupuncture, ativan for rescue when it gets bad and also tried calcium channel blockers to relieve my heart palpitations and anxiety. I only use ativan for rescue now when I have a relapse – it helps me fast when I feel a bad bout of anxiety coming on. Otherwise I try to ride out it out as best I can and take real comfort in the arms of my loving husband who has held my hand and heart throughout this nightmare.

If I were to say there is any silver lining in this nightmare it is this! I take much better care of myself now. I got healthier and more active and lost 50lbs and I am far more discerning of putting anything into my body.  This experience literally scared the crap out of me and I don’t take the precious days I have with my husband and family for granted. Not that I would ever have asked for or wished this upon anyone – but it forced me to get real with myself about many things including my health both physically and psychologically and see clearly that certain priorities in my life had to change. This was my wake up call and I had to answer it if there was to be any goodness that came from the nightmare.

I have reported my experience to my MDs and to Allergen and the local Health Authorities – but sadly don’t think it makes much difference. Though 1 MD professed he will be far more open to what other patients who may be using Botox experience. He termed me a “super responder” a patient with a high level of sensitivity to the drug. No shit!!!!

Thank you to all who have been brave enough to share your experiences and tips and offered heartfelt support to all of us affected.  You are helping more than you realize and in many meaningful ways – even to those who are invisible and looking for answers and some hope.

Take care and don’t lose hope,

HopefulD from Canada






Feeling faint and very weak after eating

I noticed this new development in the last week or 2 and is quite scary .The weird thing is that the blood pressure and heart come almost perfect …Urghh hard to make sense of any of these symptoms but just wondering if anyone had this happening .

nervous breakdown of both kinds :-(

Hi everyone
I have posted my story previously.
I am 9 weeks in after having 15 shots of botox in my head, neck and shoulders for chronic pain.
As I have antidepressant withdrawl induced CFS and Lyme, I am already very drug sensitive.
Since I had the major reaction to the shots, I have been trying various medications to help. Every drug I have taken has given me a hypersensitive reaction, a ‘stimulating’ one. From Naproxen to gabapentin to nortriptyline. These stimulating reactions although they made my pain hyper would get me through a day and allow me to do things, though my body would ‘drop’ again afterwards.
The anticholinergic effect on my body means my muscles have turned very soft and weak, making my lymphatic system not work properly (puffy eyes and swollen feet), AND My Neck AND Shoulder Muscles Drop SO Much THE nerves around my head and face and neck pull downwards, ringing ears, hisding actually,with such a force my migraines and eyesight are getting worse daily. As I have fibromyalgia, I have severe twitching around all my nerves on my body as my muscles have become so weak.
After skipping around taking gabapentin for a few days I noticed I was getting dry skin and spots mire and my face is so dry I was burning in the sun.
I then tried to go back on nortriptyline a drug I have taken last year. Both nights I took it my migraine became so sharp, then the ‘drop’ the next day. On the second day of 10 mg, my skin was dry, paper thin and had a red rash the looked like someone had thrown acid in my face! I used to get very dry skin from Colestyramine or charcoal because it would absorb fluids from my gut, make my pain worse and again, throw my nervous system into disarray
I stopped again.
I KNOW this is due to my nervous system being whacked out and over stimulated.
I just need to know how I can get better!
Is there anything I can do to counteract the muscle weakness I am having? A supplement or drug?
It definitely is my nervous system all over the shop.
I don’t know if my reaction to nortriptyline was a proper one: the redness/dry out I would normally only get from taking a large dose of a drug and it affecting my autonomic nervous system that badly.
The dry skin is something new and it’s just getting worse. Lack of oxygen and nervous system exhaustion?
I am having a good diet when I can eat: protein, veg and complex carbs (I have only just started eating these again as I am so drained it’s the only burst of energy I get)
I don’t know what supplements to take
I have had a lot of Epsom salt baths also very drying.
Please can someone offer advice?
I’m not making the paper dry skin thing up.
I am 9 weeks in and back in my wheelchair and am having severe depression and anxiety because of the effects too and have thoughts of ending it all. I am in touch with mental health.
I should say that I have been trying to detox, have acupuncture and Lymphatic drain age if my head and neck and am not sure if this us also contributing to making it worse. I did a very stimulating body brushing on Saturday to try and get this poison out. I did AC every few days at the beginning.
Thank you for any help xx
Especially on muscle regeneration and nerve repair

Plastic surgeon says it must be something else?!

