Helpful diet suggestion ?

Hi Guys ,So looks like I am in the reactive state again and allergic to almost anything that I put in the stomach .Lower abdominal area is chronically swelled and makes the shortness of breath worse .Spicy foods and sugary ones seem to cause the most damage .Was wondering if any specific diet has been helpful to you cos all I am left with is the damn chicken and salmon .

Chronic Inflammatory Response


I find this very interesting and a connection to Botox Poisoning. After reading the above article, I think many of my symptoms relate to a Chronic Inflammatory Response. Although not from Mold, from Botox toxin. I am interested in getting tested for TH2 dominance (maybe Botox caused a shift in the immune system).

I’ve started all of the supplements listed in this article and will be starting HBOT. I am not reacting to every supplement anymore so I think I should be fine on them but I’m going slow.

Weight Gain after Weight Loss?

I am 9 months in and experiencing some body changes that are very hard for me. I recently even took my implants out which makes it harder. (dealing with this body change on top of body changes from Botox) I usually weigh around 108. I wake up every day at 4am to workout hard before work. At first directly after injections I lost weight. Went down to 104 without trying. Now I am gaining back more weight and my skin is cellulite like. Despite my hairloss, weird body pains, muscle stiffness, brain fog, food allergies, waxy facial skin, this is the hardest for me. My thyroid seems fine, but deficient in Iodine. Anyone else experience this and what helped? I am young, learning from my impulsive mistakes but also still trying to live my life normally. Please tell me this gets better.

Folate Gene Mutation, B12 and botulism/MCS

Hello friends

pennies are dropping everywhere for me about the severity of my renal AND OTHER reactions to food and chemicals since Botox. To have reactions that last 5 months at a time (first to a microscopic amount of alcohol, then again 6 months later to a microscopic amount of aspartame), just did not seem right. I am not exaggerating about the five months of renal (and other)  malfunction.

First general tip….lots of recent medical research has repeatedly suggested that HYDROXYCOBALAMIN (Which is Active B12 not the normal B12 vitamin supplement) IS OFTEN INVALUABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH MCS WHICH INCLUDES SOME OF US.  The reason is that apparently our nitric oxide function has gone into overdrive to protect us, however it also generates nasty free radical byproducts that enlarge our sickness, but  that active B12 evidently scavenges and neutralises.

Has anyone tried it?

I have not started it yet; just ordered it without additives, and plan to go up in microdoses. Will advise how I go in due course.

Secondly, there has been some talk on this forum previously about folate and the MTHFR gene defect. My GP told me that a mutation in the gene will cause sensitivities and particularly after Botox ….stupidly I did not believe him/follow up/get tested. Well 16 months later, I now have had the blood test, and I AM HOMOZYGOUS A1298C. This means that my folate enzyme works at maybe %30 efficiency or even less, producing precious little B9. This is a MAJOR DISCOVERY FOR ME IN BOTOX RECOVERY, AND GENERALLY.

Evidently between 40 and 50 percent of the population has at least one copy of a folate mutation….so 40 to 50 per cent of us in Botox land!?? Is my doctor right that having this folate deficiency could make Botox illness multiple times worse???? Soloist I have PMed you and want to chat about this…

Folate B9 is fundamental to mental health in particular, and ultimately every body function. There has been an explosion of medical and university studies on it in the last year. Treating such a deficiency  may not be the silver bullet for all diseases or toxic illnesses,  but it contributes strongly to many. I have been agog to read these medical journal articles and studies. It is almost too good to be true, but it looks credible to me. My illnesses all my life pre-Botox, coincidentally, are exactly what this A1298C mutation will cause. Big many times worse after the poison.  All the dots are connecting for me and my symptoms pre and post Botox. The family tree illnesses all fit exactly. I Just need to try the supplementation of the methyl folate B9  (replacement enzyme byproduct) and see if the hypothesis is correct. I am not sure but can’t help wanting to share this possibility in case anyone else can share experiences, or can look into it and benefit.

