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3 year update


3 year out update

it has been about 3 years since I had these injections. As mentioned before some of my major issues were humming in right ear,  dizziness, permanent migraine with pain all along the right side of my head including jaw teeth face. I also had swollen lymph nodes in my neck , jaw and back of head. My eyes were blurry and my vision seemed off. There were more issues but these were the major ones. I have been on medication since this ordeal to combat the severe vestibular migraines I had been suffering from. I was put on 2400 mgs  of nueronton and 100 mgs of nortriptyline. I have been able to successfully wean off nueronton w no side effects. I have definitely gotten better since this ordeal. I no longer am dizzy, I do not have anymore migraine pain and my vision seems back to normal. I do however still have tinnitus but it seems a lot more quiet now. I hardly notice it now. I also still have eustation issues in both my ears. About a year ago I had sudden hearing loss that did come back with a steroid injection through the ear drum. Thankfully I got all my hearing back. I believe I had an attack of the immune system after these injections. I read about the list of side effects and thankfully they have come out with a lot more than 2.5 years ago. Glad that is being exposed. I still have to take the 100 mgs of nortriptylin or else my migraine symptoms come back. As I write this I now believe the botox or possibly the the juvederm were the cause. Please know that a lot of symptoms will disappear but you may be left w some. I am better but not the same. I can now function  and do everything and more pre injection. I would say it took a good 2 years to feel good again w the help of some major medications. All of that anxiety is also gone. . Peace and love to all of you. I hope you feel better soon.


I’M CURIOUS  what foods are giving most of us problems,

I already had a very limited diet due to IC or Interstitial Cystitis,  it is a Bladder disease so if I cheat and  I eat certain foods it causes me pain or my heart races, also it burns my bladder causing me to feel like I have a U.T.I or Urinary track infection,      My bladder and pelvic muscles become inflamed and it causes my back and lower legs or feet to throb,   it’s basically an allergy in my bladder, so I have always been on a very strict diet and can not take most medications,  this is why I warned my Doc I was scared to get a reaction to the 100 units of Botox he wanted to inject in my pelvic muscles,


3 weeks later I started to sneeze weirdly, meaning I thought I was going to stop breathing,   then my heart was pounding very fast and I was so out of breath,also very high blood pressure, normally low,     then itchy welts under my arms . next a rash,   I was so sick I couldn’t even comb my hair for 3 solid months ,


Foods, and Med’s

I had to stop salt, Beef, milk, breads, butter, Fresh beets,sweet potatoes  I can’t eat cookies, ect….I stopped coffee and many other foods years ago,   but now I can’t eat most of the foods I could tolerate,

breakfast,,,,,,,since march 2015 i only eat 2 or 3 boiled eggs or use light olive oil to cook them in, boiled potatoes fried in olive oil , water only to drink

Dinner:  white rice plain,   plain broiled  chicken, fresh Zuccini, or green beans, or Broccoli,,, Water

fresh… blueberries or fresh pears,

Watermelon was causing my breathing to get worse and I felt very fatigued,  same with other foods,  I was exhausted all day if I ate even a few peanuts, or one cheeze it cracker,  also It gives me digestion problems,

I loved salt and can not use it any more, my blood pressure is out of control and I take a pill 2xs a day to control it,  I also have problems with foods getting stuck when swallowing,


it’s been 9 months and I have improved, I just hope and pray I will get back to my old self after a year,,,,,

I’m also taking vit D and Vit B for the past month,  not sure if the B vitamin is causing me belly pain  so I stopped them for now,

anyone who is having the food and medication intolerance please message me   I used to use Benadryl if needed and that’s causing my heart to race,

Sandy 53yrs

(Boston MA)

Higher dosage of botox (Dysport)

Hello everyone,
I’m new here and this is my first post. Now, my diagnose is paraplegia spastica, it’s spasticity in leg muscles, witch is causing problems with walking ( spasticity is reducing my control over my muscles);muscles are weakened, but not entirely. I received botox (actually Dysport) in gastrocnemius (2×75),adductor longus (150) and tibialis posterior (150). That was three months ago;I had a little headache that day. Soon I need to go to receive another dose (29.july),and I want to seek a higher dose (because spasticity is in all muscles of legs). I read that usual dose is around 1000 units and that maximum dose is 1500 units (at dose above that, poisoning is possible). What are you thinking about this? Has anyone been is similar situation?

