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A time line of Symptoms

We  have taken note of members requesting an ‘easy’  way to find out the time line of symptoms for each member and possibly how this can be updated.

We previously posted this suggestion back in 2011 and there was no interest at this time (possibly because we didn’t have the member numbers to make this worthwhile):

The aim of this thread is to allow people to clearly see the time line of symptoms of each member – for example

1 month – Anxiety (severe), insomnia (severe), muscle twitches (severe),                               headaches (moderate)

2 months – Anxiety (moderate), insomnia (severe), muscle twitches (slight)

3 months – Anxiety (moderate), insomnia (moderate), tinnitus (severe), dry mouth (severe), mouth ulcers (severe)

This helps to see what symptoms have been constant the whole time, which symptoms have come and gone completely, which symptoms have varied in intensity and symptoms that have started at a later date than the initial symptoms………Not only will this give an idea of what symptoms we all share and possible symptoms that may occur during the recovery process but also allows you to track your own progression.  It is hard for me to recall exactly what symptoms I had at 5 months but I am sure if I had written them down exactly I would see MAJOR improvement and this can help us to feel positive.

You can continually edit your post and update it each month – so there should only be one comment per member and this comment will eventually show the full time line the member has had from injection to recovery.

We are looking at suggestions as to how we could set something like this up.  We could possibly start a new section in the top admin bar and label it ‘Symptoms’.  Each person could start their own post and list the symptoms they have experienced, the time frame and the severity.  Members could then edit or add a comment to their post when they want to update their symptoms.  This could then be an easy resource for people specifically looking at exactly what each member experienced, how long for and to what severity.  It may be beneficial to make a template so that all the member posts are set up the same so they are easier to follow and understand.  Any ideas on a template are very welcome!

Instructions – Posting in ‘Improved Update’

When you go to add a ‘new post’ in the ‘Improved Update’ section click on the ‘+ New’ post as you normally would for a regular post.  You should see the categories box to the right of the area where you type your new post.  Please tick both ‘All Posts’ and ‘Improved Update’.  This will mean your post will be in both sections.



If when you go to the ‘+ New’ post to add your post you don’t see the categories box to the right of the screen you will need to click on ‘screen options’ – top right of your screen on the page that you are on to add a new post-  and tick the following:

screen options


This will bring up the categories box and allow you to post in ‘Improved Update’.

Please let us know if you need any help with this.


Site Update & New Section ‘Improved Update’

We have recently updated the site to the new version of WordPress. Sometimes when sites are updated there can be issues – please let us know if you have noticed any changes with the site that need to be addressed.

There has also been a new section added under ‘Recovered’ called ‘Improved Update’. This was a suggestion from Anne and this allows members to let other members know that they have really improved and feel that this information will give others hope however they are not yet ‘fully recovered’.

Cameron is working on trying to set up email notifications for members when they receive a message from another member in their private message area.

Recent Correspondence

We received this email. Thought we would share. I think as a support community we are mostly united. We understand what it feels like to search for answers and how lonely and scary this can be. As with everything there are always going to be incidents in which people can’t agree. The fact is that we don’t all have to agree but without a doubt when people are struggling on here everyone puts aside their opinions and offers compassion. The person who is alluded to in this email has opinions, yes, but is always there to support members when they are in need. What some people don’t understand is that it is a lack of open/vital information on this product that has landed most of us on this site – can people blame us for questioning what is going into our bodies now????

Dear Moderator,

Thank you for removing the photo of ####### from your site. Although it did not name ####, the source was apparent by right clicking on it and your link came up in Google searches. I consider this the end of the matter. However, on a post note:

I will continue to monitor your site for any future defamatory comments. I find it surprising that in a forum in which you welcome all, you allow and even condone one of your members to attack and denigrate ANY professional person mentioned to offer the possibility of help – without EVER consulting with them personally. As I am told, ######### was not the latest. I don’t see ###### belittling all the conventional doctors and pharmaceutical companies who have taken tens of thousands of dollars from him in attempts to find a cure. ##### is a bitter person, who come to no good end.

The good news is that ########## continues to help and provide advice to several of your members – privately. ##### is in constant e-mail and often phone contact with them. I don’t think ##### has sold more than a few bottles of ####### to them, because #### just won’t, unless #### is sure it will help them. Everyone is different. More than one of your members would come to #### defense on your forum, but are afraid of being attacked by ####### Shame on you for allowing that.

Thank you again for your prompt attention to the original matter.

Name withheld

This was Cameron’s response:

Hi #####,

We think that ‘attack’ and ‘denigrate’ are strong words for the original conversation that took place.

I was very disappointed in ######### reaction to being questioned. Someone making such amazing claims should expect to be challenged. We could fill the site with people who claim to be able to support people suffering from Botox symptoms using homeopathy / acupuncture / reiki / reading tea leaves etc etc. The internet is full of people making BS claims about alternative medicine. We are active skeptics and see the constant battle on the internet with people making false claims without evidence.

It should not be insulting to be asked to provide evidence for making scientific / testable claims. It’s appropriate to be dubious when presented with far reaching claims of miracle cures.

