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40 year old female, mother of 2 young children, work in marketing in UK. I am naturally a happy and bubbly person who lives a hectic and busy life. I had tried botox before 4 times over 3 years and never had a problem, had azzalure on 24th Feb (dysport) and this has changed my life. I am trying to take each day as it comes.


Hi everybody,

I have not been on this site for many years as since I have recovered I do not want to be reminded of the terribly dark time that I went through.

It is 6 years since my dreaded Azzalure (dysport) injections that made me so ill.  I was very ill for about 18 months then had relapses for a further 6 months after that.

Now I live a normal life, I exercise, eat what I want, drink alcohol if I want and have my energy back.  I do not think that life will ever be the same as before as I have been left with an anxiety that whenever I feel slightly off I panic and think the symptoms are coming back so I guess this is a bit of PTSD.

This time last year I was feeling particularly well then I did something very foolish in August, a nurse at the hospital told me that although I was obviously very allergic to botox now I would be fine with fillers, I had boletero balance injected into the lines on my forehead, next day all botox symptoms were back full force!!  It took about 2 months for my body to settle back to normal again.  It is a lesson learned for me that my body cannot take anything foreign being injected into it.

All I am left with now is a little brain fog some days when I am over tired and not had 7 hours sleep, sometimes I get neck ache and a headache but if I take an ibrufen it goes.

If you are going through this awful botox journey, know that you will get better and life is happy again.  The best thing for recovery is distraction, so eve n if you do not feel like going out for a walk make yourself do it, get lots of fresh air and drink plenty of water.  The more you think about it and get anxious the worse you will feel.

I also found going on holiday and lying in the sun really helped loads – the sun heals nerves, get as much of it as you can.

It has been hard to accept my wrinkles but I do now and worry about all of my friends who all still insist on having botox and fillers, people are still convinced it is perfectly safe, I think in years to come they will both be banned, there will be a terrible aftermath for those injecting regularly.

Thinking of all of you going through this lonely and hard experience, keep positive and know that you will recover, the human body is an amazing machine that can recover from terrible damage.



Hi Everyone,
I went for routine blood tests to see if I was hitting the menopause a 42 as monthlys had stopped (again) – estrogen levels were all fine so no menopause, but they did find that my blood platelets were low so I had to go back for another test, once again they were low at 128 so the doctor said wait 6 weeks and we will test again and they should of gone back to normal. I went last Friday and sadly they have gone even lower at 113. I have now gone into panic mode, diagnosing myself with all sorts of ailments!! I can’t stop looking on google and torturing myself. Does anybody have any thoughts on the low platelets? Weird thing is when I had all the tests when was really sick the platelets were normal. I will be 2 years out on the 28th February. Please somebody put my mind at rest.
Thanks Sam x


Hi everybody,
My monthlys have stopped completely again for 4 months now so my doctor did blood tests to see if I was entering early menopause (I am 42) and also checked my thyroid. Well once again all results came back as normal!! Not sure now where I go from here, should I push for more tests or just accept that my periods have stopped for no apparent reason? It is not a problem as I can not have anymore children (due to having pre-eclampsia twice) and to be honest my periods had become quite bad since this botox nightmare began, but I would still like a medical explanation as to why they have stopped.
On a brighter note most all symptoms have subsided and my life is pretty much back to normal. All I am left with is missing periods (can live with that) and I have terrible allergies, I sneeze on average 50 times a day? It is so annoying people keep asking if I have a cold but I haven’t just keep getting watery eyes and nose!!!
I get the very occasional slightly anxious feeling (but nothing like it was) and a bit of fatigue (but that could be doing too much and my age).
I hope you are all having a good day and all seeing brighter times.
Sam x


Hi everybody,

I was hoping I would only ever have to come back on here with encouraging words to those that are still healing as I have been 95% healed for a few months now. A new cream launched in the UK this week called ‘natox’ and is hailed as the new miracle ‘totally organic’ cream, a friend of mine started selling it and lots of my friends started using it. The results were pretty miraculous as some of these ladies have never used botox and their lines were starting to vanish. I read the reviews online then read the ingredients (all organic and natural) then purchased a bottle for £89.99

I used it every day for 2 weeks and lo and behold my wrinkles smoothed away and I thought ‘brilliant’. But then disaster struck, I started feeling a bit wobbly, dizzy when  I walked down the stairs, nauseous and my ears started ringing really loudly again. I panicked thinking how can this be? how can I be falling ill again? We are having a heatwave in the UK so I thought maybe it as that or I was just doing too much. All those low feelings and dark thoughts came back and the insomnia also returned.

