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I had Botox on 04/25/13. I immediately started having reactions. My face is ruined.

I am really scared

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is on the way to recovery or recovered.
I was hoping to be better by now. It will be 5 years in April that I got the Botox. I continue to have issues with fatigue, brain fog, some tingling, circulation problems, dry mouth, eyes and nose and a few others. But, my biggest issue continues to be the muscle and fat atrophy. It has continued to get worse instead of better. I really am so scared. I don’t know what is causing it at this point. My face, eyes and head are so sunken. I don’t see myself anymore. My teeth, gums, nails, body and hair have also been changed. I have tested for ANA, RF, C reactive protein, SED rate and they are all normal. My face changes by the week…I am so scared. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Is it still a direct effect of the toxin?
I appreciate everyone’s support!

Need some hope!❤

Hi everyone,
I am wondering if anyone has recovered or knows of anyone who has recovered from the facial fat loss, muscle and tissue loss. This continues to keep happening to me and I will be 4 years out from the shots in April. A couple doctors said the volume comes back, but I would like to talk to someone who has been through this. I still have other health problems, but feel I could be in a positive mind set if it weren’t for my face. I don’t know if it’s from nerves or some kind of catabolism. Any input would be great!
I wish everyone peace and healing.

Help!!! I can’t take this anymore!!!

I feel like I’m living in a nightmare that after 3 years just keeps getting worse. I can’t take it anymore. My face has lost all of it’s fat and keeps getting worse. I’m so scared! I don’t know what to do. Is there any hope of it coming back?
Can anyone help? I don’t recognize myself.

More facial issues at 2 1/2 yrs.

Hi, I was wishing things would be at least somewhat better by 2 1/2 years. I am still having a lot of physical issues. Blurry vision, fatigue, trouble thinking and concentrating, feeling disconnected, etc. Sone days, I feel like I can’t make it through the day.
But, my face just keeps getting worse. I am so scared. All of the muscle and fat are gone. My eyes are so small and sunken with bags. I feel like my mouth is being pulled down. I just can’t deal with it anymore. 2 1/2 years and still getting worse? This makes no sense. I really don’t know what to do or where to turn. I don’t want to look at anyone anymore or want to keep going like this.
I’m scared to get a fat transfer?
Thanks everyone…I know you are all going through a lot, too. Thanks for listening and any help would be great!

Acid Reflux?

Has anyone had trouble with Acid Reflux type symptoms? I am at 28 months and just started having some of these symptoms. I wake up at night with horrible taste in my throat and feel kind of nauseous?
I am going to start the apple cider vinegar. Does anyone know why this might happen or have any other suggestions?

Liz, I was trying to respond to you, but couldn’t!
Thanks for your suggestions on the essential oils, ACV and baking soda.

Marital Problems from Botox

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope you don’t mind me posting personal stuff on here!!! My husband is threatening to leave me over all of this. First of all he is still mad that I didn’t ask him before I got the Botox. I don’t think he really believes me about any of the side effects that I am having. He says they are all due to stress. He says my facial issues are all due to normal aging. I didnt know that normal aging made your whole head shrink? It’s so frustrating, I can’t make him understand it’s so strange. Why do people think this stuff can’t possibly cause side effects. Maybe, he would be better off without me. He says there is so much negatively from me all of the time. I don’t ever feel like myself. My brain feels numb… I don’t know what to do? I have totally lost my identity! How do you deal with that?
    Thanks for listening!!!

Over 2 years and my body has turned to mush

Hi Everyone, ugh!
I have had it with this whole nightmare!!! I am at 25 months and literally overnight my body has turned to mush. I gained 6 lbs (for no reason) and there is 0 tone left in my body. Does anyone know why this happens? I know it is related to the toxin, but why does it do this?
I am also noticing that my ankles are swollen all of the time and veins are bulging (sometimes worse than others). Still having a lot of brain fog Horrible!!!
I hope everyone is hanging in there. It is so so hard. I just wish we could get this crap out of our system.

Weekend retreat or Informal conference

I was talking with another member from the site yesterday. She mentioned that maybe we should organize a weekend retreat or informal conference for the support group members well enough to attend. We could get together to discuss experiences,treatments and ways to raise awareness of Botox poisoning. We don’t know where this would be held, but we were thinking maybe somewhere centrally located? Somewhere tropical would be good,too!lol Please respond with your thoughts on this? Would anyone be interested?

Teeth related symptoms

I have been having some teeth related issues and want to know if anyone has any recommendations. Over the past 6 or 7 months I have noticed that my teeth have changed. There is more spacing between them and when I brush them they don’t feel the same. Also, there is a transparent look to them. I have been using a special toothpaste for enamel, but I don’t know if it is helping. I have also been taking a mineral supplement. Another support member has been having problems with teeth related sensitivity to eating cold foods and has had a tooth break off.
Thanks so much!
Wishing everyone lots of healing.

