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Attorney. Lawyer. Lawsuit. Message me.

Hello. I’m now 11 months out from my terrible botox experience. I’m looking for people with similar experiences as me who would be willing to let me give their information (or their situation, date of injection, diagnosis etc to start) when contacting attorneys.  Following detrimental botox injections I was hospitalized with botulism as well as autonomic dysfunction and respiratory failure on exertion as well as abnormal heart rhythms. After 3 months of home oxygen I was then diagnosed with heart failure. I’m still on medications to help and have an array of other side effects. 11 months out I’m positive I have permanent damage and I’d like to pursue this. Please email me privately on here. Thank you.

3 year update

3 year update


Hi it has been 3 years since my injections. As I’ve mentioned before some of my major issues were the vestibular migraines meaning that I got dizzy and had head painI all along the right side of my face and head. I had eustation tube issues, loud humming in the right side of my head , anxiety swollen lymph nodes, neck pain, eye pain, pressure in my head . About a year ago I also had sudden hearing loss in my right ear .

I was put on 2400 mgs of nueronton and 100mgs of  Nortriptylin . Today most  of my symptoms are gone. I no longer have severe head pain, dizziness or blurred vision. After getting a steroid injection directly through the eardrum my hearing came back.  I no longer have anxiety or swollen lymph nodes. I do however still have tinnitus but it’s a lot lower. I still have to take the nortriptylin or my dizziness and migraine symptoms will come back. I also still have eustation issues but I hardly notice it anymore.

I believe my body reacted to the Botox by attacking itself. I notice that Botox is putting out there more and more side effects, I am glad to see that. I am like 90% back to my normal self . Thank god for the medication. I would say I felt better at the 1.5 mark maybe 2 year mark. Please hang in there it does get better with time. You may have some symptoms that don’t go away but the majority for me have cleared up.

Oxygen in drops anyone tried?

Hi all, just thought I will share with you I have also done bioresonance test now and it has shown botulinum toxin in my system stil.. Doctor who did the test has told me about Oxy Max Oxygen in drops to drink, she said people with Lyme get very good resuts with this and it could also be helpful for botulism toxin. Also I am going for consultation about ozonotherapy and high dosw of vitamin C in drip. Dont know if anyone tried that all yet but I thought it could be very helpful as Vit C is never absorbed fully by our system and terapeutic results are when given intravenously..

Here is link to Oxy drops


I will post about it when I get more info.

Sending all healing thoughts xoxo

Eye Issues/Nerve Pain – is this Botox related?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and am so grateful to find I’m not alone. I’m just wondering if my issues sound Botox related? I’ve had all the testing done (Opthsmologists, neurologist, rheumatologists, CT scan, MRI etc) & no one can figure out what’s going on – most attribute to anxiety (which I certainly know is not the case!).

ive had joint/nerve pain for past 6 months (buzzing between my elbows to hands/fingers and knees to gets/toes).  But after my last injections (in late March 2015), I’ve had eye problems. It started with pain behind my left eye, then became strained when focusing (eg, reading/using computer) and strain would lead to slight blurriness. Then I contracted conjunctivitis, then my cornea scarred up, healed, but then I had blurry vision, pupil would dilate (and pupil spasm) and double vision.  I’ve also had eye test which shows my vision has changed in just a few months.

I’m absolutely terrified because I can’t work and am in constant pain with eye and body (with occasional moments of relief). I can’t use computer (I’m only using one eye to type this on my phone). I don’t have family or partner to help and my friends just don’t understand. I’ve been referred to neuro – opthamologist, but that could be months off.

I eat paleo, no sugar, no caffine, no alcohol etc…but doesn’t show any improvement with symptoms.

I also have terrible insomnia, and get bouts of extreme anxiety, and severe depression when I wake up.