Recovered after the longest year of my life.

I have not been on the forum in a while..sometimes I  was just plain afraid to revisit all  of this.  But I know when I was feeling down there was great support and hope and I want to share with others that there is hope of recovery.  I was Injected in Dec 2014 and 2 weeks after had vertigo and dizziness that was unrelenting for a straight 6 mons. Along with the brain fog , insomnia, fatigue and the depression that feeing so bad spins into.  I still wake up every morning and am so grateful that I feel normal FINALLY.  I started to notice improvement around 6 months..every now and then I get just a weird fleeting dizzy feeling but it passes. Nothing in comparison to what I endured before.  I will say I feel emotionally traumatized..the fear of the symptoms returning or the fear that maybe the botox is still floating around only to comeback again.  But I fight those feelings and focus on my health now and  feel good.  I certainly learned a lot about my self and my vanity..which drove me to Botox..I will wrinkle gracefully now and know that poison should not be used by ANYONE..and I spread the word to those that will listen..For those in the midst of this..hang in will get better..I prayed a lot and did a lot of soul searching…and it did change me for some ways for the better..God Bless all who are struggling with the side effects and I wish recovery and peace of mind to you. Kelly B

Botox induced Hearing Loss – Recovered

Hi all,

I’m here to share my story in hopes that I can help others. Last year, I received Botox injections around my eyes (only 6 units). After one day or two, I lost hearing in one ear (partial hearing loss) and then the hearing loss slowly fluctuated between ears over the course of 3 months. Along with hearing loss, I experienced tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the ear), hyperacusis (sensitivity to certain sounds) and diplacusis (the same note sounding different from ear to ear). It was devastating and extremely challenging. I had to stop working as a result. I am also a musician, and so, of course, it was devastating not to hear properly. I couldn’t be in a room with more than one person at a time due to the sensitivity to sound. And I could not go in public for the same reason. It was dreadful. I sought out an excellent Otologist (I highly recommend doing the same if you are in this situation and doing your research on the best Otologist in your area / or travel if you’re willing and able). The Otologist put me on Prednisone and a strict low sodium diet. After a few months, I slowly began to improve and my hearing began to stabilize. Did the Prednisone or the diet changes help? Not sure. But it’s fascinating to me that the symptoms seemed to fade as the Botox completely wore off. I am not on Prednisone now and am back to my normal diet, and my hearing is just fine, which leads me to believe the problem was – yes, you guessed it – Botox.

Along with hearing loss, I began to experience intense brain fog, trouble focusing eyes, and dizziness. I can’t be certain if those last three side effects were from the Botox or the Prednisone I had to be put on, but again, I firmly believe the hearing loss was from the Botox (Again, I was put on Prednisone after Botox and hearing loss). The brain fog, vision issues, and dizziness subsided over time along with the hearing loss.

Emotionally, enduring all of those symptoms was a devastating process for me. I became ridiculously anxious, of course, having no information on what was happening to me or why, as well as no clear answer on whether or not it would improve. A true test of patience. I had CT scans of everything, blood tests of everything, every ear test imaginable. Everything was normal except the inner ear and hearing tests, which gave me no information other than there was a hearing loss. My symptoms did not match Meniere’s Disease as I did not have true vertigo. The one thing that did show up on my blood test was positive antibodies for an autoimmune disease I never had prior. Go figure. Still positive for it, but do not have a single symptom and therefore am not diagnosed with having it. That’s good news.

Physically on my face, I was left with hollowed out under eyes on the outer corners where the Botox was injected, and bags on the inner corners. This part did not change or improve with time. One under eye appears much worse than the other. Unfortunately, my profession does involve my appearance and after much deliberation, I sought out and researched carefully the best oculoplastic surgeons (many who help trauma victims) who could discuss the anatomy of the face with me, what might have happened (muscle movement, fluid retention, etc), and options with me on how I might improve this situation to make the eyes more even (exercises, creams, etc). Seeking information like that is up to you, but more importantly, work on loving yourself from the inside out. I’ve certainly had to work at doing the same through all of this.