Fat Atrophy

I think I touched on this before…I am wondering if anyone has experienced fat atrophy. I waS told by a doctor that “yes” Botox can cause this. I feel so alone with this issue. It is so disturbing that at 20-21 months this could be worse. I am noticing this in my face, hands and upper body. Not sure about my legs. I have lost a lot of tone there, but still have fat. I have not lost weight just the fat layer under my skin. So that now it feels like skin and bone. If anyone has experienced this or has any info they could share, I would be so grateful. I just don’t know if this subcutaneous fat layer can recover? This symptom is taking a toll on me….. Thanks all!

Feeling Defeated

Has anyone felt like giving up? I am at the point that I just don’t think I can go anymore. Things keep getting worse and I just can’t handle it anymore. I don’t know what to do? I’ve tried to be positive, but when things keep getting worse instead of better it puts me in a bad place. I am being told now that I have fat atrophy in addition to muscle atrophy in my face which I guess means all of the subcutaneous fat is gone from my face. My face is sagging horribly, I have big huge eye bags and my skin has no structure to it. I look worse than I did a few months ago.Sorry to be so gloomy!

I am at 18 months and feel like I am never going to get better

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone on here is getting better!
I am a little over 18 months and continue to have so many symptoms (fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness, hair loss, etc.) Just when I think one symptom is getting better it comes back again. I just feel like this is never going to end. I am really concerned about my teeth and gums right now. My teeth look transparent and my gums are sore and receding. I think it might be due to the horrible dry mouth that I have? Also, I think my face is getting worse instead of better.:(
All my muscles are still sunken and my skin looks terrible. Like all of the elasticity is going out of it and I have wrinkles that weren’t there before. My eyes are still small and beady with big bags under them. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Kris

Thinning skin in face and body

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is feeling improvement in their symptoms.
I know that this subject has been brought up before, but I don’t know if anyone has more information about thinning skin. I have really noticed drastic changes in my skin the last couple of months and it continues to get worse. I thought by almost 16 months things might be turning around for the better, not getting worse. The hardest hit area is my face and under my eyes. The skin is so thin under my eyes and it is getting more wrinkled by the day. The bags under my eyes are so large, I look ill. My muscles are still sunken, so I don’t know for sure if it was related. Does anyone know what exactly causes this and has anyone had it and improved? Is there anything that can help? All of these facial changes have taken any self esteem away that I had….
Thank you everyone for your support!

Autoimmune brain damage

Hi everyone!!! I hate to be so gloomy, but I am really concerned about this. I am having so much trouble thinking, keeping things straight, and remembering things. It’s like my brain just shuts down. This has gotten worse the last couple of weeks.I was reading that Botox can cause an autoimmune reaction and brain damage. I am really scared. How do you know if this is the case? Does anyone know? Has anyone else on the site had these problems? Did they get better?
Thanks everyone I appreciate it!
Hope all are healing!:)

Intense Symptoms at almost 15 months

Hi Everyon

I have been having a major increase in symptoms the last few days. It feels a lot like it did in the beginning.  I had some emotional stress last week. Could that have put me in a total relapse? I am having so many symptoms again. One of the worst is the feeling  in my brain. It is just this fuzzy, overloaded, heavy, foggy feeling. I don’t know how to explain it and I get a weak, tired, strained feeling with it. It gets really intense in the afternoon. Can anyone relate to this feeling and has anyone had a major relapse at the 15 mo. mark? I just want this feeling to go away?
I also am still having a lot of hair loss and last night I had an itchy, tingling scalp and my hair is a frizzy mess.

Thank you everyone for your support! Kris

TMJ, teeth grinding, dry mouth and gum recession

Hi everyone, I hope you all are improving  and on the road to recovery.

has anyone had trouble with TMJ after Botox? I started to have this within 4 weeks of the injections. My jaw constantly clicks when I open and close my mouth and my teeth don’t come together like they used to. Now I have been having trouble with sensitive gums and It looks like my gums are receding. I don’t know what is causing this the TMJ or dry mouth? I’m reallynoncerned about this. My face also looks caved in where I am having trouble with my gums. Has anyone else had any of these problems? I don’t remember seeing any posts on this?

thanks all!


8 months

Hello, I hope everyone is feeling some improvement! I am wondering if anyone had an increase in symptoms at around 8 months post Botox. I know Tracy224 said she did and then she started to feel better. Has anyone else had that happen? Struggling so much with exhausted feeling, brain fog, and muscle weakness. I also still have sunken facial muscles and some hair loss… On a good note. Some things have gotten a little better…
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I am hoping for Peace and healing for all!
Thank you, Kris

Stabbing head pain

Hi everyone,
I am at around 30 weeks post Botox. The last few days i have been getting stabbing pain in my head. This is the first time I have had this symptom. Does anyone know what causes it?Has anyone else experienced this. Does it resolve for everyone? Thanks so much! Hope everyone on here is seeing some improvement.:) Thanks, Kris