Very good news for botulism sufferers

this was sent from moderator of the Facebook Botox/dysport group.

I hope this message provides hope to all.

We already know botox isn’t made for everyone – I don’t think we need anymore reminders of that . ┬áHope we can continue to move forward and post proactive posts.


Btw my own two cents is its botulism in some then it can activate fungal like infections and damage already comprised immune systems in others. Obviously both outcomes act on immune system /CNS . So basically test for underlying active infections especially high Epstein bar .

3 thoughts on “Very good news for botulism sufferers

  1. I am taking copper now too , it seems to stop some symptoms .It would be interesting for someone who has recently had the injections to take the copper and see if the bad symptoms will go away.

  2. Some of the authors on this article are HOODS. Yes, people who advocate the use of Botox, people who strive to invent designer Botox. When you see the name Eric Johnson on an article, you are dancing with the devil. His mentor from Wisconsin was the original Botox champion.
    This article is full of misconceptions and reflects shallow science and research. I would not put much faith in what these people publish.

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