Hi to all
I feel that I am going out of my mind. I have been having Botox in my forehead, frown lines and occasionally my crows feet for over 3 years now around about every four months. I always usually get a migraine the following day and a bit of a stuffy sinus effect for a few days following the injections but this has always subsided and everything has been fine after this.
However I went for my Botox 3 weeks ago and about a week after I started with headaches, head pressure and stiff neck every day this has progressed to a blocked or full feeling in my ears,tinnitus. I am having hot flashes bouts of tachycardia for which I am taking propranolol i cant sleep and I am having huge panic attacks. My eyelids are also very swollen. At first I thought it was related to my thyroid as I do have graves disease. However I saw my Endo who did the tsh t4 and t3 and everything is normal there but she did put me back on the propranolol for the tachycardia and panic attacks. After a lot of google research I came across this site and after reading lots of posts the penny dropped! I spoke to my Endo and she said go back to the ps who did the Botox.
I made a consultant appointment and spoke to my ps who did the Botox this morning as I am totally freaked out. His reaction was” I haven’t done anything different to the other times and have been doing this for years and have never come across these symptoms after Botox. My opinion is that you are just coming down with something. You need to stop worrying”

I live in Dubai and it costs over a hundred pounds for a consultant appointment on top of the blood costs ect so I am racking up quite a bill already…
Any advice would be soooooooo appreciated right nowI don’t know what else to do, I feel really awful and I know this is going to sound mad but I am afraid I might die!

Numbness and tingling

Hello all!
I have so much tingling and numbness in my hands and arms. This started happening right after the botox. I am so concerned that this permanent. I really haven’t seen posts about this. Does anyone have any experience with this symptom? I am concerned that I have permanent nerve damage. This is scary.
Also, does anyone have experience with any helpful tips on heavy, sunken eyes?
I would so much appreciate any input.
I hope everyone is improving!
Thank you!


I had cosmetic botox injections 8 days ago and have been searching for answers ever since. I went in for botox above my eyebrows and the “nurse” convinced me to get them around my eyes. I had been having some issues with my eyes and asked if the botox would effect my eye muscles. She said no. She also said that my only other option was to spend $17 thousand dollars on a facelift. So, hesitantly I had the botox injected for crows feet. I had this done by a dermatologist. The nurse is definitely a salesperson. She said that soon everyone will be asking “did you have your botox today?” This is sad. As soon as I had the injections, I felt strange. Not long after them, my head felt like a ton of bricks, dizzy and my right arm felt numb. I called and talked to someone in the office that said there is no way that the botox would cause the symptoms. She said I should just go about my day. Later that evening, I felt worse so I talked to the doctor. Once again I was told there is no way the botox would cause this and said that I should go to Urgent Care because I could be having a stroke. Over the weekend my symptoms got worse. Anxiety, horrible insomnia, no appetite and a panic attack. I have never had a panic attack before. My eyes looked half closed and sunken with bags. My whole face felt tingly including my nose. My right cheek felt numb. It was a weekend that I never want to have again. About 5 days after the injections, I was at work and my face just felt numb and tingly. It was an awful, sick feeling. I am still having symptoms. My throat has been really dry, my head still has a heavy feeling, my eyes are still sunken with bags. I still have an odd feeling in my face and the numb feeling in my arm is horrible. I just really feel out of it. Does anyone know if the botox triggered some sort of autoimmune disease or if my symptoms were caused from the botox and it will go away when the botox wears off? I am hoping for the latter. This is pure torture. Oh, I was also told it was probably allergies.

