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Hope, Healing and Toxins: Iatrogenic Botulism and Lyme Recovery

For a very long time I was unable to participate in this group or even continue following it. I was so sick and afraid I could hardly get through each minute, each hour, each day and night. It’s hard to imagine that now. My last injection was in December 2014. In 2015, I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and I suspect I have the genetic mutation that makes me a slow detoxifier. It has been a long, arduous journey toward healing, but I have improved so much, and I have hope again! (And some energy to try to help others suffering this horrific experience.)

I cannot describe nor even recall all of the things I have done that have helped. Generally, they are along the lines of detoxing, taking nutrients/supplements prescribed by various doctors, and minimizing exposure to more toxins. Everyone is different, so what has worked for me may or may not work for others. A commonality I’ve seen with many chronic health issues, though, is an increased sensitivity to all toxic substances. As many of us have learned through this terrible, life-altering experience, the toxins in our environment, food, personal care and home care products, etc. are many!

Eliminating gluten, dairy and grain from my diet has helped me tremendously! Also, I changed my entire beauty regimen to clean, safe products. I had no idea how many toxic substances are in most haircare, skincare, sun-care, perfume and makeup products! When I discovered how much I was hurting my body and impeding its healing with this daily toxic (over)load, I transitioned to Beautycounter, a company that refuses to us 1500 + toxic ingredients in its products [despite that they have yet to be banned in the US (many are banned in Europe!)]. Not only are their products safe, they are really wonderful and provide me with a little extra income as a Consultant. Please visit my page here https://www.beautycounter.com/alihoffman if you’d like to take a look/purchase products. I’m also happy to offer free phone/text/email or in person (if you’re near Santa Barbara or San Francisco) assistance with product selection, and I have some samples and information I can mail out as well!

Additionally, I have replaced all of my household cleaners with natural alternatives, many of which are made with essential oils. I use Young Living, and I am also happy to assist anyone interested in getting started with their amazing oils! I don’t have my own page with Young Living, but their site is here https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/discover and you can use my ID number (3441106) for purchases. Oils can also be used to promote healing, and a practitioner friend has given me some good recommendations for addressing neurological issues with oils, which I’d be happy to share.

Please be in touch! I’m happy to share samples and any/all knowledge I have about Beautycounter and Young Living. I truly believe reducing the toxins in my diet, personal and home care products has made a tremendous difference in my body’s ability to heal itself. Please reach out if you think this might be right for you––I know the sheer misery of being incapacitated by this terrifying illness and I want to help others who aren’t as far along on their healing journeys as I am.

Hello guys.


7 years after botox and still in very bad shape. Muscle weakness, inability to excerise, joints cracking and pain, neck weakness. At some point got tested for lyme disease which came positive but borderline and months of treatment with no results so I believe its all still from botox. Got emg of my nerves and it shows nerve damage around wrist, elbow, knee , neck so basically everywhere. So basically it seems like a permanent damage if I havent recovered after 7 years? I think muscle weakness pretty much progress which is normal with polineuropathies. Any reason to continue that suffering? There are medical terms and its hard to translate but its shows like its a nerve damage in endings of nerves, axons , slight demienlization , slower response of nerves. With that kind of nerve damage I suppose not much can be done. Sad thing I am bedridden for 7 years , 29 yo currently and still years to suffer with sll of that. Forgot to write that I have joint damages in my  arm area  with mri of it. Hello chgofit16 . I remember you and it seems like you also still suffer. One person was right. We mostly never get back to previous shape…

Attorney. Lawyer. Lawsuit. Message me.

Hello. I’m now 11 months out from my terrible botox experience. I’m looking for people with similar experiences as me who would be willing to let me give their information (or their situation, date of injection, diagnosis etc to start) when contacting attorneys.  Following detrimental botox injections I was hospitalized with botulism as well as autonomic dysfunction and respiratory failure on exertion as well as abnormal heart rhythms. After 3 months of home oxygen I was then diagnosed with heart failure. I’m still on medications to help and have an array of other side effects. 11 months out I’m positive I have permanent damage and I’d like to pursue this. Please email me privately on here. Thank you.

