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Botox injections 2 months ago, extreme facial pain in cheeks

I had botox injections 2 months ago.  He injected around my eyes, corner of mouth and top of my cheeks.  I also had some juvaderm at the bottom of my cheek and on my clown lines by mouth.  They gave me a ice pack to put on my face when I got home, which I did and I took the vitamin Arnica as they told me too.  That night my cheeks were sore to the touch and I couldn’t sleep on my stomach.  3 days later I started feeling sick.  I had headaches, stuffiness, nausea and flu like symptoms, also my hands became very stiff and I kept dropping things, and terrible hot flashes.  That next day I went to my GP, she examined me, I told her my symptoms, she checked my ears, she said I had a sinus infection, and fluid in my ear.  She gave me the Z pack.  I took that for 5 days.  I felt better for about a week, and then the symptoms came back.  My face hurting, cheeks still sore, nausea, headache, body aches, flu like symptoms.

I went back to the Dermatologist for a follow up and told him that I had a sinus infection and asked if the injections caused it and he said no and was no help to me.

2 weeks later I went back to my GP and she said I still had fluid in ear and she gave me a stronger antibiotic, Levofloxacin.  I took it for 4 days and I thought I was going to die!  I got terribly sick and couldn’t function.  I stopped taking it, and the next day I felt good.  But not for long.  Symptoms reappeared once again.

I am a healthy person and work out 3 days a week.  I’m in good shape and not overweight, and take care of myself.  So I don’t understand what is happening to me.

I decided to go to a ENT doctor.  I explained to him how I felt.  He examined me, and found nothing.  I told him I had botox and he said nothing.  He said I might have an infection deep in my head and I need a cat scan, but he prescribed a steroid for me to take for 10 days to see if that works.  I felt sick on and off with the pill.  I ended the pill 2 days ago and my face still hurts and I still have symptoms.  I have been putting ice packs on my cheeks and it helps a little.  Sometimes as I go through the day I feel better but as the day goes on my face starts to hurt again and I will get a headache and feel downright sick!

At this point I don’t know what to do.  I know its the botox that is making me feel this way.  There is no other explanation.  What can I do to get this poison out of my system?  Can anyone help me?  Thanks for listening.



Feeling faint and very weak after eating

I noticed this new development in the last week or 2 and is quite scary .The weird thing is that the blood pressure and heart come almost perfect …Urghh hard to make sense of any of these symptoms but just wondering if anyone had this happening .

Need peace of mind after Botox

Hello….hopefully I am in the right place for some help or peace of mind. I am 41 very active. In the gym 4 nights a week & work in outside sales & marketing in the medical field. I got my first Botox injections on March 7, 2014, I am 9 weeks from injection date. I had 10 units in my forehead & 18 above my eyebrows & in between my eyebrows…sorry I don’t know the technical term. The area above my eyebrows did look swollen for almost 2 weeks after injections.

So let me start with right after injections. Within in a hour or less I started to get a headache. The pain came mostly from the front of my head. 4 hours after injections I felt like I needed to blow my nose…it kind felt like my nose was kind of stopped up. When I blew my nose nothing but blood was coming out. I blew & blew to get all the blood out. At this point I thought holy crap what is going on? I started to worry a little at that point. It was late & I couldn’t call the Dr. who did the injections. Now on to the next day….my forehead hurt so bad if I didn’t know better I would have thought my forehead was severely bruised, although it wasn’t. This pain last for 6 days after injections. I could barely touch my forehead. I went 3 days without washing my forehead the pain was so bad. I did go back to the Dr. After 3 days of injections & only got the “your crazy” look & reply. I talked to the dr about the possibility of to much being injected & allergic reaction she said no. All during this time my forehead was so itchy too, but without a rash. I did have a few tiny bumps, but not really a rash. I also started to have flu like symptoms after 5 days after. Runny nose, body aches, feeling of sinus pressure, tired feeling. At times I have also felt nausea. About two weeks after injections I woke up in the middle of the night feeling as if I was being smothered.