Then on Saturday my friend phoned me in a panic saying she thought there might be botox in the cream, it now transpires that I have been rubbing a neuro toxin over my face morning and night. The reason this miracle ‘organic’ cream works so well is that it is botox in a bottle and it works on the synapses of the nerves!!! I was horrified.

The worrying thing is pregnant ladies will be using this without knowing and I think the marketing of this product  must surely be against the law? I emailed the company with my disgust and they called me back yesterday. Apparently if the botox amount is very tiny they do not have to state it in the ingredients!! WHAT????????

Anyway today I am feeling a lot better so am hoping that as the poison was not injected but applied in a cream my body will get rid of it quicker.

I felt it was my responsibility to let all of you know on here incase you were also mislead but this magic ‘ORGANIC’ cream.

Keep getting better guys, this illness does go eventually, remember a positive mind helps so much.

Sam x x x

almost there! a post of hope x

Hi Everybody,

I felt the need to write a little update today. I am at 14 months next week and just wanted to let you all know where I am in my botox nightmare!
I find it hard to think about what happened to me last year, it really was the lowest point of my life, to say I was petrified is an understatement! Not a minute went past when I wasn’t thinking about the scary pressure in my head, the dizziness, the ringing ears, blurred vision etc etc………………….. Fast forward 14 months and here I am at my desk at work, working hard, top of the leagues at work again, running my 2 children to all their after school activities and feeling happy inside and loving life. I have learnt alot from my experience, I have learnt what is important in life and who is important to me! Although I am well over the worst I still know my limits – this is what I am left with as of today:

* Occasional headaches – if I am overtired or looked at my laptop all day (2 nurofen usually clears this or a little power nap)

* Slight anxiety in my stomach, this was a terrible issue a few months ago and I had days when I had fluttering in my stomach all day which made my heart race. The anxiety was so bad I felt like ripping my hair out, now when it comes I just try and ignore it as it is alot milder.

* Neckache- I used to suffer from this prior to botox, a hot wheat pack or acupuncture helps loads and it only usually lasts a day.

* Achy legs and arms – only if I go on a mammoth shopping trip for hours and hours walking carrying heavy shopping bags.

*Mood – Little things that wouldn’t bother me sometimes feel like a big deal now – think I am just still a little bit fragile. I cry really easily at things on the tv or if I hear that somebody’s relative has died. I used to be a tough cookie before, now I am very emotional.

* I think why me? – I do think this alot and try not to, it has happened now I have to move on from it and look forwards not backwards.

* Tingling lower spine and feet, feel like they are vibrating when I overdo it – this does not hurt or bother me but is a reminder that I am still healing.

I am eating exactly what I want again, lots of cake, chocolate etc, and I am drinking wine again. I feel ready to start exercising again, it is just finding the time to fit it in. So overall life is pretty much back to normal, I just have to remember to try and get 8 hours sleep and not completely overdo it. My life is pretty manic anyway so it is hard to take it easy.

I am proud of myself for getting through this, although at the height of it last year I had to take nearly 3 months off work and did feel like my life was falling apart. I am going abroad with my family in 5 weeks and am looking forward to lying in the sun and resting completely.

To all of you who I still very sick, I send you all a hug and beg you to keep a positive mind, I know this is hard but you have to know that you will get better.

Thankyou to all of you for all of your support and help over the last 14 months, if I had the money I would fly you all to the UK to meet up, there have been times when only the people on here understood me. I will still be coming on here and pray that I do not relapse in the future.

