Pain too strong to handle

hello everyone

I am now 2,5 years out and I still struggle with symptoms daily, my weakness is on and off every few days,. My cardiovascular symptoms are worse and on top of all I suffer daily with  pain in my whole body, joints ( even fingers) muscles, head, neck, organs ( stomach , kidneys, heart , liver..) the pain is the worst in the morning but today stays all  day making me cry – it’s  hard to handle. I also have blood vessels hardening. In the morning they feel like squeezing  and its very painful too, It gives me also morning head aches and preassure in my head, feels like its going to explode then everything gets very stiff.  I knew second year pain start to kick in – neurologist warned me about it but I did not expect it to be so bad and in my whole body. I was avoiding any medications they gave me for pain as long as it was possible but at the moment I don’t know if I can live like this.

Did anyone have such a bad pain and found anything helpful ? If my only option are drugs that doctors prescribe is anything I should be more careful about? Will this pain ever go away? I feel like my all bones and joints being crushed and yet my kidneys and other organs feel the same, cant  imagine my life suffering like this 😢

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