Help!!! I can’t take this anymore!!!

I feel like I’m living in a nightmare that after 3 years just keeps getting worse. I can’t take it anymore. My face has lost all of it’s fat and keeps getting worse. I’m so scared! I don’t know what to do. Is there any hope of it coming back?
Can anyone help? I don’t recognize myself.

Help – 4 weeks post injections, is this going to get worse?

I received 26 units of Botox injections in my forehead on December 28th. I’ve had botox once a year for about 6 years with no issues. However. within a few days I noticed that my right eye felt a little droopy and numb. I also began to experience night sweats and intense anxiety, followed by tingling/numbness in my arms and legs, muscle weakness, dry eyes, brain fog and pain at the base of my skull. I immediately found this site, which of course scared me to death.

I began eating very healthy, drinking lots of water, sitting in the sauna at my gym, and working out every day – pretty much anything to flush this out of my system. I even went to an IV bar and paid $200 for a liver detox IV, along with Taurine and Tryphtophan for my anxiety. I also began taking neurotransmitter supplements (Taurine, Magnesium, GABA, Typhtophan, B6 and Niacin) at night. At about 2.5 weeks post injections, my symptoms seemed to subside. I felt normal again and thought it was over.

Then, right at about 4 weeks I got my period and holy cow did the symptoms come back worse than before. Intense tingling/numbness and weakness in my arms/legs, brain fog, intense night sweats and anxiety. I felt like my insides were burning, difficulty sleeping and shaky upon waking up. And I swear I’m noticing muscle atrophy around my shoulders and elbows, although this might be in my head.

I read posts on this site and see people experiencing much more severe symptoms and I’m very scared that I’m just at the beginning of this nightmare. I’d love to see some sort of timeline. Meaning, those who experience severe symptoms (having to drop out of work, can’t get out of bed, going to the hospital), did those symptoms come on immediately and then get better? Or were your symptoms mild at first and progress over the next few months?

I guess I’m wondering how much worse this is going to get. If I’m 4 weeks out and the symptoms are mild/moderate, does this mean it’s the worst it’s going to get? Or will things progressively get more severe?

I’m getting married in 8 months and am terrified that I’m not going to be able to walk down the aisle or enjoy my wedding day because of this stupid toxin!

Oxygen in drops anyone tried?

Hi all, just thought I will share with you I have also done bioresonance test now and it has shown botulinum toxin in my system stil.. Doctor who did the test has told me about Oxy Max Oxygen in drops to drink, she said people with Lyme get very good resuts with this and it could also be helpful for botulism toxin. Also I am going for consultation about ozonotherapy and high dosw of vitamin C in drip. Dont know if anyone tried that all yet but I thought it could be very helpful as Vit C is never absorbed fully by our system and terapeutic results are when given intravenously..

Here is link to Oxy drops


I will post about it when I get more info.

Sending all healing thoughts xoxo

I had my first only and LAST cosmetic injection 9 th June 2015 (between the eyes) After a few localised symptoms…blurred vision, head colds during the first month, I concluded ‘never again’. Things have got worse unfortunately. My bowels seemed to stop working and after several weeks of taking laxatives, a few visits to emergency dept, in impaction and several  ‘faintly’ episodes, things are changing. During the last couple of weeks I have been awakened by numbness in arms and legs, sometimes on one side or down both arms…. Scared. The symptoms have now returned to my head. Over the last few days, I have developed what seems to be vertigo. Just wondering if there is a journey to the symptoms? Thankfully my bowels are working again (a herbal tea-don’t know if I’m allowed to mention a brand name)..helped get things going. Has anyone got any info or advice on VERTIGO as this is really freaking me out.

