You can register to share your experience in regard to Botox use or to comment or ask questions to people who have already provided information on the website. Please try to fill in the details on the registration as we check each new user and try to filter for spam.

When you register it will ask you to write a bit about yourself. This information will become part of your profile. Please remember that your profile will not appear in the member area until you login with your username and password and add a new post.  If you like just cut and paste the information that you have provided in the registration into a new post.

All we ask is that if you are detailing your experience please let us know your progress – especially if your side effects have improved or even better are no longer happening! I know myself when I was in the worst stages of the side effects that I just wanted to know if there was any hope that they would eventually go away. I would read the forums but found it hard to find people who had returned to say that they were feeling better. If we can provide a timeline of information in regard to side effects than possibly we can link this to other people’s experiences and be able to provide a reason for more clinical trials to take place. To be able to have better warnings for potential Botox users would be a huge success.

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