Article 2: What happens if the toxin spreads?

If the toxin does spread into the bloodstream and diffuses into body tissue it is particularly attracted to the membrane nerve endings of the peripheral nervous system.  We are extremely lucky that the only portion of the body that the toxin cannot spread is the Central Nervous System – the toxin molecule is too large to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

At this stage there is a bilateral (two-sided – left/right sides of body) attack on the cranial nerves.  Our 5 senses are controlled by 12 pairs of cranial nerves.  So I think at this stage lets look at the Peripheral Nervous System and its function:

The areas outside of the brain and spinal cord are controlled by the Peripheral Nervous System.  This system is divided as follows:

Sensory portion – sends nerve impulses from the sense organs to the CNS

Motor division – sends nerve impulses from the CNS to the muscles or glands

Ok so now we also divide the Motor division into two separate areas known as the:

Somatic Nervous System – takes care of activities that are consciously controlled and usually involve the skeletal muscles – also contains many of the nerves that are part of reflexes that act automatically.

Autonomic Nervous System – controls bodily functions that are not consciously controlled.  It’s overall function is to maintain homeostasis balance in the functioning of the bodily organs and systems.  This system is further divided into two parts:

Sympathetic – usually speeds up action or activity and controls organs and systems when they are stressed by environmental factors. (effects things such as dilating pupils, inhibits flow of saliva, accelerates heartbeat, dilates bronchi, inhibits peristalsis and secretion, conversion of glycogen to glucose, secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline and inhibits bladder contraction)

Parasympathetic – regulates activity when the body is at rest and its action is normally to slow down activity. (effects things such as inhibits pupil dilation, stimulates flow of saliva, slows heartbeat, constricts bronchi, stimulates peristalsis and secretion, stimulates release of bile and contracts bladder.

After Botulinum poisoning the head and neck are the initial starting point and the symptoms include double vision, difficulty in seeing with blurred vision, problems with speaking and swallowing and droopy eyelids.  Depending on the amount of toxin consumed/injected and the immune system of the person will vary the progression of the symptoms and any paralysis.  The brain is not attacked so the person is still alert and aware of what is happening.

Botulism is not a common disease so many Dr’s will have had no experience with diagnosing it.  This leads to no diagnosis or mistaken diagnosis such as Myasthenia Gravis, stroke, tick paralysis, shellfish poisoning or Gullian-Barre syndrome.  Once the toxin attaches to a nerve it will be a long time before that protein toxin will be broken down and can release that nerve – recovery usually involves the growth of new motor axon strands that attach to and REINNERVATE previously paralysed muscle fibers – unfortunately this is a LONG process that usually takes weeks or even months :( to complete in adults.

Information obtained from ‘Botulism’ – Author Donal Emmeluth

So as you can well imagine the symptoms can be numerous and varied due to the complexity of the Peripheral Nervous System – the one bonus I take from all of this information is that the PNS can REPAIR itself……..even though some of us have to wait many many months at least we eventually achieve recovery.

So my questions are:

What causes the toxin to spread in some and not others?

Or does it spread in all of us but some have stronger immune systems?

Does the preparation/dilution of Botox effect it’s ability to spread?

Does the amount of Botox or where it is injected make it more likely to spread?

On the Allergan website they state ‘No DEFINITIVE serious adverse event reports of distant spread of toxin effect associated with dermatologic use of BOTOX/BOTOX cosmetic at the labeled dose of 20 Units (for Glabellar lines) or 100 Units (for severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis) have been reported’

First of all define ‘DEFINITIVE’ – does that mean it has to be linked in a lab to the Botox injections?  So they get, for example, 10,000 reports of extreme side effects but none of these people have been asked to have medical examinations by Allergan for specific links – or they have submitted a report to Allergan but Allergan haven’t responded so of course there is going to be NO definitive link.

I must say though that at least Allergan have attempted to outline side effects and also make it clear that a medical history and clinical management from a Dr is essential – so really the weakest link appears to be the people injecting us.  If they have not taken your medical history and explained these specific risks outlined in the Allergan document then they are being unethical and compromising their duty of care?  Why is that we trust people who want to inject us with a toxin?  Why are people allowed to inject Botox without a prescription, clinical management or a medical history evaluation?????

