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Hello guys.


7 years after botox and still in very bad shape. Muscle weakness, inability to excerise, joints cracking and pain, neck weakness. At some point got tested for lyme disease which came positive but borderline and months of treatment with no results so I believe its all still from botox. Got emg of my nerves and it shows nerve damage around wrist, elbow, knee , neck so basically everywhere. So basically it seems like a permanent damage if I havent recovered after 7 years? I think muscle weakness pretty much progress which is normal with polineuropathies. Any reason to continue that suffering? There are medical terms and its hard to translate but its shows like its a nerve damage in endings of nerves, axons , slight demienlization , slower response of nerves. With that kind of nerve damage I suppose not much can be done. Sad thing I am bedridden for 7 years , 29 yo currently and still years to suffer with sll of that. Forgot to write that I have joint damages in my  arm area  with mri of it. Hello chgofit16 . I remember you and it seems like you also still suffer. One person was right. We mostly never get back to previous shape…

Attorney. Lawyer. Lawsuit. Message me.

Hello. I’m now 11 months out from my terrible botox experience. I’m looking for people with similar experiences as me who would be willing to let me give their information (or their situation, date of injection, diagnosis etc to start) when contacting attorneys.  Following detrimental botox injections I was hospitalized with botulism as well as autonomic dysfunction and respiratory failure on exertion as well as abnormal heart rhythms. After 3 months of home oxygen I was then diagnosed with heart failure. I’m still on medications to help and have an array of other side effects. 11 months out I’m positive I have permanent damage and I’d like to pursue this. Please email me privately on here. Thank you.

3 year update

3 year update


Hi it has been 3 years since my injections. As I’ve mentioned before some of my major issues were the vestibular migraines meaning that I got dizzy and had head painI all along the right side of my face and head. I had eustation tube issues, loud humming in the right side of my head , anxiety swollen lymph nodes, neck pain, eye pain, pressure in my head . About a year ago I also had sudden hearing loss in my right ear .

I was put on 2400 mgs of nueronton and 100mgs of  Nortriptylin . Today most  of my symptoms are gone. I no longer have severe head pain, dizziness or blurred vision. After getting a steroid injection directly through the eardrum my hearing came back.  I no longer have anxiety or swollen lymph nodes. I do however still have tinnitus but it’s a lot lower. I still have to take the nortriptylin or my dizziness and migraine symptoms will come back. I also still have eustation issues but I hardly notice it anymore.

I believe my body reacted to the Botox by attacking itself. I notice that Botox is putting out there more and more side effects, I am glad to see that. I am like 90% back to my normal self . Thank god for the medication. I would say I felt better at the 1.5 mark maybe 2 year mark. Please hang in there it does get better with time. You may have some symptoms that don’t go away but the majority for me have cleared up.

Oxygen in drops anyone tried?

Hi all, just thought I will share with you I have also done bioresonance test now and it has shown botulinum toxin in my system stil.. Doctor who did the test has told me about Oxy Max Oxygen in drops to drink, she said people with Lyme get very good resuts with this and it could also be helpful for botulism toxin. Also I am going for consultation about ozonotherapy and high dosw of vitamin C in drip. Dont know if anyone tried that all yet but I thought it could be very helpful as Vit C is never absorbed fully by our system and terapeutic results are when given intravenously..

Here is link to Oxy drops


I will post about it when I get more info.

Sending all healing thoughts xoxo

Need advice about Gabapentin & Recovery

Hi everyone! This is my first post on here and I have searched high and low for this existing topic and cannot find it.

I had my 3rd round of Botox this year  6 weeks ago. The first time I got botox from a dentist and he gave me 20 units… my face was a bit a frozen but it wore off in about 3 months. I did feel anxiety that something damaging would happen to me or my health, but I eventually got over it and all was fine.  I then got botox from a nurse in a plastic surgeons office in August through a friend’s recommendation and got only 12 units. I didn’t feel anxiety this time and wasn’t worried about the results, I did have to go back in 2 weeks because one side of my forehead did not take as well so one eyebrow was lifting more. I went back exactly 3 months later for another treatement of 12 units in the forehead, forgetting that the one side was probably 2 weeks behind! This time, that side is almost frozen and the other moves. I began to get extreme anxiety over this and stressing about it every day. It has improved over the past 6 weeks but still not much movement on the one side eyebrow compared to the other. I haven’t gone back to her because I do not want to get anymore botox and feel like that is the answer she will give to fix it. I am only 25 and started this a preventative measure, but the anxiety and possible damaging affects seem like more trouble than it’s worth so I just want this botox out of my system!!

