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Botox Kills Sex Drive – Your comments??

After 25 years, a “beauty therapist” in the U.K. notices a strong correlation between Botox users and a diminished sex drive and even a lack of love or emotional capacity.

She assumes it is the result of not being able to smile because she doesn’t understand the damage to the nervous system after botulinum  toxin poisoning or the long-term damage to the muscles or the interruption of acetylcholine, which remains compromised to various degrees indefinitely in some cases. As you all realize, not even physicians understand the long-term damage of botulism and partial recovery!

So I would like to hear candid comments from the Botox Support Community as to your experiences, both male and female.

french chart JPEGTime to death chart in French, experiments conducted on rabbits by LeGroux in 1945 at the Pasteur Institute. “INFLUENCE DES VOIES DINTRODUCTION DE LA TOXINE SUR LE BOTULISME EXPERIMENTAL DU LAPIN” shows how long the toxin was in their body before they showed symptoms of “malady” and the last column shows how long until time of death. IV = 2 hours 25 minutes; IM = 4 hours 30 minutes, IP = 9 hours, etc. The point is the toxin killed regardless of entry point so yes, it moves around. Even the doctor who pioneered this drug in 1973 (AB Scott) reproduced this exact chart in his journal article, although he failed to discuss it in the text so maybe he didn’t understand the toxin was deadly.

Comparing CMAP between Type A and Type E

chart jpegThe readings on the chart measure recovery after injections of botulinum toxin type A verses type E. These are Compound Muscle Action Potentials or CMAP. Notice after the 7th day the light grey shows an 80% loss, 20% potential remains. By day 90, the light grey reflects a recovery up to 45% so when people ask why they are feeling fatigued after 3 months, this explains what is going on with the nerve. This experiment was run on 11 volunteers who were injected with just 4 units of Botox in their foot.

Search Health Canada for Adverse Event reports

The US version of data from the FDA is expensive but you can tap into the Canadian database for free. There are about 2,300 records specific to Botox so you have to adjust your searchable dates because the software can only export 1,000 at a time.

From this list you will see a column entitled ADVERSE REACTION TERM and there you will see all the symptoms reported by the manufacturer, consumers, and hospitals. “MAH” means manufacturer report so pay no attention when they list “drug ineffective” as an adverse event; that is their unique spin which is irrelevant.

These reports are snapshots of possible botulism which as we know can change over time. Seeing this diversity of issues will likely help people on this forum not feel crazy and may even be useful to carry with you into doctor’s appointments. These reports are not CAUSAL but they indicate Botox was SUSPECTED as the primary source of the adverse event.

Mouse bioassay

I had assumed the antitoxin was expensive and since the mouse test used it the cdc would not be able to supply the millions of citizens who requested it after their  “flu like syndrome” appeared. But I saw a reference from the 1980s written by a cdc author that mentioned the mouse test was $500   So price isnt the issue so it comes down to politics. If the cdc tested people for BoNT in their blood that would imply the fda approved a horrificly  toxic substance for human use for cosmetic purposes. Which they did. Is in another sub prime scandal that would have economic ripples through the economy? A lot of money would be lost but then again a lot of medical costs would be eliminated. I really think the cdc should have to answer to their policy of not protecting the public health by denying citizens access to this test.

VIDEO: Family of Celebral Palsy Child who sued Allergan and won

For the people who are searching for the reality of Botox injections here is the 7 minute video of the parents of Joshua Drake after they won the lawsuit.

She states the “lethal dose is 40” but 40 units per kilograms is Allergan’s published number. The internal Allergan documents show 4 units/kg caused internal damage to monkeys and 16 units/kg killed half their female monkeys. All their monkeys “looked normal” before they died and had unremarkable test results even though 100% of the 36 monkeys had systemic toxicity and/or botulism. What is remarkable is how a company that KNOWS WITHOUT A DOUBT their product (a sublethal doses) causes botulism and permanent damage can market this as helpful. Google “Allergan 91-3708” to read full report.

Please Correct this Bozo Doctor in London Who posted false assurances about Botox

Before you click the Yahoo story prepare yourself to flip out over the arrogance and misinformation you are about to encounter.  I beg every single member of this forum to log on and leave a public comment about how ill informed  this doctor is. It reads like a carny barker ad for snake oil. Your 5 minutes may save someone’s life. THANK YOU!!!

Sound Therapy: Meditation. Quiet. Pleasing.

I saw a Julian Treasure talk on TED TALKS and it held special relevance for the nerve damage from botulism. Sound intolerance seems to be a common thread in botulism poisoning but again, it is subjective and hard to measure. But in this video Julian explains the assault from sounds and physiological reactions we have. He also offers recommendations to combat the assault and create a better environment.