If they were anything like me I went to multiple health professionals and they had no idea and told me to wait it out – even if they did think there was a link how could they prove it???? Where were they going to send me for Botox lab tests?  My doctor couldn’t find any tests for Botulism………… So really the word ‘definitive’ is a COP OUT!!!!!!! So consumers BEWARE!!!

I would also like to discuss the point that they have specifically stated exact unit amounts – 20 and 100 – does this mean that they have had links for 18 units or 105 but this has been omitted from the pamphlet???? I don’t know what do you think?



About Annette

I received Botox in Feb 2011. I have had severe side effects. I would like to use this site to promote awareness of these side effects.

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  1. Also don’t want to alarm anyone here…..but there is research done by a group of European physicians that showed (in lab animals) that the botulinum toxin can move within the nervous system through synapses to the brain and spinal cord. Granted….this was shown in a lab setting and at levels higher than at what is typically given for cosmetic purposes….but comments made on the article (that was published in the American Medical Association Journal) from leading research nuerologists in the US indicated that “not enough is understood” relative to how the toxin migrates within the human body and that “more research is needed.”

    I think that there are a lot of factors involved…..possibly the medical history/weight/chemical sensitivity to the individual involved….the amount of toxin injected….the dilution factor….the method of injection….the location of injection….just to name a few. With that being said…there are reports of women having injections for years without issue…and then WHAM….they get hit with a reaction.

    So..again…more research needs to be done. And……..FULL HONEST DISCLOSURE as to the risks.

    1. Hi, everyone!

      Unfortunately,Botulinum neurotoxin can spread is the Central Nervous System into the CNS. This article proves this” Evidence for anterograde transport and transcytosis of Botulinum Neurotoxin A (BoNT/A). Laura Restani et al. The Journal of Neuroscience, November2, 2011. 31(44) 15650-15659


      1. I had a small dose of botox 11 days ago now and after about 9hrs of the injection I had moderate pressure on my head, eye pain/ahe, swollen eyelid and now have weakness in arms, legs and neck. It sometime feels like my head’s going to fall off. For the last 3 days I’ve only had problems with my eye and head twice a day that last’s about 10mins. I would say my symptoms are mild. My concern is my arms and neck. Why is it serious if the toxin spreads to other parts of the body? People have botox in the arms, legs and other parts so wouldn’t they feel the same side affects? I don’t have any problems with my eye vision, swallowing or breathing. How would you know if someone has Botulism? Would this cause the severe side affects people are experiencing? I’m still able to go out and feel kind of normal apart from the weakness in arms and neck. I was told it should only get better and that because my symptoms weren’t severe from the start. I’m so scared now from reading what other people are saying that I will wake up paralysed. Am I just having a side affect that’s listed under botox or are my symptoms serious? Can I drink alcohol? Like I said I feel fine in my head it’s just arms and neck and legs when I run up the stairs.

      1. Hi Eirda. Yes….double or blurred vision is a common side effect of botulinum toxin injections. Interestingly, Botox was originally developed in the 1960s by an opthalmologist and its original use was to treat problems involving the muscles surrounding the eyes. It was discovered that a side effect of the drug’s use was the smoothing of wrinkles due to the muscle paralysis. So…yes, when the toxin is injected into facial muscles for the purpose of wrinkle reduction, the toxin can spread to surrounding muscles not injected directly and cause vision issues. The toxin can also spread to other muscles distant from the site of injection as well.

  2. Hi Soloist

    Thanks you so much for your comments….I really appreciate you sharing this info and if you find more articles in regard to Botox please post them on the site. I fully agree with you – MORE research needs to be done! I hope you have made some improvements? I know you have had a very rough time and to cope with a relapse of this stuff is very hard both emotionally and physically……I am thinking of you and please keep us updated on your progress x

    1. Hi Annette!

      I just wanted to say your posts have helped (and scared) me during my last 6 weeks of hell due to botox injections I received on February 2nd. I’ve had the works…anxiety attacks, nausea, vertigo, digestive issues, migraines, insomnia, etc. Everytime I feel a little better, the next day it’s worse. Please tell me that this nightmare will end! I feel like I’m going to be like this forever.


