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53 year old professional who hoped Botox would give me a boost in the job market.

Gallbladder surgery – please help

Hope everyone is doing ok. I am posting this for another botox victim who has been trying to get on the site but has been unable to register. She is about 7 months out and has been told her gallbladder is not functioning and needs to come out. She’s permitting me to post for her and share info with you in hopes that someone has advice. Symptoms started just after botox. Diarrhea and total loss of appetite. She had an abdominal CT early on which was normal as well as all labs. The symptoms have been going on and off for almost 8 months. She recently had an abdominal ultrasound which was also normal so doc had her do a hida scan which showed her EF at 17%. Diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia.

Of course she is afraid to have the surgery and anesthesia. If anyone has dealt with this and can give advice, it’s so appreciated. This one is urgent as her surgery is scheduled for next week.

Thanks to all.


Giving away a red lamp for pain

Hello all,

I have a brand new red lamp with stand and adjustable neck and settings that has not helped me. I understand it works well for some for muscle pain but most of my pain is from nerve damage and it actually seems to make it worse. If anyone would like this lamp, I am moving and have to donate it but thought I’d check with everyone here first. I’d just ask that you pay for shipping. Please private message me with your address if interested and I’ll look for the cheapest shipping method.

Thinking of you all,

Natural help to heal nerve pain

It’s been a while since I posted and thought I’d share some natural remedies for healing nerve pain. I haven’t tried all of these and I know many of us have sensitivities to everything so you know to proceed with caution and introduce one at a time but hoping this may be of help to some.

I have to say first I am in my 4th year since injections and I my muscles spasms in my legs have calmed somewhat. I still have a deep dent in the right calf where the large muscle is still contracting constantly and there is still constant ‘twitches’ of the muscles in both calfs but the constant painful deep muscle spasms have calmed a bit so I am thankful for some relief.

The nerve pain in the face is unfortunately still 24/7 and unbearable without aspirin. My concerns about taking so much aspirin (500 in 90 days) and the risk of bleeding associated with it is what prompted me to do more research on natural alternatives for pain relief and nerve healing. Sharing what I found here to both relieve pain and some to prompt healing of the nerves. You may know some or all of this but perhaps this will help someone. Please let us know if anyone has tried any of this and had positive results or negative reactions.

I also want to share that my #1 help in seeing some relief over a long period of time has been a clean diet. Green leafy veggies, herbal or green tea, lots of water, all organic if possible, no gluten, dairy, preservatives, packaged foods, artificial ingredients, no sugar, etc. I have not eliminated meat entirely but cook it on the grill with nothing but light salt and pepper. Veggies always fresh either cooked or raw. I notice a real improvement in inflammation very quickly after eating celery. Beyond that, less than 9 hours sleep a night or going to bed later than 11:00 even with 9 hours aggravates all symptoms. And of course there is the stress factor. Exercise is now helping — a year ago I couldn’t take walks without triggering relapse.

So here’s the list for nerve pain relief and healing — many of these address inflammation as well:

Green Juicing —
Stops the cycle of chronic inflammation and gets inflamed nerves back in shape. Also helps clean out toxins. Juice cucumbers, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli & other greens — add a fruit if you don’t like veggies and it will sweeten in up.

Ginger —
Reduces inflammation

Turmeric —
Reduces Inflammation

Benfotiamine —
B6 if you can tolerate. Helps to repair damaged nerves. B12 as well but I know many can’t tolerate.

Herbs: Vervain, Wild Lettuce, Valerian, Crampbark, St. John’s Wort —
Lowers inflammation & calms and helps heal nerves

Omega 3 oils —
Full of anti-inflammatories

Skullcap —
Strengthens nervous system & brings relief to inflamed nerves.

Lobelia —
Relieves tension & relaxes muscles that may be pressing on nerves

Black Cohosh —
Works well with Valerian — helps to regenerate irritated nerves.

Bitters —
Swedish bitters can heal nerve pain.

Arnica & Peppermint oil —
Helps to fight inflammation.

All the Best for good health soon!

New study shows Botox enters CNS

Take a look at this article published today and the study published in the journal of medical science posted yesterday which the article appears to reference. Although the article states that no adverse effects have been reported, at least we have acknowledgement!!! Take this to your doctors!

MRI with contrast

I think I remember reading in the past that some of us have had MRIs with contrast? My doctor has ordered one for problems with my leg and I’m nervous about the contrast. If you’ve had one, can you post if you had any reaction or problems with the dye?