This site has offered me the only bit of hope I’ve had so far. Do my symptoms sound Botox related? And does anyone have any similar experience or have advice or help? I’m desperate ?



relaxing helpful visit with gp

well ive been meaning to write an ‘improved’ update for some time and just not quite up to it yet.. juts want to say that i had a sort of encouraging visit with my gp today…

i havent seen her in the whole time since this becuase i was embarassed what i did to myself, and i was afraid she would disbelieve me.

shes really always been very nice and i told her that, first thing when i saw her.. that i was both embarassed, and afraid… she was very, sympathetic. i showed her the pictures of what happened to me and she was just very sympathetic. she didnt doubt what i said, and i told her straight out that many drs wont believe us and how painful that can be. she was again, very sympathetic. she said, ‘doctors dont always know’ and that it wasnt unreasonable to try botox for headaches, i had done reserach, it wasnt my fault that it went bad, she said i shouldnt feel bad about it at all.. she said it was a totaly reasonable thing to try and i shouldnt feel dumb in the least at all and that she felt that my drs should have been more ‘honest’ with me. she said drs are not always honest for many reasons, but she thinks beign honest is better, and i told her, yes i wish they had been honest with me it would have made this much much easier. she just said, ‘drs dont always know, and you have to be open to what patients tell you’.

she allowed me to have some tests for liver function and kidney function and thyroid and a few other things.. (i may try to ask for some more if i can think of which ones) and i asked her about muscle relaxants that are -not- benzos. (My chemist bf had been researching drugs for another purpose and told me to ask about other muscle relaxants.. these are often used for muscle spasms and nerve issues.. i think someone else here mentioned being on flexeril and this was the one she suggested so i wil try that first.)

i have to say that at 3.5 years, many of my original issues have not really appreared during the last year. i have almost no joint pain anymore and i blieve this is directly due to the anti-inflammatory diet/cleanse i have been on.. (since exposure to certain foods/chemicals etc always increased the joint pain) joint pain is almost nonexistent now. muslce pain is much much less, i still have the muscle and nerve problems in my face, and very mildly in the neck and back.. this is what i was hoping the non-benzo muscle relaxers would help, they are specifically for muscle spasms and nerve pain.

so the other thing to know here, is that there -are- non-benzodiazepene meds specifically for muscle spasms.. and nerve pain.. theres a small handful of these meds, one is flexeril, there is baclofen, one called soma, and a few others.

soem are more mild than others i think flexeril is a mild one. i confess i have been trying baclofen as my bf had some and let me try it, and i really love it. i may ask my dr for it directly if the flexeril does not work. also, the benefit of baclofen is i have completly stopped the ativan, and im really happy about that.

it is better than the benzos for my issues now i think and im happy to be able to discontinue them if possible. also, baclofen is used specifically (of label) to stop cravings for alcohol -and- benzos.. so if you are on benzos and want to stop, you can try baclofen it will allow you to stop the benzos..

ok well, just wanted to say, at 3.5 years, the only real remaining issues that bother me are nerve pain in the face.. which is still the worst part of the problems… persistent but not overwhelming neck and lower back.. -very- occasional weakness.. extremely rare joint pain (usualy related to exposuer ot something). my hair is thick and healthy, my skin is healthy, i can eat most things, i can handle exposure to normal chemicals, i dont have to be afraid of every little thing that happens (though i often still am) and i have not had secondary symptoms arise during the past year. my eyesight is stil very bad, but as i said, the worst area continues to be the actual injected muscles including my eyes :<< puffiness is gone, bags under the eyes gone, dry eyes, gone. hollowness in the face, -much- bettter.

i will stick with my anti inflammatory cleanse for a second year (more about that later) as i feel it has reeeeeally helped the joint issues and all other issues in my body. i feel a lot of the problems are residual inflammation, i think some flares are due to inflammation from different causes. (there are many causes of flares though of course) and i feel as though im on the tail end of this now.

very interested to see if these non-benzo muscle relaxers help with the last of hte issues, the spasm in my facial muscles, and nerve issues in neck and back.

i feel stronger than ive been and its been a good year of pretty solid upswing.

so keep the faith everyone…….. keep the faith, eat clean, and do what you have to to hang in there…. and help your body restabilize… i feel i am on the upswing now….

edit: haha and i completely forgot to add this to ‘improved update’ i have to figure out how to do that!! sorry guys!!!

