I ask for help

I ask for help

I am 4 years and I am sick 

I have days when I’m benin ‘others where I’m very bad

my muscles have fallen

I still have so much male to head and joints

Someone can tell me if he can get out of this nightmare 

or if I have to resign myself to suffering

thanks to who can tell me something

excuse my English

3 thoughts on “I ask for help

  1. did you get an injection of toxin four years ago?
    do you remember what brand or how many Units or which muscle?

    People do seem to improve and then fail again, but with each relapse
    the time in-between the bad times gets longer.
    This could be triggered by many MANY things, alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, physical exertion.

    Prediction recovery or how much time it takes to recover is impossible.
    No one knows how much toxin got into your blood.
    I’m sorry you are hurting.

  2. Are you on a special diet ? I can no longer eat most foods or I’ll be out of breath, severely fatigued , get diarrhea, and I’m reacting to most medications.

    Must research Mast Cell activation disorders, This dec it will be 3 yrs since a urologist injected 100 units into my pelvic muscles, he promised I would not have a reaction because it stays in the muscles,,,,,,,,3 weeks after my severe allergic reaction started, I had every side affect listed, except I am still alive,

    I’m only eating plain rice ( no other ingredient like preservatives) I’m using light olive oil to cook eggs or potatoe home frys, No milk no butter no yeast no chocolate or coffee, only water, pears blueberries all fresh, I was eating fresh green beans and zucchini too. I’ve stopped beans cause they are high in histamine, I’m down to 96 lb, I was 138 lb before the Botox, I’m seeing a mast cell specialist in Jan 2018 in Boston, I’m only 20 min away,

    I was already hypersensitive to medications, I warned the urologist, I am suffering from interstitial cystitis, it’s causing me bladder and pelvic pain, Because of the opiod crisis I was no longer allowed them even though I need them for chronic daily pain, They made my condition 100% worse now, I used to eat steak, now if I try 1 bite I’m severely out of breath, and fatigued, I repeat I was already allergic to a lot of stuff, or intolerant, and now I can’t eat foods I could eat before the Botox,

    My skin became so dry, it still is, I was sweating and freezing , Still having those symptoms. .. I had 100 units, that’s a lot more than people get injected into there faces, I seriously wish I could sue my doctor for telling a lie, they make money off this poison…..

    I suggest going on my diet, you may feel better if you don’t suffer pain like me.

  3. Try searching MCAS, or MCAD, you may have had an underlying condition, why is it most people tolerate the BOTOX.?

    I saw a mast cell specialist few weeks ago, I’m taking pepsin 2x a day, and Claritin rapid release tablets, 1 every 24 hrs, She started me on cromolyn liquid solution , very slowly, 1 tube in am. For 7 days, then 1 in Morning and 1 in fternoon, for 7 days, then 3x a day. Next I do 2 in morning , etc… I do feel better, I believe I have a mast cell disorder, I’ve had symptoms even when I was a teen, My heart races to fast, or I had allergic reactions to food, or diarrhea, or sick to my stomach, foods med’s, always did something strange to me, No doctor has figured it out, I have to much histamine, My pain has calmed down a bit too. I still haven’t tried coffee, breads, milk, but I am able to eat chocolate, muffins, cheezits , those are foods I gave up after Botox, I think the cromolyn is helping the most.

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