Anyone sick from a filler only without having Botox?

It seems that the majority of people here have had complications with Botox. There are a few people who mentioned that they had Botox along with fillers and were sick. I am wondering if there is anyone who suffered an injury from a filler alone.

Does Anyone have Vitamin Toxicity?

In yet another attempt to explain away my symptoms, my doctor ordered a series of bloodtests to check various vitamin levels, as apparently a poor diet resulting in vitamin deficiencies will cause many of the same symptoms I have been experiencing.  Imagine my surprise when my vitamin B6 levels came back as toxic.  According to my doctor, and all of the research I have since done, this cannot be caused by dietary means alone, but is instead caused by taking too much of a vitamin B supplement in any form.  However, I do not take ANY vitamins or vitamin supplements!

After questioning my repeatedly regarding any vitamins I may take (like they are illegal drugs), my doctor then proceeded to contradict herself by telling me to eliminate all foods from my diet that contain Vitamin B6 – after she previously stated that the toxicity cannot be caused by diet alone?!

My receiving any type of treatment for the intense muscular pain I have been experiencing for almost eleven months hinged on all of my bloodtests coming back normal.  My doctor said that she cannot repeat the blood test for four months, as this is the amount of time it takes the toxicity to leave your body.  FOUR MONTHS?!  That is almost half of the time I have been suffering, already, and cannot imagine going through four more months with no help.

I have also searched at great length to find a possible metabolic or natural cause for the vitamin toxicity, but have found none.  I was hoping that maybe someone might know some information about this, as I do not know what I can do.


A solution I have discovered

I am 29, I suffer from botox for 13 months.
I have discovered something amazing.
When I wear my sunglasses (all the Time during one month) my neurologic symptoms disappears.!! All of them.
But at this moment my face is swelling. It is amazing, It works, I want to share you my observation.
But I have since à big edema, It is not a perfect solution.
Sunglasses makes symptoms disappears for me, but create a new one : my face is swelling.

Edema/swelling around eyes after botox

Hello everyone,
I introduce you my story :
I was injected in November 2011.
The 1st week : the worse effects, I was very tired, impossible to see objetcs in 3D !! Nausea, dizziness, breathing difficulty, dry mouth, difficulty to speak
1 month: dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, eye problems…
3-6 month : head pressure, headeaches and big big suffering in my brain, insomnia, eyes problems…
1 year (NOW) neurologic problems have decreased à lot !! But I suffer now from à big edema, maybe nettle rash according to doctors, my face is swelling, I first tried Extranaza and antihistamine .. But I am very scarry because swelling does not stop. Have you heard about edema, swelling problems one year after the incident? How can I fight it? And does It disappear? And when? Please I need help.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much

Flu Botox symtoms begins after dermatologic laser called Fraxel

Hello, I have had a laser on my face on December 2011 and 1 month before, the injection of 125 dysports units on my face. One hour after the laser, eye problems begins, nausea, dry mouth appear, difficulty to speach … 9 months of Horror.. Today neurologic symptoms are decreasing but my face is swelling, i souffer of a very big edema. Does anyone have the same edema? And does It disappears? Tank you


Please help me for migraines.. Does anyone else have severe breathing difficulties?  Breathing too slow, severe chest pain,cant get enough air. even if given oxygen. I can.t breathe all tests are negative. Had 31 shots in my head &neck . My main problem is I can;t breathe. I fight for air  twentty four sen=ven. Been to ER and put in hospital so many times I’ve lost count. Please, does anyone else have these symptoms? Did you get any help or are you like me, begging for oxygen.