Botox injections 2 months ago, extreme facial pain in cheeks

I had botox injections 2 months ago.  He injected around my eyes, corner of mouth and top of my cheeks.  I also had some juvaderm at the bottom of my cheek and on my clown lines by mouth.  They gave me a ice pack to put on my face when I got home, which I did and I took the vitamin Arnica as they told me too.  That night my cheeks were sore to the touch and I couldn’t sleep on my stomach.  3 days later I started feeling sick.  I had headaches, stuffiness, nausea and flu like symptoms, also my hands became very stiff and I kept dropping things, and terrible hot flashes.  That next day I went to my GP, she examined me, I told her my symptoms, she checked my ears, she said I had a sinus infection, and fluid in my ear.  She gave me the Z pack.  I took that for 5 days.  I felt better for about a week, and then the symptoms came back.  My face hurting, cheeks still sore, nausea, headache, body aches, flu like symptoms.

I went back to the Dermatologist for a follow up and told him that I had a sinus infection and asked if the injections caused it and he said no and was no help to me.

2 weeks later I went back to my GP and she said I still had fluid in ear and she gave me a stronger antibiotic, Levofloxacin.  I took it for 4 days and I thought I was going to die!  I got terribly sick and couldn’t function.  I stopped taking it, and the next day I felt good.  But not for long.  Symptoms reappeared once again.

I am a healthy person and work out 3 days a week.  I’m in good shape and not overweight, and take care of myself.  So I don’t understand what is happening to me.

I decided to go to a ENT doctor.  I explained to him how I felt.  He examined me, and found nothing.  I told him I had botox and he said nothing.  He said I might have an infection deep in my head and I need a cat scan, but he prescribed a steroid for me to take for 10 days to see if that works.  I felt sick on and off with the pill.  I ended the pill 2 days ago and my face still hurts and I still have symptoms.  I have been putting ice packs on my cheeks and it helps a little.  Sometimes as I go through the day I feel better but as the day goes on my face starts to hurt again and I will get a headache and feel downright sick!

At this point I don’t know what to do.  I know its the botox that is making me feel this way.  There is no other explanation.  What can I do to get this poison out of my system?  Can anyone help me?  Thanks for listening.



Did BOTOX cause my CRPS (RSD)?