Now, to my main question. I’ve struggled with anxiety over the years and it has worsened so my now as needed clonopin isn’t really working for me. My doctor has now prescribed gabapentin. I have read that gabapentin is used a lot for nerve pain (in addition to anxiety). From what I have read about botox, the way that it wears off or dissipates is when new nerve cells develop. I want this botox out of my system as quickly as possible and am hoping it will be at my usual 3 months as it has been in the past… I am worried to take this gabapentin if it will stop my nerves from creating new cells…. anyone have advice on this if I should take it?

I have read and been told there are no drug interactions with gabapentin and botox, but I want to know if anyone has any experience with this or believes it will slow down the process of the botox getting out of my system.


Thank you!!

Eye Issues/Nerve Pain – is this Botox related?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and am so grateful to find I’m not alone. I’m just wondering if my issues sound Botox related? I’ve had all the testing done (Opthsmologists, neurologist, rheumatologists, CT scan, MRI etc) & no one can figure out what’s going on – most attribute to anxiety (which I certainly know is not the case!).

ive had joint/nerve pain for past 6 months (buzzing between my elbows to hands/fingers and knees to gets/toes).  But after my last injections (in late March 2015), I’ve had eye problems. It started with pain behind my left eye, then became strained when focusing (eg, reading/using computer) and strain would lead to slight blurriness. Then I contracted conjunctivitis, then my cornea scarred up, healed, but then I had blurry vision, pupil would dilate (and pupil spasm) and double vision.  I’ve also had eye test which shows my vision has changed in just a few months.

I’m absolutely terrified because I can’t work and am in constant pain with eye and body (with occasional moments of relief). I can’t use computer (I’m only using one eye to type this on my phone). I don’t have family or partner to help and my friends just don’t understand. I’ve been referred to neuro – opthamologist, but that could be months off.

I eat paleo, no sugar, no caffine, no alcohol etc…but doesn’t show any improvement with symptoms.

I also have terrible insomnia, and get bouts of extreme anxiety, and severe depression when I wake up.

This site has offered me the only bit of hope I’ve had so far. Do my symptoms sound Botox related? And does anyone have any similar experience or have advice or help? I’m desperate ?



Did BOTOX cause my CRPS (RSD)?

Hello.. I received BOTOX for about 4 years between my brows without any problems, as a matter of fact, I loved the results! The BOTOX cured my tension headaches, definitely decreased my migraines, as well as getting rid of the nasty frown line between my brows(that I had developed due to my head aches0). My last injection was on June 17, 2013. I had 33.5 units injected between my brows.  The first problem I noticed was my right eyelid seemed odd, not drooping but it almost looked swollen.  I contacted the injecting DR the next day, he had me go in and said that eye actually looked better, that I should wait at least two weeks for the final result.  A few days later I started noticing bladder issues and problems swallowing.  I called again and was told that those symptoms only happen to people who have much more BOTOX injected, that it wasn’t possible the BOTOX was causing these issues.   A couple of weeks later I noticed a triangular shaped dent in the center of my forehead.  That went away after a few weeks, but then a dent between my brows and one above my left brow appeared, approximately 10 weeks after the last injection. I contacted the DR again, he saw me and said I probably just needed more BOTOX. I declined! I went to about 6 plastic surgeons looking for help, almost all suggested more BOTOX. My eyelid still didn’t look right and the BOTOX wasn’t working well as it had in the past, so I declined.  I started getting strange head aches, I would get a sharp pain in my right eye then a horrid head ache that at times only lasted 30 minutes. I developed anxiety, severe depression, dry eyes and insomnia.  Melatonin would help me fall asleep, but I would only sleep a few hours then up the rest of the night.  The dents have continued to get worse and I HATE looking at myself in the mirror, they are all I see.  Frownies have helped somewhat but its very temporary.  This summer I had some foot pain (I had it for the last two years but it kept increasing)> I finally saw a Podiatrist who said it was a stress fracture&put a boot on me. A few weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain, pain I’d NEVER had previously.  Saw the Podiatrist the next day, he said to stay off completely and try crutches. It just kept getting worse, I couldn;t even wear socks, it felt like the sock was crushing my foot. Back to the Dr who explained it had to be neuralgia& I needed to get in PT ASAP. Therapist did her eval, explained I have CRPS.  My nervous system was sending incorrect pain signals. Well, a few weeks later it spread to my other foot, then hands> I saw another Physical Therapist, she confirmed and also told me I have Raynauds (which is an auto immune disease).  I then went to a Neurologist, I didn’t want pain meds, just hoping for a different diagnosis and some help.  There is no cure for CRPS, and at the time I couldn’t even walk, I am a single mother with three daughters and couldn’t even work.  I was scared to death that I was going to be permanently disabled. I have pushed through the pain, and force myself to move every day. If I distract myself and try to do regular activities it seems to help. I stopped going to PT because I could no longer afford my health insurance because I wasn’t working.  I wake up at night with tingling in my hands, they are stiff and painful and seem to get stuck when I use them a lot. I  am posting now because I read a couple other people’s posts stating they have CRPS as well, I didn’t want to sound like a crazy woman but that’s how I’ve felt.  I have always been very healthy and active, the only time I started having problems was when I had that last injection. Every Dr I saw said it couldn’t be the BOTOX, except my PCP.  IF the BOTOX has caused this disabling condition, it should be listed as a possible side effect. It is the MOST painful thing I have experienced, and I have given birth to three babies, without drugs of any kind! The dents are very troubling as well. One DR did state that it was atrophy and I could wait a year or so, but they have only gotten worse.  If anyone has info, be it good or bad, I’d love to hear from you! I want answers.