Thanks everyone,

26 month update

Kris and Heather,

Was trying to respond to your posts but having trouble with log in for replies.

I am 26 months post injections now and still have new and recurring symptoms but am finding that during the time between relapses I am better than before.

Kris, the dry mouth for me was unbearable for the first 6-8 months. I had constant sores in my mouth and severe swelling of tongue, and the inside of cheeks. The only thing that helped is Biotene oral rinse. I carried it with me and used it several times a day. I also had to avoid acidic or spicy foods. Even cinnamon flavoring made it worse. It did pass but you should try to supplement with calcium if you can tolerate it and continue to use the tooth paste.

Heather and all who are experiencing hair loss, mine started about a year ago and seems to be getting worse. I lose a large handful every time I wash and you can now see my scalp all over. I had a full thick head of long blond hair before this so like you I am very upset about this. The good news is, several months back I was trying to take biotin and could not tolerate it. Now my system seems to be accepting it so I started taking again last week. Some have suggested HBOT helps to repair the issue with hair loss so I will be looking into possibly renting a chamber. I remain hopeful that this will pass but this part is so upsetting.

My skin has also lost so much elasticity and color and moisture and it’s the same everywhere — trunk, arms, legs, face. Sleep and a ton of water is critical for me. Early on I eliminated all but one caffeine drink per day and I still stay with that. I rarely drink alcohol now and for the past month have been doing my best to stay away from gluten, all junk and sugar. I started on charcoal also about a month ago but picked up a cold on a trip up north so I’ve been off of it but I’m planning to start up again this week. It did make me feel better while I was taking it so I’m looking forward to starting it up again.

I’m dealing with the neuropathy too (burning in head and on surface of skin on the face, tingling in arms and legs). I still have it daily but not as severe. Aspirin is the ONLY thing that has helped to dull that pain.

Back to the elasticity, I have finally been able to do a power walk almost every day which is helping to rebuild muscle and the skin is looking a little less saggy in places. Have been doing this now for a few weeks and it’s the longest stretch I’ve been able to handle daily exercise so that is good. I also get small red spots (I call them crop circles) because they appear out of nowhere in clusters in random places on the body. They disappear just as mysteriously and suddenly as they appeared. No explanation for that.

My veins still bulge in my hands and feet on a regular basis with no explanation. Probably some vascular reaction to the toxin but doctors don’t know.

Still taking this one day at a time and I will say I am way better than I was those first 6 months. Staying hopeful that time will heal our bodies and having each other sure helps our minds.

Thankful for my friends here and wishing you all well.


Is Anyone in Florida?

I moved to FL a couple of months ago and looking for a cardiologist, neurologist or just a GP if anyone is near Tampa. I’ll drive further if I have to.

I am 20 months out from injections now and I have re-developed symptoms I had about a year ago but with more severity this time. Bulging veins in hands and feet with severe aching, tingling and weakness in both arms and legs for the past week or so. Burning in forehead (like acid dripping on the skin or non-stop electrical shocks) has continued now daily for about the last 6 months. Numbness/tingling in face, neck and underside of chin has been more severe again for the past week like it was during the first 6 months.

Really desperate to see a neurologist here but if anyone has a GP or other doc they trust, I’ll start there and try to get a referral.

Thanks everyone.


Detox Protocol

Hello all,

I was just starting a detox regimen of cilantro and chlorella and a friend sent me this link. This is the most concise description of a detox program I have seen yet with dosage recommendations for a longer term detox program. The background on the subject and author rang particularly credible to me. I began taking cilantro with Chlorella yesterday and while I didn’t have a dosage guide to follow, I noticed within 24 hours worsened symptoms but not unbearable. Now that I have a dosage and protocol guide, I will start following tomorrow and will keep you posted.

While my ‘acid burn’ issue in the forehead and face worsened overnight, I will say I had a ton of energy today and felt closest to feeling like pre-botox me since injections over 15 months ago. Could be it had nothing to do with the cilantro/chlorella I’ve taken in the last 48 hours but it sure felt good!

So grateful for this connection to all of you! All the best to everyone,

Latest symptoms

Wanted to share the latest.  since my last post I’ve been dealing with some old symptoms from the first few months that had gone away and are now back and severe and a couple of new symptoms.

I’ve had severe burning in brain and in the forehead just under the skin.  That has been almost constant and comes with severe pressure on the forehead that feels like my skull is being squeezed in a vice.  The tendons and muscles in the neck feel like they’re being stretched to their limit.