I wish this was just a bad dream

Hi, I was injected with Juvederm Voluma XC in Jan. 2014. I had an indentation and crease that was repaired with Juvederm in Feb. 2014 and March 2014. The filler migrated to my nose area and my doctor used hyaluronadase to dissolve it in May 2014. I was wearing glasses 12 to 15 hrs a day and wasn’t told not to wear them. The doctor used more hyaluronadase June 2014 and it dispersed through my entire body. I own a hair salon and have been doing hair for 40 years. I never called in sick. I was not comfortable wearing my contacs or glasses so I took a year off work to find a doctor to help me. My skin tissues pulled around my right eye when doing any close up work and a muscle pulled in my right forehead when I cut hair, it was very painful. I have rosacea in my eyes and face and my legs,stomach,and back are swollen and inflamed. I have problems swallowing and burning in my stomach and chest.I am still looking for help after 1 year and 9 months. I am seeing an endocrinologist tomorrow because my lymphatic system is not working properly. I found out that Juvederm Voluma XC is crosslinked hyaluronic acid produced by Streptococcus equi bacteria. This bacteria is a disease found in horses. Strangles Disease. I am still living a nightmare but I haven’t given up. I will not give up. I realize this is a Botox Site and I read Katiedaily’s posts about Juvederm Ultra Plus and thought I would give this a try. Thanks so much for letting me share. I am so grateful.

Hello to all,

Hello to all, I am from Spain and received 2 injections of botulinic toxin(BOCOUTURE from Merz Pharma) I think in the USA the name is Xeomin. I didn,t know it was Bocouture I sign my consent for Botox. I was desperate to find a solution for my eustachian tube I was injected twice with only one month apart for my patulous eustachian tube. After my first injection I notice tingling in my hands and 7 days  after the second injection, I suddenly woke up red all over and a terrible pain descending from my neck down to my spine till my feet, I had muscle pain all over and felt like the flu had hit me. I called the ENT and said it had nothing to do with the botulinium toxin and has never helped me. I went by myself to a lot of doctors at no avail. My blood tests showed I had a high level of Protein C reactive, and hormones and C3 and cholinesterasa all messed up. This was in December 2013, now it is one year after and I have muscle twitching, nerve pain,muscle spams all over my body. They have decided that I have a small fiber neuropathy but they say that this is the 1st time they see such a thing and my feeling is that they don,t think it is BT related although is obvious. I feel alone and every day is a struggle. after Reading your posts I am releived to see thay I am not the only one. My lawyer says we can not sue them if we don,t have a proof. The only thing I do is to tell everybody about it and warning not to put such a toxin in their bodies!! In Spain there is not much help for health alternatives. If you could please help me  on the nerve, muscle pain I would  appreciate it very much. I wish this nightmare stops one day for all of us. Hugs to all from Spain P:S: Hope you understand my story, english is not my mother language

Forehead dents after Botox


I’m new  to the site and haven’t seen any posts re forehead dents appearing after being injected with Botox.  March 8, 2013 I had my forehead and 11 lines injected with Botox, after receiving shots once a year for about 8 years with no problems.  Well,  3/8/2013  Hell began.  That night my eyes and upper face swelled up so much, I looked like I had fetal baby alcohol syndrome, said my pharmacist husband.  Next morning I was unrecognizable.  It was a Saturday, so after paging the dr several times unsuccessfully, I got ahold of her partner, who relayed my messages.  Finally, she responded and I went to her office.  Of course, her first comment was, oh, I thought it would be worse!

I’ll save you all the rest of her in-denial-it’s-not-from-Botox comments.   She prescribed a medrol dose pack (strong steroid for severe swelling) for two weeks.  In the meantime. I began having severe dry, red, itchy eyes.  There were huge bags under my eyes.  Oh, the worst part, her first needle stick that day struck my supraorbital nerve, which felt like a nail gun going straight to the back of my head!  Excruciating pain.  My forehead is still numb 17 months later.  Following week, I saw two very prominent plastics  surgeons for consult.  Both were very concerned and took photos and asked if Allergan was notified by the dr who gave the shot.  I was off work two weeks due to unsightliness  and dry eyes and blurry vision.  After a month or two, those symptoms subsided.  Well, fast forward 4 months when the Botox started wearing off, and I noticed small dents appearing in my forehead,  that to this day,  17 months later, are still there.  And the top of my forehead and upper scalp are numb still from nerve injury from the needle.  So, my question is has anyone had these dents form and, if so, did they go away.  I’m scared they’ll be there forever.  It’s embarrassing because they’re so obvious and I’m self-conscious.   Next week I see one of the docs who evaluated me right after the shot, to get his opinion.  Then September 5, I see the other doc who evaluated me right after the shot.  I’d really appreciate it if someone out there who has also experienced these dents would reach out and let me know how they’re doing.  By the way, the dents are there 24/7.  I’m not squinting.





