Anyone out there in Southern California?

I know this site doesn’t get the traffic it used to, but I was wondering if any members using it lived in SoCal? We just moved back and I could use someone nearby to talk to who has been through this nightmare… no one else really gets it. Let me know and I’ll forward my contact info.




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Injected with 200 units of botox mixed with lidocaine for migraines on march 21, 2014. In ER 3 times beginning 1 week later as symptoms getting progressively worse. Eventually couldn't lift arms, walk properly, speech/cognitive difficulties, vision issues, trouble breathing, electric shock feelings in legs, excruciating muscle spams and more. Now 2 years out. Some symptoms have subsided. I am healing, but it is taking a long time. Still unable to work or really exercise. Constant severe headaches, muscle spasms, rigidity. But now I can think! No more dementia-like symptoms. :-)

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  1. Hello my name is Jennifer
    My story is almost unbelievable and I’m not sure if anyone has ever experienced the life threatening adverse effects that I have endured . I am originally Born and raised in La Mesa San Diego County California . I currently live not too far from a city named Menifee adjacent to the city of Murrieta and Temecula . I’m 15 minutes from San Diego . I have not been very vocal about my poisoning . I could give you information & help support your. I have not been active on Botox community support . Reasons being I’m & have been so sick.
    I will send you a message so that you can contact me . I am so sorry this happened to you. We have all been deceived. I know the feeling of standing on the edge wanting to end the agony. My sister and I refer to it as “BOTOX THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING “”gift that keeps on giving .
    It has not taken in my spirit my laughter , or my love for others . I am broken and not wrecked . Slowly mending and putting the pieces back together 🎀🎀🎀🎀
    Sincerely Jennifer

    1. Well I tried to send you a message privately but as we all know the site has its issues see if you can send me information I’ll keep trying in the meantime feel better

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