This evening I went to Panera with my son and had a cup of soup.  On the way home in the car, I felt the sudden onset of severe numbness in the back of the roof of my mouth and down my throat.  It was so severe, felt like I had just been shot with a ton of novacaine.  Couldn’t tell if my throat was closing up but my breathing seemed ok.  Over the next 30 minutes, it moved around my mouth to the right side and down the jaw.  I had extreme difficulty swallowing and it was pretty scary — mostly because I didn’t know what to expect next.  My son wanted to go to the ER but I just hoped it would pass quickly like it had before.  That was about an hour ago and it seems to be gone for the moment.   Hive appeared on my face just after this all started — that seems to be getting smaller now.  The pressure I felt with the numbness in the roof of the mouth and throat was crazy severe.  Anyone else experience this?  I’ve had tons of numbness like this under the skin in the face and neck for the entire 15 months since injected but not in the mouth.

Hope everyone got to enjoy the holiday.  Thanks for reading,







Update — 14 months post injections

Hello all,

Just wanted to post an update.  I am now just past month 14 and still experiencing new and recurring symptoms.  I thought I was on my way to full recovery when I began taking a new probiotic a few weeks ago, only to fully relapse after 10 days of feeling better.  All former symptoms are back and severe — neck pain, facial pain, numbness, botox headache is nonstop, along with burning in brain, forehead and neck and muscle weakness in upper body.  Muscle spasms in feet and ankles come and go and the exhaustion is back. Anxiety is coming in waves. I awoke this morning with my eye swollen shut and the eyeball is actually swollen with a thick discharge.  I will be seeing the eye doctor today to rule out injury and will post back after.  I tried to do a few of the recommended yoga moves last week and felt the reaction almost immediately.  All symptoms worsened within a couple of hours. So frustrating as I was so hopeful this nightmare was coming to an end.

Prayers to all,


Severe spasms in feet and calves

I read the recent post by C who talked about severe cramping in the feet and lower legs — tried to find the post but perhaps it was removed as the last SPAM came in right after.

Just wanted to tell C that you’re the first I’ve read that had these symptoms besides me.  I had my injections around the same time as you — 9/10/12 and while I had all of the other common symptoms others have talked about over the first 8 months, the feet and leg spasms didn’t start until about 2 months ago.  They are sudden, severe and very painful.  When they come on (generally after 6 in the evening), my toes shoot either straight up or straight down, generally all at once and I can’t walk.  Wearing heels is impossible now.  The spasms come on within 30 minutes of walking in heels and I can’t walk at all, even if I take them off at that point.

I still have numbness in the face and I also noticed that you mentioned when you wake up in the morning one side of your body feels like it’s still asleep for a short while.  I’ve also experienced this.  It’s generally based on how I slept.  If I wake up on my right side, it’s the right side that feels like it’s still asleep for as much as 30 minutes; if I slept on the left side then it’s the left side that will feel numb.  Same for the back.  It’s as though the toxin settles by gravity.

just wanted to share this.  Those are the latest symptoms for me.  Wishing everyone fast healing








new symptoms

I’ve been having some new symptoms over the past few days and just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I’m at month 11 and I can’t seem to get completely past the last relapse but for the past few days, my calves suddenly swell up. The skin will suddenly feel very tight and my calves look like they’re 2 inches bigger around. Then tonight, just lying on the sofa and suddenly my left wrist started to itch badly, it swelled and the veins in my hand and up the wrist are bulging like they’re going to pop right through the skin. These are veins I’ve never seen before. My arm is feeling a bit numb but mostly at the wrist and lower arm. Haven’t had this symptom before and just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I’m a bit nervous that it could be a heart problem. The itching and swelling in my wrist came on very suddenly and the swelling has gone down a bit after about 5 minutes but not completely. Veins are still bulging but not as badly. I’ve had quite a bit of numbness return in the face for the past few days — feels like those early months again! Seems like everytime I tell someone I’m feeling much better I get slammed again.

Thanks everyone,

Cold sore cure

For those of you who have suffered with cold sores as one of the many symptoms, licorice powder works. I bought licorice capsules from Whole Foods the purest I could find. Open the capsule wet the tip of your finger, dip in the powder and apply directly to the sore. I wasted a lot of money on Abreva before I tried this. Apply every hour or two. Cleared up within a week. At least some relief…