I don’t see hoarseness on the symptom list. This is one of my main concerns I have been dealing with since my injections. It left for a short time and came back after my 1 year. I also feel like I constantly have to clear my throat even though there isn’t always anything in there. I also get short of breath while this occurs. It feels as if my swallowing is off as well. Does anyone else have these issues and if so when did you find relief?

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Was treated with botox for migraines by a physician who never showed me the black box warning or spoke of the side effects . I was told no one ever reacts to it! My life has not returned to normal and I wonder if it ever will. I have pain and symptoms daily and it's over 2 years.

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  1. Gia. Yes I had all of those. At month 3-5 they were the worst. I was emberrassed to talk I sounded like I was a heavy smoker. I felt like my throat was closing and I would gag trying to swallow. My shortness of breathe was so bad I would keep myself awake at night because I was afraid I would suffocate in my sleep. I was never able to find relief. Was did notice if I are any processed foods or sugar it got a lot worse. You could try cutting ginger and lemons in thin slices and put in a jar. Fill the jar with honey. You can let this sit in Ur fridge for up to 3-4 months. It will begin to turn to jelly. Just add a spoon or two to tea and drink.

  2. Hi Gia, yes I had this and was coughing every other minute to clear my throat. I am a singer and I was able to sing fine but it felt as though a muscle to the side of my neck was a little bit floppy or something. As with other symptoms it did pass with time. Good luck with things x

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