If you on this site were to test positively  for MTHFR heterogenous or homozygous,  then what this means is that maybe in Botox recovery, your nitric oxide function is impaired even more than non-carriers with poisoning/ MCS. Maybe just maybe , addressing any deficiency, might help with your recovery? There is loads on Google Scholar, Pubmed, and the net, if you google folate, or MTHFR.

I have also found a methylation specialist to supervise this B12 and B9 treatment. It may not work for me. I am afraid of taking micro drops and how sick I might get. It may not work. But I am so disfunctional that I have to try!




winter recipe – turmeric milk

just saw this, sounds interesting. you dont have to use regular milk you can use almond milk or whatever.

ive been able to get fresh turmeric root recently here, it looks like smaller, very orange ginger root..

my current favorite tea recipe is fresh lemonngrass, fresh ginger, whole cardamom, 2-3 cloves, piece of cinnamon, sometimes star anise, rose hips, licorice, turmeric root when i can get it. i simmer this for quite a few hours and often simmer it again, it gets very strong, i prefer it that way espeically for the ginger. i feel if it doenst taste like ginger snaps its not strong enough for me. stuff lilke rose hips i add after simering. but heres a recipe for turmeric milk, i havent tried this… of course spices are often anti inflammatory and some contain vitamins and other useful stuff, and can be good for circulation problems, and help regulate body temp and keep you warm when its cold out.. obviously, start slow with anything new you havent tried.



I know a lot of people can only really do smoothies and green juices and not a lot of meat – I have been looking into the AIP diet, and bought a cookbook. It recommended getting anti-inflammatory Omega 3 from canned salmon (organic of course). I picked up a few cans to have around & put in salads here and there, but then by chance came across this:

Apparently there have been THIRTEEN recalls of tuna and salmon since October. And a wide range of companies. I remember White Pony suggesting anyone on this site stay away from anything home-canned from the farmer’s market due to potential presence of botulism toxin, so I thought I would post this because it might be another potential source. I signed up for the FDA’s recall alerts a long time ago to stay on top of the pet food recalls but eventually kept an eye on all the human food recalls, too. Here’s where you can sign up for recall alerts by email:

Not to seem paranoid, but i know most of the people on this site need an encounter with botulism or salmonella like we need a kick in the eye. From what I have noticed a lot of the recalls don’t make it to big, mainstream news sources unless they kill dozens of people. So, just a precaution, it’s pretty shocking how adulterated a lot of our food is — and not just the industrial stuff, there are tons of organic brands on the FDA recall list as well.

Here’s to a calm & healing holiday weekend for everyone, I think about you all often & send lots of good energy out & hopes for healing as quickly as possible.

Is this Botox

Hi All,

I’ve been reading this site for some time now. But needed to make sure I had nothing else wrong before I gave it a chance to be Botox. (9 months in) I am in my early twenties and got “free” units for my first time ever from Allergan in forehead (did not even need it) I also got juvederm in lips at same time. I got the free units (in March) because Allergan gave them with my implants. Big mistake. I even went as far as removing my implants because I thought I was reacting to them. I’ve seen a handful of doctors, GI/GI parasitic doctor/infectious disease/neurologist appointment tomorrow.. I’ve accepted its Botox and just want to help manage my symptoms. Here are my symptoms:

  • Flu like symptoms 3 days after injections. Went surfing the 3rd day after injection and felt this could have spread the toxin. I was getting roughed around pretty bad. I also felt an electrical shock go through my body that day. I remember thinking wow that was weird.
  • Hair loss within week. Skin looked inflamed like it wasn’t getting circulation is the only way I can describe it. Felt like blood wasn’t flowing. Anyone else feel like they aren’t getting correct blood flow?
  • Pain in stomach and veins looking enlarged within weeks esp in my pelvis. Feeling like organs contracting in body. (still felt like blood wasn’t flowing right best way to describe it)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Brain Fog / Inflammation feeling. I remember telling my boyfriend it felt like my brain was suffocating.
  • Bloated stomach with food intolerances (thinking I have vagus nerve problems?)
  • Swollen all over (my whole body looks inflamed) I have a weight gain but I feel like its inflammation or water retention? My body has completely changed. Swollen face, stomach, legs, arms on top of loosing all my tight muscles in these areas they turned to fat and are now filled with fluid and have weird rashes. I notice goosebumps and chicken skin and weird textured skin. What can I do to improve this? It almost feels like my skin is not getting blood, or nerves aren’t working there. 
  • Skin looks “cellulitey”very weird dry texture all over. Is this a deficiency in Vitamine E or something? What helps? 