Hello.. I received BOTOX for about 4 years between my brows without any problems, as a matter of fact, I loved the results! The BOTOX cured my tension headaches, definitely decreased my migraines, as well as getting rid of the nasty frown line between my brows(that I had developed due to my head aches0). My last injection was on June 17, 2013. I had 33.5 units injected between my brows.  The first problem I noticed was my right eyelid seemed odd, not drooping but it almost looked swollen.  I contacted the injecting DR the next day, he had me go in and said that eye actually looked better, that I should wait at least two weeks for the final result.  A few days later I started noticing bladder issues and problems swallowing.  I called again and was told that those symptoms only happen to people who have much more BOTOX injected, that it wasn’t possible the BOTOX was causing these issues.   A couple of weeks later I noticed a triangular shaped dent in the center of my forehead.  That went away after a few weeks, but then a dent between my brows and one above my left brow appeared, approximately 10 weeks after the last injection. I contacted the DR again, he saw me and said I probably just needed more BOTOX. I declined! I went to about 6 plastic surgeons looking for help, almost all suggested more BOTOX. My eyelid still didn’t look right and the BOTOX wasn’t working well as it had in the past, so I declined.  I started getting strange head aches, I would get a sharp pain in my right eye then a horrid head ache that at times only lasted 30 minutes. I developed anxiety, severe depression, dry eyes and insomnia.  Melatonin would help me fall asleep, but I would only sleep a few hours then up the rest of the night.  The dents have continued to get worse and I HATE looking at myself in the mirror, they are all I see.  Frownies have helped somewhat but its very temporary.  This summer I had some foot pain (I had it for the last two years but it kept increasing)> I finally saw a Podiatrist who said it was a stress fracture&put a boot on me. A few weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain, pain I’d NEVER had previously.  Saw the Podiatrist the next day, he said to stay off completely and try crutches. It just kept getting worse, I couldn;t even wear socks, it felt like the sock was crushing my foot. Back to the Dr who explained it had to be neuralgia& I needed to get in PT ASAP. Therapist did her eval, explained I have CRPS.  My nervous system was sending incorrect pain signals. Well, a few weeks later it spread to my other foot, then hands> I saw another Physical Therapist, she confirmed and also told me I have Raynauds (which is an auto immune disease).  I then went to a Neurologist, I didn’t want pain meds, just hoping for a different diagnosis and some help.  There is no cure for CRPS, and at the time I couldn’t even walk, I am a single mother with three daughters and couldn’t even work.  I was scared to death that I was going to be permanently disabled. I have pushed through the pain, and force myself to move every day. If I distract myself and try to do regular activities it seems to help. I stopped going to PT because I could no longer afford my health insurance because I wasn’t working.  I wake up at night with tingling in my hands, they are stiff and painful and seem to get stuck when I use them a lot. I  am posting now because I read a couple other people’s posts stating they have CRPS as well, I didn’t want to sound like a crazy woman but that’s how I’ve felt.  I have always been very healthy and active, the only time I started having problems was when I had that last injection. Every Dr I saw said it couldn’t be the BOTOX, except my PCP.  IF the BOTOX has caused this disabling condition, it should be listed as a possible side effect. It is the MOST painful thing I have experienced, and I have given birth to three babies, without drugs of any kind! The dents are very troubling as well. One DR did state that it was atrophy and I could wait a year or so, but they have only gotten worse.  If anyone has info, be it good or bad, I’d love to hear from you! I want answers.

Feeling faint and very weak after eating

I noticed this new development in the last week or 2 and is quite scary .The weird thing is that the blood pressure and heart come almost perfect …Urghh hard to make sense of any of these symptoms but just wondering if anyone had this happening .

nervous breakdown of both kinds :-(

Hi everyone
I have posted my story previously.
I am 9 weeks in after having 15 shots of botox in my head, neck and shoulders for chronic pain.
As I have antidepressant withdrawl induced CFS and Lyme, I am already very drug sensitive.
Since I had the major reaction to the shots, I have been trying various medications to help. Every drug I have taken has given me a hypersensitive reaction, a ‘stimulating’ one. From Naproxen to gabapentin to nortriptyline. These stimulating reactions although they made my pain hyper would get me through a day and allow me to do things, though my body would ‘drop’ again afterwards.
The anticholinergic effect on my body means my muscles have turned very soft and weak, making my lymphatic system not work properly (puffy eyes and swollen feet), AND My Neck AND Shoulder Muscles Drop SO Much THE nerves around my head and face and neck pull downwards, ringing ears, hisding actually,with such a force my migraines and eyesight are getting worse daily. As I have fibromyalgia, I have severe twitching around all my nerves on my body as my muscles have become so weak.
After skipping around taking gabapentin for a few days I noticed I was getting dry skin and spots mire and my face is so dry I was burning in the sun.
I then tried to go back on nortriptyline a drug I have taken last year. Both nights I took it my migraine became so sharp, then the ‘drop’ the next day. On the second day of 10 mg, my skin was dry, paper thin and had a red rash the looked like someone had thrown acid in my face! I used to get very dry skin from Colestyramine or charcoal because it would absorb fluids from my gut, make my pain worse and again, throw my nervous system into disarray
I stopped again.
I KNOW this is due to my nervous system being whacked out and over stimulated.
I just need to know how I can get better!
Is there anything I can do to counteract the muscle weakness I am having? A supplement or drug?
It definitely is my nervous system all over the shop.
I don’t know if my reaction to nortriptyline was a proper one: the redness/dry out I would normally only get from taking a large dose of a drug and it affecting my autonomic nervous system that badly.
The dry skin is something new and it’s just getting worse. Lack of oxygen and nervous system exhaustion?
I am having a good diet when I can eat: protein, veg and complex carbs (I have only just started eating these again as I am so drained it’s the only burst of energy I get)
I don’t know what supplements to take
I have had a lot of Epsom salt baths also very drying.
Please can someone offer advice?
I’m not making the paper dry skin thing up.
I am 9 weeks in and back in my wheelchair and am having severe depression and anxiety because of the effects too and have thoughts of ending it all. I am in touch with mental health.
I should say that I have been trying to detox, have acupuncture and Lymphatic drain age if my head and neck and am not sure if this us also contributing to making it worse. I did a very stimulating body brushing on Saturday to try and get this poison out. I did AC every few days at the beginning.
Thank you for any help xx
Especially on muscle regeneration and nerve repair