For 2 months now I have experienced sinus problems off & on.  This month the sinus problem put me at the dr office for antibiotics for a upper & lower respiratory infection.  I finished the medicine 2 weeks ago. Now I have a soar throat & sinus pressure again. This is getting ridiculous! I am staring to wonder is all this is from the Botox. I love the looks that Botox has given me, but is not worth it if all my problems are due to Botox.  I am open for any comments, advice or help. If this is from Botox when is all this going to go away & I’m going to feel healthy like I use to?

Here are a recap of everything I have experienced in the last 9 weeks…

*forehead pain, bloody nose, headaches, body aches, tiredness, sinus pressure & sinus infection, lower respiratory infection, shortness in breath, at times nausea, sore throat.

Sorry my post is so long. I just wanted to get all the details out there for help.

one other thing I am allergic to latex & neosporne. Don’t know if that matters or not. The dr never asked me if I was before injections.

Thank you.


nervous breakdown of both kinds :-(

Hi everyone
I have posted my story previously.
I am 9 weeks in after having 15 shots of botox in my head, neck and shoulders for chronic pain.
As I have antidepressant withdrawl induced CFS and Lyme, I am already very drug sensitive.
Since I had the major reaction to the shots, I have been trying various medications to help. Every drug I have taken has given me a hypersensitive reaction, a ‘stimulating’ one. From Naproxen to gabapentin to nortriptyline. These stimulating reactions although they made my pain hyper would get me through a day and allow me to do things, though my body would ‘drop’ again afterwards.
The anticholinergic effect on my body means my muscles have turned very soft and weak, making my lymphatic system not work properly (puffy eyes and swollen feet), AND My Neck AND Shoulder Muscles Drop SO Much THE nerves around my head and face and neck pull downwards, ringing ears, hisding actually,with such a force my migraines and eyesight are getting worse daily. As I have fibromyalgia, I have severe twitching around all my nerves on my body as my muscles have become so weak.
After skipping around taking gabapentin for a few days I noticed I was getting dry skin and spots mire and my face is so dry I was burning in the sun.
I then tried to go back on nortriptyline a drug I have taken last year. Both nights I took it my migraine became so sharp, then the ‘drop’ the next day. On the second day of 10 mg, my skin was dry, paper thin and had a red rash the looked like someone had thrown acid in my face! I used to get very dry skin from Colestyramine or charcoal because it would absorb fluids from my gut, make my pain worse and again, throw my nervous system into disarray
I stopped again.
I KNOW this is due to my nervous system being whacked out and over stimulated.
I just need to know how I can get better!
Is there anything I can do to counteract the muscle weakness I am having? A supplement or drug?
It definitely is my nervous system all over the shop.
I don’t know if my reaction to nortriptyline was a proper one: the redness/dry out I would normally only get from taking a large dose of a drug and it affecting my autonomic nervous system that badly.
The dry skin is something new and it’s just getting worse. Lack of oxygen and nervous system exhaustion?
I am having a good diet when I can eat: protein, veg and complex carbs (I have only just started eating these again as I am so drained it’s the only burst of energy I get)
I don’t know what supplements to take
I have had a lot of Epsom salt baths also very drying.
Please can someone offer advice?
I’m not making the paper dry skin thing up.
I am 9 weeks in and back in my wheelchair and am having severe depression and anxiety because of the effects too and have thoughts of ending it all. I am in touch with mental health.
I should say that I have been trying to detox, have acupuncture and Lymphatic drain age if my head and neck and am not sure if this us also contributing to making it worse. I did a very stimulating body brushing on Saturday to try and get this poison out. I did AC every few days at the beginning.
Thank you for any help xx
Especially on muscle regeneration and nerve repair

