napping immediately after botox

I have been suffering with terrible symptoms for the last month  and a half . When I got the botox I went to sleep right after and when I woke up my first symptoms was ringing in my ear and feeling out of it. My question is did laying down and sleeping make any difference?

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  1. Hi. I have read in some places that you are supposed to keep your head elevated for several hours after injections…and that you are not supposed to rub the areas injected for 24 hours. BUT…those instructions really aren’t on any of the labeling information and I do not know if those things really make any difference. I was injected at 12noon and didn’t lie down until I slept that night….and still became very sick.

    1. Hi there,

      My nurse informed me that you are not supposed to lie down or bend down or exercise for 4 hours afterwards, I presume to let the toxin settle where it is meant to. I did not do any of these things and have still been very ill for 4 months now.


  2. I didn’t sleep until that evening either and got very ill. My consent form did say not to lay down after the injections.Didn’t say for how long though.

  3. The doctor told me to keep my head up for at least five hours post injections. He did not give the reason or this. He also recommended that I not take aspirin or Aleve or any type of analgesic that would thin the blood as it would dilute the effects of the botox. The reason he made this recommendation is that he said I might have a slight headache the day of the injections.
    It is amazing how many people that I know who have had botox injections and nothing is the matter with them from the injections. I am not in the category and that is how I found this site. Good luck to you and keep posting.

  4. I’ve been receiving Botox for years and have never had the first side effect/adverse reaction. The average person doesn’t experience any untoward effects. As with any medicine though, there are the select few that have problems. Thankfully I’m not one of those persons!! I love my Botox!! I catch myself looking at a lot of women and thinking how much younger they would look :-) I only wish insurance would pay more for use regarding headaches and neck pain :-( maybe one day. My insurance does approve it but amount approved doesn’t even cover the doctors cost for the medicine.

    1. Tracey…all of us o. This site would consider ourselves “average”. You call us the “select few”….suggesting that if there was something inherently wrong with us and/or our suffering is somehow the “expected” or “acceptable” percentage of adverse events as with all drugs. What, in your opinion (rhetorical question)…is the acceptable amount of people that are left with life-altering, debilitating illness from this drug? Are you not aware of the children and adults that are left paralyzed…or have disabilities that have left them unable to work? And yes….there have been deaths. How many people have to die or be left bedridden so that you can continue loving your Botox? There are people on here that had gotten Botox for years….but then got hit with a bad reaction….their last time. Perhaps you are a “lucky” one….so far….but that is not to say that what has happened to us can’t happen to you. Your shallowness and cavalier attitude shows extreme insensitivity to those of us who are suffering horrifically. I am hoping that one day insurance companies will figure out that the millions of dollars that they are spending on resulting illness as a result of botulinum toxin injections will serve as incentive to stop covering ANY payment for use of this deadly poison as therapuedic treatment.

      1. Hi Soloist,how are you.So sorry I think I’ve replied on the wrong page again.I have tried to contact you but I think possibly I have lost a few messages,but I will try to retrieve it.I hope you are ok,and I have no problem if you would like my email address.I will try and send a message to you,or if you could possibly send me one again I can reply.I hope so much you ate feeling a bit better,what a nightmare this has been for you,it’s unbelieveableI am not too great,hence my not posting so much,it’s just too hard sometimes to read so much of the suffering.I am just in a mourning state at the moment for loss of my old self.I feel forever changed from this filler nightmare,it’s hell,I feel like a zombie trying to prove to myself I’m still alive in here somewhere if that makes any sense.Please let us know how you are,thinking of you,kx.

    2. Tracy
      I suggest you go to the members section and read the 100’s for stories. I had Botox once , but it happens to anyone , even frequent users. I have be disabled by this and it is a life long struggle . Then go to the Allergan website and read the black box warming that you probably were not told about. Black box warnings are reserved for the most dangerous drugs.
      Then I suggest that know that you know this , ask yourself if it is worth it for a few wrinkles.

  5. Tracy, why are you even on this site? Your audacity is incredulous and nobody can judge unless they have witnessed this first hand. I’m sure many other people love Botox. I loved it until my symptoms started. But you are being misinformed by the makers of these poisons. The fact is we should be informed of all these side effects before we make a decision. That isn’t happening and it’s not a safe drug…wake up

  6. Don’t worry Tracy if you plan on continuing with your Botox injections you will be joining the suffering soon enough. God bless you, your going to need it if you really plan on continuing even after reading what could happen to you. If I would have found this site and read these stories, I would have never got one injection.

