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Injected with 200 units of botox mixed with lidocaine for migraines on march 21, 2014. In ER 3 times beginning 1 week later as symptoms getting progressively worse. Eventually couldn't lift arms, walk properly, speech/cognitive difficulties, vision issues, trouble breathing, electric shock feelings in legs, excruciating muscle spams and more. Now 2 years out. Some symptoms have subsided. I am healing, but it is taking a long time. Still unable to work or really exercise. Constant severe headaches, muscle spasms, rigidity. But now I can think! No more dementia-like symptoms. :-)

New research says botox effective for chronic migraine

Thought I’d post this to you all as it just came into my inbox…not good news…  it validates the use of botox for chronic migraines and says nothing about side effects. My guess is botox treatment for headaches will simply increase because of it. I haven’t read the guidelines associated with the news, but thought some of you might want to. Here is the link:

Anyone start to get hair loss 1.5 – 2 years in?

Hi all,

All of a sudden I am experiencing significant hair loss. I know many of you here have had the same problem, but I wonder if anyone has experienced it starting 1.5 – 2 years after botox injections?  I’m not sure if I should be attributing unusual new symptoms to botox anymore since I hit the 2 year mark this month… but hair loss does not run in my family.  And up until 6 months or so ago I had a thick head of hair. Now, I have been told I have the beginning of female pattern baldness – the thinning is very evident around my hair line. And the texture seems to have changed as well. It seems to be getting worse quickly and I am only 46, so though I may be peri-menopausal, it’s still early stages . Anyone else experience the same thing? If so, did it progress or did your hair grow back? Any input would be appreciated! :-)

Anyone diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?

Hi all,

I’m now at 17 months post injection, I think… I’m starting to lose track of it these days as it seems like I’ve been sick forever. I just realized this evening that I haven’t had a pain-free day in 17 months. I think the pain and muscle tension has gotten worse over the last 6-8 months… have to take pain medication every day. I try to get by most days with non-narcotics – tylenol and advil combined with methocarbomol, but it doesn’t really take the edge off, so I either suffer, which makes the muscle tension worse, or I resort to tramadol, which then gives me all kinds of side effects.

I’m so exhausted by it all, I’ve been going back and forth to the doctor to find a pain management protocol that I can tolerate and when I describe my symptoms, what I hear is: “you have classic fibromyalgia”. When I explain that I was healthy, active, working,traveling, social and all that before botox (I went hiking the day before I landed in the ER unable to lift my legs to walk!), I am told that: ‘FM is like that, one day you’re fine and the next day you can’t get out of bed.”

But I KNOW it was the botox! And then I think, ok, maybe the botox triggered fibromyalgia and now my symptoms are a result of FM. If that’s the case, this is what it’s going to be like for me moving forward, right? I know there has been talk on this forum about botox triggering autoimmune diseases and many people have been tested for myasthenia gravis, MS etc. But how many of you have been diagnosed with FM since you got sick? If so, do you believe it? Are you treating for FM, and would there be FM treatments that might make botox related symptoms worse?


Lawsuit – do I have a shot? And looking for lawyer

Hi everyone. I am now 5ish months out from my botox injections and I feel like I’ve reached a plateau in terms of recovery. My most troubling issues at this time are whole body muscle weakness and chronic fatique (terribly exacerbated just yesterday by 2 doses of flexeril – a muscle relaxant – given to me for severe muscular headaches and jaw tension/pain which is preventing me from sleeping), tinnitus and vision issues. I  feel as though none of this is getting better (and gets so much worse when I make even little shifts, such as flying, taking meds stronger than tylenol, spending too long on the computer etc.) and I have been thinking about getting a lawyer as I am still not able to work and we have spent quite a bit of money on my care. I am in Canada, but I am a US citizen and so I am thinking about doing this in the US, if possible. I looked into representation here in Canada – suing the injecting doctor – but I was warned that I have to absolutely prove she was negligent and if I did win, compensation is so low in this country it may not even cover court costs. If I don’t win, I am on the hook for hers.

So, back to suing through the US… I did a bunch of searching and contacted a couple law firms but they are no longer taking botox cases. And then I began to wonder if I even had a shot, considering that I am not as bad as some others on this site – I am walking and can now do some of my own housework. And I have little proof, other than 2 neuros I saw did put in writing that I am ‘sensitive’ to botox and should never have it again.

I’d welcome any input as to whether it is worth the stress to continue down this legal road. I am so angry that docs and big pharma think nothing of ruining people’s lives that I want to sue. But I’m so tired I don’t know if I should put my energy here. Is anyone out there going through this process? And if anyone does have a lawyer taking cases in the US, please let me know. Thank you and quick healing to all!

Can’t breathe – advice?

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting though some of you may have replied to my husband ‘botox husband’ when I first got sick and he was searching for answers. Thanks to all of you who offered support and advice. I’m about 2.5 months out from injections and seemed to be getting better when I had a series of 2 massages. Soon after I had worsening and new symptoms. Won’t go through the laundry list now – can’t type that much :-). But the most debilitating and scary is the difficulty I am having breathing. It is constant. My breathing is shallow as though I am slowly suffocating and then once in a while I am able to get a real breath. I am mostly chest breathing – which I know makes it worse, but my stomach and diaphragm are so tight and heavy it is hard to move them in out/up down to breath properly. I thought it might be stress or GERD (I have stomach problems which have worsened post injections) or even asthma. But now I think it may be respiratory or diaphragm weakness from botox. Anyone else have this, have any insight into what it is and used anything that helped besides meditation (been doing that 3x a day)? I am afraid to try an inhaler as I have become so sensitive to drugs I don’t want to set myself back further. I am on the verge of having full blown panic attacks over it. I’m not sleeping as I can’t get comfortable and every waking moment is taken over thinking about it. I don’t know what to do. Any advice appreciated.