32 months out massive relapse after acupuncture

Well once again Im on here writing this in case anybody else wants to read my posts. Oh boy this weeks been terrible. I have been so lucky in that my life is relatively normal. The only time I get relapses is when I go out partying too much and get no sleep. So ive been good and cut back on this and as long as i get sleep i’m fine. Jet lag used to make me bad also… I can honestly say i’ve been living a relatively normal life. Until I tried acupuncture and acupressure last week. I left feeling dizzy and basically… its brought back all my symptoms worse that ever before. Full of facial weirdness, blurry vision, tight throat, fullness of the ears, heavy weight on my head and shoulders, stiff neck, and feeling out of my body.  Its sad i’m back here. I must have been stimulated too much.

Writing this just as an outlet. Hopefully it’ll pass in a week like usual….

Did anybody else have a bad reaction to acupuncture / acupressure?

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3 thoughts on “32 months out massive relapse after acupuncture

  1. I tried acupuncturist when I first had the Botox nightmare. I felt exactly what you describe. It was awful. Acupuncture used to be my go to to feel better. Not after that! I think it stimulates too much Chi in the body for us to handle. I’m sure this episode will pass Don’t worry, it’s a relapse not a return to the beginning. Hang in there

    1. Thankyou honey. Im sat here, my heart rate was 92 earlier, ive spend the day in bed and the past two week in and out of this mess. My throat tigtness is driving me mad, swallowing is hard and my neck is stiff. I find comfort with you responding bc I live alone and im pretty sure my friend think im crazy. Im very alone. I havnt had a relapse like this ever, im sweating like a pig. And the anxiety – its terrible. My vision has gone… the whole lot. I feel as bad as I did 2.5 years ago when I had it.

      How long do relapses last? Im really trying to relax and im having time off work, but the slightest emotional flux within me and my symptoms seem worse. What is that? Its so weird.

      <3 much love my friend x

      1. First of all please take whatever medication you need to calm the cns down during this relapse. Don’t get all tangled up in worrying about taking it. When symptoms calm down you can taper off. Check out relapses on this board. It’s very common. Unfortunately. You are not returning to the beginning. Remind yourself of this. I find it useful to remember how I felt before. Just picture yourself before the acupuncture session. Remind yourself that that image is real. It shows you that these awful symptoms come… but they also go. One of the things that makes it all worse while in the grip of a relapse is, of course, fear. So a reminder that this too shall pass can’t hurt. I’ve had relapses that lady a few weeks and then subside. I’ve also had several days of a return to symptoms very bad and then they pass. Remember you were doing well. You will again.

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