Hello to all,

Hello to all, I am from Spain and received 2 injections of botulinic toxin(BOCOUTURE from Merz Pharma) I think in the USA the name is Xeomin. I didn,t know it was Bocouture I sign my consent for Botox. I was desperate to find a solution for my eustachian tube I was injected twice with only one month apart for my patulous eustachian tube. After my first injection I notice tingling in my hands and 7 days  after the second injection, I suddenly woke up red all over and a terrible pain descending from my neck down to my spine till my feet, I had muscle pain all over and felt like the flu had hit me. I called the ENT and said it had nothing to do with the botulinium toxin and has never helped me. I went by myself to a lot of doctors at no avail. My blood tests showed I had a high level of Protein C reactive, and hormones and C3 and cholinesterasa all messed up. This was in December 2013, now it is one year after and I have muscle twitching, nerve pain,muscle spams all over my body. They have decided that I have a small fiber neuropathy but they say that this is the 1st time they see such a thing and my feeling is that they don,t think it is BT related although is obvious. I feel alone and every day is a struggle. after Reading your posts I am releived to see thay I am not the only one. My lawyer says we can not sue them if we don,t have a proof. The only thing I do is to tell everybody about it and warning not to put such a toxin in their bodies!! In Spain there is not much help for health alternatives. If you could please help me  on the nerve, muscle pain I would  appreciate it very much. I wish this nightmare stops one day for all of us. Hugs to all from Spain P:S: Hope you understand my story, english is not my mother language

Should I use Botox again? Please advise.