I do not have the intense brain fog anymore and fatigue has improved. I still have a low blood pressure, I’m deficient in Iodine and Iron and had no Boron detected in blood. I also had low amino acids which makes me think I’m having some sort of malabsorption issues. (although I did cut out eggs which I used to eat every morning before I became allergic.) I’m supplementing in the things I’m deficient in. My potassium and sodium levels have been normal so I don’t think thats what is causing my swollen fluid filled body. I’ve detoxed with Dr. Larissa and also do infrared sauna every other day.

I got a genova ion bacteria test and I was High in the Clostridium species family although I do not have c diff. Interesting? I’ve read some people take activated charcoal but Ive heard this makes it worse and pulls the toxins through your body?

Bone loss after botox???!!!!po=10.2151

I cant believe all this.. just cant believe I never did my own research before :(
what a world we live in now, why people do all this cruel things to each other, and what for? Money? This just make me so very sad..

I hope you guys keeping strong, I keep praying for all off us xx

Odd circular swelling in the centre of my forehead

Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help me.  For the past 13 years, I have had botox around my crows feet and my forehead.  I had my regular shot in September around my eyes and decided to leave my forehead because I noticed the effects did not appear to be wearing off.  However, my forehead has not returned to it’s pre-botox condition but instead I have developed a central circular type swelling (started of looking a bit like a slightly raised acorn shape but is more roundish now).  I went to my surgery nurse who said it was barely noticeable and she said not to worry.  I went to see the GP who said she could clearly see it but did not know what could be causing it but confirmed it was not a cyst or anything else she was concerned about but asked if I had had filler or botox in the area as she suspected it might be muscle weakening or something else related to the botox.  She advised me to go back to my botox practitioner which I did.  He too said he had not really seen anything like it and confirmed it was not  anything to worry about (he is also a GP) and even suggested that I rebotox the forehead to achieve an even look again – naturally I refused!!  It is absolutely no coincidence that this odd raised area has turned up on my forehead after not having my regular shot of botox.  What’s also incredible is that my forehead has not had any botox whatsoever now for 9 months and it still isn’t moving!!!  To be frank, no-one has said “what’s that on your forehead” or “have you bumped your head but it’s clearly a roundish circular odd looking raised area.  I have searched the whole of the network using different key words “lump on forehead” or “slight swelling on forehead” and many more but nothing comes up.  Nearly ALL the botox practitioners I have found who have responded to other people mentioning indents on their forehead area have all said “this cannot be due to the botox” and yet I have seen similar postings about it on here.  Has anyone else experienced this sort of odd raised bumpy forehead.  I have also noted that I do have it slightly on the left hand side of my forehead but it just looks so much more pronounced in the centre of my forehead.  Any advice would truly be appreciated.  I WILL NEVER USE BOTOX AGAIN THIS IS TRULY FREAKING ME OUT.

Botox is Toxic !