Sam x x x



Hi Everybody,

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary from my dreaded dysport injections and a year from when my life drastically changed! Well I thought I had better report back on how I was doing. Over xmas I thought I was almost fully recovered, I felt great and life was pretty normal again, but then when I returned to work in January I dipped down a bit again, this was very disappointing and made me feel a bit low but gradually I have picked up again, these are the symptoms I am left with as of today:

Headaches – I usually get a headache kick in mid afternoon for a couple of hours then it goes again – nothing major and not bad enough to take a nurofen, nothing at all like the toxic headaches I had at the beginning of this ordeal. I just carry on with my day.

Dizzyness – Occasionally this catches me unawares, like if I stand up too quickly, get too hot or go to walk downstairs. It does not bother me and is nothing like it was for the first 6 months, but is just a gentle reminder that things are still a little out of sync.

Anxiety – I find this hard to describe, but I can be anywhere, sitting at my desk working, or driving listening to my music or just lying in bed, it literally comes from nowhere, my neck stiffens and my stomach starts churning, it can last anything from 10 mins to a couple of hours, I get this a few days a week, I do not worry about it anymore and just ride with it and do deep breathing.

Insomnia – This is loads better over the last couple of months, at last I have broken the cycle of waking at 4am as I did for 10 months, I now sleep for 7 hours straight through then sometimes sleep some more (I used to be able to sleep 10 hours if allowed) I sill nod off on the sofa at night when watching tv most nights. I still have the craziest really vivid dreams, but don’t analyse them any more!

Ears – As most of you know this has been one of my scariest symptoms throughout all of this – sadly I still have the tinnitus but I am learning to live with it. It is loads quieter than it was and I no longer have the blocked feeling in my ears or the aches and pains in my ears.

Tingling – This is heaps better than it was – I no longer get tingling in my face or scalp at all, I occasionally get it in my hands and feet when I am in bed but once again only mildly, nothing like it was before.

Neckache – This still bothers me some days and can be very stiff and sore, I have always suffered with this pre-dysport but the toxin made it much worse. I can cope with it though and just carry on about my day.

Aches & Pains – I feel much stronger in my arms and legs and feel just about ready to start exercising again, I ache if I do too much like carry heavy shopping bags around the shops for hours, I still know my limits.

Sensitivity – My eyes are so much better, they still get tired easily but the blurred vision is 95% better, my ears still hurt if a child squeals by me or if I hear a sharp noise like a saucepan dropping, but overall my body does not seem to be stuck in ‘fight or flight mode’ permanently like it was before.

Periods – These stopped completely for the first 5 months but have now returned – unfortunately every 3 weeks!! This is not great but nothing to stress about.

Head Pressure – Much better, just get it mildly when I am overtired.

Mood – This is loads better, although there is still never a day goes by when I do not think about this even if just for a minute I am laughing again and more or less back to my old bubbly and crazy self. What I have found is that I cry really easily now, like I have been left very fragile. The slightest sad thing on the tele and I start bawling and i just cannot control it!! Very embarrassing!!

So overall things are loads better, my heart goes out to anybody at the start of all this, and anybody suffering after many years. It has changed me as a person, for the better and taught me what is important to me, health and family.

Happy healing to each and everyone of you!