Slowly but surely – recovery taking time but is real

Hello,  I have been on this site several times over the last 2 years and at the deepest hell pit of my symptoms can honestly say many of you saved my sanity!!! I am only registering and posting now to share my experience out of honest hope that I might be able to offer some of you a glimmer of optimism that recovery is real and can happen – though slowly with patience and courage.

My journey started in 2012 a as chronic migraine sufferer desperate for a treatment that would make a difference.  I received 4 rounds of injections over a near 10 month period. I got side effects (SEs) beginning approx 1 week after my initial treatment – only to be told what I was experiencing could in no way connected to Botox (sound familiar??). It took me a few rounds before I was able to start directly linking my SEs to the injections – hmmm – injections and symptoms – wow there is no coincidence. And it was discovering this website that gave me the proof I was looking for that I was not CRAZY like the MDs all told me I was! I am eternally grateful to this site and it’s members – because the night I discovered I was not alone I cannot begin to tell you what emotional relief it brought me.

Anxiety, and tachacardia have been the absolute biggest SEs I have had to manage in my recovery. Outside of a plethora of other SEs I experienced during active Botox treatments – feel free to review my profile –  the absolute worst was when I had 2 terrifying panic attacks  within about 1 month of each other – where I thought that’s it – sianara – off I go to the big blue yonder – convulsions and the works. I’m not posting today to relay all the horrors so many of you know too well in your own terrible journeys with this poison. Just reading the posts here sometimes sent me into panic over what might come next.  If you are in the deepest throws of your Botox nightmare right now – please believe me when I say it will get better – manage the best you can by whatever means brings you relief or support – and as hard as it sounds accept that time and deeply caring for yourself is the key – you are not alone – you are not crazy and it will get better! At least this has been my experience and I am confidant with time many of you will have the same.

I am now 17 months since my last injection. After reading many posts I was hopeful that I might find full recovery within about 6 to 12 months – and focussed on that.  While that hasn’t been my personal experience I can say that I now have literally weeks and sometimes months that will go by where I feel like I am almost back to my pre-Botox self – and then bam – a relapse will hit me out of the blue – for no apparent reason that I can link to.  That being said, the relapses are getting farther apart and when they happen they are more mild and manageable. While it winds my spirits and faith when it comes back – I remind myself that it will improve and pass (usually a couple of weeks) and I just need to stay focussed on believing that it has before and it will again. I now accept that my full recovery may still be a few years away. But when it does recur I know what it is, I know what to do and have the courage to continue to hang on.

My go to therapies have been healthy diet, massage, acupuncture, ativan for rescue when it gets bad and also tried calcium channel blockers to relieve my heart palpitations and anxiety. I only use ativan for rescue now when I have a relapse – it helps me fast when I feel a bad bout of anxiety coming on. Otherwise I try to ride out it out as best I can and take real comfort in the arms of my loving husband who has held my hand and heart throughout this nightmare.

If I were to say there is any silver lining in this nightmare it is this! I take much better care of myself now. I got healthier and more active and lost 50lbs and I am far more discerning of putting anything into my body.  This experience literally scared the crap out of me and I don’t take the precious days I have with my husband and family for granted. Not that I would ever have asked for or wished this upon anyone – but it forced me to get real with myself about many things including my health both physically and psychologically and see clearly that certain priorities in my life had to change. This was my wake up call and I had to answer it if there was to be any goodness that came from the nightmare.