Hello everyone,

I am so happy I found this group. After I started feeling constantly dizzy and physically ill all over my body and so anxious after I got 25 units of Botox in October, finally I am not the only one so I am not crazy.  This was my 4th time getting Botox. The first 2 times had zero side effects. In May I had 20 units injected between my brows and started feeling dizzy about 4-5 days later. Went to a couple of different doctors and was told I have vertigo. I was prescribed some steroids and anti-dizzy pills. So about 5 weeks later the symptoms disappeared.  4 months later I made the mistake of getting more Botox, this time I got 25 units between my brows and a little bit for another tiny wrinkle on my forehead. Again after about 5 days the dizziness came back, but this time is constant like 24/7 and later weird pain and tingling sensation all over my body, plus a low grade fever. Also I have major anxiety now, heart racing and tightness in chest and difficulty breathing even from a little stress at work.  I feel best when sleeping or just watching tv laying on the couch. I also started taking activated charcoal and drinking a lot of water and it’s helping a little. I just feel like my life is on hold and I just want to feel normal again. I had a brain MRI done 1 week ago, everything was normal. Had a bunch of blood tests, all normal. Went to more doctors when I even mention Botox they think I am crazy. All say no no can’t be from Botox. When you go on the actual website you see all the side effects we have listed under rare. I even showed that to the doctor and still he is insisting it’s not Botox. He keeps telling me its stress. I know my body and I know it’s not stress and I am not crazy. I convinced the doctor to get an ANA blood test for autoimmune diseases. Because after googling I have a lot of those symptoms as well. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for the results. He also referred me to check my lungs and abdominal. He says if all is clear then it’s stress and he will prescribe me some anti-anxiety medication. But I am 99% sure it’s from Botox , especially reading all the stories on here. All the symptoms we are experiencing are the same. Never again will I ever put that toxin in my body. Now I am looking for non- toxic ways to help me with forehead wrinkles.


I have been trying the pyridostigmine and feel it is helping with the muscle weakness. I was hoping Luna and anyone else who has used it could come back and tell us how it is going. Have there been any side effects from it and are you still taking it? If you have severe muscle weakness it seems it is worth trying, but I am worried about long term effects.

Help! Lips burning?? Is this Botox??

anybody out there have issues with thier lips after Dysport or Botox?

I had my lips filled in Dec 2014. Then Dysport in June 2015. Six months apart. I have never had any unusual symptoms after the lip filler – healed fine, wasn’t sore at all & looks great. Now after the Dysport, my lips seem more sensitive… But never persistent pain like now. It’s been about 4/5 days gradually getting worse. They sting, burn,  feel sensitive, and are causing me anxiety.

im 5 months out.

Is this Botox related? Anybody else had strange feelings in thier lips like me? I’d appreciate some feedback please as its starting to worry me.


Thankyou ou in advance

Got dysport shot in June…big mistake!!

long post ahead!! I decided to get dysport because I was so annoyed with the “11’s” area, I was constantly scrunching my brows together and I could not get that area to relax. I did not like looking angry all the time. I think looking at my phone screen for many hours a day contributed to it. I looked at before and after pictures of botox/dysport and was sold, although I did understand that there was a very slight risk of complications. Because I am a person who tends to be hypochondriac, I chose not to do in depth research or searches on it, because I figured since so many people get it, the risks must be very very small, and I didn’t want to freak myself out. Even my little three year old niece has been receiving shots of botox to her ankle muscles every few month to allow her to walk (she could not walk otherwise).


Around the end of June I received my first shots- I’m not sure how many units- to the 11’s area and on the sides of my eyebrows for a “lift”. I went to a reputable dermatologist office, and was a bit surprised that the dermatologist was not the person who did the injections, but a nice younger lady who assured me that i would love the results. I was surprised with how quick and painless it was. When i went to the counter after to pay, I got a very brief spell of strange dizziness. I brushed off the dizziness, thinking maybe it was because i barely got enough sleep the night before.


I didn’t experience any negative effects right away, except the next two days I had a weird sort of headache and heaviness feeling in my brow area (which I knew to expect so I wasn’t concerned).


I was very pleased with the results of it, it started to work the next day and it was such a relief to not be constantly scrunching my brows. I was a believer! I looked better and felt better.


Two weeks later, when I returned to the office for a checkup, I asked to get a small amount of dysport in my forehead lines. I think she gave me 10 units total. Every prick seemed fine, except the last one, which was on the far side closer to my hairline- it hurt!!!  Once again, when I got up to pay and was standing at the reception counter, I got the same exact kind of dizziness like I had two weeks before.

After the appointment I was walking around Costco and the dizziness kept returning, and I felt very strange and anxious. I cut my costco trip short and began my ride home. I listen to language learning programs when driving, to practice hindi, and I noticed that the words felt very weird coming out of my mouth, if that makes sense. I felt like i had to overly exaggerate and enunciate the words in order to speak them correctly. This is not something I experienced before and was a bit worried, but brushed it off.


