Docter said my case was one in 100 million

in 2000 I was shot in the temple with botox.  It felt wired and numb at the time.  It paralyzed my face for life.  I’s horrifying and it weakend my entire core.  It’s created a unbalance in my neck and that is felt down to my toes.

I want to sue this fuckers!


Im finally dealing with this, MIR net week,  I want to take these bastards down!


I know one executive for Allergan, she lives in a a huge home, she’s a horrible person


I have the courage to take on the pigs!


these greedy punks are going down!



3 thoughts on “Docter said my case was one in 100 million

  1. I have a friend who works on medical liability cases and she has indicated that the laws are changing regarding the statue of limitations. If your resulting medical issues were not known to be the result of your injections until after the statute ran out….you may still have the possibly of legal action. You were injected prior to the Black Box Warning being issued…which means you were not made aware of the possible resulting side effects. While it is a long shot, you can still talk to a attorney regarding your situation.

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