Hi everybody,

I have not been on this site for many years as since I have recovered I do not want to be reminded of the terribly dark time that I went through.

It is 6 years since my dreaded Azzalure (dysport) injections that made me so ill.  I was very ill for about 18 months then had relapses for a further 6 months after that.

Now I live a normal life, I exercise, eat what I want, drink alcohol if I want and have my energy back.  I do not think that life will ever be the same as before as I have been left with an anxiety that whenever I feel slightly off I panic and think the symptoms are coming back so I guess this is a bit of PTSD.

This time last year I was feeling particularly well then I did something very foolish in August, a nurse at the hospital told me that although I was obviously very allergic to botox now I would be fine with fillers, I had boletero balance injected into the lines on my forehead, next day all botox symptoms were back full force!!  It took about 2 months for my body to settle back to normal again.  It is a lesson learned for me that my body cannot take anything foreign being injected into it.

All I am left with now is a little brain fog some days when I am over tired and not had 7 hours sleep, sometimes I get neck ache and a headache but if I take an ibrufen it goes.

If you are going through this awful botox journey, know that you will get better and life is happy again.  The best thing for recovery is distraction, so eve n if you do not feel like going out for a walk make yourself do it, get lots of fresh air and drink plenty of water.  The more you think about it and get anxious the worse you will feel.

I also found going on holiday and lying in the sun really helped loads – the sun heals nerves, get as much of it as you can.

It has been hard to accept my wrinkles but I do now and worry about all of my friends who all still insist on having botox and fillers, people are still convinced it is perfectly safe, I think in years to come they will both be banned, there will be a terrible aftermath for those injecting regularly.

Thinking of all of you going through this lonely and hard experience, keep positive and know that you will recover, the human body is an amazing machine that can recover from terrible damage.


About sam uk

40 year old female, mother of 2 young children, work in marketing in UK. I am naturally a happy and bubbly person who lives a hectic and busy life. I had tried botox before 4 times over 3 years and never had a problem, had azzalure on 24th Feb (dysport) and this has changed my life. I am trying to take each day as it comes.

6 thoughts on “RECOVERED

  1. Hi Sam, I remember you from before. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well. I remember you had the sunken facial muscles and recovered. I am still dealing with that and so much more and it’s been almost 5 years for me. This whole thing is so overwhelming. I remember you did acupuncture. What else do you think helped you recover. I find it so hard not to focus on the issues with my face. I feel like I’ve lost everything about me. I don’t feel or look like myself anymore.
    Thanks for coming back on the site and encouraging us!

  2. Hi Kris,
    I am sorry to hear that things are not improving as quickly as you hoped.
    Do you feel ok in yourself? have the awful ill feelings gone?
    I was left with a slight dent in my forehead – I have noticed that this has got better over the years – it is only really noticeable now if I am squinting at the sun

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thanks, I still have a lot of symptoms. Blurry vision, stiff eyes and face, muscle atrophy, tissue/ fat atrophy, easily stressed, weakness etc. I don’t understand why I’m not getting better? My face looks strange, sunken and small.
      Thanks for your support!

  3. Thank you so much for coming back..
    When I first fell ill, 3 years ago, you were such an inspiration.. You’ll never know how much I appreciated your positive and encouraging words… I too think of myself as recovered, and I think its because I followed your lead… Enjoy your health and thank you again for coming back..

    1. Hi Nycshopper,
      You are more than welcome, I remember how much this site helped me when I was ill if it was not for this site I would of thought I was going mad!!
      I am sorry to see that it does not look as if it is so heavily used and subscribed to as it was a few years ago, I am hoping that this is because less people are falling ill.
      Sadly though I see that there are many new cases on realself.
      I am really pleased to hear that you are also recovered, treasure your health.

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