HI,,,,,, my life since botox .

HI,,, I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia in 2015 and given 200 units of botox into my neck…… a few days later I had no range of motion in my neck
!!!  which was very very painful and also I was unable to perform simple task .. such as bending over… and I felt very dizzy when I would look down.

after a month my entire head began to spasm… so ….

the neurologist  called it “anxiety” and started me on a dose of lexapro which made the dizzyness really really bad…

so I was switched to Elavil with zero improvement….

After 2 months of  staying home on the sofa I was very scared and decided to go to a  center in town where the doctors specialize in these psychiatric medicines………. Biggest mistake of my life………………….

I told them.. I am not tolerating the medicines…. and that my neck was the issue here from the botox…………… and the doctor did not listen.. because I was hysterical and gave me Klonopin .5 twice a day.

After 6 weeks on the Klonopin…… I realized this drug was not helping me at all…… as I begin to have balance issues and the dizzyness was even worse.

So…. then I learned Klonopin needs to be tapered! no one told me that. I had never taken a benzo before…………. so when I began to taper…… the dose.. boy….. I was in for a shock….

I had scalp burning sensations.. which I had never experienced in my life.. and I am 57…..

i know my body…

long story short… I took the Klonopin for 3 more months .. after tapering because if I missed a dose I would have such bad balance… it was unreal…. and

I was finally cold turkeyed off Klonopin last Feb …………… and I have been in severe withdrawal from that for 10 months on top of the damage done to my neck from the Klonopin…

My question is…………..will my neck muscles ever return to normal?????????????????? It seems to be the part of my body that hurts the worst………………… and Klonopin effects the brain and the whole nervous system……………….

I am just so …………………………………….heart broken over what botox and klonopin has done to my health and life………………………. and I wish I had never heard of either of them………

I f anyone has experience with t his please let me know.. I see that many are improving and recovering from botox………….. so  I hope that I will too//////// peace to all and thanks you for reading… :)

Chest burning and horrible relapse

Hello everyone,

I am now 27 months out and I did have some times of little or a bit bigger  improvements which did not last long but I was still very grateful to have any.  Unfortunately my nerves don’t regenerate well and mostly autonomic.  I suffer daily from heart symptoms, circulation issues, skin burning, cramps, vission loss, ringing ears or feeling blocked, nausea,  muscles tightness, muscles aches,weakness,  blood vessels pain in legs and arms , hair loss, I am very cold and dizzy, the list goes on.

Today I am very scared because again it has hit me very hard, I’m extremaly weak, have burning all over body, my legs turned blue, can’t keep myself up, I’m completely bed bound since yesterday, but what scares me the most is the burning in my chest, pain in the chest, white stiff hands and feet and the feeling to collapse. My breathing is very shallow and I can’t swallow properly due to weakness.

I feel like having some flu or chest infection, but my temperature is  very low. I don’t know if this is another bad relapse or If I have catched something but It has not been so difficult with my blood circulation and breathing since last time I have been taken to the hospital till now. I am afraid  to go here in UK  to A&E  because Im afraid of any medications they could give me but I will have to if my circulation and breathing wont  get any better 😔

I am trying warm bath with salts, magnesium but It is more helpful when I’m having stiffness, I take Vit C and will start echinecea drops, I have no idea how to fight infection now  if that’s what causing the relapse but I’m desperate to help my  chest  burning and breathing without any steroids or antibiotics , please if anyone have some advice that might  help I would be so much thankful. I am more afraid  to go to the hospital feeling so bad because I have completely lost my trust to these people..

Sending all healing thoughts


qualcuno che è guarito

dopo l’iniezione di botulino oltre a tutti i gravi problemidi saluteche mi ha dato

mi è rimasta la parte destra del viso più piccola

occhio guancia e labbro leggermente cadenti

sono passati 3,5 anni

qualcuno mi sa dire se tutto recupera o se devo rassegnarmi

e se ci sarà la guarigione totale dei disturbi

grazie mille


buona sera a tutti

qualcuno mi può dire se dopo tutti i disturbi e i dolori che ho passato con il botulino si possono fare iniezioni di acido ialuronico tipo vital della restylane sul viso?

è pericoloso dopo quello che mi è successo?

è meglio aspettare ancora qualche anno?

(sono 3,5 anni e sto ancora male)

o non lo farò piu?

grazie per le risposte

Delayed Antitoxin Treatment of Two Adult Patients with Botulism after Cosmetic Injection of Botulinum Type A Toxin

Hi everyone,

There is article from Hong Kong hospital about 2 botulism cases from injections, they recieved high doses of botox and developed botulism 3 days later, they  went to the  hospital late but antitoxin  was still administered 7 and 9 days later.

They wrote ” In an outbreak of foodborn botulism toxin was detectable in the blood of a patient 25 days after symptom onset. However, simply neutralizing the circulating toxin is unlikely to have clinical improvement if there is saturation of the neuromuscular junction toxin receptors. In these two patients, therefore, the arrest of symptom progression after antitoxin treatment might be because their neuromuscular junction receptors were not fully saturated. ..”