My story


Hi everyone im new here and was so happy when i found this site, i have had most of the symptoms listed on here. 28 year old received about 50 units of botox in forhead and frown lines. It was for preventive of having wrinkles in the future, the Dermatologist convinced me of doing. Same day extremly bad headache, followed by constipation next day and few days later vertigo, head pressure, migranes, unbearable migranes i had to force myself to sleep through it, feelings of being out of it, confused, i would loss my balance all the time couldnt walk. Heat palpitions was given beta blockers, throbbing pain on chest arms neck, back, heartburn , reflux, 3 weeks later shortness of breath, feeling of something stuck in my throath and chest, like food wasnt going down, had MRI on my brain done back in May , nothing found, Cat Scan for lungs nothing found except for enlarged lymph nodes Dr. said it was probably from a recent flu. Many blood tests all came back fine, xrays, pulomonary function tests, echo test , all normal!! Went back to the doctor who did the injections he was so cold and so like not caring and said he never heard of that, “i was probably fighting a virus” before i had the injections i never knew of the black box warnings, the only thing i knew and was the only thing the Dermatologist told me was that i could have a little headache and swelling and drooping eyelid. Time went on and daily migranes, confusion, dizzy, weak, fatigue, lossing balance, shortness of breath, ended up in the ER like 10 times, with them telling me its nothing. On one of the times i was hospitalized because i was so dizzy faint like feeling and my heart rate was now slow down to 39 and 40s and low blood pressure. Was put on a heart monitor and sent home 2 days later , nothing showed up , had upper endoscopy, all normal, this was all back in July. My main concern now is that i still have ao much muscle stiffness all over my chest back and neck and its painful, also under arms, they feel so stiff i cant even continue my singing career, i get so out of breath and faint like feelings, cant use my rib cage muscles , but its always like this not only singing but any physical activity i have diffuculty breathing, even eating, wow its horrible feels like your chocking, my burps seem so hard to come out, i have to force so much, it feels like my esophogus is weak, or stomach too, because food takes long to go down and i have so much reflux of the food and shortness of breath.,, deep breaths are hard to do the pull, muscles feel weak. Im always bloated, gasy, looks like im pregnant. I dont have the headaches and loss if balance and all that was going up on head as much anymore, those symptoms have subsided, sometimes a relapse i have noticed a relapse after using nail polish or dying my hair, im probably sensitive to chemicals now.
Does anyone have these stomach, eaophogus problems and breathing issues,?? Dont know if i should request another endoscopy etc, because from July to now it has gotten worse :-( if i could just go back in time.. My family has a well know Doctor in Brasil he is a neurologist and Cardiologist and his daughter is a Dermatologist, and he is the only doctor who has really helped me along this scary journey. He said everything im going through is because of botox. :-(

Weak nails and hair

I have not noticed if any of you have found their nails to be weakened since reacting. I now have splits down the center of my two middle fingers and they are very thin now.I always had strong nails and hair before. Since my hairloss from this it is also very fine strands but at least it grew back in most spots anyway. The nail thing is ugly cause I have to keep it so short and it snags all the time. I read about Vit A and E should help so I am going to try these now. Any other advice to help this? Thx

Botox is BAD

After 5 years of saying “NO” to Botox for Migraines I agreed to try it. It was a bad decision, I have regretted doing it because I had an acute adverse reaction. It shut down any normal breathing and I got so sick, attacking my respiratory system and infecting my lungs and sinuses. I felt like I have been literally burnt with chemicals. My lungs burn, my eyes burn, my insides burn, my skin burns and I am either sweating or feel chilled with a fever. The paranoia & anxiety beyond explanation, the panic attacks come on out of the blue day & night. Nightmares and frantic night sweats are very frightening. The doctors are eager to give you the Botox, but have no answers or help other than more medicine that is like adding fuel to a raging fire. After 8 months & 8 rounds of antibiotics and steroid treatment I got thrush all over my insides and under my arms I had to take diflucan to clear it and I have had a major flare up of eczema all over my face which will not clear up. Been to lots of specialist & it’s costs me a lot of $ and put me in bed for months. I have had chronic illness’ diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines and seizures for years, but they are nothing compared to this adverse reaction to Botox. I think Botox is a BAD idea for anyone! I wish I had continued to say “NO” But sadly I am living with the remnants still in my system. I hope it will end soon, it makes me sad that it has consumed my life. I literally have been trying to recover. There are more adverse reactions to mention in one entry. I hope that relief is in the near future!

