I am really scared

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is on the way to recovery or recovered.
I was hoping to be better by now. It will be 5 years in April that I got the Botox. I continue to have issues with fatigue, brain fog, some tingling, circulation problems, dry mouth, eyes and nose and a few others. But, my biggest issue continues to be the muscle and fat atrophy. It has continued to get worse instead of better. I really am so scared. I don’t know what is causing it at this point. My face, eyes and head are so sunken. I don’t see myself anymore. My teeth, gums, nails, body and hair have also been changed. I have tested for ANA, RF, C reactive protein, SED rate and they are all normal. My face changes by the week…I am so scared. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Is it still a direct effect of the toxin?
I appreciate everyone’s support!

7 thoughts on “I am really scared

      1. Same ones I have had all along. Yes it is the toxin. I have no other diseases but botulism. It’s a neuro toxin. Causes some damage and does not just leave the body. It attaches itself to you neuro is system. Life is a new normal.

  1. In my experience the severity of symptoms decline. But, as been pointed out, it does seem as though the Botox does not leave the body. I do want to give you some hope though that your symptoms will lessen. I notice that under stress, or from eating foods or drink that activate the reaction it can seem as though you are back to the beginning. But, it doesn’t last as long. So sorry you are having such a hard time. You are not alone

  2. How do we know it never leaves our bodies? This whole thing is so confusing. You would think time would heal us, but I have gotten worse lately.
    Thanks for your encouragement. I feel totally hopeless. I can’t stand seeing my face keep getting smaller.

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