quick note to say hello and still healthy

Hello everyone

It has been 5 years since my last entry to confirm my recovery. I am still healthy and had no relapses.  I often remember the difficult times I had to go through  and  appreciate the good health.

I wish you all strength and speedy recovery

Naz xx

About pottsy

I am so happy to find this site as I was feeling so frustrated and lost not knowing whats happining to me. I am a nurse and fitness instractor and always enjoyed a healthy life before I had the botox for cosmatic reasons in November 2010. l felt ill after the 3rd day of having injections. Anxiety, head pressure stiff neck weird sinus problems unable to breath although this might be partly due to severe anxiety and then 2 weeks later insomnia kicked in. I am still suffering from insomnia, and neurolgic pain in my neck and Left leg. My symptoms get better then returns back again without any reasons. After the 7 monhts I was able to sleep 4-5 hours waking up early in the morning but happy to be able to get some sleep. Hovever last month full insomnia returned again. I started taking Amithriptiline 10 mg to help me to fall a sleep. I am only hoping that this is not permenant and will get better in time, but not knowing how I am going to feel tomorrow is so frustrating and effecting my life big time. I found that if I sleep 5-6 hours a night all my other symptoms seem to get better. I just wish that the suffering will stop and some clinical trials will be done to research this further

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  1. Thank you so much for your coming back to encourage. This site used to be a well spring of hope for many. Let that continue. Even when we are past the worst symptoms, it does help people to be reminded that ” this too shall pass “

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