Has anyone noticed a sound intolerance (includes chaos, visual clutter, and children intolerance) and tried this strategies?

Evaluating the Literature is Tricky

Wading through the “published literature” is tricky, especially when you are in recovery. and desperate for hope and answers. This is the same literature that misleads your doctors. This is the same literature that is tainted with industry-sponsored funding. The botulinum toxin industry is a house of cards. It has no foundation. The misinformation was met with disinformation.

For example, a recent post featured Frederic A. Meunier. Google Scholar him and see who else he publishes with. Oh? Roger Aoki, isn’t he on staff as a researcher for  Allergan? yes. He comments against people who say they get botulism from Botox.

Guilty by association. Once they drink the Koolaid, you can’t rely on their publications. They may be 90% accurate and then deviate the last 10% of the story and it would seem so credible that you wouldn’t notice the deception.

You aren’t the only one who is poisoned. The literature in this field is very tainted by mistake and by intent. There once was a time before Allergan when the literature on botulinum toxin was for defensive purposes and for the science of understanding — not the science for selling more product.


Does anyone happen to know of a patient who got  a PURTOX injection during the Johnson and Johnson trials? 12 centers around the country experimented on hundreds of people (Phase 3 clinical trials had 700 people)  then POOF!! J&J dropped their $1 billion investment and did not bring PURTOX to the market. I would like to know if they withdrew it from the FDA for approval or if the FDA denied it. I would like to understand how Botox can be approved over and over again while PURTOX did not make the grade. They are both botulinum toxin. But I have a feeling it was so effective that it created adverse events so obvious they could not hide them…. or J&J did a calculation of how much they would have to pay in liability claims to settle cases and the revenue wouldn’t cover the expense (known as bean counting in the industry). It is also possible J&J didn’t want to mar their brand image with botulism cases. Maybe some of those people in the Purtox trials have landed here?

Resources from the trial Allergan lost

Strangely this news report will not show up in a Google search under general search terms, so I wanted to post it for this community. These documents are NOT made available to doctors by drug reps but they are public information because they appeared as court exhibits. You can share them with your doctor who will likely be shocked!..and hopefully realize he has been betrayed and will then bone up on botulism symptoms and treatments. Read them. They are technical. Ask questions. I can translate the dosage: 16 units/KG (“Monkey LD50” meaning half the monkeys died) would be equivalent to 362 Units for a 50 lb child or 725 units for a 100 lb person. (Bear in mind weigh adjusting the dose isn’t actually appropriate for this toxin.)

According to internal Allergan studies of laboratory monkeys which got the same or slightly less dose as toddler Jackson Wells; half of them died.

Study No. 91-3708: A ONE-YEAR INTRAMUSCULAR TOXICITY STUDY OF BOTOX IN THE CYNOMOLGUS MONKEY (Final Report) Allergan’s very own monkey study, they switched to mice and rats after these damning results!

Pediatric BOTOX is a $50-million-a-year market in the U.S., according to the Allergan Strategic Sales Plan (2011).

Allergan former Vice President of Sales, Donny Pearl, confirmed during a taped deposition from Aug. 2012 that Allergan trains its sales force that BOTOX cannot cause Botulism.

I find that amazing disinformation. Clostridium botulinum bacterium produces Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum Toxin causes botulism. Botox is Botulinum Toxin. Botox is botulism. A = B, B = C, therefore A = C. All the marketing in the world doesn’t change the nature of the toxin or the basic algebraic property.

Botox is botulinum toxin then amped up: purified to increase lethality and wrapped in human albumin to increase longevity and stability so it doesn’t break down in your blood’s PhD. But there is no blood test to show it so you pay them to poison you and you can’t prove it. Quite diabolical.

Visit Channel 4 website for full story and more links to corporate misconduct.


Educate Your Doctors with MSDS sheet

When explaining your “botulism-like symptoms,” explain to your doctor you have read Allergan’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on the Allergan website and THEY publish that the Lethal Dose for 50% of the human population is 2800 units for a 70 KG adult. That works out to 2800 units for a 154 lb person (or 40 Units per KG). If you weigh 120 lbs you are 54 KG and your LD50 would be 2160 units.

(But realize that total units matter, not units per KG like a regular pharmaceutical) otherwise there would be weight doses for adults, not just children and animals in studies. Skinny women and heavy women get a flat 50U in the faces, now don’t they?)

But the question is not at what dose do half of the patients drop dead in the office. That is interesting I suppose, but let’s consider that LD number is probably unreliable because they didn’t “show their math.” (I’m sure they had their reasons for not showing their math.)