I have reported my experience to my MDs and to Allergen and the local Health Authorities – but sadly don’t think it makes much difference. Though 1 MD professed he will be far more open to what other patients who may be using Botox experience. He termed me a “super responder” a patient with a high level of sensitivity to the drug. No shit!!!!

Thank you to all who have been brave enough to share your experiences and tips and offered heartfelt support to all of us affected.  You are helping more than you realize and in many meaningful ways – even to those who are invisible and looking for answers and some hope.

Take care and don’t lose hope,

HopefulD from Canada






Should I use Botox again? Please advise.

Hello everyone. I’m new here and seeking information about Botox. In February 2010 I tried botox for the first time at Straub Plastic Surgery Department in Honolulu, HI. They injected 40 units into the lines between the eyes, forehead, and around my mouth. I later had very strange symptoms. In an email to a friend I wrote, “My whole head burns, my neck, my arm, my chest. I even had pain inside eating. And I felt pain when my heart would beat, and when I would breathe, and it’s like a sunburn underneath my skin. Not to mention my face which is painful in of itself and always burning.” I recall feeling that the substance had travelled from near my mouth to my right arm and then downward over my upper body, a painful numbing burning. I saw a neurologist then who said it was mild botulism and would pass. It did pass, if I recall, within a few weeks, though the Botox worked in my face for the normal period of several months. I was convinced that the Botox  was administered improperly, so I did venture to try it again at another clinic in CA. I had about 20-30 units put in only between the eyes 8/11/11, 2/23/12, 3/22/12 and 5/15/12.
I didn’t have any ill effects from these injections that I was aware of.  2/16/11 I had anterior uveitis of the eye, a rare autoimmune inflammatory eye condition that arose out of the blue without apparent cause in one eye, but that was a year after my strange Botox reaction. I attributed  it to the high amount of emotional stress I was under unprecedented in my life, but stress is only considered a unofficial cause of that problem by doctors. In October of 2012 I had Botox injected in Germany. The doctor injected it above the eyebrows as well as between the eyes while I lay down. I remember feeling some numbness above my eyebrows and some unusual burning in my eye. It made me nervous but passed within about a week. In 1/12 I lost a notable amount of hair due to badly placed hair extensions and experienced some scalp burning. This improved somewhat with oral prednisone. But scalp burning is a documented side effect of hair loss.  5/12 a nerve in my neck/ scalp  was injured from leaning backward over an object and I experienced immediate scalp neuritis. Two months later, about the end of June 2012 at the start if July, 2 years 4 months from my original bad Botox experience but in the same year that I had several normal Botox experiences, a  centralized pain syndrome initiated. I was diagnosed with “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” or Sympathetically Mediated Pain. Some doctors felt it might be Small Fiber Neuropathy though I have my doubts on that diagnosis. I experienced a host of terrifying symptoms. To list a few initially there was passing numbness, “purple” feet from widespread circulation problems, widespread aching pain, upper body burning pain, hot and cold sensations, electric sensations and shocks, feeling of being wet on my skin, tenderness, twitching, sensitivity to pain, traveling intense pain etc. A lot of the symptoms in the first months subsided to what I have today which is basically a collection of injuries from the treatments I attempted added to the original pain syndrome which has stabilized. I take Lyrica, naltrexone, cyclobenzyprine, Clonazepam… I have bodywide aching which varies based on weather etc., upper body burning that intensifies with stress, electric shocks with extreme stress, continued scalp neuritis and occipital neuralgia, intersitial cystitis, a femoral nerve injury from an injection… And more but most important here however is that both my arms were made worse, one by an IV needle injury and the other by a blood draw in the left arm. One needle prick and the entire arm felt as though glass was running through my veins, burning, extreme sensitivity to touch, and stiffness in joints. My left arm is worst, It feels as though the needle is always there in my arm, it can’t tolerate touch or pressure, and aches and burns. Now, back to Botox. Botox was originally suggested to me again as a treatment for my occipital neuralgia. If I can help the original injury which is thought to have caused the CRPS then everything else might improve. They think that the muscles around the nerve may be in spasm. The idea would be to inject it into the muscles that may be putting pressure on my occipital nerve And release the nerve. Botox is often used to help CRPS patients. In addition I would like to continue the Botox between my eyes as not only did it help me with the wrinkles I had there but staved away my migraines for quite some time. The other day I was ready to try Botox again, first between my eyes as usual and by the injector that never lead me to have negative effects, but I decided to research the matter further first. I don’t like that I don’t have a good explaination for why I had such an unusual reaction to Botox in 2010 but then except for one time in Germany , the four other injections went smoothly. I also have to be concerned about the needle as a source of injury in my condition, but on this forum I’m looking into the Botox itself. Does my unusual nervous system presentation make me more likely to be a candidate for a catastrophic bodywide problem with Botox like many here describe? Or could Botox be helpful to me. Is there a way to prove that the 2010 incident was an isolated Incident? Is there any link whatsoever between what happened in 2010 and the nerve issues which cascaded upon me in the following four years? I would appreciate hearing anyone’a thoughts and stories as I decide whether Botox is worth another try. i realize many of you have had terrible consequences as a result of Botox. I have asked Stanford doctors, a Brown University fellow and a plastic surgeon whether they think Botox could be a cause for my pain and none think so. Nerve pain symptoms from CRPS may overlap with the types of symptoms you all feel, yet they may still be caused by CRPS which is caused by a nerve injury in my case. Before I rush to judge that I have been a victim if Botox too simply because I tried it, I have nerve problems, and my original experience produced a bad result, I need facts. I’m here on a fact- finding mission. I haven’t spent much time yet on this forum as I have spent a lot of time on forums for my diagnosis and haven’t yet had the time, but I plan to. I was hoping rather than getting just an all out warning against Botox  I could hear some facts and possibly links to studies etc. If someone came into the CRPS forum asking for information I know I could distill years of reading into a few simple paragraphs- if someone could do that for me I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Feeling faint and very weak after eating