To drug or not to drug…

I go back to the psychiatrist tomorrow morning.  I’ve tried zoloft and now paxil for my anxiety.  Both seemed to work for a short period of time, but then symptoms came back with a vengeance.  Clonazpam works well. I’ve read past posts.  I really want to get off the paxil and not try anything new.  I’d like to just take the Clonazpam when things get really bad.  Usually 1/2 of one works (not sure of the dosage, but it melts in your mouth).  The problem is that I have several family members (extended) that have anxiety.  So do I really need it, or is it just the botox?

I like the simple format, so her is what works for me.

1. acupuncture, more than probably anything else.

2. massage. Like someone else said, at times it annoys me and at times it makes me worse, but when it’s good, it is damn good.

3. Eating clean with a lot of added vitamin B12 and probiotics.  I feel like too many supplements can aggravate the toxins.

4. Talking about it with my husband.  Crying it out when I need to.  I don’t bother to tell anyone else because really, they can’t understand.

5. Wine.  But we’ve been friends for a long time =-)

What DOESN’t work

1. coffee.

2. Strenuous, new exercise.  I tried I total body conditioning class the other day and 3 days later I was full on symptoms.

3. Not sure what else.  We need to start keeping track of triggers.

Finally, I know that this has effected our nervous system.  I know the toxins are in my body.  I feel the twitches, swollen glands, hear the horse voice, am now experience skewed vision, etc.  But what is the goal?  Are we suppose to let our bodies rest or are we suppose to fight hard to get it out?

My story


Hi everyone im new here and was so happy when i found this site, i have had most of the symptoms listed on here. 28 year old received about 50 units of botox in forhead and frown lines. It was for preventive of having wrinkles in the future, the Dermatologist convinced me of doing. Same day extremly bad headache, followed by constipation next day and few days later vertigo, head pressure, migranes, unbearable migranes i had to force myself to sleep through it, feelings of being out of it, confused, i would loss my balance all the time couldnt walk. Heat palpitions was given beta blockers, throbbing pain on chest arms neck, back, heartburn , reflux, 3 weeks later shortness of breath, feeling of something stuck in my throath and chest, like food wasnt going down, had MRI on my brain done back in May , nothing found, Cat Scan for lungs nothing found except for enlarged lymph nodes Dr. said it was probably from a recent flu. Many blood tests all came back fine, xrays, pulomonary function tests, echo test , all normal!! Went back to the doctor who did the injections he was so cold and so like not caring and said he never heard of that, “i was probably fighting a virus” before i had the injections i never knew of the black box warnings, the only thing i knew and was the only thing the Dermatologist told me was that i could have a little headache and swelling and drooping eyelid. Time went on and daily migranes, confusion, dizzy, weak, fatigue, lossing balance, shortness of breath, ended up in the ER like 10 times, with them telling me its nothing. On one of the times i was hospitalized because i was so dizzy faint like feeling and my heart rate was now slow down to 39 and 40s and low blood pressure. Was put on a heart monitor and sent home 2 days later , nothing showed up , had upper endoscopy, all normal, this was all back in July. My main concern now is that i still have ao much muscle stiffness all over my chest back and neck and its painful, also under arms, they feel so stiff i cant even continue my singing career, i get so out of breath and faint like feelings, cant use my rib cage muscles , but its always like this not only singing but any physical activity i have diffuculty breathing, even eating, wow its horrible feels like your chocking, my burps seem so hard to come out, i have to force so much, it feels like my esophogus is weak, or stomach too, because food takes long to go down and i have so much reflux of the food and shortness of breath.,, deep breaths are hard to do the pull, muscles feel weak. Im always bloated, gasy, looks like im pregnant. I dont have the headaches and loss if balance and all that was going up on head as much anymore, those symptoms have subsided, sometimes a relapse i have noticed a relapse after using nail polish or dying my hair, im probably sensitive to chemicals now.
Does anyone have these stomach, eaophogus problems and breathing issues,?? Dont know if i should request another endoscopy etc, because from July to now it has gotten worse :-( if i could just go back in time.. My family has a well know Doctor in Brasil he is a neurologist and Cardiologist and his daughter is a Dermatologist, and he is the only doctor who has really helped me along this scary journey. He said everything im going through is because of botox. :-(

