Gallbladder surgery – please help

Hope everyone is doing ok. I am posting this for another botox victim who has been trying to get on the site but has been unable to register. She is about 7 months out and has been told her gallbladder is not functioning and needs to come out. She’s permitting me to post for her and share info with you in hopes that someone has advice. Symptoms started just after botox. Diarrhea and total loss of appetite. She had an abdominal CT early on which was normal as well as all labs. The symptoms have been going on and off for almost 8 months. She recently had an abdominal ultrasound which was also normal so doc had her do a hida scan which showed her EF at 17%. Diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia.

Of course she is afraid to have the surgery and anesthesia. If anyone has dealt with this and can give advice, it’s so appreciated. This one is urgent as her surgery is scheduled for next week.

Thanks to all.


4 thoughts on “Gallbladder surgery – please help

  1. I wouldn’t have any major procedure done without a second and third opinion. Unless of course, she is completely confident and certain that her doctor is the best.

  2. I had my gallbladder removed about one month after my first Botox injection and that was back in August 2009 .They also did a hide scan on me too and told me that the gallbladder was barely functioning and needs to be taken out.They put me under anesthesia and didn’t see it but doctor did like 4 small incisions and the whole thing I been told lasted about an hour .I had some pretty severe pain in the next couple of days that needed narcotic pain reliever to help but after the first week I was doing ok .Keep in mind that even though this presidure was after Botox injections at the time I didn’t have systemic reaction or many side effects .Good luck to her either way and hope you doing well too Birdgirl .

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