3 1/2 Year Update

Hi all. I just wanted to post an update. I have continued to improve although I still suffer from some symptoms such as circulation issues, muscle weakness, and pressure headaches.  I was at Mayo to retest and my autonomic nervous system is functioning much better. I also had normal blood work for the first time in a long time. My iron and iron saturation levels were normal and so was my c reactive protein (which had been wacky for sometime). I still have to pace myself and I continue my  (routine), but I am doing better. Hang in there 😘

3 thoughts on “3 1/2 Year Update

  1. Thank you for an improved post. We need to read these. I am happy for you and for all of us who may also feel some relief. I’m disappointed by the lack of response on those site. What used to feel like a supportive on line community feels rather abandoned. At any rate, thank you for posting

    1. Luna, Thank you for the good news!! I am so happy to hear of your Improvements and I hope it continues! I too am improving ( since April 2014) but it’s still very slow. Like the rest of you, I cherish the small gains. :-)
      Sad Eyed, I agree and wish more folks would come back to the site. I understand it’s difficult to use and some have had trouble signing up… I was also under the understanding that Anne et al were trying to pass it on to another to take over. Managing and maintaining a site like this is a lot of work, so they may have run into some difficultly. I hope they are able to work it out.

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