” Patient may present to emergency departments with systemic effects of BTX-A after cosmetic injection. The clinical response of the two patients in this report suggests that antitoxin treatment should still be considered even if patients present late.”

This is only part of the article as I probably can’t post full  in here..

This is really good article because it proves that toxin does get into bloodstream and can circulate for much longer than patients are told. My case and Klaudia’s also proves that it does not need to be high dose to be still detectable in the bloodstream  and not only days but months and even years later. The whole problem is that patients are refused to be tested for it by hospitals and doctors. We can’t stop people to have  injections or manufactures make money but something need to be done to force hospitals to help victims when there is time for it.

Here is arricle abstract.

Sending you all healing thoughts..


Cold weather and small fiber neuropathy getting worse

Hi fellow soldiers !So I quit smoking around May because I was in a really bad shape and loosing weight especially muscle fat and within a week I started to get much better .The digestive issues gone ,the energy started to come back and also neuropathy got better .I started to get more engage and even was able to help my mom set up her shop and also help at times with ironing and stuff like that .I thought this is what recovery finally looks like.Around September though I got hit with a bout of weakness and was homebound again .Due to isolation ,loneliness and frustration unfortunately I picked up smoking again .While it did give me a much needed mood boost it also making anxiety and nerve pain worse .But what really always makes things much  worse for me and still happened this time around is the cold weather outside .While I try to limit exposure and don’t go outside much and I also try to push myself for some walks because I don’t want to get decondictioned  I’m still struggling with neuropathy so I was wondering If anyone has found a solution or a remedy that helps ?

Research by Sandi Berwick, PDt., MA Completed

Hello All,

It has been while since I have posted to this site.

I would like to share some good news with Cameron, Annette, this Botox Support Community website, and very special members of this wonderful supportive community.

Please read below:

Journal of Women and Aging  (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group)

Older women’s negative psychological and physical experiences with injectable cosmetic treatments to the face

Sandi Berwick and Áine Humble

ABSTRACT: Seven women (43 to 64 years old) who had negative or mixed emotions about having Botox and/or facial filler injections to the face to reduce signs of aging were interviewed about the impact of the procedures. Impacts ranged from disappointment to all-encompassing, lingering physical and psychological effects, and some women felt abandoned by the medical industrial complex when they turned to it for help with their symptoms. A feminist phenomenological analysis focused on corporeal, temporal and relational existential modes of being. We describe their bodily experiences as (a) commodified, (b) fractured,  (c) abandoned, ( c) reflective, and (d) transformed.

KEYWORDS: Aging,beauty work; body; body image; gender; older women; phenomenology; qualitative


The journal was first posted online August 11th, 2016.

My apologies for the lateness of this posting. I am unsure if I can post the  journal article on line  because of copy right by the Journal of Women & Aging  – I shall check into this.

Nonetheless, all the best to all, and thank you again!

Sandi Berwick, PDt., MA





Please help me. I’m 16 months out and have been feeling much better. I went to the doctor for a UTI and was prescribed Cipro; 250mg twice a day. Before reading the insert, I took my first dose. There is a black box warning on this stuff!! What have I done. I stopped taking it after that one pill, checked for interactions and there are none, but not only does Cipro cause most of the same side effects that we already have, it also ruptures tendons. It’s been 24 hours and I feel ok, but Cipro symptoms may not appear for weeks or months. Does anyone know anything about this. What I should or shouldn’t do?. please any advice Would be so appreciated. I’m scared to death. Thanks everyone. Prayers and healing to all.

Skin biopsy result?

Hi All,

Could anyone who did skin biopsy for small fibre density tell me please your test result if known?

Surgeon who took a biopsy said I have drasticaly low. Profesor who did tests said the norm is 10.7 and I have 0.58…And sample was taken not 3mm but 1 cm/1,5 cm deep.

I wonder how bad it is?

Could anyone who had this test done let me know so I could compare please? Or maybe anyone know more about it .. i would be very thankful.

thank you

VU x

vi chiedo aiuto e qualche risposta


sono 3 anni e 5 mesi che sto male dopo un’ iniezione di Botox.

lo scoppio massimo dei disturbi è avvenuto dopo 2 anni e mezzo dall’ iniezione.

sto ancora male.

fino a 3 mesi fa non riuscivo neanche a reggermi in piedi ,ora riesco a fare qualche chilometro al giorno ma mi partono poi le contratture alla nuca, all’occhio , alle gambe e al torace con difficoltà respiratorie.

qualcuno mi può se un giorno ci sarà fine a questo calvario ?


Good publication on iatrogenic botulism.

Search the site below for botulism. Look for Sept 19, 2016


Good to show your doctors, includes drugs not to take, and some things that have helped the recovery process.