back from the eye dr

hi all so im coming up on two years here at the end of august. cant even believe it and dont really even want to think about it. ive got some stuff to write and id like to make a full update at 2 years which will be easier once i have my new glasses ( i am totally unable to use my old ones and had to get a copmletely new prescription – trifocals this time!! aw yeah, trifocals)

either way i cant see very well right now so ive been putting off writing both a full update and also on my progress in general, but should get all that done next week sometime. overall many things are improving (by 2 years i should hope the f#ck so) but i feel it will probly be another year before i am really truly through this. i can say my health has improved a lot over the past 6 months.

it doesnt seem to be in the acute emergency nightmare stage anymore… now its kind of in the after-the-emergency-nightmare stage.. like how you feel after having the flu really bad for days.. like you are sort of weak and cant believe your alive but it seems the acute stage has passed…… i feel now im more in the recovery phase.. where im actually starting to regain some health, rather than just process toxin and respond to the original injury. i feel like im actually doing some amount of healing now… and making forward progress.. rather than just respond to and process the injury.

ive been doing a lot of research and my bf has been doing a lot of research and we have some stuff to post here, as i said we will do that after i can see again and it doesnt hurt to try to look at the computer so much.

i just wanted to write something really interesting that my eye dr just told me.

now ive worn glasses since pre school and ive had a LOT of eye exams with many different drs. one thing they invariably tell me is how healthy and clear my eyes are.. just a few years ago at my last exam the dr again remarked as always how remarkably clear and healthy my eyes were especially for my age.

so today i had my first eye app since the stupidest decision of my life. ( you know what) and the dr did the usual stuff and when he looked inside my eyes he had a kind of worried look.

i asked him what he saw in there and he asked if i had allergies. (never been asked that before) i said no ive never had allergies in my life.. i asked him what he was seeing.

he said i just had an unusual amount of inflammation in the tissues of my eyes. he thought maybe it had been due to allergies.

i’ll give you all two guesses why there is an unusal amount of inflammation inside my eyes, 2 years after being attacked with a neurotoxin. and you know ive been following the anti inflammatory diet and protocols the whole time too.

i actually told the dr about that and he didnt have much to say one way or the other… but ive started telling every dr i talk with about what happened to me and what it did to me. i figure it has to get harder and harder to pretend theyve never heard of it, the more people tell them.

i wonder how long it will be before i have another eye app where the dr tells me how healthy my eyes are. ???

hope everyone is well, i do have good news though and many things are better… i will post a 2 year update when my new glasses come, oh gosh i hope they work. hoping continued recovery for all.