Anyone sick from a filler only without having Botox?

It seems that the majority of people here have had complications with Botox. There are a few people who mentioned that they had Botox along with fillers and were sick. I am wondering if there is anyone who suffered an injury from a filler alone.

Going on 7 months definitely improvement but still setbacks

Many of my symptoms have subsided except for hives, red burning patches, and the rediculous sensation that I cant breath.  The hives and burning red patches are daily but the breathing sensation comes off and on.  I went three weeks recently without it then my period started and its back.  Its certainly not as bad as it was in beginning but its soooo unpleasant–it comes with burning and muscle discomfort in the chest area below my ribs.  I worry when I get it that Im stuck like this for the rest of my life.  Has anyone had this and it went away for good??

A solution I have discovered

I am 29, I suffer from botox for 13 months.
I have discovered something amazing.
When I wear my sunglasses (all the Time during one month) my neurologic symptoms disappears.!! All of them.
But at this moment my face is swelling. It is amazing, It works, I want to share you my observation.
But I have since à big edema, It is not a perfect solution.
Sunglasses makes symptoms disappears for me, but create a new one : my face is swelling.

Edema/swelling around eyes after botox

Hello everyone,
I introduce you my story :
I was injected in November 2011.
The 1st week : the worse effects, I was very tired, impossible to see objetcs in 3D !! Nausea, dizziness, breathing difficulty, dry mouth, difficulty to speak
1 month: dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, eye problems…
3-6 month : head pressure, headeaches and big big suffering in my brain, insomnia, eyes problems…
1 year (NOW) neurologic problems have decreased à lot !! But I suffer now from à big edema, maybe nettle rash according to doctors, my face is swelling, I first tried Extranaza and antihistamine .. But I am very scarry because swelling does not stop. Have you heard about edema, swelling problems one year after the incident? How can I fight it? And does It disappear? And when? Please I need help.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much

Not well at all.

I am having a very difficult time. It is 2:30am and  I have been awoken in pain regularly at this time now for the past week.  Sleeping hasn’t been an issue for me until now. I am at 19+ months. I am also very scared, feeling that my symptoms are getting worse.

The good new is I no  longer have, anxiety, that was only with me the 1st few months. I am now longer having difficulty swallowing, depression comes and goes depending on my symptoms. My stomach isn’t as bad as it once was. I no longer have diarrhea and nausea on a daily bases and I have gained back the weight I originally lost. My stomach is still not 100% yet. I had eye dryness and vaginal dryness, that seems to have improved as well as the dental pain and mouth ulcers. My blurred vision has improved but I now get ocular headaches and disturbed vision more then I had over the past months.

Here is what is worrying me the most. I am twitching more now then I have been in the past few months. It wakes me up at night. I have had twitching though most of this but it did clam down for awhile but it is back. In the past few months the nerve pain in my arms, legs , traps, neck and spine has increased . I have increased muscle weakness and have returned to physical therapy. My muscle contractions are worse and so painful I no longer feel I can manage them.  It is difficult to sit the nerve pain is so bad. Nothing really helps. Originally  my spasms were so bad I had dislocated my arm a few times and twisted my ribs and vertebra and pulled in my tailbone. Nothing new has dislocated in a few months, thank GOD.  I feel it is moving into my head . My ears are more full and I have more visual disturbances, more regularly as well as headaches that I had in the first few months, have returned. The quality of my live is quickly decreasing. I cry more then ever. I haven’t had hives in 2 months but now have more of a shingles like rash. I often get this before a new nerve pain comes about.

My doctor had recommended Cymbalta (sp) but I have tried so may things that have not helped. I do not know if I want to try another drug or put anything new into my body. I also have all kinds of drug sensitives since this has all started.  I pray daily for all of us.

I still can’t believe this is happening.  I am starting to loss hope of recovering and just wish there were more stories of recovery.


What is the treatment of botox poisioning?