Sam x x x



Hi Everybody,

Well after my very chirpy post after xmas when I was feeling happy and healthy I seem to of taken a downward tumble! We are experiencing freak weather here in the UK and the country has come to a standstill with the freak snow and temperatures are very cold. I took my children sledging on Friday and we stood on the top of the hill I was so cold in the blizzard that I felt strange and giddy. My children had loads of layers on, thermals etc so they were fine but I had foolishly not put enough layers on myself. After about 45 minutes my hands and feet starting to actually throb with the cold and my head was pounding. We came home and I sat clutching a hot chocolate in front of the fire but I just couldn’t thaw out. Since then my nerves feel all inflamed again, my ears have become super sensitive again and my tinnitus is screaching in my ears. I also have an anxious stomach and dizzy head. I have taken ibrufen today and drank loads of water. Last night was the worst feeling ever, 3 nightmares in a row straight after each other, stomach turning and turning, head aching and heart pounding really fast. I feel like I  haven’t slept. At 3am this morning I felt petrified, then started thinking an ambulance won’t be able to get to me because our village is snowed in. Today I look really pale again and the whites of my eyes have gone that yellowy colour again. I look and feel horrid! I have just managed to go in the garden and build a snowman with my daughter but I only lasted an hour now my hands and feet are tingling like mad again. I need to keep busy and not sit and concentrate on the buzzing feeling in my body like I am on speed! I am soooo gutted I am at 11 months in 4 days and really thought I was almost over this, how can I just slide backwards like this again, I have had a little cry out of frustration today, I so want my life to be normal again. I half wish my period was due so that I had an excuse for feeling like this but I still have another week and a half to go. God knows how I am going to make it through the day at work tomorrow.I hope you are all having a good day, please send some better weather over to the UK.

Sam x x


Hi Everybody,

I haven’t been on here for a couple of weeks as I have had a very busy xmas and having the kids off school buzzing around me all of the time has not freed up much time for the internet.

I wanted to give an update of where I am at 10 and a half months, well xmas has been fantastic!! I have eaten exactly what I wanted (so much sugar and chocolate it is disgraceful) and I have also drank lots of wine and had the odd cheeky champagne!!

I have had many late nights going to bed after midnight as we have done lots of socialising etc.

After 10 hideous months I finally feel like I am getting my life back and I finally believe that I will be normal and healthy again.

Here is a list of my symptoms and where I am with these right now:

Headaches – I only get these now if I get overtired or look at my laptop for too long

Head Pressure – This still comes occasionally but nothing at all like it was for the first 8 months!! This is the symptom that used to scare me the most, it made me so dizzy and off balance, I felt like my brain was swelling in my head!

Earache, Tinnintus – My ears feel loads better, when I get a flare up of symptoms the bad ears return straight away along with the loud ringing, I’m not sure if I have got used to the tinnitus or I have stopped panicking about it, but when I lie in bed at night I can tune into the high pitched noise but it is not screaching like it used to, I am hoping this will go away completely eventually.

Tingling – I still get this but not half as bad as it was – I get it at the bottom of my spine and in my feet in bed sometimes, but much weaker than before and the tingling has gone out of my face completely.

Fatigue – Sometimes if I have had a big day out shopping or a stressful day at work I feel like I could fall asleep standing up!! I sometimes have to have a power nap around teatime for 30 mins to get me through the evening (although sometimes this is impossible with 2 young children).

Twitching – This is loads better but sometimes when I am lying in bed a mad muscle twitch will start in a mad place, like my arm or leg, I cannot stop this happening, even if I stretch the muscle and I just wait for it to subside.

Insomnia – Sadly since this nightmare started in February I have never slept through the night since! I go to bed every night between 11 – 12pm and always wake between 4 – 6am it drives me crackers as once I am awake my mind starts racing and I rarely get back to sleep. I took a herbel sleeping tablet a few nights ago out of desperation but no change!

Anxiety – This is my main worry now – I can go days feeling fine then BAM! out of nowhere at all different times of day my stomach suddenly lurches like I am going over the hill of a rollercoaster and I just feel like something bad is going to happen, this feeling usually stays with me for the rest of the day and I feel really on edge and feel like I have had amphetamines or slimming tablets!! My whole body speeds up and I find it best to busy myself as if I sit still I concentrate on the wired feeling. After one of these episodes I get the yawning attacks and feel so exhausted as my adrenal gland going at top speed has totally worn me out.

Periods – During the height of this my periods stopped for 5 months, they have returned now and although they were a bit rocky to start with – heavy and painful they seem to of gone more back to normal. Although I do get very stroppy a few days before.

I had no symptoms for 2 weeks straight which felt amazing and I was soooo happy then totally out of the blue last Monday BAM! it all came back, I was so anxious and wired and my arms and legs just ached! Plus headache and ringing ears. Then wouldn’t you know I got my period that night and the next day my symptoms eased up – so this is definately hormone related.