Botox is BAD

After 5 years of saying “NO” to Botox for Migraines I agreed to try it. It was a bad decision, I have regretted doing it because I had an acute adverse reaction. It shut down any normal breathing and I got so sick, attacking my respiratory system and infecting my lungs and sinuses. I felt like I have been literally burnt with chemicals. My lungs burn, my eyes burn, my insides burn, my skin burns and I am either sweating or feel chilled with a fever. The paranoia & anxiety beyond explanation, the panic attacks come on out of the blue day & night. Nightmares and frantic night sweats are very frightening. The doctors are eager to give you the Botox, but have no answers or help other than more medicine that is like adding fuel to a raging fire. After 8 months & 8 rounds of antibiotics and steroid treatment I got thrush all over my insides and under my arms I had to take diflucan to clear it and I have had a major flare up of eczema all over my face which will not clear up. Been to lots of specialist & it’s costs me a lot of $ and put me in bed for months. I have had chronic illness’ diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines and seizures for years, but they are nothing compared to this adverse reaction to Botox. I think Botox is a BAD idea for anyone! I wish I had continued to say “NO” But sadly I am living with the remnants still in my system. I hope it will end soon, it makes me sad that it has consumed my life. I literally have been trying to recover. There are more adverse reactions to mention in one entry. I hope that relief is in the near future!

Numbness and tingling

Hello all!
I have so much tingling and numbness in my hands and arms. This started happening right after the botox. I am so concerned that this permanent. I really haven’t seen posts about this. Does anyone have any experience with this symptom? I am concerned that I have permanent nerve damage. This is scary.
Also, does anyone have experience with any helpful tips on heavy, sunken eyes?
I would so much appreciate any input.
I hope everyone is improving!
Thank you!


I had cosmetic botox injections 8 days ago and have been searching for answers ever since. I went in for botox above my eyebrows and the “nurse” convinced me to get them around my eyes. I had been having some issues with my eyes and asked if the botox would effect my eye muscles. She said no. She also said that my only other option was to spend $17 thousand dollars on a facelift. So, hesitantly I had the botox injected for crows feet. I had this done by a dermatologist. The nurse is definitely a salesperson. She said that soon everyone will be asking “did you have your botox today?” This is sad. As soon as I had the injections, I felt strange. Not long after them, my head felt like a ton of bricks, dizzy and my right arm felt numb. I called and talked to someone in the office that said there is no way that the botox would cause the symptoms. She said I should just go about my day. Later that evening, I felt worse so I talked to the doctor. Once again I was told there is no way the botox would cause this and said that I should go to Urgent Care because I could be having a stroke. Over the weekend my symptoms got worse. Anxiety, horrible insomnia, no appetite and a panic attack. I have never had a panic attack before. My eyes looked half closed and sunken with bags. My whole face felt tingly including my nose. My right cheek felt numb. It was a weekend that I never want to have again. About 5 days after the injections, I was at work and my face just felt numb and tingly. It was an awful, sick feeling. I am still having symptoms. My throat has been really dry, my head still has a heavy feeling, my eyes are still sunken with bags. I still have an odd feeling in my face and the numb feeling in my arm is horrible. I just really feel out of it. Does anyone know if the botox triggered some sort of autoimmune disease or if my symptoms were caused from the botox and it will go away when the botox wears off? I am hoping for the latter. This is pure torture. Oh, I was also told it was probably allergies.

Please help

Hi, this is my first post so sorry if it is long. I am
A hemiplegic migraine sufferer and have permanent visual symptoms. I decided to have Botox in my forehead in may 2012 and it didnt relieve my headaches but I had no side effects apart from eyelid twitching.
I then opted to have Botox in the back of my neck in august2013. 2 days after this I ended up in hospital with a severe migraine, my right side of my face,arm,mouth and chest was numb for 18 hours and I was sick.I also had a high white blood cell count and low blood pressure but doctors didn’t think it was Botox that was the trigger.
Since hospital I have got permanent tremors in my head/neck/left arm and left leg with right sided facial weakness and right arm weakness.my left eyelid twitches along with my right cheek. Also I have tinnitus since july2012 which came along with vertigo and I can hear blood rushing in my neck and ear (feels like a heartbeat)
I’m unsure if this tremor and weakness is the Botox or migraine or something else??
I would really appreciate any input.

Class Action Lawsuit

With all of the people experiencing various side effects, why hasn’t a class action lawsuit been filed against the manufacturer?  Mu neuorologist refuses to believe that my symptoms are related to the shots, but the person I spoke to at Allergan said he had heard most if not all the symptoms I am reporting.  It seems like they publish only the symptoms of the test cases and not the ones experienced by the real life users/suffers.  Does anyone know of a pending lawsuit?