Small Beginnings

Hi, I’m 4 days post Botox injection and feeling really unwell. Why is Botox allowed to be sold as a ‘safe’ drug? I had 75 units in my forhead to smooth out a frown line. When I had this done I felt that it would be okay and I did it as a ‘take time out for myself activity.’ Having three children is busy and you don’t always get to do that. I’m hoping that in time recovery will come but I know it will be a process as my brain feels really foggy due to neural pathways being blocked and my whole body is weak. I was very healthy before this but I feel this is a huge setback to my wellbeing. I feel very upset ubout what this drug does to people. I talked to a phone counsellor about the the devastation I am feeling and my concerns about how this will impact on my family. She talked me through a breathing meditation and encouraged me that there is a place in this world for ‘small beginnings’ and to be very kind to myself while i’m rebuilding my life slowly. Any words of encouragement here are greatly appreciated. I would love to here some success stories along the road to recovery.

Hi, I’m new here!

Had Botox treatment just over a week ago.  I had 31 injections,  some in my forehead, some in the side of my head, some at the back of my head and neck and some in my shoulders.  155 units in total.  I have suffered with migraines for many years and have had the Botox treatment as a last resort.  I cannot take preventative medication as I suffer terrible side effects.

The first couple of days after the treatment I had migraines, worse than normal as they were all around my head, I usually only get them at the front.  I had to take 2 lots of Sumatriptan, usually 1 will do it.  I then had a couple of ok days, although I did get cystitis (is that connected?!)  Then last sunday I had the worst migraine I have ever had in my life, and I’ve had a few.  Several hours after taking 2 lots of sumatriptan, 1000mgs of Naproxen, being sick and sleeping, the migraine passed. However, afterwards I found that I couldn’t speak properly, I sounded drunk and had difficulty getting my words out.  Next came the muscle pains, thought I was getting flu.  Hot and cold, felt terrible.

Went to the doctors yesterday, she agreed it was probably the Botox causing all my problems.  Started to feel better throughout the day.  By 8pm yesterday evening I was headache free, the first time in years.  Unfortunately, my heart started racing so fast, I felt like I’d drunk 10 cups of coffee.  At 1.30am this morning I’m in bed reading, can’t sleep, my heart pounding in my ears.  Eventually I managed to get to sleep.

Woke at 7 this morning, feeling okay.  Slight headache, my heart is still racing.  Feel like I have loads of energy so going to do the ironing!

Good luck everyone out there who is suffering. X











Hi everyone.  Just an update because I promised. I did hear back twice from Allergan.  I AM feeling better and I was honest when they called 2 days ago. The only effect I seem to still suffer from is the swollen/droopy left eye and diminished vision. I am also not sleeping well at night- very restless and I was sleeping well prior to this.  Please make sure you are reporting your symptoms to different agencies, even if you only have minor ones or 1 out of the many that some of us have suffered. One of the many symptoms I experienced in the beginning was the inability to form cohesive thoughts. I had a hard time finding words. Hard to describe, but those of you who have experienced it know what I mean. Yesterday, the representative from Allergan said, “I am reading from your list of symptoms that you had a hard time expressing words. Clearly, you don’t have that problem anymore.” I thanked him for his sarcasm and answered, “thankfully, I don’t because it was an awful feeling- one that I hope you never experience.”

