Allergies acting up again

The breathing problems are back in the last few weeks and and I feel very weak and anxious .I have done allergy testing last year and only showed allergic to mold and dust mites but I don’t understand why allergies are acting up now.My doctor prescribed Flonase which helped a bit last night but now I find myself having a hard time breathing and my¬† sinus area between my eyebrows have gotten very red and itchy and I wanted to see if its there anyone else experiencing sinus issues and allergic type of reactions more so this time of the year ?


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I had 190 units of Xeomin(incobotulinumtoxinA) for neck spasms February the 8th 2013 and had the full blown reaction March the 2nd .My initial symptoms were breathing and swallowing difficulties ,muscle weakness all over but mostly on the left side,heart palpitations,blurry vision, dry mouth and sinuses, inability to sweat ,nausea ,dizziness ,chest rash and tightness and much more.The symptoms started getting a bit less intense after 6 months.What helps a little is daily walking ,cupping therapy and relaxation techniques.Had a bad relapse at 11 month which I eventually recovered to some extent and then another one at 30 months which I'm still struggling to get out off . English is my second language so I apologize in advance for misspellings.

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  1. Two years out and I’ve noticed an increase in allergy symptoms. More sensitive to foods, drugs and yes allergens. Anything that causes inflammation in the body is greatly exacerbated by the toxin exposure. So your experience does make sense to me

    1. Do you get short of breath when allergies are bad for you Sadeyelady ? That’s what scares me the most and also raises the anxiety .I bought a Neti Pot sinus rinse system and will give it a try hoping it will help wash out some allergen on the nose .I quit smoking (I know it’s stupid to smoke while dealing with all this crap ) and started using nicotine gum and that has helped a little least the sinus area on my face doesn’t look like I’ve been in a bar fight anymore .

      1. Hi. Shortness of breath has been an on and off symptom for me and yes, the allergic reaction tends to make that worse. Other symptoms are foggy-head and fatigue and sinus problems. I live in an area that is known for causing extreme allergy reactions from various pollens and again all has been exacerbated by the Botox. The neti pot should help some. I use a sinus rinse system called Hydro Pulse. Good luck!

        1. While the muscle problems were a bit better between year 2 and 3 I also experienced an increase of sensitivities and allergies and for months I had to go only on rice and chicken diet but eventually it got better and until a few weeks ago I could eat almost anything so hopefully it’s just a temporary phase for you as well .Thanks for sharing !

          1. These relapses are discouraging but it helps to remember the periods when it got better. Like you being able to eat anything! Hang onto that!

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