I think that the bulk of the reaction since the original comments have been triggered by ###### initial childish reaction. We support open conversation and lean towards under moderation. The site has been an amazing resource to hundreds of people. Sometimes it’s been pretty brutal, but it’s always honest. ##### has a tough approach, but if you look under the surface ### is always supportive and ### does care for people on the site. We have no shame about the operation of the site, it’s something that we are immensely proud of. It’s a valued resource for people experiencing horrible conditions. We have nothing to sell or profit from the site. We have invested a huge amount of time and effort into the site and continue to do so happy in the knowledge that we are making a difference.

I think that shame truly lies in making profit on vulnerable people without evidence of efficacy or proven results. The term “Snake oil salesman” comes to mind.

Having said this we do really appreciate the support that ##### is giving to people on the site. We have no hard feelings and would welcome ##### back on the site if #### has something to contribute. Let’s be honest if there was a proven remedy to the symptoms that we are going through, it would be a significant breakthrough welcomed by everyone.

Please Update Your Profile

Cameron has been working on the registration process and also member profiles.

You will have noticed that when you logon it takes you to your profile page. Next time you visit the site please take the time to update your information on this page. In the ‘Other’ section of your profile please also include the date that you updated your profile so that members can see how current your symptom update is.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. When you create a new post you can select the symptom ‘tags’ to the right hand side. These should be used to display symptoms that you are feeling at the time of your post – these selections will not effect your profile symptoms. When you initially register or when you update your profile please use the ‘Biographical Data’ area to list the symptoms that you had when you initially registered. So in summary:

‘Biographical Data’ in your Profile – Use this to list symptoms at time of registration – this lets people know what initially brought you to the site.

Your ‘Profile’ symptoms – Will change over time so that people can see what symptoms you are currently dealing with – remember to place the date of your update in the ‘other’ text box (along with any other symptoms you are experiencing that are not listed in the checkboxes).

Your ‘New Post’ tags – To the right of the screen when adding a new post. Specifically to list symptoms that you are feeling at the time of your post and are probably the reason for making your new post.

As an example please go to the member area and select ‘Annette’. You will then see the information that is displayed publicly once you complete your profile. At anytime you can update your profile details when you logon to the site.

Hopefully this info will allow members to look up other members to see what symptoms they are experiencing now and also see symptoms that initially brought them to the site.

Please Manage Your Own Subscriptions

The following instructions will assist you to cancel any subscriptions.

To cancel email notifications for new posts on the site:

From the home page click on ‘Botox Support Community’ in the top left corner. The drop box will reveal ‘Dashboard’ – click on this.
When the Dashboard is displayed on the left hand side there is ‘Subscribe2’ near the bottom of the list. Click on this. When on the Subscribe2 page there will be a statement – ‘Automatically subscribe me to newly created categories’ select ‘NO’ – then scroll down to the bottom of the page and ‘update preferences. This will stop all emails for any new posts.

To cancel email notifications for additional comments made to posts that you have commented on:

When you initially comment on a post if you don’t want email notifications of additional comments after you have commented there is a tick box under the ‘post comment’ box that is next to ‘Notify me of follow up comments via email’ – click on this tick box to remove the tick (it is automatically selected when you comment so you need to remove this prior to clicking on the ‘post comment’). This will mean that even though you have commented you wont receive any emails advising that more people have commented on this post.

We unfortunately cannot keep up with the requests of people asking us to manage their subscriptions. This is the individuals responsibility.

Updating Information Section

There have been a few posts in regard to available information/articles. We would like to try and update the information section. We do have to be careful about copyright etc so even if we can’t provide access to the article we can still list the details so that members can search and if required purchase the information. If you have articles that have been helpful and don’t mind sharing on the website please add details (links if possible) to this post and we will transfer to the information page. Thanks.

Bridetobe Fully Recovered Post – 8 Nov 2013

Heather suggested moving this post (by Bridetobe – 8 Nov 2013) to the ‘Fully Recovered’ section which is a great idea:

Hi there,

It has been a year (yesterday) since my injections and I am now fully recovered. I actually feel better and healthier than before I had my injections so not only do I consider myself recovered but I now see this experience as a blessing and not a curse as I did in the beginning. It has taught me so much about what is important to me and how to take care of my body. It has also taught me that western doctors are not that great and cannot be trusted! (A doctor injected me and I hear stories everyday of drs handing out dangerous medications and injecting people with substances that have very serious side effects without giving people adequate warnings).

I don’t come to this website anymore but I did find it very helpful (and scary) in the beginning. Anyway I thought I would come back and post on here to help others who are going through the really bad stages of recovery so that they know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I, like most of you on here tried everything. I do believe it has all helped but the main thing that has helped is a positive mindset and getting oxygen into my body in any way possible (deep breathing, relaxation, massage,yoga etc). I don’t buy into the whole theory that the toxin will never leave your body and that we are permanently damaged. I think we have all got the capacity to heal and that you WILL GET BETTER, you just need to stay positive and find what works for you.