Hello everyone. I’m new here and seeking information about Botox. In February 2010 I tried botox for the first time at Straub Plastic Surgery Department in Honolulu, HI. They injected 40 units into the lines between the eyes, forehead, and around my mouth. I later had very strange symptoms. In an email to a friend I wrote, “My whole head burns, my neck, my arm, my chest. I even had pain inside eating. And I felt pain when my heart would beat, and when I would breathe, and it’s like a sunburn underneath my skin. Not to mention my face which is painful in of itself and always burning.” I recall feeling that the substance had travelled from near my mouth to my right arm and then downward over my upper body, a painful numbing burning. I saw a neurologist then who said it was mild botulism and would pass. It did pass, if I recall, within a few weeks, though the Botox worked in my face for the normal period of several months. I was convinced that the Botox  was administered improperly, so I did venture to try it again at another clinic in CA. I had about 20-30 units put in only between the eyes 8/11/11, 2/23/12, 3/22/12 and 5/15/12.
I didn’t have any ill effects from these injections that I was aware of.  2/16/11 I had anterior uveitis of the eye, a rare autoimmune inflammatory eye condition that arose out of the blue without apparent cause in one eye, but that was a year after my strange Botox reaction. I attributed  it to the high amount of emotional stress I was under unprecedented in my life, but stress is only considered a unofficial cause of that problem by doctors. In October of 2012 I had Botox injected in Germany. The doctor injected it above the eyebrows as well as between the eyes while I lay down. I remember feeling some numbness above my eyebrows and some unusual burning in my eye. It made me nervous but passed within about a week. In 1/12 I lost a notable amount of hair due to badly placed hair extensions and experienced some scalp burning. This improved somewhat with oral prednisone. But scalp burning is a documented side effect of hair loss.  5/12 a nerve in my neck/ scalp  was injured from leaning backward over an object and I experienced immediate scalp neuritis. Two months later, about the end of June 2012 at the start if July, 2 years 4 months from my original bad Botox experience but in the same year that I had several normal Botox experiences, a  centralized pain syndrome initiated. I was diagnosed with “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” or Sympathetically Mediated Pain. Some doctors felt it might be Small Fiber Neuropathy though I have my doubts on that diagnosis. I experienced a host of terrifying symptoms. To list a few initially there was passing numbness, “purple” feet from widespread circulation problems, widespread aching pain, upper body burning pain, hot and cold sensations, electric sensations and shocks, feeling of being wet on my skin, tenderness, twitching, sensitivity to pain, traveling intense pain etc. A lot of the symptoms in the first months subsided to what I have today which is basically a collection of injuries from the treatments I attempted added to the original pain syndrome which has stabilized. I take Lyrica, naltrexone, cyclobenzyprine, Clonazepam… I have bodywide aching which varies based on weather etc., upper body burning that intensifies with stress, electric shocks with extreme stress, continued scalp neuritis and occipital neuralgia, intersitial cystitis, a femoral nerve injury from an injection… And more but most important here however is that both my arms were made worse, one by an IV needle injury and the other by a blood draw in the left arm. One needle prick and the entire arm felt as though glass was running through my veins, burning, extreme sensitivity to touch, and stiffness in joints. My left arm is worst, It feels as though the needle is always there in my arm, it can’t tolerate touch or pressure, and aches and burns. Now, back to Botox. Botox was originally suggested to me again as a treatment for my occipital neuralgia. If I can help the original injury which is thought to have caused the CRPS then everything else might improve. They think that the muscles around the nerve may be in spasm. The idea would be to inject it into the muscles that may be putting pressure on my occipital nerve And release the nerve. Botox is often used to help CRPS patients. In addition I would like to continue the Botox between my eyes as not only did it help me with the wrinkles I had there but staved away my migraines for quite some time. The other day I was ready to try Botox again, first between my eyes as usual and by the injector that never lead me to have negative effects, but I decided to research the matter further first. I don’t like that I don’t have a good explaination for why I had such an unusual reaction to Botox in 2010 but then except for one time in Germany , the four other injections went smoothly. I also have to be concerned about the needle as a source of injury in my condition, but on this forum I’m looking into the Botox itself. Does my unusual nervous system presentation make me more likely to be a candidate for a catastrophic bodywide problem with Botox like many here describe? Or could Botox be helpful to me. Is there a way to prove that the 2010 incident was an isolated Incident? Is there any link whatsoever between what happened in 2010 and the nerve issues which cascaded upon me in the following four years? I would appreciate hearing anyone’a thoughts and stories as I decide whether Botox is worth another try. i realize many of you have had terrible consequences as a result of Botox. I have asked Stanford doctors, a Brown University fellow and a plastic surgeon whether they think Botox could be a cause for my pain and none think so. Nerve pain symptoms from CRPS may overlap with the types of symptoms you all feel, yet they may still be caused by CRPS which is caused by a nerve injury in my case. Before I rush to judge that I have been a victim if Botox too simply because I tried it, I have nerve problems, and my original experience produced a bad result, I need facts. I’m here on a fact- finding mission. I haven’t spent much time yet on this forum as I have spent a lot of time on forums for my diagnosis and haven’t yet had the time, but I plan to. I was hoping rather than getting just an all out warning against Botox  I could hear some facts and possibly links to studies etc. If someone came into the CRPS forum asking for information I know I could distill years of reading into a few simple paragraphs- if someone could do that for me I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Feeling faint and very weak after eating

I noticed this new development in the last week or 2 and is quite scary .The weird thing is that the blood pressure and heart come almost perfect …Urghh hard to make sense of any of these symptoms but just wondering if anyone had this happening .