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Have any of you experienced swollen lymph nodes from any of this?  I keep getting one after the other on the right side of my body.  They are not big but I first got one in the back of my head.  Then one in my jaw line.  Then on the side of my neck.  Now under my arm pit.  Again, they are not big and they are moveable but I think its weird. I have had both botox and juvederm and I wonder if my body is having an allergic reaction to the juvederm in my body or if its due to the botox moving around.  But i still find it strange they keep coming up and only on my right side.  I do not have an infection that I know of.

I have posted before about all the other issues I have: migraines, right ear full feeling, humming in right ear, right side facial pain and pressure, sinus pressure, jaw pain on right side only, right side of my teeth hurt., dizziness (seems to be improving after 4 months).  pressure in my head but only on right side. oh and how could i forget, memory loss/foggy brain syndrome.

anyone else with this, and do you think it could be due to botox/juv?

Botox Spread – Side Effects


I am a 47 year old male, who up until last year was in perfect health.  I woke up on January 19, 2012 with a severe headached and neck pain.  After bouncing back and forth to my primary I was finally diagnosed with Mono four weeks later.  I never had any of the classic signs of mono and went from doctor to doctor for the next 5 months.  In July I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia and started receiving botox injects.  After each round of botox, I began to have strange symptoms that the doctors couldn’t explain

1st shot July – 5 weeks later developed facial burning under left eye and down the right side of my neck that never went aways

2nd shot Septemeber – became very tired and week and had numbness in my hands and feet for several weeks

3rd shot December – developed problems urinating – I have the urge but can’t seem to go without medication – the uerologist said physically I am fine and can’t explain what is going on

4th shot 2 weeks aga – strange vibration in my body when it comes in contact with anything.  If I am holding a cup I feel it in my hands, if I stand I feel it in my feet, etc.

The doctor is saying it is anxiety, and that most of my other symptoms are as well, but I never had anxiety before and these symptoms only come up after botox.  Have any of you experienced similar symptoms?  How long do they normally last and will I ever fully recover.






Has anyone taken Lyrica?

On the 5th Jan I stopped taking Endep – I slowly weaned myself off and my last dose was approx 6mg.  I have been incredibly sick ever since.  I am just wondering has anyone taken Endep and come off it?  Did they have any withdrawal symptoms?

I have had intense jaw/face neuralgia, anxiety only on waking in the morning, my teeth are buzzing again, return of the sore throat/mouth ulcers, my ears are feeling blocked again – they are burning and itchy also, I have the car sick/fatigue feeling and am back to crying from exhaustion/frustration on a daily basis.  The most concerning return symptom is the intense neck/shoulder pain – to an intensity that I haven’t had since approx the 12 month mark (I am now at 23 months).

I am sure this must have something to do with the stopping of the Endep?????  My Dr wants to put me on Lyrica which he says serves the same purpose as Endep but without so many side effects (when I was on the Endep I didn’t really have that many side effects from this drug though).  I read your post Soloist and I feel your pain about the relapses – I just feel defeated at 23 months and still dealing with this.  This week has seen the return of Botox thoughts consuming my everyday existence.

This sounds bizarre but for 2 weeks in December I felt so good – slight jaw pain every now and then and some twitches but really feeling good about life – this is probably what prompted me to come off the Endep.

I have seen some of the discussions about auto immune responses to the injections – do people think their symptoms are more Botulism related or auto immune related – I am just confused and worried again.  Katie you mentioned reading a book by a young girl who had an auto immune response – you didn’t say how the book ended – did she recover?

I keep hoping that fact that we haven’t really got any members past 3-4 years on here with severe issues means that eventually all of these things do resolve themselves and people get on with life…..that’s what I am going to keep thinking anyway.  Cameron has once again been my life line – the person who continues to be there no matter how low I get – I can’t even put into words how much this means to me – I only wished he didn’t have to put up with all of this :(