For anybody on here that is starting this awful journey I want you to know that there is hope for you. For me I have tried my hardest to remain positive and keeping focused on my busy career and my family are what has helped me through the darkest days. I have never felt so ill in my life and it was like having the worst hangover plus full blown flu every day for the first 6 months! Throughout this I have never ever taken any medication from the doctor and at the beginning only took milk thistle for my liver and drank camomile tea before bed. I am not sure if I made the recovery harder for myself as some days I was climbing the walls with the anxiety and my nerves were in tatters, but something in my head was telling me to fight this on my own. I still have the diazapan and amtitriptaline in my bedroom drawer but am kind of glad I went down the natural route.

I am a big believer that people come into your life when you need them and I met the most wonderful acupuncturist, many times I have turned up at her clinic in floods of tears and she has handed me the box of tissues and talked me through my fears, put the needles in me and put relaxation cd’s on in the room. Without that lady I don’t think I could of got through the worst of this, she has been my saviour. I now go once a fortnight and keep the eartacks in for the 2 weeks in between to keep me calm. She has treated me the same as she would treat a patient with carbon monoxide posioning or a recovering drug addict that needs to get clean and concentrates on removing the toxins from my body, sometimes she does cupping also. She always reassures me that I will recover completely.

On New Years Eve at 12 o’clock we were at a friends party all in a circle celebrating the new year and as the clock chimed twelve I hugged my husband, my 2 children and my friends and shed a few tears. I was so happy to draw a line under 2012 and look ahead to 2013 which will be happier, healthier without the fear that I have felt last year.

Although I know that I still have a little way to go, I am living my life again, I look healthy and I have stopped thinking about botox 24/7.

I have also stopped thinking ‘why me?’ and have accepted that it has happened and I have learnt alot from it.

People that want to change everything on the outside are often very unhappy on the inside, be glad with the body that god gave you and treat it with respect.

I live so much more healthier than I used to and I have slowed down my manic life, so maybe a little bit of good has come out of this after all.

I wish each and every one of you happiness and healing during 2013 and want to thank you all for the advice and kindness you have all shown me. Love to you all and I hope and pray that your healing is quicker than you expected. This has been a massive test of my inner strength but I truly feel that if I can get through this I can get through absolutely anything life wants to throw at me in the future.

Sam x x x



Hi all,

I wanted to do a mini update at month 7. I am feeling loads better, but a couple of weeks ago felt rubbish again. I have had to cut back on my acupuncture as it is so expensive and I missed all that time off work, anyway because I didn’t go for 3 weeks all the toxic headaches returned, really bad neck and tingling, went for my acupuncture last Wednesday and have felt ok ever since. So it must work!!!! Infact we took my children to the largest theme park in the UK on Sunday ‘Alton Towers’, it was a cold day and we were wrapped up warm, big coat, gloves the lot. I had a headache on arrival and felt giddy just looking at the rides. I took 2 ibrufen and within an hour felt much better, infact I know it’s hard to believe but in a moment of madness I thought ‘I just want to be normal again’ and went on 3 huge roller coasters with my son, upside down and everything!! I thought my ears were going to explode but I felt happy and proud as I stepped off each ride, this is a massive achievement for me. I don’t know who was happier my husband, kids or me!! The next day I was in a meeting all day at work and felt pretty awful , then broke into a heavy cold which my son has also had, so today I am sneezing and sniffing and look a bit rotten. On a brighter note focusing on my cold has masked any other symptoms which might be trying to get through! I know I am on the road to recovery but still feel weak and fragile. I cannot do late nights, am too scared to drink alcohol and am not back exercising as I know that I need to rest, rest, rest!!! But when I look back to where I was at month 5 I am so much better, the main difference is the clearer head and being able to focus on work again. So for anybody having a day of despair I hope that my update has helped a little. I never ever thought I would be normal again, but now know that I will get there, it will just take time.Happy healing to everybody.