I noticed this new development in the last week or 2 and is quite scary .The weird thing is that the blood pressure and heart come almost perfect …Urghh hard to make sense of any of these symptoms but just wondering if anyone had this happening .

nervous breakdown of both kinds :-(

Hi everyone
I have posted my story previously.
I am 9 weeks in after having 15 shots of botox in my head, neck and shoulders for chronic pain.
As I have antidepressant withdrawl induced CFS and Lyme, I am already very drug sensitive.
Since I had the major reaction to the shots, I have been trying various medications to help. Every drug I have taken has given me a hypersensitive reaction, a ‘stimulating’ one. From Naproxen to gabapentin to nortriptyline. These stimulating reactions although they made my pain hyper would get me through a day and allow me to do things, though my body would ‘drop’ again afterwards.
The anticholinergic effect on my body means my muscles have turned very soft and weak, making my lymphatic system not work properly (puffy eyes and swollen feet), AND My Neck AND Shoulder Muscles Drop SO Much THE nerves around my head and face and neck pull downwards, ringing ears, hisding actually,with such a force my migraines and eyesight are getting worse daily. As I have fibromyalgia, I have severe twitching around all my nerves on my body as my muscles have become so weak.
After skipping around taking gabapentin for a few days I noticed I was getting dry skin and spots mire and my face is so dry I was burning in the sun.
I then tried to go back on nortriptyline a drug I have taken last year. Both nights I took it my migraine became so sharp, then the ‘drop’ the next day. On the second day of 10 mg, my skin was dry, paper thin and had a red rash the looked like someone had thrown acid in my face! I used to get very dry skin from Colestyramine or charcoal because it would absorb fluids from my gut, make my pain worse and again, throw my nervous system into disarray
I stopped again.
I KNOW this is due to my nervous system being whacked out and over stimulated.
I just need to know how I can get better!
Is there anything I can do to counteract the muscle weakness I am having? A supplement or drug?
It definitely is my nervous system all over the shop.
I don’t know if my reaction to nortriptyline was a proper one: the redness/dry out I would normally only get from taking a large dose of a drug and it affecting my autonomic nervous system that badly.
The dry skin is something new and it’s just getting worse. Lack of oxygen and nervous system exhaustion?
I am having a good diet when I can eat: protein, veg and complex carbs (I have only just started eating these again as I am so drained it’s the only burst of energy I get)
I don’t know what supplements to take
I have had a lot of Epsom salt baths also very drying.
Please can someone offer advice?
I’m not making the paper dry skin thing up.
I am 9 weeks in and back in my wheelchair and am having severe depression and anxiety because of the effects too and have thoughts of ending it all. I am in touch with mental health.
I should say that I have been trying to detox, have acupuncture and Lymphatic drain age if my head and neck and am not sure if this us also contributing to making it worse. I did a very stimulating body brushing on Saturday to try and get this poison out. I did AC every few days at the beginning.
Thank you for any help xx
Especially on muscle regeneration and nerve repair

