SSRI and Drug Update

I’m now going on two years and in some ways my life and symptoms have improved. As to whether that’s the product of medication, time or both, or neither, is still unclear. The bottom line is I am what I am right now and I’m doing my best with whatever means necessary to live to… Read More »

Anyone else had stroke like symptoms?

Hi I have posted before, but I specifically wanted to ask K if anyone had stroke like symptoms? I had my injections in my spine, neck and shoulders for chronic pain and migraines. I am now back in my wheelchair and more or less bed bound because of these stupid injections. When I was ‘ignoring’… Read More »

In emergency room 14 month after last injection

Hi, guys… I don’t post a lot , because things have being pretty much the same … I was trying to get used to all the crazy symptoms I am constantly having and just try to live to my best ability now… In hope that it will get better with time…  Couple days ago I… Read More »


Hi all! Happy Easter!!!!! I hope your all having a great weekend with your loved ones:) so my stomach and breathing have been ok the past 4 days but all of sudden out of no where…I’m not sleeping! Like, at all!!! I’ve always been a great sleeper! crazy thing is I’m just not tired?  I… Read More »

10 months post injections

It has been 10 months since my last round of botox and restalyne injections and since my initial post here.  Throughout this time I have tried to make a pattern on the various symptoms that come/go, but there is no pattern.  I’ve been to every specialist out there — most recently a top neurologist at… Read More »

Finally…a celebrity speaks!

Debbie Gibson Is Battling Lyme Disease By STEVE HELLING 04/18/2014 at 12:35 PM EDT   Debbie Gibson in March 2013 When Debbie Gibson flew to Chile for two sold-out shows, she had a great idea: she would share concert photos and videos on her blog, thinking it was the best way to interact with her fans…. Read More »

Found some relief…

I had 20 units of Botox injected in my forehead (my 11′s) about 8 weeks ago.  I have been suffering with MAJOR sinus issues since then.  I have NEVER had sinus issues like this in  my life.  I have experienced minor seasonal allergies, but nothing compares to this. My sinuses swell shut and I can… Read More »

Hit nerves or catastrophic side effects?

Hi everyone I am new here. I really need your help. I have a long, chronic pain/fibromyalgia/ lyme story which began with bells PPalsy aged 20, fibro and depression at 25 brought under control with tryclic drug aged 29, 7 years of work, social life and gym and 80% better until age 35, whereupon I… Read More »

Still Dizzy

Well I am 4.5 months now post Botox and still Dizzy. I had a few better days and felt optimistic but then it returns. It seems a lot of others have posted that the dizziness does go away but is it normally take this long??   I was  hoping it would be gone by now…. Read More »

Heat Intolerance

Hi Guys I been looking forward for the warm weather but looks like this spring is not gonna be as much fun as i thought it would.Today we had temp on the 70s and I been feeling like fainting all day mixed with lung weakness.I am at the 14 month point and I really thought… Read More »

Botox Affects Other Muscles

Interesting Article: According to an investigation published in the January issue ofAnesthesia & Analgesia, official journal of the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS), researchers have discovered that injecting Botox (botulinum neurotoxin type A) affects muscles other than those it’s injected into. The study, led by Dr Christiane G. Frick of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, demonstrates… Read More »

Muscle Weakness

Hello, I am new to the site. I had 20 units of botox in my forehead and some fillers in my jowl area 5 weeks ago.  2 days after the injections I noticed by eyebrows had dropped and I now have very saggy eyelids and my eyes feel heavy and tired all the time, due… Read More »

awful stomach

Well so far all blood work came back good –even though high RA the more specific test for rheumatoid came back negative–i think the joint pain is improving but some days im not sure–its really bad in the morning–im sure i can live with it if i have to, ill just take advil however my… Read More »

My special day!!!

Hi All! I wanted to post this to bring some light to all of your days!  Today is my birthday and I’m in Vegas with my hubby!!!  I’ve spent the past two days at the spa….full body massages with stomach massage, facial, steam room, whrilpool….amazing!  I feel wonderful today after two days of pampering.  The… Read More »

My wife could use your help

Hi, all. My wife had a migraine protocol done on March 20th… 200 units in her traps and areas around the face and base of skull. About a week later, she began feeling weakness in her shoulders and arms, which she figured was the Botox kicking in. The symptoms have gotten a lot worse and… Read More »

strong burning sensation in the head and something like cloud or fog in head

Hi all, Is there somebody whose strong burning sensation in the head and something like cloud or fog in head was left? So it means the head is clear again like before first botox? I feel so hard burning sensation. It is the worst symthom of mine. I have read all of us felt this feeling,… Read More »