nervous breakdown of both kinds :-(

Hi everyone
I have posted my story previously.
I am 9 weeks in after having 15 shots of botox in my head, neck and shoulders for chronic pain.
As I have antidepressant withdrawl induced CFS and Lyme, I am already very drug sensitive.
Since I had the major reaction to the shots, I have been trying various medications to help. Every drug I have taken has given me a hypersensitive reaction, a ‘stimulating’ one. From Naproxen to gabapentin to nortriptyline. These stimulating reactions although they made my pain hyper would get me through a day and allow me to do things, though my body would ‘drop’ again afterwards.
The anticholinergic effect on my body means my muscles have turned very soft and weak, making my lymphatic system not work properly (puffy eyes and swollen feet), AND My Neck AND Shoulder Muscles Drop SO Much THE nerves around my head and face and neck pull downwards, ringing ears, hisding actually,with such a force my migraines and eyesight are getting worse daily. As I have fibromyalgia, I have severe twitching around all my nerves on my body as my muscles have become so weak.
After skipping around taking gabapentin for a few days I noticed I was getting dry skin and spots mire and my face is so dry I was burning in the sun.
I then tried to go back on nortriptyline a drug I have taken last year. Both nights I took it my migraine became so sharp, then the ‘drop’ the next day. On the second day of 10 mg, my skin was dry, paper thin and had a red rash the looked like someone had thrown acid in my face! I used to get very dry skin from Colestyramine or charcoal because it would absorb fluids from my gut, make my pain worse and again, throw my nervous system into disarray
I stopped again.
I KNOW this is due to my nervous system being whacked out and over stimulated.
I just need to know how I can get better!
Is there anything I can do to counteract the muscle weakness I am having? A supplement or drug?
It definitely is my nervous system all over the shop.
I don’t know if my reaction to nortriptyline was a proper one: the redness/dry out I would normally only get from taking a large dose of a drug and it affecting my autonomic nervous system that badly.
The dry skin is something new and it’s just getting worse. Lack of oxygen and nervous system exhaustion?
I am having a good diet when I can eat: protein, veg and complex carbs (I have only just started eating these again as I am so drained it’s the only burst of energy I get)
I don’t know what supplements to take
I have had a lot of Epsom salt baths also very drying.
Please can someone offer advice?
I’m not making the paper dry skin thing up.
I am 9 weeks in and back in my wheelchair and am having severe depression and anxiety because of the effects too and have thoughts of ending it all. I am in touch with mental health.
I should say that I have been trying to detox, have acupuncture and Lymphatic drain age if my head and neck and am not sure if this us also contributing to making it worse. I did a very stimulating body brushing on Saturday to try and get this poison out. I did AC every few days at the beginning.
Thank you for any help xx
Especially on muscle regeneration and nerve repair

My story


Hi everyone im new here and was so happy when i found this site, i have had most of the symptoms listed on here. 28 year old received about 50 units of botox in forhead and frown lines. It was for preventive of having wrinkles in the future, the Dermatologist convinced me of doing. Same day extremly bad headache, followed by constipation next day and few days later vertigo, head pressure, migranes, unbearable migranes i had to force myself to sleep through it, feelings of being out of it, confused, i would loss my balance all the time couldnt walk. Heat palpitions was given beta blockers, throbbing pain on chest arms neck, back, heartburn , reflux, 3 weeks later shortness of breath, feeling of something stuck in my throath and chest, like food wasnt going down, had MRI on my brain done back in May , nothing found, Cat Scan for lungs nothing found except for enlarged lymph nodes Dr. said it was probably from a recent flu. Many blood tests all came back fine, xrays, pulomonary function tests, echo test , all normal!! Went back to the doctor who did the injections he was so cold and so like not caring and said he never heard of that, “i was probably fighting a virus” before i had the injections i never knew of the black box warnings, the only thing i knew and was the only thing the Dermatologist told me was that i could have a little headache and swelling and drooping eyelid. Time went on and daily migranes, confusion, dizzy, weak, fatigue, lossing balance, shortness of breath, ended up in the ER like 10 times, with them telling me its nothing. On one of the times i was hospitalized because i was so dizzy faint like feeling and my heart rate was now slow down to 39 and 40s and low blood pressure. Was put on a heart monitor and sent home 2 days later , nothing showed up , had upper endoscopy, all normal, this was all back in July. My main concern now is that i still have ao much muscle stiffness all over my chest back and neck and its painful, also under arms, they feel so stiff i cant even continue my singing career, i get so out of breath and faint like feelings, cant use my rib cage muscles , but its always like this not only singing but any physical activity i have diffuculty breathing, even eating, wow its horrible feels like your chocking, my burps seem so hard to come out, i have to force so much, it feels like my esophogus is weak, or stomach too, because food takes long to go down and i have so much reflux of the food and shortness of breath.,, deep breaths are hard to do the pull, muscles feel weak. Im always bloated, gasy, looks like im pregnant. I dont have the headaches and loss if balance and all that was going up on head as much anymore, those symptoms have subsided, sometimes a relapse i have noticed a relapse after using nail polish or dying my hair, im probably sensitive to chemicals now.
Does anyone have these stomach, eaophogus problems and breathing issues,?? Dont know if i should request another endoscopy etc, because from July to now it has gotten worse :-( if i could just go back in time.. My family has a well know Doctor in Brasil he is a neurologist and Cardiologist and his daughter is a Dermatologist, and he is the only doctor who has really helped me along this scary journey. He said everything im going through is because of botox. :-(