I have had 8 botox injections over the last 6 years and was never given any indication that botox was anything but safe. My last injection was on April 24, 2012 and I almost immediately had an adverse reaction. Within the next few days, dry mouth and eyes, muscle pains in arms and legs, flu-like symptoms, followed by lump in throat feeling and severe muscle stiffness and weakness, pain between shoulder blades, blurry vision, ringing in ears, pressure in head and temples, tightness in chest, burning during urination followed by frequent urge to urinate and one day loss of bladder control, shallow breathing and shortness of breath, dizzy, chills, tremors, fatigue, loss of strength, can’t think straight, tingling in arms, legs and red itchy hot hands, bad gag reflex. I had a feeling of my diaphram relaxing and have had terrible nausea, indigestion, and bowel issues.  Very anxious at times.  I have lost ten pounds in 5 weeks and I am eating every 3hours.   I was 140lbs at 5′ 7″.  Now I am already down to 130lbs with no muscle tone.  I have been back to my dermatologist who denied that it could have been the botox and referred me to my family doctor for anxiety/depression.  I wanted to scream, I was fine before the shot and very healthy, working out an hour every day and now I am wasting away with no energy and totally fatiqued.  My family doctor thought I had a virus and let it go for a week before I went back even more fatiqued and had lost bladder control.  She did bloodwork which all came back normal and a week later had another appointment with different doctor that believed me and put me on 5 day steroid pack.  Since then I went back she said I had to put up with the side effects, spent 1 day at the ER getting fluids, EKG, more bloodwork all which came back fine, but I still feel like crap.  I have a neurologist appointment this week to rule out anyother diseases or causes.  Please help me! How long is this going to last!!! If I keep losing weight at this rate I’ll be dead in a month or so. Why is there so little that anyone (Doctors) know about this and how to treat it!

Arm pain-despair

I am 17 months out and not doing well at all. At about 16 months, arm pain returned for about 2 weeks, then I started with new vision problems, once that ended the rash this all started with returned, and as of Sunday I can not left my left arm and have unbelievable nerve pain. This is the worse pain I have had so far. Also the 1st time I have lost function. I feel like I am starting over. My original stomach problems have also returned. I have not had a pain-free day in 17 months.  It seems to move from one area to the next. I am thinking I will never recover. I don’t know where to turn next.

24 Month Update…..

Well….it has been 2 years since my injections of Dysport.  I wish that I was typing this in the “fully recovered” section of this website, or even “almost recovered”, but, unfortunately, that is not the case for me.  :(
Those of you that have been following my journey know that I am still suffering from a major relapse of my symptoms at 17 months after feeling almost back to normal for a few months.   I, now at 24 months, feel that I have been at a plateau without much improvement for the past few months.   Again….this posting is not to cause fear or alarm for others just starting with their symptoms….as everyone has a different
path, body chemistry and length of time for healing.   Just as so much of what is happening to us is not understood….the same goes for our recovery.  There doesn’t seem to be a true understanding of any of this….and there is not a set schedule for everyone…..and what has
worked in recovery for some doesn’t work for all.

However, with that being said…….what does seem to be common
are our symptoms.   And…LOTS of them.   In thinking what I could possibly post to be of any help at the 2-year mark….is perhaps just list the myriad of symptoms that I have experienced and/or am still experiencing.   Again, those of you just starting with this ordeal can use this reference list as a guide to what you might be feeling…and wondering…..is THIS (….fill in the blank) from my toxin injection….or has anyone else experienced THIS (….fill in the blank)???   Well….scan the list of things…..and most of us on here have experienced many of these symptoms…and more.   I have had all of the below……and still have most of them intermittently.   I have them listed by category.


Head pressure on sides of head (vice grip feeling)

Feelings of “worms” crawling inside head

Feelings of brain spasming; tightness within the head cavity
to the point of not being able to think straight

Headaches…both dull ache and migraine

Overall “numbness” or feeling that you have had novocaine
shot into your brain

Numbness in temple area; putting pressure on this area
causes nerve sensations down back of head


“Buzzing” or vibration feeling in head, mostly at night when
trying to sleep

Extreme pain in the back of the head (area where the skull
meet the spine)

Slight head bobbing with the pulsation of my heartbeat

Feeling of sudden “blood rush” from the back of head to the
front of brain

Feelings that you are having a stroke….that you are “not
there” and can’t communicate


Muscle spasms in forehead, so tight that at times cannot open my eyes

Muscle spasms in cheeks; corners of mouth would pull back
right side of face involuntarily

Forehead injected muscles when started to regain
movement….the amount of movement would be intermittent; would sometimes be able to move muscles and then other times would be paralyzed again.