      1. Hi Adele,

        I know exactly how you are feeling. In the first 12 months the internet scared me everyday……and if I was to be honest it still does occasionally now! These symptoms are so hard to deal with and with no health professional support it really is easy to feel so alone and scared. I want you to know that you will improve. Every symptom you have listed I have had (and many other people on this site). Over the past 4 years I have seen the trend – most people are beside themselves for the first 12 to 18 months and then slowly they start to improve and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not saying it will take this long, I have known of other people who have improved much sooner. Most of the members around my era of injections are in a better place, not completely recovered but so much better. I want you to know that it may take awhile for things to improve but please always remember that you will improve and eventually get to a place where you can live your life again. Some days that is going to be hard to believe but you must always remember to hang in there and keep fighting. One of the members Sam (UK) is a great example, she was really in a bad way for 12 to 18 months (if you’re reading Sam please correct me if I’m wrong) and now she feels like she is back to enjoying life again. Please always remember to reach out for help and support when you are feeling low…..everyone on here is so supportive and they know what you are going through. Thinking of you and I truly believe you will make it through this. Annette

        1. Thanks for your kind words, Annette. Just hearing “12-18 months” makes my soul just shrivel up inside my body. I know it’s a hard truth but I truly hope that’s not the case for me. I don’t know if I could do it.
          You’re right, the support here is amazing. Thanks again for your encouragement:)

  3. I am experiencing problems with botox as well. I had botox six years ago with no problems until now. I had two injections within three months and have horrible diarrhea non-stop for the last month. I also had horrible sinus and headache fever and chills and neck pain and was treated with an antibiotic for my sinus problems. Never in my dreams was I thinking this was the cause, but it makes sense within the time frame of my sickness. I hope this diarrhea goes away soon. I have horrible cramping usually in the morning followed by four bouts of diarrhea before I can leave the house! So not worth the money nor the wrinkles…never again!

    1. Your symptoms definitely sound like some of the symptoms from Botox….are you saying that you didn’t have any symptoms for 6 years….and now at 6 years post you think these are related to the injections you had then?

      1. Six years ago I never had a problem with botox. Now that I think about this reaction this time, I really think the fish oil plays a part in this, because I didn’t take the fish oil religiously then. I am feeling better now since my last injection in November. I never thought this would happen, but I know I won’t be trying the botox again! That experience was enough for me not to try again! I felt like an experiment. They need further testing before are easily giving these shots to women. Makes you wonder why women would want to put poison in their bodies to hopefully get a younger look which is way too expensive for not so lasting results!

  4. Hi lsmith

    Thanks for posting. We have quite a few members who have had Botox previously but are only now having side effects. The symptoms you have listed are VERY common amongst our members – definitely sound Botox related. We would love you to register on the site and become a member. The goal of the website is to give support and advice to people suffering these side effects and also gain awareness for health professionals and people considering Botox so they can be informed appropriately about side effects – something that many members on this site were not told prior to their injections.

  5. I’ve got everything that lsmith mentioned. I had 24/7 head and neck pain for 14 days without one moment’s relief. All day, all night. Went to ER twice. stomach problems, weird sinus problems, crazy pressure inside my head. Tremors!
    It took me until a few days ago to really put it all together, I know that it’s from the botox. It all happened right after I had the injections. Some of the stuff I am experiencing I have never had before in my life, like tremors and headaches that go on for days and days. Oh yeah, my entire forehead and right side of my scalp feels like its swollen and is sensitive to any kind of touch. I can’t sleep some nights because the pillow hurts my head when it touches it, no matter how I lie down. When I lie down my head is so under pressure that I can hear my heart beating inside my head. Sometimes when I wake up and my head hurts so bad that I want to cry. Either that, or I have super sharp stomach cramps and am running to the bathroom for a couple of hours. Things seem to be best for me at night, so I stay up late now. I dread waking up in the morning. I hope that I can find a local dr. who will have some understanding of this condition and be able to help me manage the symptoms until it’s all over. I’ve failed to complete a lot of things I needed to have done in the last couple of weeks because of this and I just hope that I start having more good days soon. I’m grateful for forums like this.