Botox is BAD

After 5 years of saying “NO” to Botox for Migraines I agreed to try it. It was a bad decision, I have regretted doing it because I had an acute adverse reaction. It shut down any normal breathing and I got so sick, attacking my respiratory system and infecting my lungs and sinuses. I felt like I have been literally burnt with chemicals. My lungs burn, my eyes burn, my insides burn, my skin burns and I am either sweating or feel chilled with a fever. The paranoia & anxiety beyond explanation, the panic attacks come on out of the blue day & night. Nightmares and frantic night sweats are very frightening. The doctors are eager to give you the Botox, but have no answers or help other than more medicine that is like adding fuel to a raging fire. After 8 months & 8 rounds of antibiotics and steroid treatment I got thrush all over my insides and under my arms I had to take diflucan to clear it and I have had a major flare up of eczema all over my face which will not clear up. Been to lots of specialist & it’s costs me a lot of $ and put me in bed for months. I have had chronic illness’ diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines and seizures for years, but they are nothing compared to this adverse reaction to Botox. I think Botox is a BAD idea for anyone! I wish I had continued to say “NO” But sadly I am living with the remnants still in my system. I hope it will end soon, it makes me sad that it has consumed my life. I literally have been trying to recover. There are more adverse reactions to mention in one entry. I hope that relief is in the near future!

Numbness and tingling

Hello all!
I have so much tingling and numbness in my hands and arms. This started happening right after the botox. I am so concerned that this permanent. I really haven’t seen posts about this. Does anyone have any experience with this symptom? I am concerned that I have permanent nerve damage. This is scary.
Also, does anyone have experience with any helpful tips on heavy, sunken eyes?
I would so much appreciate any input.
I hope everyone is improving!
Thank you!


I had cosmetic botox injections 8 days ago and have been searching for answers ever since. I went in for botox above my eyebrows and the “nurse” convinced me to get them around my eyes. I had been having some issues with my eyes and asked if the botox would effect my eye muscles. She said no. She also said that my only other option was to spend $17 thousand dollars on a facelift. So, hesitantly I had the botox injected for crows feet. I had this done by a dermatologist. The nurse is definitely a salesperson. She said that soon everyone will be asking “did you have your botox today?” This is sad. As soon as I had the injections, I felt strange. Not long after them, my head felt like a ton of bricks, dizzy and my right arm felt numb. I called and talked to someone in the office that said there is no way that the botox would cause the symptoms. She said I should just go about my day. Later that evening, I felt worse so I talked to the doctor. Once again I was told there is no way the botox would cause this and said that I should go to Urgent Care because I could be having a stroke. Over the weekend my symptoms got worse. Anxiety, horrible insomnia, no appetite and a panic attack. I have never had a panic attack before. My eyes looked half closed and sunken with bags. My whole face felt tingly including my nose. My right cheek felt numb. It was a weekend that I never want to have again. About 5 days after the injections, I was at work and my face just felt numb and tingly. It was an awful, sick feeling. I am still having symptoms. My throat has been really dry, my head still has a heavy feeling, my eyes are still sunken with bags. I still have an odd feeling in my face and the numb feeling in my arm is horrible. I just really feel out of it. Does anyone know if the botox triggered some sort of autoimmune disease or if my symptoms were caused from the botox and it will go away when the botox wears off? I am hoping for the latter. This is pure torture. Oh, I was also told it was probably allergies.