Droopy eyelids

Twitching eyelids, nose, below eyes, chin, corners of mouth (sometimes mild and sometime violent)

Increased number of veins and wrinkles in forehead

More pronounced muscles above eyebrows (once movement was


Intermittent blurred vision

Sensations of eye movements moving back/forth quickly with
eyes closed at night when trying to fall asleep

Muscle surrounding eyes twitching at night with eyes closed

Increased number of eye floaters

Abnormal pupil size…or one eye being slightly different size than the other

Globs of “gunk” floating in eyes

Redness in eyes

“Flea-type” movements seen in peripheral vision

“Static” black/white snowy-type vision at night

Extreme dry eyes to the point of not being able to move eyes

Eye pain behind eyes

Eyes not moving back/forth at the same time or some loss of range of movement

Sensitivity to light

Difficulty focusing on things in distance (uncomfortable

Objects in distance appear to “shake”

Episodes of eyes quickly jerking back/forth when lying down
and looking sideways

Red/purple squiggly lines seen in center of vision at night
when trying to fall asleep


Slurred speech

Inability to get words out or think of words to say (during
times of head feeling tight)


Typing words that are different than what is being thought

Difficulty having prolonged conversation

Difficulty with following timeline of events….have to write
things down to understand

More forgetful

Difficulty multi-tasking

Taking longer to do things

Difficulty having conversation in groups of people


Throat would tighten and close up; throat spasms

Tightness, pain and weakness in back of neck

Weakness in forearms

Forearm spasms

Muscle spasms in neck, shoulder blade area, upper and lower

Weakness in back muscles.

Muscle spasms and weakness in thighs

Arms tighten up and move inward towards chest with wrists
pulled back; head pulls back with chin upward toward ceiling.  Body would involuntarily pull in jerking
motions. (Spastic-type movements)

Prolonged cramping in feet, sometimes creating inability to walk

Muscles tighten when touched or rubbed

Overall body weakness

Intolerance to exercise (would worsen symptoms)

Abdominal pain and weakness


Inability to push bowels (could not go to bathroom)


Intermittent increased sensitivity to smells

Burning on tip of tongue

Constant feelings of nerve “pulsations” through your body

Lowered level of pain threshold

Cannot watch TV or listen to music due to sensory overload

Extreme sensitivity to movement (cannot watch things moving


Clogged feeling in sinuses

Intermittent increased sinus drainage (sinus drains like a
faucet…out of nowhere)


Plugged feeling in ears

Ringing in ears

Constant popping in ears

Pain in ears

Sudden loss of hearing in right ear; gradually returns

Extreme sensitivity to loud noise


Vertigo, lasting 6-8 hours

General feeling of dizziness

Dizziness when turning head or body too quickly

Abnormal gait (swinging legs out in front when walking)

External tremors (extreme movements of head


Intense nerve “sensations” down neck/spine, at worst lasting for hours

Nerve “pulsations” down neck/spine and into arms

Intense nerve electrical-shock type feelings in various
parts of body

Tingling/numbness in hands, feet, legs

Tingling/numbess in forehead and down sides of face

“Buzzing” feeling in legs/feet

Internal “shakiness”/tremors

Sharp needle-prickly pain in both heels

Painful sensitivity in genital area

Intolerance to cold or extreme heat


Mild anxiety at onset; extreme anxiety at relapse

Panic attacks

Mood swings….feelings of deep depression that hit suddenly
and leave just as suddenly

