I ask for help

I ask for help

I am 4 years and I am sick 

I have days when I’m benin ‘others where I’m very bad

my muscles have fallen

I still have so much male to head and joints

Someone can tell me if he can get out of this nightmare 

or if I have to resign myself to suffering

thanks to who can tell me something

excuse my English

One thought on “I ask for help

  1. did you get an injection of toxin four years ago?
    do you remember what brand or how many Units or which muscle?

    People do seem to improve and then fail again, but with each relapse
    the time in-between the bad times gets longer.
    This could be triggered by many MANY things, alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, physical exertion.

    Prediction recovery or how much time it takes to recover is impossible.
    No one knows how much toxin got into your blood.
    I’m sorry you are hurting.

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