Near or Far Infrared Sauna?


I have been reading posts because of friend of mine is very sick after receiving multiple botox treatments over the last ten years.  I have heard that near and far infrared saunas are very helpful for removing many toxins.  Has anybody tried a sauna, and if so, what were your results? 

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3 thoughts on “Near or Far Infrared Sauna?

  1. My natural told me it is great for removing
    Toxin but we should beware when usin it for Botox. Because of what it has done to our nervous system and organs it could hurt us worse. He advised me
    To completely stay away from it. Tell her just to go on a strict diet avoiding anythig processed, with preservatives and sugar. Try to 85% raw foods

  2. Hi there. A near infrared sauna is always preferable to a far infrared one. Far infrared has strong EMF’s. Near infrared, from what I understand, are more healing and you do not have exposure to high EMF’s. I used a near infrared sauna in the first few months then needed to stop as sitting in the sauna after about the 6 month mark would bring on symptoms….. botox can affect temperature regulation in different parts of the body at times so you have to be cautious and listen to your body. I’m now almost totally recovered and can again used the sauna without any difficulty and have been since just after one year.

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