Crying spells that are not set off by any particular feeling
or event

Insomnia; loud buzzing sound inside head when first falling

Extreme dry mouth

Naseau  lasting forweeks or can come/go several times in a day

Diarrhea or loose stool

Extreme fatigue…..again that can come/go quickly

Intolerance to alcohol

Extreme intolerance to sugar and some foods

Sensitivity to medicines, vitamins

Sensitivity to chemicals

Racing heart; heart palpitations

Sharp pain in center of chest

Intermittent shortness of breath

Hot flashes/cold chills

Severe back pain/sciatica

Joint pain (shoulder and knees)

Tightness in chest; heaviness; difficulty breathing

Burning, itchy rash down sides of legs, on back, stomach

Inability to drive (to do sensitivity to movement issues)

I THINK I have remembered most of them!    Yes…..this list is extensive…..and just getting through the day can be quite challenging…….as most of you know.    I just keep trying to take one day at a time….and try not to think about how long this may take to be fully recovered.

I am still seeking various practitioners to offer any sort
of help in the recovery process.   I recently had brain “mapping” done….which is used as a diagnostic and treatment tool for those who have various brain disorders and/or brain injury.    I am also seeking assistance from a naturopathic physician and mind/body practitioner….as well as waiting results of tests done by a chiropractic neurologist.   This….on top of the continual monitoring being done by my regular physicians.  I am continuing a gluten and dairy-free diet.  It is hard to say it if has helped with symptoms or not…..as again, I haven’t seen any noticeable improvement since starting it….but given that I do believe that the neurotoxin has set off some sort of inflammatory response in our bodies…..I am going to continue with that.    I am still unable to drive or work full time, and haven’t been able to resume any sort of social schedule yet.     On top of dealing with all of the symptoms, the
isolation that results from this illness is yet another thing that we end up having to deal with.    Hence, this is why discussion boards like this are so important. ….if only to post things like this….and hope that in doing so…..there is some help and/or connection that is
being offered/made with others.

I hope/wish for healing for everyone.



Might as well now add yet another symptom……

Well I think I had almost checked off every possible symptom that there is with this ordeal…..except for skin rash/itching…..but lo and behold…..I can NOW….at almost 21 months post…..can add this one to my list.   A fairly large scale red, itchy, burning rash, and in some places, big welts….has now appeared on my legs, hips, and stomach….and is spreading up the sides of my body.   Some people say to me….well, you can’t attribute everything that is happening to you to the toxin.  Seriously………I haven’t EVER had this kind of rash, well, maybe since I was in diapers. 


Can anyone give me some words of wisdom and hope

Hello again.

I am in my eighth week of recovery (10 1/2 weeks since my injections and 7 1/2 weeks since my symptoms reared their ugly heads).  I consider myself the baby on this site right now because I am the shortest time along in all this.  I was just wondering if any of you could think back to when you were about 7-8weeks along and tell me if this gets better or do the symptoms stay this severe throughout the healing process?  I read of some of you being able to work, raise kids, etc with your symptoms (you all are strong strong people!!!), and I keep thinking “There’s no way I can do that right now”  I am a math professor and professional runner.  Obviously, I can’t run right now, and there is no way I can teach since I can’t even get it together to go grocery shopping with a list, and getting out of bed is a chore in itself.  I feel that my symptoms are very severe.  Especially the brain fog (i.e. headache, dizziness, inability to concentrate, feeling like I’m walking around in a dream like state unable to pull it together)  I’m just wondering if any of you could let me know if you saw your symptoms lessen in severity over time and if so, about when that started to happen?

Also, on a more personal note, and nobody has to answer if they don’t want to, but how long before your symptoms were lessened enough to be intimate with your spouse/significant other?  This was supposed to be the time for me and my husband to start trying to have a child, but there is no way I can even consider being intimate with how my head is feeling.  All this makes me so sad.  So, I’m just looking for some hope of some sort.  Please help.  I want to know somewhat what to expect even though I know we all are different and will heal differently, I’m  just hoping for some encouragement.

I thought during week 7 I might be noticing some improvement, but now I don’t remember how I was feeling that way because it feels very bad again.  Please help.  I’m hoping that my symptoms will lessen so I can get it together to give others hope that are going through this.  Thank you so much. God bless all of you, you are all in my daily prayers.