Class Action Lawsuit

With all of the people experiencing various side effects, why hasn’t a class action lawsuit been filed against the manufacturer?  Mu neuorologist refuses to believe that my symptoms are related to the shots, but the person I spoke to at Allergan said he had heard most if not all the symptoms I am reporting.  It seems like they publish only the symptoms of the test cases and not the ones experienced by the real life users/suffers.  Does anyone know of a pending lawsuit?

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Have any of you experienced swollen lymph nodes from any of this?  I keep getting one after the other on the right side of my body.  They are not big but I first got one in the back of my head.  Then one in my jaw line.  Then on the side of my neck.  Now under my arm pit.  Again, they are not big and they are moveable but I think its weird. I have had both botox and juvederm and I wonder if my body is having an allergic reaction to the juvederm in my body or if its due to the botox moving around.  But i still find it strange they keep coming up and only on my right side.  I do not have an infection that I know of.

I have posted before about all the other issues I have: migraines, right ear full feeling, humming in right ear, right side facial pain and pressure, sinus pressure, jaw pain on right side only, right side of my teeth hurt., dizziness (seems to be improving after 4 months).  pressure in my head but only on right side. oh and how could i forget, memory loss/foggy brain syndrome.

anyone else with this, and do you think it could be due to botox/juv?

Does Anyone have Vitamin Toxicity?

In yet another attempt to explain away my symptoms, my doctor ordered a series of bloodtests to check various vitamin levels, as apparently a poor diet resulting in vitamin deficiencies will cause many of the same symptoms I have been experiencing.  Imagine my surprise when my vitamin B6 levels came back as toxic.  According to my doctor, and all of the research I have since done, this cannot be caused by dietary means alone, but is instead caused by taking too much of a vitamin B supplement in any form.  However, I do not take ANY vitamins or vitamin supplements!

After questioning my repeatedly regarding any vitamins I may take (like they are illegal drugs), my doctor then proceeded to contradict herself by telling me to eliminate all foods from my diet that contain Vitamin B6 – after she previously stated that the toxicity cannot be caused by diet alone?!

My receiving any type of treatment for the intense muscular pain I have been experiencing for almost eleven months hinged on all of my bloodtests coming back normal.  My doctor said that she cannot repeat the blood test for four months, as this is the amount of time it takes the toxicity to leave your body.  FOUR MONTHS?!  That is almost half of the time I have been suffering, already, and cannot imagine going through four more months with no help.

I have also searched at great length to find a possible metabolic or natural cause for the vitamin toxicity, but have found none.  I was hoping that maybe someone might know some information about this, as I do not know what I can do.


Used 2 B My Life

Today I went to see yet another doctor, a physiatrist, concerning my symptoms.  Despite NONE of my symptoms being present prior to receiving my thirty-one botox injections and that many of my symptoms can be confirmed visually (tremors, muscular contraction of neck and trapezius muscles, and muscle weakness of the same) upon examination, I was, once again, sent home with no treatment or diagnosis.  Despite having been suffering continually for over ten months with these same symptoms, I, once again, spent an entire office visit defending and validating the authenticity of my symptoms, while having my credibility doubted.

I have been through this process so many times over the past ten months, and I honestly do not know anymore which is worse – the insult and rejection of trying to get help and answers, or the alternative of accepting the continual suffering and pain?

Nothing, of what little medications have been prescribed to me, has relieved the muscle contractions or their resulting, excruciating pain.  I am so tired of most literally begging for medical treatment and being denied, or blatantly insulted by suggesting my symptoms are due to anxiety.  Since all of these symptoms have been added to my already existing medical problems, I have not been doing a very good job of coping.  Ten months ago I NEVER would have thought that I would still be sitting here today, supporting my neck with my hand, in the same or worse disabling pain, and still not have received any treatment.  These past months feel like an eternity, and it frightens me greatly to see that some people have been experiencing similar symptoms for years . . . I just cannot even imagine!!  I really cannot keep going on like this, as this is no way to live.  Sadly, this, used to be my life.