Remember when you are feeling bad that your natural acetylcholine flow and production in your body has been affected and that is why you are experiencing these symptoms. Your body DOES and WILL grow new synapses so the system CAN and WILL BE RESTORED.It just takes time, do whatever you can to heal and try not to be too impatient, your body is wise and will sort it out. You just need to support it in anyway possible.

Also remember when you are healed you will still get anxiety and have bad days but that is a normal part of being a human being. Even people who have never had botox have illness and sickness and suffering. Accept the painful thoughts and feelings, breathe into them and choose to live a life that matters.

Take care everyone and I truly do wish you all the best with your healing xoxoxo My thoughts and prayers are with you all : )

SPAM Complaints

We are very aware of the SPAM that is filtering through.  We are trying to manage this as best we can.  The site is being monitored but if SPAM producers take the time to register on the site with an email and registration details that appear normal then it will be approved – therefore allowing them to post.  We have received emails from members expressing their thoughts in an impolite way.  If you are reading this and the SPAM that has ACCIDENTALLY appeared in your inbox has upset you please unsubscribe from emails (then you will not have to read these posts as we will have probably deleted them by the time you next logon to the site).   We will continue to try to keep the site as SPAM free as possible.

Site Update

Cameron has been working on the site and made some updates however we are still trying to implement more changes.  You will notice there has been some alterations to the format of the site and hopefully these will be user friendly.  At the moment everything seems to be in working order so it should be safe to post and comment as normal.  There was a small time frame that some posts/comments were deleted as the back up of the site (which occurs quite frequently) was used to transfer to a new account – I hope this didn’t effect too many members.  We are still doing some testing to make sure all of the sites functions are working how they should but please let us know if you think there are any issues when trying to use the site.  Thanks for your patience.

Site Update

We have had some issues with the site over the past 24 hours.  As you know the site has grown and it is now critical that we update the site and possibly give it a new look.  We have been in contact with a site developer and they will be working on this over the next week.  I really am not sure how much of the site will be working so it might be best to hold out on any posts/comments until we email you and let you know that everything is in working order.  If your posts/comments are urgent by all means try the site as it may go through but it will all depend on what the site developer needs to do.  We are specifically looking at filtering spam but we would also like any input on what you think needs updating/fixing/adding etc – so please post below any comments asap and we will pass these on to the site developer.

Thank you so much for your patience – we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as the site is up and running properly again – hopefully it may be faster than a week!

Cameron & Annette

Trying to guard against SPAM

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that we do have filters for SPAM/Junk etc but it would seem that the latest spammers have taken the time to register and have actually posted on the site several times.  I really don’t know why they bother – who actually reads this stuff? Anyway we will continue to try and keep all posts relevant and I will delete all SPAM asap.

You will find when you added your first comment to the site that it awaited approval and also if you post any links/email addresses etc it will also await approval.  This is to help us guard against SPAM.  We don’t mind people posting links, email addresses etc if they are of benefit to the community and are not just for advertisement purposes.  So please just remember if your comment has not been posted straight away and is waiting approval that it should appear within 12 hours – we just need to check if it is relevant as we want to keep this site as true to its purpose as possible.

While I am posting I just want to say that we are so impressed by the support, respect and love that everyone on here shows each other.  One day our message will be heard loud and clear because you have all taken the time to reach out and help other people.  Our thoughts are with all of the members who are still in the difficult stages of this experience. Please keep fighting and know that you have the support of everyone on this site.


‘Messages’ a new function added to the site!

Cameron has added a new function to the site.  It is along the top of the home page on the right side.  This function allows you to ‘message’ any member on the site without revealing your private email.  This will allow members to pass on their emails if they wish or just chat to people privately through their message folder on the site.

There has also been some double ups on usernames – this is a bit tricky as some of these have been through comments only and not actual registered users – anyway we are trying to rectify this now.

While I am on the subject of upgrading the site if you have any suggestions please post them on this thread.   We will do our best to make these changes happen.

Recovery Story from Karyn – originally posted under member ‘nomorebotox’ – thread ‘vision issues after Botox’

I have now fully recovered from the Botox nightmare which I had injected in March 2010. At the time I felt so alone and so scared. Everyone thought I was just having a mental breakdown and the Doctors refused to make any connection with the Botox, mainly through their own ignorance about the poison.

I am sorry to hear of your hellish experience too. I feel for you and for everyone on this site but I would like to offer hope that for me I feel as though I have finally come out of the tunnel and life can move on. I’m just surprised that I wasn’t put in to some mental asylum as nobody believed me and everyone just thought I wasn’t coping with life in general. I lost my job at the time. I nearly lost my husband and I feel as though I am very lucky to have survived. You will get better. If you have survived this far you will continue to survive. You are a fighter.

If you have registered please ‘post’ so that everyone can have access to your experience

We have noticed there are many new members that have registered but have not added their initial first ‘post’.  This means that the information they have provided in their registration is not able to be accessed by other members.

These stories are important to the site and we encourage these new members to add their first ‘post’.  All you need to do is logon with your username and password and add a post (if you like copy and paste the information you provided during registration). Doing so will encourage support amongst members.