Anti migraine nightmare

My GP recently convinced me to try an anti depressant  – Pamelor/nortriptyline. He thought this would be a good match since it also prevents migraine.  He assured me it was mild, even prescribed to children.  I gave it a try. One 10 mg capsule Saturday night. I woke at 3:30 am with a severe migraine, which I still have and it has been 3 days.  Of course as I did my research, migraine is a side effect. The really scary part is the the half life of this drug is 16-90 hours! That means it could stay in my system for over a week. Before Botox, my body could handle trials such as this. Now , I most certainly react and it is not easy. I know this, but somehow weaken at the possibility of relief.  I pray that one day soon, I can be free of this toxin. From now on , I’ve got to stay  calm, know that my physiology has changed, and say no to drugs!

Has anyone tried Ayurvedic remedies? I’m thinking Asheagandha  for anxiety.

Please let me know .


Hi everyone, I would like to ask those of you who have  lost a weight and maybe keep losing fat if you checked your Leptin level?

One of the side effects of botulinum toxin is metabolism problem – in some leaflets even named as Anorexia.

I have now checked mine because I do eat but still lose fat, and my Leptin level is higher causing  my metabolism work non stop no matter how much I eat. What’s weird I do feel hungry which in Leptin high levels should decrease my apetite.

I wonder if anyone else has similar symptoms?


This is in response to the last post from vu. Prednisone is helping me with autoimmune problems. You could try it and quit if it does not help. Read about thyroid and see that the ranges doctors use are not always optimal. Look up “Stop the Thyroid Madness” and “Root Cause”.

Epilepsy atack

Hi all, I  have been tested for small fibre neuropathy plus motor and autonomic neuropathy. I have done biopsy to confirm it. I am also diagnosed with dysautonomia, for very long time I tried to avoid any medications apart ocasionaly benzodiazepines when I had really bad stiffness. Last week I have been in bed already when just like that my legs start to shake, then I got tremors in my whole body and really bad burning in the back of my neck which went down to my lower back and ribs, the burning was like a fire and I got high temperature in 10 mins. I thought it will go away soon but it went that bad that I ended up in hospital with ” epilepsy like atack” . My daughter could not hold me down and my mother couldn’t check my BP because I was jumping so bad. My face went white and blue around nose and lips , also my hands and arms were white with livedo reticularis all over . In the same time I had huge muscles spasm in my entire body, I could not stand the pain from thightening muscles.
In hospital I had lumbar puncture, blood work and tk of my head. Of course they found nothing , blood  work showed muscles and heart enzymes – CK and troponin t elevated but no heart atack. After few days they came back to normal but my mioglobin is low.
few days later I could feel it coming again so I quickly took diazepam ( two tablets – 4 mg) because I was that scared to have it as  bad again.. this time I have managed to stop this evil tremors quicker but the burning came as bad as that time and this time also in my both arms . I think it is neuropathy geting worse and worse, I have been told to start medication and got pregabalin plus methylprednisolone and I still did not take it because I’m so scared. My muscles and skin keeps atrophying and I have no idea what to do. I am trying to find out if Methylprednisolone could help to stop my tissues wasting and also help my blood vessels which are also wasting! The nurse who gives me IV fluids said I have no blood in my veins and they are breaking cause are so weak.
I also have very low blood flow to my head and neck, I wake up flat and white with terrible pain in te back of head and it is worse day by day.
I wonder if it is not some kind of autoimmune reaction in my tissues because I had lots of rashes and IgE elevated which is when there is allergic reaction. I have done lots of autoantibodies tests but nothing has been found apart that IgE and anti TPO – 1300
but all endocrinologists says I dont need treatment for Hashimoto as long as my ft3, ft4 and TSH are normal..
I am very bad and keep deteriorating and I feel lost. The time does not do good for me , it is actually oposite. I have dents in my legs, on my belly on both sides  under my ribs , chest, back, neck, my hands and feet look like anorexia patient and my face is almost gone. I have lost and continue losing all fat from everywhere. Skin, hair, nails are dry and look like ischemic. My legs still get blue in standing from blood pooling down.
Please if anyone tried or heard that steroids like prednisolone or Methylprednisolone helped to anyone please could you let me know.. or maybe there is anything else that helps..
i have also checked my vit b12 and it is too much in my blood , like it does not get into my tissues but circulate in blood.
I forgot to write that my CRP nad OB is higher  now, not much but it is and I also suffer from pain in my all joints but again no any antibodies been found.  I lose my hearing and vission is so much worse too.  My skin on the face look like there is no blood , brows dont grow back and skin is red infamed and peels off. I am almost bald now.

I was so hope it will get better in time but In my case I am more sick.  I am now 26 months out.

God bless you all..


I have small fiber neuropathy from the neck down after receiving botox between eyebrows and filler in face and under eyes in April.  I want to know if anyone takes anything like lyrica or neuron tin and if they have seen any improvement in symptoms over time. I am really having a hard time with this and am now on anti depressants and sleep meds. Any encouragement would be welcome