    1. Hi, LD. I also had that horrible band of head pressure, stomach pains, constipation, the chills/shivers/shakes, tremors, internal shakiness, etc. that you describe. I never really found a good solution to relieve the symptoms other than time. I took Advil for the very painful band of pressure around the head and layered up my clothing to try to stay warm. My doctor offered me a TCA antidepressant to help with the head pressure, but I refused it. I loaded up on the Advil to get through that time period. It will go away. If I remember correctly (it’s been a long time for me), I think it took about four to five months for the head pressure to go away. Time will help. Hope you’re feeling better!

      1. Hi Alanna – I was just reading your post and I am too having these “interal tremors/internal shakiness”. Can you tell me if you still have them? If not, how long did they last? It is a very strange feeling as they make you feel so weak. Hope you are feeling better.

        1. Hi Tom,

          Welcome to the site. You will find comfort here I too had all the symptoms Alanna described. What has helped me the most is a very experienced acupuncturist. Many people on this site have found relief from acupuncture.

          Best wishes,


  6. Hi LD,

    Your symptoms sound like ‘classic’ Botox side effects that many of us have experienced. The members on this site can offer support and advice. It would be great if you can register so that your profile can be seen by all of the members…..we are trying to build this support community so that in the future this site may help health professionals to become aware of these side effects, possibly even encourage more research into this product and most importantly to help people suffering from these side effects to not feel alone and have support from people who are experiencing these side effects or have fully recovered.

  7. I am feeling very scared. I had botox 5 days ago in my forehead and have been feeling ill ever since. I have tight band round my head, pain in my neck,anxiety, dizziness and bruised feeling where I had the injections. I am worried that things are going to get worse as this stuff really kicks in. My eyes have become swollen and I have dark circles under my eyes. I am finding it difficult to conscentrate on anything and I am scared to tell my husband all of what I am feeling as he was so set against me having it done anyway. I don’t know if I should go to the hospital, I feel very stupid that I had this done.

    1. Hi Angela….I am so sorry that you are experiencing these side effects. The initial symptoms can be very frightening – we are not doctors on here but if you feel like you need to go to the hospital than I think you should. Many of us have ended up in the hospital or doctors clinic especially in the initial stages. I think it’s important for you to try and have management from a doctor (preferably one who will entertain the idea that Botox is the cause)for both your health and also reassurance that your symptoms are being managed. My mistake at the start of all of this was to not investigate further my symptoms – I felt very confused about whether or not my symptoms were from Botox due to most health professionals telling me that it was not Botox or that if it was it would just have to ‘wear off’. So for months I felt like I was terrified that my body would never recover – but on this site you will find support from people who are slowly recovering or are still in the ‘midst’ of these side effects. I don’t want to scare you – but I think you need the support of your family if that’s possible and also the support of a good doctor (get a second, third opinion if necessary) – please if you can find these two things than this is going to help you. Even though people seem to have similar side effects everyone has a different time line of recovery…….

      Please don’t feel stupid about getting Botox – just look at the advertising and the amount of Drs that give this drug out at the drop of a hat. We have all had that regret but can’t dwell on this – for you the focus is managing your side effects.

      I know that you are probably in a head spin at the moment but please register on the site when you are up to it and add a ‘new post’ as this will then make your story visible to all on the site and I guarantee you will get support from many members on here…….

      Please let us know how you are going and if you need support we are here.