  7. “I love my Botox!! I catch myself looking at a lot of women and thinking how much younger they would look :-) I only wish insurance would pay more for use regarding headaches and neck pain”

    ok.. you think botox makes peopel look younger? so i guess when you were younger you looked like a frozen, angry mannequin who cant move their eyebrows?

    i guess you think its attractive to have a face like a hard brick which always shows the same fake ugly expression no matter what you really feel? funny. i can always tell women who use botox now becuase of how incredibly ugly, old, ridiculous and fake they look. i agree with sam in a few years peopel will wake up and realize that looking ugly, old, frozen, stiff, and fake is -not- attractive.

    i asked for botox (given dysport) for -occassional- muscle tension headaches….. i never wanted it to change how i looked at all….. two years later im permanently disfigured, my face hurts CONSTANTLY and i have had more headaches than ive ever had in my life before. i had a few occsaional tension headaches before, and a beautiful face which showed character and integrity… which was expressive, natural, and real and which i loved. now i have constant headaches taht are literally unbearable and which nothing will ease, my face is as far as i can tell permanently disfigured as the injected muscles are still in a constant spasm after 2 years, and its been a constant battle to hang onto any semblance of the good health i previously enjoyed.

    none of this was revealed to me as a possiblility when my greedy doctor was taking my $400 for ten minutes of half ass ‘work’. if it was, you can believe i would have run the other way a million miles an hour. we just want the truth to be told BEFORE people are fooled into thinking this stuff is ‘easy’ ‘natural’ ‘healthy’ with ‘no side effects’. if i had been told there was ANY possibliity of permanently damaging both my face and my health, yeah i would have run the other way. im sure thats why, we are not told these things.

    so enjoy your fake ugly face until you get sick like we did. more power to you.

  8. Soloist…I find myself checking this site regularly to see if you have recent posts. You frightened me greatly with your 3 year update and subsequent posts that I often find myself thinking of you and hoping you are okay. I am happy you see you are responding again. Hopefully, this means you have had some improvement the past couple weeks. You gave me some great advice when I began my “botox journey” for the second time and that has helped me tremendously maintain my focus on my recovery and not my plight. Thank you!

    1. Kline….I am so sorry to have frightened you or anyone else. I know when this illness takes us to the absolute brink of desparation …..the only place to find people that understand what living this hell is like are the people here. With that being said…..frightening posts like mine can sometimes only scare some people even further….and not serve the purpose of being supportive! I understand that I didn’t post for awhile…..I just couldn’t offer any support as I was literally fighting for my life. Does that mean that I was on mechanical life support in a hospital bed somewhere? No. But it means i really was just struggling with finding the strength to continue the fight….again. I was back to being bedridden….so nauseous I couldn’t eat or drink….I was having multiple seizures a day….panic attacks lasting for sometimes and hour that caused me to scream in horrendpus agony at the top of my lungs….I couldn’t converse with anyone or do anything to keep my mind occupied other than staring at the ceiling in a dark quiet room. I was back to that state…..still…. at 3+ years I am having episodes that take me back to the very beginning. if my life was even close to being “normal” in between these times…perhaps they would be easier to deal with. But when I feel like my life is now just learning to manage the flares…working the few hours a day that I am able and then basically being quiet and alone the rest of the time….I question….is this now my “forever” state? What is it about me that is different than others who recovered without these severe and serious relapses? I was like most everyone else here…..was positive….fought through the first 16 months….was providing encouragement to others through the other support website as I continued to get better. I was SO SO happy when I was starting to live my life again. I thought I survived the nightmare.

      And then it all came back. And it keeps coming back. I am still sicker now than I was the first time around. Why? Why am I different? And….well I know I am not the only different one. There are a few others that don’t post on this site very much that are still struggling pretty severely. Some from the initial illness….others from the relapse(s). is this the quality of living that we are left with? I still hope for recovery. But when I am taken back to the state of existence where my brain is so completely cramped….my body is convulsing…..I can’t speak….my head and legs are tremoring so violently that I can’t even stand up…..and the anxiety is UNrelenting……I start thinking that I just can’t take it anymore. It is exhausting. Waking up to that constant battle of fighting the horrific anxiety and pain….hour after hour….it is just too much to bear.

      That is where I was at. I scared myself. I didn’t want to die…but truly felt that the amount of pain that a human being should have to suffer should have a limit. I started talking to my family about coming to help me get things in order (of course their response was that I needed to be taken to the hospital….NOT an option in my mind). It was all very rationale to me. It almost gave me a sense of relief. There was an end in sight to this seemingly endless suffering. I was talking to another victim who said to me….”I understand your dispair and pain. I understand why you are feeling this way. We would all miss you…but we would understand your decision.” I understood the statement….but felt a bit worse in a way. It just made me realize how horrifically awful this is…how so so so many perfectly normal, healthy, intelligent, functioning and successful people are brought to this grim reality of how the choice of not living is the rationale choice over living? And then I remember thinking….how I would hope that in the end all of my support group friends would post on my FB page how I was a strong person…how I fought the good fight…and that everyone understood. Noone outside of this community does. I remember a friend of mine who, in the beginning when I first started having seizures and severe panic attacks….said to me….”Come on…people fight much worse things than this….do you REALLY want to go down with people remembering you like THIS? ” (she saw the utter terror in my eyes)” Again….while I understand the comment…it made me realize then that people just cant even begin to comprehend the hell it is living with a neurotxic illness that even doctors can’t or are unwilling to acknowledge.