I wish each of you patience. Do not drive yourself crazy with this. Yes, my gosh, easier said than done. I wanted to punch a wall every time someone told me to just try and not think about it (they don’t understand it if they’re not going through it). But, I do. If you are at a point where you can’t control what’s going on with your physical health,  I encourage you to really find ANY way you can to make yourself happy in the meantime — inspiring movies, books, spending time with caring and compassionate people, etc. And be reasonable with yourself if you can only do those things for a short period of time each day. Meditate, pray.

I also highly recommend therapy. It has helped me a lot. Sit and talk with someone who will not judge you, but help you through the process of forgiving yourself, the situation, releasing the anger, and finding healthy ways to heal your mind and find patience. There are so many therapists who specialize in helping patients with illness and physical struggles. Let them help you!

I am here for you. You are not alone. I thank God all the time that I recovered and am getting choked up as I type this because I’d be lying if I said I don’t still wake up often tapping on my ears to make sure everything is still stable. And I’d be lying if I said I’m not incredibly fortunate to have recovered. I am immensely grateful every day and I think of you all, all the time. Please do keep faith. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up hope. Keep as calm as you can and keep sharing your experiences with others. Don’t give up. And… try not to spend too much time on the internet reading about all of this. Again, easier said than done. But that, indeed, can drive you crazy. Give yourself a certain amount of time each day or a few times a week. And take care of your beautiful mind. You are important and loved. You are not alone. You are not alone. Have faith.


Slowly but surely – recovery taking time but is real

Hello,  I have been on this site several times over the last 2 years and at the deepest hell pit of my symptoms can honestly say many of you saved my sanity!!! I am only registering and posting now to share my experience out of honest hope that I might be able to offer some of you a glimmer of optimism that recovery is real and can happen – though slowly with patience and courage.

My journey started in 2012 a as chronic migraine sufferer desperate for a treatment that would make a difference.  I received 4 rounds of injections over a near 10 month period. I got side effects (SEs) beginning approx 1 week after my initial treatment – only to be told what I was experiencing could in no way connected to Botox (sound familiar??). It took me a few rounds before I was able to start directly linking my SEs to the injections – hmmm – injections and symptoms – wow there is no coincidence. And it was discovering this website that gave me the proof I was looking for that I was not CRAZY like the MDs all told me I was! I am eternally grateful to this site and it’s members – because the night I discovered I was not alone I cannot begin to tell you what emotional relief it brought me.

Anxiety, and tachacardia have been the absolute biggest SEs I have had to manage in my recovery. Outside of a plethora of other SEs I experienced during active Botox treatments – feel free to review my profile –  the absolute worst was when I had 2 terrifying panic attacks  within about 1 month of each other – where I thought that’s it – sianara – off I go to the big blue yonder – convulsions and the works. I’m not posting today to relay all the horrors so many of you know too well in your own terrible journeys with this poison. Just reading the posts here sometimes sent me into panic over what might come next.  If you are in the deepest throws of your Botox nightmare right now – please believe me when I say it will get better – manage the best you can by whatever means brings you relief or support – and as hard as it sounds accept that time and deeply caring for yourself is the key – you are not alone – you are not crazy and it will get better! At least this has been my experience and I am confidant with time many of you will have the same.

I am now 17 months since my last injection. After reading many posts I was hopeful that I might find full recovery within about 6 to 12 months – and focussed on that.  While that hasn’t been my personal experience I can say that I now have literally weeks and sometimes months that will go by where I feel like I am almost back to my pre-Botox self – and then bam – a relapse will hit me out of the blue – for no apparent reason that I can link to.  That being said, the relapses are getting farther apart and when they happen they are more mild and manageable. While it winds my spirits and faith when it comes back – I remind myself that it will improve and pass (usually a couple of weeks) and I just need to stay focussed on believing that it has before and it will again. I now accept that my full recovery may still be a few years away. But when it does recur I know what it is, I know what to do and have the courage to continue to hang on.

