Admin Admin please respond

There are a lot of people from other support groups like Botox Dysport Support on Facebook  trying to join this group with no success , has something gone wrong?

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  1. The site is very difficult to navigate. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I imagine after six years the people who started it are no longer focused on maintaining it. Life goes on…

  2. I can serve as an admin for the purpose of approving people to the site if that would be helpful. I know that there are a lot of people waiting to be approved. I already maintain and admin 2 other groups along with battling various manifestations of my chronic illness, so I can’t take on full admin duties of monitoring daily conversations or serve in any technical purpose, but am happy to review the requests or remove people if notified. I am mostly bedbound on weekends so I can commit to clearing requests in the weekends. I no longer have Annette’s direct contact info so if someone can notify her or message me the info, I will contact her.

  3. Hi Guys… you are right. Sadly Annette and I have lost focus on the site :-(

    Annette has started a new job and does not have the time required to support the site any more. We are both passionate about the site and have been looking at options of maintaining in.

    The GREAT news is that we have found someone to help out !!! This is going to start any day now, so I expect that very soon we get up to date with all the approvals. Also we will be able to iron out any bugs on the site.

    We are really sorry for dropping the ball on this.. we have invested a significant amount of time and money into the site – and we still truly feel passionate about the site. I will continue to do all the technical support on the site and we will continue to cover all the costs of the site.

    Thanks for you patience, support and understanding !!

    Cameron & Annette

    1. Hi Cameron ,just wanted to thank you and your wife for creating and maintaing this page wich has been a tremendous source of support ,knowledge and encouragement throughout my journey and I’m sure will be to many others who have the bad luck of being affected by this illness .

    2. You by no means have drop the ball. You have maintained this for years with wanting nothing in return. I don’t know how to thank you! But…THANK YOU!
      I am happy that you are moving on from this and wish you and your family the best. Lots of love.

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