  8. Very good article about the spreads of the toxin….We are all looking for the reason why all this happened to us.
    Ive been on the 27 months period from my last Botox treatment, seen lots of doctors and only 3 of them believed me that the Botox caused my torture.Most of the doctors didnt know what to do , how to cure the Botox poisoning.
    Out of the 3 doctors one is a professional Chiropracter.She has special Thermographic Scan.I went to her 18 months ago and 3 months ago.She did the scan twice.The results is very interesting.Its shows by colour if there any problem.From the skull down in my spinal about 10 -20 cm section, the spinal condition with a significantly lowered function of the central nervous system.The second scan showed about 50 % recovered stage.
    I would suggest to everybody here to have the Thermographic scan, I would like to see and compare our results. Contact me please if you going to do the scan

    Few of us from here already on Facebook, you can read many articles about Botox,American ladies created the facebook page , who are recovered from the Botox poisoning.

  9. I have had 8 botox injections in the last 6 years. I was never warned by my doctor or given any information about the side effects of botox. I got a botox injection in my forehead 5 weeks ago. The last one before that was 8 months ago. The very next day after getting the injection I had a severe reaction starting with dry mouth and eyes, local muscle aches in arms and legs, followed by severe muscle weakness all over my body, trouble swallowing and saying words clearly, dizzy, nausea and indigestion, feeling of weaknes in diaphram, stomach, bowel and feeling of frequent urge to go to the bathroom also loss of bladder control,numbness, chest tightness, chills, shaking tremors, shortness of breath at times, tingling in hands with red itchy hot patches. Some sinus and face tingling, tooth pain and sensitivity, had a headache for 2 nights and now I am noticing that my upper eyelid is drooping. I am extremely anxious at times. I have been back to see my dermatologist that told me that he had never heard of anyone having this reaction and told me go to my family doctor for anxiety and depression issues. I wanted to scream! Went to family doctor who thought it was just a virus. Went back a week later, got different doctor to believe me about the Botox and started me on a steriod/ Medrol Pack 5 days and did bloodwork. Have been to the ER a week later for fluids, EKG, more bloodwork. Everything comes back fine but I still feel like crap! Nausea, indigestion, muscle weakness, I have lost 10 pounds and look terrible. I have been drinking tons of water, lemon water and trying to eat every three hours. I have an appointment with a Neurologist this week to rule out any other diseases. It’s been 5 weeks already, please tell me when I will start to feel better.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Hang in there. Keep in mind that botox takes about 3 months or so to wear off so hopefully things will get better in the next few weeks. Have you tried acupuncture at all? I had the same problem with dysport and started feeling better at about 9 weeks. It just takes so long… Also try to exercise and sweat as much as you can – saunas are good for sweating out toxins. I hope you feel better very soon.

  10. Hi Annette I hope you are well. I am 4 months into my ‘Botox experience’. My symptoms have greatly improved but it seems like full recovery will take some time – Its helped me to work on accepting this. I’ve read through all the articles you’ve posted – I read them in my first few weeks but was too anxious to digest it all – thank you and the other members for taking time to share this information. One thing I wanted to ask is in your opinion / experience in research is do we know why this has happened to us? Given thousands of people have the injections daily, why are we the ‘special’ ones? Of course I expect there must be many more of us out there, but I know personally many people that have had injections with no reaction? Wise Annette / soloist what do you think are the big factors? Chemical sensitivity? Error in application? Hope you are well, Lucy

    1. Hi Lucy,
      I actually think Soloist has probably done a lot more research than I have and will probably answer this better. Personally from my experience and from reading and talking to many other women who have had the same reaction I believe the amount of Botox has nothing to do with whether or not you will have a reaction. I have only ever had 4 units of Botox – I am still recovering at 17 months……..I have spoken to other women who have had 20-50 units and have had relief from symptoms a lot sooner than I did. It’s the million dollar question really. I look at people on tv and in the magazines who have had so much Botox they look unusual and I wonder if these people have ever experienced symptoms? If they have experienced symptoms maybe they haven’t linked them to Botox? I know many people who have had Botox for years and then suddenly after a round of injections are struck down with all of the symptoms. I can only guess the factors might be either one or a mix of the following: A person’s immune system response – (whether this has been effected by medications/supplements or not) – the area injected enabling migration into other areas of the body (maybe this area can be fine in one person and not in another depending on the structure of that person’s muscles/blood vessels etc) – or sensitivity like you said – I also wonder how many people are out there that have been effected and not been able to voice there concerns…………I am going to update my symptoms soon – I am so much better but struggling with the fact that I am not back to my pre Botox health – it is very hard to deal with mentally. I hope that you are making huge improvements and I really appreciate the support you have provided to other people on this site – it’s not an easy thing to do when you are also feeling the symptoms…..thinking of you……