My go to therapies have been healthy diet, massage, acupuncture, ativan for rescue when it gets bad and also tried calcium channel blockers to relieve my heart palpitations and anxiety. I only use ativan for rescue now when I have a relapse – it helps me fast when I feel a bad bout of anxiety coming on. Otherwise I try to ride out it out as best I can and take real comfort in the arms of my loving husband who has held my hand and heart throughout this nightmare.

If I were to say there is any silver lining in this nightmare it is this! I take much better care of myself now. I got healthier and more active and lost 50lbs and I am far more discerning of putting anything into my body.  This experience literally scared the crap out of me and I don’t take the precious days I have with my husband and family for granted. Not that I would ever have asked for or wished this upon anyone – but it forced me to get real with myself about many things including my health both physically and psychologically and see clearly that certain priorities in my life had to change. This was my wake up call and I had to answer it if there was to be any goodness that came from the nightmare.

I have reported my experience to my MDs and to Allergen and the local Health Authorities – but sadly don’t think it makes much difference. Though 1 MD professed he will be far more open to what other patients who may be using Botox experience. He termed me a “super responder” a patient with a high level of sensitivity to the drug. No shit!!!!

Thank you to all who have been brave enough to share your experiences and tips and offered heartfelt support to all of us affected.  You are helping more than you realize and in many meaningful ways – even to those who are invisible and looking for answers and some hope.

Take care and don’t lose hope,

HopefulD from Canada






Fully recovered

Hi everyone

İt has been a long while since I have posted an update on the forum

I had the injection in 2010 and now pleased to say that I am fully recovered. It has been almost 12 months I have been symptom free so hung in there it is a slow process but you will all get back to your normalselves

This website is the only support I had so once again thank you Anette and Cameron for setting this up

Wishing you all rapid recovery.





Some positive news from upstate NY, I am fully recovered!

Hi Everyone!! First of all I would like to thank you for all your support, advice and most of all, your friendships :-)

Today is my birthday….. It was one year ago that I received my first and only Botox injections.  It has been an incredibly rocky journey.  I have endured like many of you, some very horrible, both physically and mentally, painful and dark moments.   I was so afraid I might stay there.  I have received positive reports regarding my health and I am feeling better than ever also!!! The good news is this experience has made me a much nicer, wiser and better person.  I appreciate my  good health, my appearance, my family and friends MORE than ever!

Botox was a birthday present to myself last year.  It truly was the worst present I have ever received:(  This year I am getting a massage and facial, and going out to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner and wine (compliments of my amazing boyfriend).

The best advice I can share with you all is to try and be HAPPY, laugh, have FUN, and stay POSITIVE.  Eat healthy foods and exercise if you are able.  Picture yourself getting well…live every day to the absolute fullest.

Kris, Sam, Holly, Soloist, Heather, Lilly, Anne  and everyone who I have shared information with on this site, I am really very sorry if you are still struggling with this and not getting better.  I wanted to offer some hope and encouragement and pray you too will heal quickly.  I will try to visit this site periodically to be here for you all! xoxo


Bridetobe Fully Recovered Post – 8 Nov 2013

Heather suggested moving this post (by Bridetobe – 8 Nov 2013) to the ‘Fully Recovered’ section which is a great idea:

Hi there,

It has been a year (yesterday) since my injections and I am now fully recovered. I actually feel better and healthier than before I had my injections so not only do I consider myself recovered but I now see this experience as a blessing and not a curse as I did in the beginning. It has taught me so much about what is important to me and how to take care of my body. It has also taught me that western doctors are not that great and cannot be trusted! (A doctor injected me and I hear stories everyday of drs handing out dangerous medications and injecting people with substances that have very serious side effects without giving people adequate warnings).

I don’t come to this website anymore but I did find it very helpful (and scary) in the beginning. Anyway I thought I would come back and post on here to help others who are going through the really bad stages of recovery so that they know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I, like most of you on here tried everything. I do believe it has all helped but the main thing that has helped is a positive mindset and getting oxygen into my body in any way possible (deep breathing, relaxation, massage,yoga etc). I don’t buy into the whole theory that the toxin will never leave your body and that we are permanently damaged. I think we have all got the capacity to heal and that you WILL GET BETTER, you just need to stay positive and find what works for you.

