Getting tests done by LLMD/MTHFR

I have a long complicated story but essentially was feeling “better” with the help of valproic acid and lorazepam . I hit a tolerance and had to come off of the lorazepam after several years and all of my symptoms plus many others came back.

I had about ten different tests run last week looking at toxicities, mold, lymes,  autoimmunity, and inflammation. I will be happy to share results when I get them.

Prior to botox I had a terrible time getting off of ativan and with general anesthesia in the past. I found out I had a specific type of the MTHFR gene mutation the 667t or c I believe, which means I have trouble with methylation. This translates into me being a terrible detoxifier. My body has an incredibly hard time breaking down toxins and eliminating them. This MTHRF gene¬†is said to be the smoking gun behind why some people get sick from mold and others don’t or why some people smell perfume and get sick and others are fine. Inflammation is what ultimately results from not being about to properly deal with these environmental toxins/neurotoxins.

I will update this post when I can with any info that I find might be helpful as I get these test results. I want to encourage you to get the MTHFR test. Supposedly taking methylated versions of all vitamins especially methyl folic acid is essential. I really think we need to be looking at why some people get so sick from benzos or botox, chemical sensitivities and the inflammatory response etc. There is a reason beyond just being unlucky as to why our bodies reacted the way it did. And in no way-I repeat- NO WAY does that take the blame off of companies like allergan who know certain people should stay the hell away from this crap. If they were to say “chances are you’ll be fine” that woudn’t sell tons on their product. Very upsetting the info they hide.

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