      1. Hi Annette,

        I am glad to hear that you are feeling alot better, I just wondered what symptoms you are now left with at 17 months? you must be exhausted! I will be at 5 months on 24th July and although I have returned to work part time and am alot better than I was a couple of months ago I am developing new symptoms which I am finding very alarming! Over the past week instead of having the mad tingling in my legs and feet I now also have it at the bottom of my spine and the last 3 days have got pins and needles all over my face and lips in the evening – this has really scared me and started my anxiety again. I keep telling myself that this prickling, icy feeling is my nerves repairing themselves. I am going on holiday abroad in 2 weeks and am now scared again about the flight and about being a long way from home. I also wondered how your ears were as my tinnitus is just not letting up, I only notice it when I am somewhere quiet or in bed but wondered if I am now stuck with this for life.
        With regards to your comment about who gets these symptoms and why – I have had botox 4 times before and never had a problem at all – this time I went to a different nurse who used dysport and basically put in far too much!! I had a really bad headache on day 3 and rubbed my forehead, I am wondering if this caused the toxin to migrate – although the company ‘galderma’ say that after 4 hours the botox stays exactly where it has been put. I don’t suppose I will ever know – I just know that I will never ever put a needle in my face again and will grow old gracefully.
        Did you ever take choline or soy lecithin supplement through your ordeal? I have only took natural supplements so far and no meds from the doctor.
        Sorry to ask so many questions.

        1. Hi Sam,

          Sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply. I hope you are going ok. I have posted an update today – but I just wanted to say that in regard to the tinnitus I had some on and off at the start (first 4-6 months) but my ear symptoms were mainly the blocked/full feeling and ear ache/burning but I truly believe with time your tinnitus will go. I didn’t think any of my ear symptoms would resolve themselves but eventually they did! I didn’t take lecithin or Choline but it may be helpful – maybe start a post and ask what natural supplements people are taking at the moment. There is an old post in the Discussion area (you might have to go into ‘older posts’ to find it) that asked what supplements people were on – so this might be helpful. I went from Zoloft to Endep to try and battle these symptoms and now I am on the supplements listed in ‘Nutrients for Neuropathy’ (I will get on later and list the supplements – there is a few!). Also with the tingling and ‘new’ symptoms…..try to accept these and know that they will pass – I know easier said than done!!……..throughout this whole ordeal I would get tingling/pain in different areas… the beginning for months I had electricity ‘zaps’ all over my body and all around my eyes would feel like ants were crawling on them…..these are only a few of the ‘weird’ feelings ….but with time they would come and go and eventually they didn’t return… just takes times but it can be very scary when you are going through it – please hang in there and keep us updated…..thinking of you x

          1. Hi Annette,
            Thankyou for your personal reply, I have just replied to your update which was lovely to read. I am so glad that you are getting your life back, I have returned to work part time but I am struggling a bit, can’t seem to concentrate very well and my job is very high pressured! Plus my boss is not being very understanding, never mind I can only do my best. With regards to the tingling in my face that was scaring me, this has eased up alot in the last few days and now I only have mild tingling in the evening, since this has eased up the muscles on my face seem to be moving alot easier too. The symptoms that ocme and go are certainly very strange but now I try to roll with them and not get too anxious then I find that they passs alot quicker. My goal is to be well by xmas – I will be exactly at 5 months tomorrow and have come a long way in that time. I hope that you can tick the ‘fully recovered’ box very soon.
            Sam. x

      2. Hi Annette. I read that u r feeling better. That ‘ s really good news :) and gives me a little hope… I have ups and downs, but last month I have relapse of symptoms. I feel like at the begining of my ” road through tortures” I pray every day and believe that within a year I will be totally recovered… Thinking about u. Katrin