It is my suspicion that the last injection that I received got into my bloodstream. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing the tiny marks where I was injected, and the one that hurt  was literally right on top of a big vein!

After a few days, I started getting very weird symptoms, starting with insomnia. I would be extremely drowsy and tired (unlike me) at around 10pm, and fall asleep hard for a few hours, and then wake up just feeling “Weird” , strangely disconnected from my body, and not able to go back to sleep. One night, I felt a strange heaviness in my arms. Like they were made of lead and were sinking down into the bed, trying to pull the rest of my body with them. It was really creepy!


Then, soon after,  possibly the worst part hit me- the derealization. It crept on slowly until I realized, “holy shit….this is not normal”. I felt like I was floating through life, watching myself and the world through a dirty lense, with a sense of detachment. I felt very socially awkward and was not able to keep a normal conversation going with anyone. Then, I experienced a weak feeling in the entirety of my left leg. It made me extra clumsy when walking and i started tripping and losing my balance easily. I got many other symptoms: dizziness, zero appetite, fever, nausea, pains in my head and neck, a heaviness in my forehead, extreme extreme anxiety and panic attacks, depression, stomach cramps, inability to eat (i would take a bite of something and want to barf immediately). I also got feelings of numbness in my scalp/forehead, and my coordination was a bit off. I noticed, trying to apply eyeliner with my right hand, that I was a bit off and my whole hand and arm just felt “weird” and distant, like they didn’t belong to me. i had never experienced anything like that before. The dizziness i felt became near constant when walking…I never fell over or passed out (although it felt very close to), but the dizziness would just not go away. It was a vertigo kind of dizziness, it felt like the world was spinning around me.


I had been planning on doing a solo-travel stint in the philippines for a long time, and my flight was coming up. I still felt very bad. I was getting scared about what I was experiencing and finally found this forum and read through all of the posts. Holy moly, I wish I had read through here before I  got the shots. I felt very hopeless, wondering if maybe I had just permanently ruined my health and wondering if I would ever get better. Not to mention, whatever had happened on the last injections, one of my eyes looked smaller than the other (I think from the forehead dropping) and I looked worse than had I never gotten it at all!


I thought hard about canceling my trip to the Philippines, but due to a stubborness and not wanting to lose my ticket money, I decided to go (even though I felt trepidation about it even driving to the airport). A part of me was still questioning if I really was experiencing side effects from the dysport, or if I was just having the worst case of anxiety I’ve ever experienced. It turned out to be a really bad idea.

Even just on the short ten hour flight there, my symptoms worsened. I started sweating profusely and had a fever and nausea. My heart was very irregular and fast. To make a long story short, I was only in the philippines a few short (and miserable) days before I decided there was no way I could travel alone under the circumstances. I booked an expensive last minute flight back home, feeling utterly hopeless, defeated, and depressed. I had been planning this trip for half a year.


I got home (barely) in one piece. My boyfriend was kind enough to meet me in honolulu before the last leg of my flight home to the Big Island.

With prodding from both my mom and boyfriend, I went to the ER, which as I’m sure you all know, was completely useless for my situation. They treated me like I was crazy, and also with a sort of contempt for coming in complaining about a cosmetic botox shot. They told me I was just having anxiety.


Ummm, no. I know I have had some mild anxiety at times, but it was nothing like this. I had never felt so awful in my life. The dizziness had not let up, the derealization was still there. i felt like it was harder to breathe, like it took more effort. I felt so much shame, for thinking that I had done this to myself. I thought I ruined my life and my health.


…..It’ been over two months since the last dysport treatment, and I’m very grateful to say that i feel almost back to normal. The extreme symptoms let up about a week after I returned from the failed philipinnes trip. Luckily, during this time I had no obligations so I was able to focus completely on healing. I had stopped eating pretty much for over a week, but my appetite slowly returned, and the dizzines slowly faded until it was gone completely. I just laid around all day, took as many naps as possible and long baths. I tried to focus on the positive, and decided to say to myself often “i’m grateful for my healing” and to visualize my body healing itself. I think it helped, or, at least made me feel better about the situation.


