Botox Kills Sex Drive – Your comments??

After 25 years, a “beauty therapist” in the U.K. notices a strong correlation between Botox users and a diminished sex drive and even a lack of love or emotional capacity.

She assumes it is the result of not being able to smile because she doesn’t understand the damage to the nervous system after botulinum  toxin poisoning or the long-term damage to the muscles or the interruption of acetylcholine, which remains compromised to various degrees indefinitely in some cases. As you all realize, not even physicians understand the long-term damage of botulism and partial recovery!

So I would like to hear candid comments from the Botox Support Community as to your experiences, both male and female.

3 thoughts on “Botox Kills Sex Drive – Your comments??

  1. Hi WP, I have had virtually zero sex drive since botox. Vaginal nerve damage was noted early on (I’m 5 years out). I am single and have been since prior to botox injections but was dating on and off. Now, with no sex drive whatsoever and serious vaginal nerve pain, I can’t imagine any man would be open to a relationship with me. Add it to the list of life changing effects of this poison…. Thanks for sharing the info on this.

  2. I can’t really comment on the sex drive as I am too ill to even contemplate a relationship. It is hard for me to imagine ever having that part of my life back at this point. I can comment that my personality has completely changed. I used to be a socially active person with an outgoing and curious personality. I now avoid people, conversations and am very reclusive. Some of this is due to my physical limitations, but even with that it is hard for to mentally remain engaged. I don’t know if it is the result of learning to accept/live with the isolation that chronic illness forces you into, and/or if it is the result of a change in the neurotransmitters in the brain. I think it is likely a little of both.

  3. Hi!
    I can only hope for recovery! So much has changed in regard to this part of my life. One part is the lack of emotional feelings which has only gotten worse. But, not feeling comfortable with myself. The way I look and feel about myself has taken such a toll not to mention pain.

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