Is anyone there?

I was wondering if this is the only support group like this?

There doesn’t seem to be much traffic. Maybe there is another one everyone is on? I cant

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  1. Traffic has slowed on this site. May be good news in that people are recovering? Idk. But two years ago when I was hit by all of this it was a lifeline. Many of the people who posted then are no longer posting. I wish they’d come back and let us know if they’ve recovered. As for me, I am so much better than two years ago. But not the same. But I’ll take it

  2. This site is difficult to log in and also hard to navigate. Also, the toxin exposure effects everyone so differently. I think these are big reasons for less traffic.

  3. I posted about the MTHFR mutation -the gene that makes it difficult to detox. I have it and wondering is anyone else does. I have to take supplements for it.

    1. I did for a year really didn’t think it made a difference on anything but my wallet .
      You know you can search topics above. There is a tread on this.

      The site got to difficult to use there for awhile. I think that was a problem. Seems ok now.

    2. Hi MerNicold, I have the MTHFR gene. What supplement are you taking and how much. Does it seem to help? I think there are a lot of on here that have it. Although, I don’t think it is that uncommon. I do wonder if the toxin activates it or something?
      Hope you are doing well!

    1. Hi Nicole ,
      We used to support each other a long time ago when you first became ill I tried to send you a message but having problems with the site . Congratulations on your education and marriage . I sent you my contact info I don’t know if it went through if you feel like chatting again or support I’m here send me your private info or if you get mine don’t hesitate to call
      Wishing you the best keep your head up
      You are a strong beautiful educated valued woman don’t ever forget that
      🎀🎀🎀 Jen

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