Shortly thereafter the derealization let up and I was able to take care of some responsibilities I had been putting off (before then, even responding to an email was a huge struggle because I couldnt concentrate on reality).


Two weeks after the worst symptoms faded, I did experience something else very uncomfortable and alarming.  Suddenly, my heart beat lept up to around 120 bpm, and stayed up there  (and over, sometimes jumpin to 150 bpm)  over ten days straight, all day and night. I took a mega dose of magnesium powder, and just as quickly as it came on, it left.


The past week, I have experienced a bit of a headache and a strange feeling around my eyes. I’m thinking it might be related to the nerves regrowing, and I notice that i am now able to scrunch my brow a bit and move some of the muscles that were previously frozen. I also have been feeling a bit depressed, my emotions feelings very “flat”.


Anyway, needless to say, I am very upset about the whole situation. I am extremely grateful that I seem to be one of the lucky ones, and I wouldn’t wish what happened on anyone. It  truly was the most dark, hopeless time of my life (and I’ve definitely had my share of hard times before). I am aware of the possibility of experiencing some relapses….but I”ll keep my fingers crossed and hope I stay feeling mostly healthy. I can’t believe that this drug (both botox and dysport) is so casually used!!! And I feel bad for my little niece who is regularly injected with botox..I hope and pray that nothing happens to her from it. Thank you for letting me share my story.


I thought i was off the hook, but around four months after the injections, I am feeling weird again. I have almost full muscle capacity back to my forehead/frown lines, but every day i feel pain and weird tingling in my face (especially tingling in my lips!). I keep getting this weird feeling of uncomfortable swelling/burning/tingling in my spine up into my head- it feels like my brain is inflamed (? ) and even into my teeth? ..hard to describe because i’ve never experienced something like this. I get very very drowsy at night. My arms feel pretty weak sometimes that even holding my phone up, they will shake a little bit. I’ve had depression and very bad fatigue. Very bad brain fog at times, i find myself mixing up words or forgetting what i’m saying.. its so frustrating. I also have been noticing pains under my ribcage…like where my liver is. I remember one morning after i got injected i experienced the same pain and it confused me. Would the dysport affect my liver?? Has anyone taken antidepressants while recovering? I am really bummed I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything ..I’m usually always excited about my future and making travel plans, etc, but now nothing is giving me any good feelings. The only thing I find comfort in is going for walks every day.

I feel like I have majorly messed up my health!!! :(

2D ultrasound and ultrasound elastography to see muscles abnormality

Botulinum toxin type A manages spasticity disorders in neurological central diseases. Some studies have reported that it might induce muscle changes.

We present a literature review abiding by the PRISMA statement guidelines. The purpose was to explore the structural and passive biomechanical muscle properties after botulinum toxin type A injections in healthy and spastic limb muscles, on animals and humans, as well as methods for evaluating these properties. We searched the PubMed and Cochrane Library databases using the following keywords: “Botulinum toxin” AND (“muscle structure” OR “muscle atrophy”) and, “Botulinum toxin” AND “muscle elasticity”.

From the 228 initially identified articles, 21 articles were included. Histological analyses were performed, especially on animals. A neurogenic atrophy systematically occurred. In humans, one year after a single injection, the histological recovery remained incomplete. Furthermore, 2D ultrasound analyses showed a reduction of the gastrocnemius thickness and pennation angle. MRI volumetric analysis evidenced muscular atrophy six months or one year after a single injection. Passive muscle stiffness depends on these structural changes. On the short term, the biomechanical analysis showed an elastic modulus increase in animals whereas no change was recorded in humans. On the short term, ultrasound elastography imaging showed a decreased elastic modulus.

To date, few data are available, but all show a structural and mechanical muscle impact post injections, specifically muscle atrophy which can linger over time. Further studies are necessary to validate this element, and the possibility of change must be taken into account particularly with repeated injections. Thus, in clinical practice, 2D ultrasound and ultrasound elastography are two non-invasive techniques that will help physicians to develop an efficient long term monitoring.