My head is fuzzy and my nerves are tingly….

Hi All,  I am new to the post.  I had my most recent injection crows feet with Dysport on Jan 10, 2014.   What was I thinking… prior to that had Dysport on Oct., 22, 2013 and had full blown chest pains, heart palpitations, droopy eyes and blurry vision, insomnia, memory loss, tingling, dehydration, mouth sores.  I honestly thought it was the flu and my body was just reacting, I now know it was the injection.  For some crazy reason I thought I was better and went for that injection in January.  I am so STUPID!!!!! I have been using botox and Dysport for 6 years  WHAT HAVE I DONE!!

After the injection on Jan. 10 I just had a little blurry vision, which I always blame on my contacts and dry eyes.  Onset of symptoms came 10 days later with chest pains, heart palpitations, blurry vision, insomnia, memory loss, tingling, dehydration.   The worst is the Insomnia and no appetite… I am afraid to eat.    I went to doctor Blood work PERFECT!  Went to cardiologist EKG perfect…. they all said don’t do anymore botox.  I feel as if my memory loss and confusion are getting worse.  My breathing is okay just tight throat, no heart palpitations in the past few days.  My muscle tone is barely there.  My arms tingle and at times I feel itchy on my dry fingers and elbows.  Insomnia and anxiety are full blown, I am a real sleeper so this is making me confused more.

WHAT TO DO??? Please advise, I am scared I am going to die and doing this all alone.  My vision is still weird but clear… Any help for anything is greatly appreciated.   What can I eat so that this doesn’t get worse, what can I take?  Do I go to emergency room?  Will my breathing stop? I am so scared…

I am so sad and lost xo









My story


Hi everyone im new here and was so happy when i found this site, i have had most of the symptoms listed on here. 28 year old received about 50 units of botox in forhead and frown lines. It was for preventive of having wrinkles in the future, the Dermatologist convinced me of doing. Same day extremly bad headache, followed by constipation next day and few days later vertigo, head pressure, migranes, unbearable migranes i had to force myself to sleep through it, feelings of being out of it, confused, i would loss my balance all the time couldnt walk. Heat palpitions was given beta blockers, throbbing pain on chest arms neck, back, heartburn , reflux, 3 weeks later shortness of breath, feeling of something stuck in my throath and chest, like food wasnt going down, had MRI on my brain done back in May , nothing found, Cat Scan for lungs nothing found except for enlarged lymph nodes Dr. said it was probably from a recent flu. Many blood tests all came back fine, xrays, pulomonary function tests, echo test , all normal!! Went back to the doctor who did the injections he was so cold and so like not caring and said he never heard of that, “i was probably fighting a virus” before i had the injections i never knew of the black box warnings, the only thing i knew and was the only thing the Dermatologist told me was that i could have a little headache and swelling and drooping eyelid. Time went on and daily migranes, confusion, dizzy, weak, fatigue, lossing balance, shortness of breath, ended up in the ER like 10 times, with them telling me its nothing. On one of the times i was hospitalized because i was so dizzy faint like feeling and my heart rate was now slow down to 39 and 40s and low blood pressure. Was put on a heart monitor and sent home 2 days later , nothing showed up , had upper endoscopy, all normal, this was all back in July. My main concern now is that i still have ao much muscle stiffness all over my chest back and neck and its painful, also under arms, they feel so stiff i cant even continue my singing career, i get so out of breath and faint like feelings, cant use my rib cage muscles , but its always like this not only singing but any physical activity i have diffuculty breathing, even eating, wow its horrible feels like your chocking, my burps seem so hard to come out, i have to force so much, it feels like my esophogus is weak, or stomach too, because food takes long to go down and i have so much reflux of the food and shortness of breath.,, deep breaths are hard to do the pull, muscles feel weak. Im always bloated, gasy, looks like im pregnant. I dont have the headaches and loss if balance and all that was going up on head as much anymore, those symptoms have subsided, sometimes a relapse i have noticed a relapse after using nail polish or dying my hair, im probably sensitive to chemicals now.
Does anyone have these stomach, eaophogus problems and breathing issues,?? Dont know if i should request another endoscopy etc, because from July to now it has gotten worse :-( if i could just go back in time.. My family has a well know Doctor in Brasil he is a neurologist and Cardiologist and his daughter is a Dermatologist, and he is the only doctor who has really helped me along this scary journey. He said everything im going through is because of botox. :-(