        1. Hi Katrin,

          I really hope that your symptoms improve very soon. I am thinking of you and your daughter. Please hang in there and know that with time you will start to feel better x

          1. Hi Annette. Thank u for ur support. I now for 100% that you give me hope for recovery. You are such a supportive person. Thank u so much :) Thinking about u as well :):) Katrin

      3. Hi Annette,
        Thanks for your reply and I’m so glad to hear you are making a good recovery. It sounds like you are so close to a full recovery which is fantastic.
        It is the million dollar question isn’t it…why does it affect some and not others. I’m interested were you taking any supplements at the time of your injection? I was not taking any medication, but my naturopath did have me on chinese herbal tonic to treat my sinusitis, that’s the only thing that was in my system. I do wonder also about all these women that get botox regularly and if they are suffering any of these symptoms, even in a minor form. I have a friend who has been getting botox for years and she in the last year has been treated for generalised anxiety disorder. There may or may not be a link, but it’s interesting to wonder I guess.
        Annette / Sam I’m sure you can understand this, I find the hardest thing mentally dealing with the fact I have to put my life on hold for this recovery time, as living life normally (pre-botox) is just not possible (despite my recent efforts!). I am newly single and had just begun dating after the end of a long term relationships and was really enjoying my life – meeting new people and loving my new job. This whole experience has left me feeling quite alone and depressed in having to accept a reduced quality of life – less socialising, more time on my own. Unlike having an understood serious medical condition, it also makes it hard to talk about / for anyone to undertstand what we’re going through. I’ve started seeing a counsellor to talk it out, did either of you find this helped. I see the accupunctuist once a week, the effect he has is fantastic, I feel much more calm and centred after treatment (it is costing a bomb however!). I would certainly recommend this to anyone. I really hope we can all write into the forum as fully recovered one day soon! Lucy

        1. Hi Lucy,
          I can understand how hard this must be to be single at this time – more than ever you must want to be out having fun anf meeting new people. Although there have been times when I have really struggled looking after my children (especially when they are squabbling and fighting) I am glad to shut my front door on the outside world. I have hardly been out socially but we do have friends round to the house and I cook for them.
          My acupunturist has become my councellor, bless her she is so nice, I owe her a massive bunch of flowers when all of this is over, I have walked into her clinic and burst out crying quite a few times now then left feeling calm and happy, she is lovely.
          While I took the 10 weeks off work the strangest thing happened I got head hunted for my dream job, luckily for me the position will not be available until about December time so I have to get well for then, this is my aim – to be completely recovered!!
          Try not to get too down, I know it’s hard but you will get well again.

          1. Hi Sam, just saw this separate post. So fantastic to be offered that new job…sometimes the best of things happen just when you need them! Well done. You will be back on track by December without a doubt (most likely much sooner of course!). Lucy

  11. I am wondering if anyone on here has had any adverse effects to botox injections for underarm hyperhydrosis? I have been approved for this, but since reading about all of the negative side-effects have put off getting it done – any information would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Anyone have these symptoms: inability to walk after dizziness and a loss of balance on one side, severe chronis ear and headaches, numbness down the other leg and foot with severe low back pain, fatigue?
    I had dysport 5 weeks ago.

    1. Hi Ronita. If you read through some of the threads on this site, you will fin others who have had the symptoms that you are describing. I had Dysport as well; you can find a list of my symptoms under one of my posts in my profile. These symptoms come and go….and vary in severity. At 5 weeks out, you are at the average time period of when symptoms are typically the worst…although everyone is different. Hopefully your symptoms will not last long!

  13. Hi everyone. I have been having horrible low humming in my right ear a week after i got injections. I also had dizziness that has lasted for months and is finally , after 4 months easing up. I also have pressure in my head and right ear. sinus problems constantly. headaches, anxiety. you name it. I was completly laid up on the couch for 2 months but now after 4 months starting to feel a little better, but not much. that humming in my ear is still there and I have to wear my glasses to not make me dizzy. I sure hopt it goes away soon. I had 23 untis one time put around my eye area. I also had Juvederm in nasal folds. who knows which one or both is causing my harm.