The question is:          what happened to the first 49% of the people who did not die from 2,160 or 2,800 units but were just poisoned by a neurotoxin? Before death there is a huge range of undedectable harm all the way to hospitalized on a ventilator.  And if you had 20 units or 500 units (or 1200 like they inject in CP kids), ask how many of those treatments have to add up to be 2,000 units because THERE IS a summation effect. You really don’t know how many units are soaked up by the nerve and how many units hit the bloodstream.

Anyway, I thought it might be a useful tool to google and print out to take to the doctors visits because they have never conceived the idea that this could be harmful much less fatal. Google “Allergan’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)” You have to prove you are not crazy AND you have botulism.  Crazy smart is good and that’s what happens when you catch on to this Botox fraud.

Where Botox was born: 1950s Dr. Ed Schantz

Does it help to know the history of how botox went from bioterrorism agent of WW2 to your body? The video calls the technology transfer to a medical therapy as “imagination” which is an interesting spin. The young guy in the video is now in Wisconsin and researching infant botulism and PURTOX, a one billion dollar product developed to compete with Botox but pulled from Johnson and Johnson’s line up after phase 3 clinical trials.

I do think it is fascinating to see in this video what 1 million injections look like in this “purification process.” Funny, I purify my water by taking toxins OUT not making them more potent. Forgive the plug for therapeutic at the end of the video; this poor guy is like everyone else, just trusting the doctor (who was mislead too) and getting temporary relief for a physical aliment but he is getting a lot more than he bargained for in the long run.

Research Articles from Google Scholar

Botulinum neurotoxin injected into rat whiskers migrates to brain. (and rats are less sensitive to BoNT/A than mice or humans)

The Italians found spread of toxin in 1996:

And the rabbits in 1952 B.A.G. (stands for Before Allergan Grants). Researchers in London were aware of how the close cousin Tentanus spread throughout the entire body and they wanted to test if and how BoNT spread to the central nervous system.

Science, a respected journal, reports this peer-reviewed journal article “Botulinum Toxin, Type A: Effects on Central Nervous Symptom” in 1965 B.A.

Abstract reads: This study has demonstrated that type A botulinum toxin has a depressant effect on the cortical electrical activity of anesthetized and unanesthetized monkeys. Simultaneous recordings of vital signs indicated a relative lack of change in the electrocardiogram, respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate during this time. The change in the electroencephalogram appeared cyclic in nature and independent of dose or time. All animals exhibited signs of respiratory failure characterized by a gradual interference with neuromuscular transmission at the diaphragm, and subsequently died an anoxic death.

limp chimp

And if the dead monkeys could talk they would tell you what a horrific slow torturous death they died in showing the spread of botulinum toxin to the central nervous system. When it first hit their veins all the monkeys lost consciousness within 5 minutes and didn’t regain consciousness for one hour. Then they spend the next 3-8 days dying.  (Photo credit: Jane Goodall Institute, actual monkey was a rhesus) Their lung muscles were paralyzed. ALL DIED. Fifty years ago the science community knew botulinum toxin killed monkeys.

The the wise and immortal words of our friend Deep Throat from the Watergate Scandal “Follow Da Money.” In evaluating publications it is wise to research the authors and determine if there is a financial connection to the research grant funder. When I unearth a 6-digit contribution from a corporation it destroys the credibility for me. No one bites the hand that feeds them. I fondly refer to the BoNT articles in the 1950s and 1960s as B.A. meaning Before Allergan invested so heavily in creating research on their “bioterrorism toxin turned miracle drug.”

Btw, Allergan recently sold for $66 Billion. Yes, B as in boy, billion. That is roughly the personal net worth of two Walton family members. In perspective, Walmart global sales last year were $476 billion supported by 2.2 million strings jpeg

This healthy suspicion is true of all academic research of which I am intimately aware. Cuts in funding have forced academics to turn to corporations for supplemental funding. President Reagan said “Trust, but verify.” I would shorten it to just “verify.”

Unfortunately the average consumer, or even the brilliant consumer for that matter, has a very slim chance of researching and convincing a doctor of anything contrary to what they have been taught or told verbally by the pharmaceutical rep.  (Compound that with the fact the brilliant consumer is likely suffering perplexing symptoms from a mysterious ailment.)

Luckily there is Google Scholar and you can at least print the abstracts and ask your doctor to download the paper for free and review. If they have  spare time. If they don’t think you are crazy. If they want to be humbled and proved wrong. (That’s a lot of IFs but don’t let that stop you. It is YOUR health and in YOUR BEST INTEREST to become your own health advocate.)