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7 years after botox and still in very bad shape. Muscle weakness, inability to excerise, joints cracking and pain, neck weakness. At some point got tested for lyme disease which came positive but borderline and months of treatment with no results so I believe its all still from botox. Got emg of my nerves and it shows nerve damage around wrist, elbow, knee , neck so basically everywhere. So basically it seems like a permanent damage if I havent recovered after 7 years? I think muscle weakness pretty much progress which is normal with polineuropathies. Any reason to continue that suffering? There are medical terms and its hard to translate but its shows like its a nerve damage in endings of nerves, axons , slight demienlization , slower response of nerves. With that kind of nerve damage I suppose not much can be done. Sad thing I am bedridden for 7 years , 29 yo currently and still years to suffer with sll of that. Forgot to write that I have joint damages in my  arm area  with mri of it. Hello chgofit16 . I remember you and it seems like you also still suffer. One person was right. We mostly never get back to previous shape…

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  1. Omg, I think of you often. I am still suffering as well, but have been showing some improvement over the past year .
    Or I am learning to cope with it. Who knows? The less treatment I do ,of any kind ,the better off I am . Yes ,I am at 7+ years as well. You were one of my first contacts. Sorry to hear that you haven’t made more progress!

  2. Yes I am currently worse but I believe its a result of lyme treatment. Who knows maybe I have this and botox side effects? Lyme can produce botulism like toxins in body itself so nice combinations to be honest. I made a little progress in terms of lungs health and skin condition. But as you can see I have nerves damages throught body and my muscle gettin weak lately. I need to give up antibiotics ..they will lead me to death fook. Did you find anything that help you ? I can only recommend peptides injections tb-500 and bpc 157. They helped me with burning pain sensations. Peptides stuff look promising. I am currently researching igf-r3 peptide that shows nerve repair abilities with a dramatic fast pace. Peptides heal your body and works on many things. With botulism your body is very compromised so you need to guve them much more time but at this point I think you should consider using them. Injections…sounds scary but they derived from natural things occuring in our bodies not like toxic botox.

    1. I have too many Sensitivities to try any injections. I still can’t use soaps or shampoos, natural or otherwise. HBOT has helped me the most.
      I think if you stop some of your intense treatment you will feel better.
      The toxin moves around my body. So once it moves to a new area I get some relief, and new damage . It’s a now win situation. The symptoms aren’t as severe this past year.

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