    1. Hi, I had botox and juvederm together, i had all the symptoms you mention and more. I could not understand how any one could still manage to walk around and carry on living the way i felt, the depth of sickness i felt went to the core of my being and i thougt i would die. Nine mounths on i am begining to feel well and out of the worse of it. The constant ringing in my ear that was horrendous is now down to a slight whistle. I am one of the luckey ones all i can say is never again.

      1. hi it is good to know your ringing went down did you have any ear problems(one sided). like fullness in he ear and dizziness as well. i always feel like my ear is blocked on the right but the doctors say its not.

        1. I Still and days when i feel like i have an ear infection coming on but its just pain and fullness in the left ear, but its getting less. I have had dizziness so bad i some times thought i would faint, which is not a good sign for me as that is why i had a pacemaker fitted because of fainting. It is the botox not the heart problem that is doing it.

          1. yeah my ear is always giving me trouble. it feels like there is air or my ears are not equalizing pressure correctly, but they do not do anything aboutit. my dizziness is better since i started wearing my glasses for some reason. if i put mycontacts in, it is impossible to walk around. i have no idea what that is about. it almost feels like both of my eyes are misaligned now or something. I am going to tgo to try and get a new prescription for contacts to see if i can get back in them. i hate wearing glasses. i sure hope my humming in the ear goes away some day. it is really bothering me. i am so mad that i got these injections.

        2. I have had problems with my left ear since the very beginning. It is continually blocked and I have to “pop” it constantly. It pops automatically when I swallow or move my neck muscles. My right ear is full intermittently but my left ear is constant.

  14. Hi everyone, I have used Botox approximately twice a year over the last 6 years and never linked my symptoms (headaches, chest pain, swollen glands, vision disturbance, dry eye, muscle pain & weakness, fatigue, nausea, skin rashes, muscle spasms, bitter-metallic taste in mouth, anxiety) to the injections. I spent thousands of dollars in recent years on MRIs, ultrasounds, gastro and colonoscopies, and multiple doctors and specialists to finally realize what is wrong with me. Some doctors sometimes even rolled their eyes when I came to see them again as examinations and consultations never found anything out. It was only with the help of a friend who is also a doctor that I finally got to the conclusion that all aliments are Botox related. I think only those of us who suffer from the injections know about the nasty side effects what I was certainly not aware of. I can only say that it is currently ruining my entire life and it is hard to concentrate on anything else except on how to recover from it. If this is possible at all! I could write pages and pages on different symptoms that have been kicking in and the unknown cause of it. My only real focus at this stage is how do I get this deadly stuff out of my body without going nuts. As mentioned by some other people on this platform I can only confirm that caffeine and alcohol makes the symptoms worse. Deep tissue massages do help but they also make you feel very nauseas as the poison is most likely moved around or hopefully forced to get out of you body. Luckily I have a strong and patient partner who helps me trough when times are really bad and I am not interested in leaving the house. It is definitely a horror trip and I would never ever do this to myself again!!!

  15. Hi Tom- SO sorry for your pain :/ We all understand. There are a lot of good help ideas on this site. I posted breathing techniques that really help me. And lemon water and a no sugar, low sodium diet (All organic) helps. I take short walks to help me from going insane. I hope you can find some helpful things on this site. Zyflamend supplement really helps me and vita-c (I dont recommend vita-C if you have bad anxiety attacks), Omega 3 and COQ10. Everyone is different and I hope you find some relief. I was told by my doctor not to stress, to try and keep my stress level down. As it makes it much worse.


  16. Could someone please tell me if anyone had a periformis botox injection and than suffered from severe muscle weakness in legs and arms. Internal shakiness, sinus problems sweeping pain and pins and needles feeling constantly in legs snd arms, dry mouth. Dr. Still saying manufacturer and drs. Never heard of such side effects. can’t get any relief. Tested for lupus and other diseases negative. My primary care dr. Thinks its from the botox. But Dr. Who injected me will not hear of it gets very beligerent with me about it.

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