Admin Admin please respond

There are a lot of people from other support groups like Botox Dysport Support on Facebook  trying to join this group with no success , has something gone wrong?

3 thoughts on “Admin Admin please respond

  1. The site is very difficult to navigate. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I imagine after six years the people who started it are no longer focused on maintaining it. Life goes on…

  2. I can serve as an admin for the purpose of approving people to the site if that would be helpful. I know that there are a lot of people waiting to be approved. I already maintain and admin 2 other groups along with battling various manifestations of my chronic illness, so I can’t take on full admin duties of monitoring daily conversations or serve in any technical purpose, but am happy to review the requests or remove people if notified. I am mostly bedbound on weekends so I can commit to clearing requests in the weekends. I no longer have Annette’s direct contact info so if someone can notify her or message me the info, I will contact her.

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