Still sick after10 months

Hi everyone thank you all for your questions about the filler that was used in the glabella area.It was juvederm ultra 2 and it is not FDA approved for this area.I was not informed of this at the time,I am now losing my sight in my right eye,going deaf in my left ear,the tinnitus is now 24 hours a day not just at night,I am getting pains in my heart as I am continuously fighting for breath and the burning and brain suffocation just doesnt stop.I contacted Allergan who said it was my fault my body rejected it,4 solicitors now do not want to take the case on as they say it will be hard to prove, the hospital doctors stated to me,my mum and husband that my brain nerves were sensitized and I had suffered facial and brain nerve damage from the filler.Yet this has only been recorded as facial nerve damage on paper.I am due to see the neurologist on Monday as his nurse kept contacting me when I was discharged with yet another packet of pills this time duloxetine.She would ask if I was ok but I would say no not all in fact I’m worse and feel like my brain is suffocating 24 hours a day, I have dementia with sundowning at 41 years old apart from that yeh I’m great.The tablets did not help the sames as all the other ones I’ve been prescribed I’ve tried them all.Ive also discovered that the enzyme I was injected with 7 weeks later to try to disperse the juvederm is actually off label and more dangerous than the filler.Even though juvederm is highly cross linked with streptococcus euquistrian a disease that causes strangles disease in horses,they literally suffocate,hyaluronidase is derived from pigs.So basically I have two chemicals,one worse than the other causing theses symptoms of brain dysfunction for months with no relief in sight.As this is such a rare occurrence juvederm getting into the brain,no one knows wether it will wear off or not.I can’t live like this anymore in this burning dementia state everyone, looks at me as if I’ve got cancer because of the weight loss and no doubt the black eyes and drawn appearance due to the lack of sleep.My chance to have another child and foster is gone because I don’t even know what day it is.Its as if someone is playing a movie like groundhog day and I’m in it but can’t get out.I pray there is a reason for all this suffering,why everyone has had to endure this on this site and many others.I did see the packet of juvederm that was opened but the hyaluronidase just came out of a bottle I have no record of that just the juvederm.Its like I’m trying to prove I’m not mental it’s your worst nightmare and then some.I do think I’m better off dead because it’s like trying to prove the impossible,the paper that was suppose to run the story says the editor is now dragging his heels as the clinic are trying to stop them printing it,so my mum said we will go up to the clinic with some placards and wait until the press come and we can tell them we are boycotting the clinic.I do not have a copy of the original consent form I signed either, the clinic won’t give it to me.So I’m stuck like this forever slowly suffocating and dying getting worse by the day, I basically paid someone for a frontal lobe chemical lobotomy and to go blind,but it’s safe Allergan states, there’s no chance of a reaction,well it isn’t,it’s a toxic chemical but I did it,it’s my fault I ruined my life,so I’ve got to live like this like a lab test animal until I succumb to its purpose,which is to literally burn and decay my brain,please forgive the depressing rant but I am backed into a corner with no escape, why don’t doctors read this site so they can see the suffering and do something.I pray for you all at least if I do succumb to this,it’s documented on here I have at least some proof what this stuff has done, and even though I have never met any of you it’s been wonderful to share my darkest hours with you all to know someone is always there just a few short clicks away I never thought in my wildest dreams my life would end like this,when all I wanted was to plump up my cheeks,I will keep posting as long as I can,if the doctors try to lock me away at least hopefully there’s this site that proves I’m not insane.Thank you everyone for being on here you’ve probably saved more people than you know of,god bless you kx

Just an update AND new info in Good Housekeeping magazine

I know some of you asked for an update when we were feeling better…I am afraid to be too optimistic BUT yesterday other than a bad headache at the end of the day, I felt fairly normal. For the past 5 days I have really devoted myself to drinking a lot of water (I was not good about that before).  A colleague who is very into homeopathic cures told me to bathe every night in epsom salts, baking soda, and lavender essential oil for the terrible sinus/headaches I was having. She said it would release toxins from the body…no idea is true or false, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  She also showed me an exercise using pressure points above my eyes. I don’t know if it’s that, or just coincidence, but yesterday my sinus problems seemed to lift and the pressure point exercise really help my head. I have done it very often for the past 2 days. I am swearing off all meds-no Claritin, no Tylenol or Advil. Nothing artificial in my body. I want to detox as best as I can.  Coincidentally, I was reading the July issue of Good Housekeeping earlier today. There is an advertisement for BOTOX to treat migraines. I kid you not, there are 3 full size pages of warnings. There are even some that I did not see on the Allergan website. I was especially interested in the long list of medicines (even over the counter and supplements) that you should not use if you are receiving BOTOX. There must be many more complaints because I have never seen so much accompanying literature.

Today I feel almost normal. I don’t even have a headache. My left eye is still a bit blurry (it wasn’t before) and my left eye is still a bit swollen an droopy, but I don’t think it’s as bad (or else I’m just getting used to it…)

So, keep the faith-for the past 2 weeks I have felt as if I was dying, as many of you are. I hope the symptoms don’t return but I am thankful for today at least :)