Remember when you are feeling bad that your natural acetylcholine flow and production in your body has been affected and that is why you are experiencing these symptoms. Your body DOES and WILL grow new synapses so the system CAN and WILL BE RESTORED.It just takes time, do whatever you can to heal and try not to be too impatient, your body is wise and will sort it out. You just need to support it in anyway possible.

Also remember when you are healed you will still get anxiety and have bad days but that is a normal part of being a human being. Even people who have never had botox have illness and sickness and suffering. Accept the painful thoughts and feelings, breathe into them and choose to live a life that matters.

Take care everyone and I truly do wish you all the best with your healing xoxoxo My thoughts and prayers are with you all : )

Great news from Mich! I’M FULLY RECOVERED!

Hi Everyone,

I’m at 14 months post injection. I have pushed my body hard the last few months and it handled the strain.
I had no symptoms!

– I flew to Dubai and walked the malls endlessly, and attended a reunion with friends after a 10 hour flight from Australia. (my legs felt swollen on the flight but this subsided and didn’t bother me after that)
– I cycled in the summer heat throughout the city of Lyon gorging myself on pastries and chocolate. I went to 3 Michelin restaurants and ate the most amazing food. Just 1 year before in July 2012 I was in and out of ER’s unable to eat anything for days! What a difference one year makes!
– I shopped hours everyday in Annecy taking in the sights, soaking up the views as I drove the boat across Lake Annecy.
– I went up to the top of Mont Blanc in a cable car breathing thin air marvelling that I was healthy again to see such amazing views of Chamonix.
– I wandered the alleys of Venice for hours at a time, devouring at least 2 gelatos a day.
– i walked all day long through the streets of Rome taking in every magnificient sight like I had done 2 years before.
– I flew to Canada and spent time with relatives laughing, talking, and full of joy.
– I relaxed at a lakeside cabin in the mountains of Montana, boating, paddle boarding, reading and hiking. I stayed up late every night eating my favorite junk food (which I normally DONT eat), watching movies, and playing games with my family.
– i drove 13 hours straight with my children through 3 US states. I enjoyed shopping, sightseeing and a big reunion with old friends. Joyful! One week later I drove the same distance again back to Canada with 4 kids.

I caught 6 planes on my return from Canada to Australia. Although I felt jetlagged I was ok.

We do get better! If you are still sick, don’t lose hope. When this sickness is behind you food will taste better, you will experience more joy from the little things, and you will be stronger! I walked through a dark Botox tunnel and came out the other side! Everything is brighter now. When I see old friends I conceal my tears of joy at being able to enjoy social interaction again. Mornings are pleasant again. I have energy again! I feel like my old self but with more gratitude, peace, joy, and compassion.

Thank you, thank you to everyone for supprting me through some dark months full of suffering. Aside from my husband,my children and God, you were my only support. Thanks Solo, Sam, Brandy, Anne, Annette, Blue Skies, and so many others!

Mich xo

I became sick June 2012 with severe nausea, vomiting, slurred speech, anxiety, digestion probems, rash, hives, blurry vision, brain fog, burning skin, and more. My symptoms were severe for the first 3 months, then mild and periodic from Month 3-6; then mild and sporadic from month 6-9; then mild with momentary occurences from 9-12 months. Scenar treatments I believe helped heal the nervous system.

Recovery Story from Karyn – originally posted under member ‘nomorebotox’ – thread ‘vision issues after Botox’

I have now fully recovered from the Botox nightmare which I had injected in March 2010. At the time I felt so alone and so scared. Everyone thought I was just having a mental breakdown and the Doctors refused to make any connection with the Botox, mainly through their own ignorance about the poison.

I am sorry to hear of your hellish experience too. I feel for you and for everyone on this site but I would like to offer hope that for me I feel as though I have finally come out of the tunnel and life can move on. I’m just surprised that I wasn’t put in to some mental asylum as nobody believed me and everyone just thought I wasn’t coping with life in general. I lost my job at the time. I nearly lost my husband and I feel as though I am very lucky to have survived. You will get better. If you have survived this far you will continue to survive. You are a fighter.