Sam x x

6 month update!

Hi Everybody,

I will be 6 months of this dysport journey on 24th August. I was extremely ill between months 2 and 4 and had to take 2 and a half months off work, my main problem was the dizziness, headaches, anxiety and hearing and just feeling generally ill. My periods stopped for 3 months and my whole body just shut down! I lost 16lbs in weight and looked gaunt, pale and exhausted.I got gradually better, well better in they way that I returned to work (but struggled) and was able to go out and about on my own again. Then at the end of July I went abroad for 10 days with my husband and 2 young children and for the first 7 days I felt fantastic – I was totally symptom free, relaxed and soooo happy for the first time in a long time. Then on day 8 I started to feel wobbly but got my monthlys for the first time in 4 months so put it down to that, I was really anxious on the flight coming home but kind of ok. On our first day home I started feeling the symptoms creeping back and by Tuesday of this week BAM!! I had everything going on again – very painful blocked ears, very loud tinnitus, tight chest and palpitations (this is completely new), and burning muscles down my forearms, the tingling came back full force all down my face, lips, scalp, spine and feet (this worries me the most). I have shed alot of tears this week mainly out of frustration and despair as I thought I was getting better, this weekend I hit rock bottom but cannot stop get too upset as I do not want to upset my children, when they have gone to bed I collapse on the settee and have a good cry!! I don’t think my husband knows what to do with me anymore and now even my family are saying ‘do you think this is from anxiety?’ As all of you on here know aswell as I do – I have no control over this.Anyway on a brighter note here is how I have improved with things so far:

Head pressure – This for me was the hardest thing to deal with – I felt like my head was being squashed, I suffered terrible dizzyness which made me panic as I was scared to go out without holding my mum’s arm for 2 months – this got much better by about month 4 and has only returned this week.

Ears – I have shed many tears about my ears, they hurt ALOT! At the height of this they felt like they were burning and swollen inside and I couldn’t bear my children to squeal by me or a dog to bark near me they were so sensitive – this got a little bit better but has also returned this week. I developed tinnitis with a high pitched sound in month 2 and still have this now – I attend tinnitis clinic at the hospital which teaches me to live with the sound and not to panic about it – I am hoping this will go when the dysport is out of my system.

Appetite – I am blessed that I can eat what I like and never put on weight, I am 40 and have been the same weight since I was 16 years old. At month 2 I lost 16lbs in 3 weeks and looked like the living dead. I had an upset stomach every morning on waking and could only eat bland breakfast cereals and crackers. By month 4 I had put all the weight back on and looked alot more healthy. I am back to eating what I want (although I do try not to eat sweet stuff, no alcohol or caffeine and drink tons of water).

Neckpain – I have always suffered with migraines and neck pain which was one of my reasons for having these injections, the neck pain I have had with this is much more intense, if I press either side of my throat I get a sharp pain go down my arms (I take 2 nurofen to ease this) and put a hot wheat pack on my neck.

Tingling – This was not really an issue at first had more muscle twiches all over – but over the last 4 weeks I have had mad tingling on my scalp, face, lips, feet and spine – this usually happens in the evening or in bed – it’s not painful just really weird, my face and lips go quite numb, like I have had an injection at the dentist. (I am hoping this is my nerves repairing themselves).

Headaches – I had hideous ‘toxic’ headaches between months 2 and 4 – these had gone but have returned (milder) this week.

Muscle Weakness – There were times around the 2 month mark that I had to concentrate to walk, write and type as my whole body had slowed down – this is alot better now.

Mood – I was very panicked and worried between months 2 and 4, now I just feel exhausted and low, I have days when I feel like screaming and I do have moments when I think ‘why me?’ My biggest fear is that I have done something permanent to my nervous system or my ears. On a good day I am happy as can be which proves to me that I am not depressed!