Five months and new symptoms

I was hoping there are people on here who have experienced this (as I am worried the operation made my situation worse).  I am also hoping it went away.  My arm and wrist and sometimes my hand and down one side of my back turns cold… like its being dipped in ice water and so weak that it gets difficult to move my hand and my arm feels so weak.  Once today it was also on the right side of my head.  It comes and goes through out the day, but at night while trying to sleep it is constant.  Please let me know if you experienced this and what you did for it.  Thank you!


new symptoms

I’ve been having some new symptoms over the past few days and just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I’m at month 11 and I can’t seem to get completely past the last relapse but for the past few days, my calves suddenly swell up. The skin will suddenly feel very tight and my calves look like they’re 2 inches bigger around. Then tonight, just lying on the sofa and suddenly my left wrist started to itch badly, it swelled and the veins in my hand and up the wrist are bulging like they’re going to pop right through the skin. These are veins I’ve never seen before. My arm is feeling a bit numb but mostly at the wrist and lower arm. Haven’t had this symptom before and just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I’m a bit nervous that it could be a heart problem. The itching and swelling in my wrist came on very suddenly and the swelling has gone down a bit after about 5 minutes but not completely. Veins are still bulging but not as badly. I’ve had quite a bit of numbness return in the face for the past few days — feels like those early months again! Seems like everytime I tell someone I’m feeling much better I get slammed again.

Thanks everyone,

Has anyone tried Ondamed to help? More advanced than Rife and used by MDs

Hi All

This machine looks promising. I have met someone who used Ondamed treatments to signigificantly help their Lymes condition. What is encouraging is that many MDs are using it in the US and around the world. The machine uses electromagnetic frequencies to determine and treat inflammation.

The website is WWW.ondamed.net

The MD testimonials are encouraging. It is a long drive for me to get to a treatment, but I am considering trying it.

My friend with Lymes had 112 treatments over a few months and is supposed to be free of Lymes now. Time will tell for her if her symptoms return. I have read that botulism and Lymes cause similar symptoms.

I spoke to a technician who told me the Ondamed would pick up on co-infections and help the body fight these.

So, I thought I would share this with the group to see if anyone has tried it yet.

I am personally extremely sensitive to energy medicine and could not tolerate ozone therapy in the tiniest of doses. However I have found acupuncture to be very helpful and the Ondamed apparently uses the same principles as acupuncture to help the body heal itself by opening up blocked energy channels.

Hope and love to all

Weak nails and hair

I have not noticed if any of you have found their nails to be weakened since reacting. I now have splits down the center of my two middle fingers and they are very thin now.I always had strong nails and hair before. Since my hairloss from this it is also very fine strands but at least it grew back in most spots anyway. The nail thing is ugly cause I have to keep it so short and it snags all the time. I read about Vit A and E should help so I am going to try these now. Any other advice to help this? Thx