      Anyway….i somehow pulled through the 2 weeks. My faithful care taking friend (NOT the one mentioned above) by my side sometimes just holding my hand while I seized and shook and screamed and wept. And then it started to get a little better again. I am out of bed….able to eat….work a limited number of hours….and I am back to a tolerable level of symptoms. Granted, I am still basically in bed for the 18 hours a day that I am not sitting at a desk…but I am at least back to trying to exist than not wanting to exist at all a few weeks ago.

      So back to the “what is different” with me question. I do believe that in my case the toxin has traveled to my brain. I have always felt this way….my brain has never “felt” the same as prior to my injections. Yes…I know that we don’t have feeling in our brain….but I just have always had a sense of “numbness” in my head since the very beginning. A feeling that never EVER goes away. It is always there. It varies in intensity and can turn into tightness and a vice grip feeling…can cause lack of concentration and focus or a number of other things. And yes…the horrific anxiety and panic. But for me…my issues all start there. I think there has been neuronal damage and when my system becomes overstimulated….the circuits overload and a cascade of events happen. The overstimulation can occur immediately…or it can happen over a period of time.

      So…maybe this is my existence. I don’t know. I haven’t yet scheduled the inpatient hospital testing …..I need to do that but am just trying to ride the current reprieve that I have. I know when admitted…I will be subjected to all sorts of stimuli which could send me into another cascade of events. I am dreading it…but know that in the end if it will help determine what sort of treatment and or meds I should perhaps try to help reduce the episodes. Of course….I have tried a kazillion things already….but I guess not everything yet.

      I am also probably going to go through intense neuropsychological testing. I know that term is suggestive of “oh she must be crazy and let’s find out how crazy she is.” I think a year ago I thought the same thing. But…the bottom line is…the toxin affects the neurotransmitters in the brain and the brain controls behavior, cognitive function, mood…in addition to everything else of course. it is just another piece to the puzzle. I have been seeing both a psychologist and a psychiatrist through this whole thing…neither of which have diagnosed me with a mental illness and have been supportive of the neurotoxic damage opinion. I found an interesting website of a guy that does research on neurotoxic damage to the brain….and how neurotoxicity can cause severe anxiety and mood disorders….often diagnosed as psychiatric illness when in fact it is neurotoxic damage. Most of his research is on environmental and chemical toxins….but after speaking to him he said it would make sense that a known neurotoxin would have similar effects on the on the nervous system.

      As much as I would like to be someone who can just continue to eat healthy…drink tons of water…limit supplementation and be off meds… I am not one of those people. I am having seizures and pretty bad episodes…..more frequently and more severe. There is something very wrong and I need to somehow to continue to figure out if there is ANY help for me. The scary thought remains that maybe there really isn’t. :(.

      But for now, at this moment, I am hoping there is.

      Thanks for listening.

  9. Hi Soloist- I cried when I read your post last night and did not even know what I could say to help. So, instead I research neuro-toxins and how to get rid of them. I am sure you have done this but maybe there is something here that might help. I did find out that when are body goes to flush it out, it can get re-absorbed through are intestines and cause even worse symptoms and relapses. Here is a list of what they suggest to stop this from happening. I myself will start trying this. Also, I will continue to research and get back to you. Praying for you.

    Check with your doc before starting this: Note: 1st thing on list is Thyroid med. I have a bad Thyroid, so ignore it if you are not on thyroid meds. But follow the rest in the first list.

    – Take your thyroid as soon as you wake (leave it at your bedside with a glass of water). A half-hour later take your Energy Revitalization System powder (Berry or Citrus), lipoic acid 300 mg and nystatin (and Cortef if prescribed). You can also take any other medications that are needed for other problems at this time. Take the Questran one hour later (1 scoop mixed in eight ounces of apple juice or distilled water followed by 12 ounces of distilled water). Exactly one-half hour after taking Questran, eat something that has at least a teaspoon of healthy fat (e.g. — one egg or a pat of butter). Eating makes your body pour the neurotoxin containing bile into your gut. Eating ½ hour after the Questran puts the medicine right where it needs to be (like a catchers mitt) to soak up and bind the neurotoxins.

    2- Also take the next 2 doses of Questran (each day) as close to a half hour before lunch and dinner as you can. Take your last (4th) daily dose one-half hour before bedtime and eat some turkey or an egg right at bedtime. Take your sleep medications/herbals an hour before the nighttime Questran.

    3- Drink 12 ounces of water after taking the Questran. It is best if the water is pure without any minerals. Distilled water is inexpensive and would be a good choice.

    Constipation is normally a problem while on the Questran, so drink a lot of water and use prunes or other laxatives as needed to have at least 1 BM a day for the time you are on it. Dr, Shoemaker uses 70 1 to 3 teaspoons three times a day, increased magnesium, or whatever else it takes to avoid constipation (see the treatment protocol for ideas). If you get acid reflux/ indigestion, you can use the over-the-counter medicine Zantac or call for a prescription for Prilosec if needed while on the Questran.

    5 — when done with the Questran (or after eight weeks — whichever comes first) begin to add in the rest of the treatments. The natural treatments can be started immediately. One new prescription medication can be added in every one to three days.

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