Medication – Although I have had many trips to the doctors and have got a cupboard full of prescription medicine – diazapan and amptitriptiline (spellcheck?) I have never resorted to taking any of them. I am against taking anything unnatural through out this and have somehow managed taking 1 multi vitamin table per day – 2 milk thistle tablets (for the liver) and as of up to this week I was taking 1 h5tp table per night (to increase serotonin). I have stopped this to see what happens.

Insomnia – This was bad around month 2 then got better, but I have been waking at 4am every single night for 6 months – it seems my brain is now programmed to do this – it doesnt matter what time I go to bed it is always this time. I do go back to sleep (eventually) and am always tired when it is time ot get up!

So overall things are much better, one thing I have noticed is that I cry much easier than before and am alot more emotional. I cry at the daftest of things!! I always want my children near me and can’t stop hugging and cuddling them.

My job is my biggest worry I have been with the company for nearly 20 years and been very successful in my marketing role, they are not very tolerant of sick leave and have been pretty horrid to me on my return. Fortunately I have got another job lined up but this does not start until January so I have got to drag on until then.

I know deep down that I will get better I have just lost my patience now – I desperately want to go back out with my friends and go back to the gym and get my hectic life back, I have learnt alot about myself over the last 6 months and know now that health is the most important thing in life. We will all get better in time I know that, I feel deeply for the ladies on here that have been ill for 2 years+ that is heartbreaking. I wish you all happy healing and more good days and times ahead.

This forum is the only thing that has kept me sane.

I will definately post back when I am fully recovered.

Sam x



9 week mark!

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick update on how I am doing at the 9 week mark. Well I am feeling 100 times better than I was 2 weeks ago. My appetite has returned completely this week and I have put back on 3 lbs of the 11 lbs that I lost. Unfortunately my sweet tooth has also returned and I am trying my hardest not to eat chocolate but am having plain biscuits instead. I have only had 1 really rough day this week and am out and about again shopping, walking etc. I have not returned to work (had 2 weeks off) as I feel a bit fragile and my job is very stressful and I need to be feeling 100% before I go back (hopefully in a couple of weeks). I think this rest has done me the world of good and also the acupuncture and cupping once a week is really helping. I feel that the main reason I am feeling so much better is because I have totally calmed down mentally about the whole nightmare and when I feel the anxiety creeping in I take long deep breaths and it passes. I am on no medication at all only supplements of milk thistle, vitamin c and multi vitamin each day.  I might try and return to my zumba class next week as I really miss it but my legs still feel a little tired. My goal is to be completely recovered for my family holiday abroad at the beginning of August! I need to thank my mum who barely left my side over the first few weeks and listened to me moaning and crying about my symptoms – she is one in a million. My husband and 2 young children have also been great. My forehead is moving again and wrinkles are returning so I can only hope that the toxin is leaving my body. I will give another update soon to give hope to anybody that is near the beginning of this journey and feeling rubbish. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Annette and Cameron for this site as it has been my life line for the last 2 months.  We will all definately get better, keep a strong mind everybody it works wonders!

I had dysport on 24th Feb

I has dysport on 24th Feb and fell ill approx 10 days later when I ended up in A & E (in England) with blurred vision, extreme anxiety and aching all over.  I got gradually better over the next week as sleep got a little bit better and had 2 weeks of feeling totally normal, then it all came back again but alot worse.  Between weeks 4 and 6 I felt dreadful and have lost 11lbs in weight and feel like I can’t lift my arms, cannot type properly or even hold a pen.  I look and feel absolutely shattered.  I live a really busy life and have 2 small children, I am never ill but this has totally floored me. I have been feeling slightly better the last 2 days and my appetite has returned so I am trying to eat loads while I feel like this. I have managed to work (just about) today and have booked to go for a neck massage tonight as this helps with the neck pain and headaches.  I have been for my first session of acupuncture last week, this was great and although it did not stop the symptoms it made me feel a lot calmer.  I feel like I am hopefully over the worst but feel like it is going to be a slow road to recovery.  I think this site is great and it has been a lifeline for me over the past few weeks but I always leave it feeling a bit negative and panicked.  I would love to read a story of somebody who has made a full recovery and quickly just to know that there is a bit of hope.