Hello dear all,

fIRST  of all I want to tell you that English is not my mother language and I use a computer to transalate words and phrases that I do not know how to pronoumce…

I wish I could tell you in my own language but I will give you the key workds so you can find it and understand all english speaking people.

Like y ou I was neurologically injured and lost all my money in all kind of doctors , naturopahts and supplemetnss and one day while I pray God for help because I was at my end with nerve pain I heard the word Genensis in Mass. so I came home and typoe in Google GENEs . there came a workd I had not research…. and right a way came some doctors and tests…


From Spain is very difficult for me to do the testing in the USA but I manage to do the 23 and me and then started studying the word METHYLATION, whcih at this day I dont know the translation in my language….

There is where I found my angel Dr. Amy  you can download your results there for free.


i started in the chat group talking to the moderators fro free.. and then did my first Hair mineral test to find thta Ii was full of Mercury…( maybe botox has it as excip8ient?? i don,t know and thta my lithium was almost inexistent. so what th program claims that is useless to take huge amounts of b12 if your lithium is not in balance before adding the correct tuype of b12 depending on your genetics which turns to me is adenosyl b12 and not the methy b12 I was taking.


Dr. Amy has a lot of free ifnormation that I do not understand because of the languag e but I am sure all english spoken will understand.


It turns out I have a CBSC699t mutation and can have issues with sulfur. I was taking huge amounts of cilantro and chorella anad ALA following the directions of a naturopath  which probably was not good for ME.  MAYBE good for someone else.


thne I did the Urine test , and then the CSA and GI test and Dr. Amy checkes everything with the genetics and she writes down what supplements and some comments….specifically for every person and we are all different I have h pylori and I am asymptomatic which in turn as I have read in her program steals the b12 …  so right now I am following her  h pylori protocol natural supplemetntaion and I iam very eager to see what happens in the next 4 months… I do not dare to take antibiotics… now I do not dare to take anything….. chemical…


I wish I could have more moeny to do some tests but I donm,t have… i have not been working all these years…


I have recently made my 3rd mineral hair test and my mercury is much better and the lithium too . My muscle spams are gone the twitches also…. the nerve pain is there but I am sure is the last peel of the onion…


I am one year and a half in the program and I have waited this long to post because I have had relapses before with orhter programs and did not want to bring false expectations… but I can feel every week that I feel a steady improvement and recovery. My mood is much better . I have some anxiety but my panic attacks are goone and I think it has to do with the Lithium Orotate  whcich in my JHair Mineral test was inexistent.(thank,s God it was not caught in Customes)


I feel the better I have in all these years since those injections in 2013,  and the key thing is I think everyone genetics and the underlyuing infections or what ever that the toxin has done to our body.


Please it takes hours to get this post becasue of the transalation and I am sure I can not  answer any og thte questions you ask . check the web and ask the moderators for free..  I wish I could but I can,t


at first I wa svery suspicious of ANOTHER PROGRAM….  and mostly because Dr. Amy is very interested in autism but she wrote me a comment in my test that the toxin begaves like the injur of the tetanus toxin and gave me not es in my genetics and resutls of the tests I did.

so I think that any supplemtn is not good for everybody and this is what is working for me. right now.


I was scared in the beggining , i wrote in the chat group and told her with my first test what happened and I am the only one she has treated I think. I have begged her in my last test that althought she is in the autism word to please invvestigate the botulinium toxin injury and she wrote she would take it into account in her research. I am the first one , maybe we have something in common in our genetic mutations..?? I do not know….

If you see my posts in the chat group of Dr. Amy  from one and a half year ago under the name of gospel you will see my trayectory and my path to better recovery , Maybe those englisth translations can help you with the symtoms that most of us have…

I think they all know me in the blog because I am the only one with this probolem and that I am from Spain,. Now I do not take any supplement. I take it for my genetics and the results of the tests and the directrices of the program



I pray God that this will work for all of us….


Very good news for botulism sufferers

this was sent from moderator of the Facebook Botox/dysport group.

I hope this message provides hope to all.

We already know botox isn’t made for everyone – I don’t think we need anymore reminders of that .  Hope we can continue to move forward and post proactive posts.


Btw my own two cents is its botulism in some then it can activate fungal like infections and damage already comprised immune systems in others. Obviously both outcomes act on immune system /CNS . So basically test for underlying active infections especially high Epstein bar .

Gallbladder surgery – please help

Hope everyone is doing ok. I am posting this for another botox victim who has been trying to get on the site but has been unable to register. She is about 7 months out and has been told her gallbladder is not functioning and needs to come out. She’s permitting me to post for her and share info with you in hopes that someone has advice. Symptoms started just after botox. Diarrhea and total loss of appetite. She had an abdominal CT early on which was normal as well as all labs. The symptoms have been going on and off for almost 8 months. She recently had an abdominal ultrasound which was also normal so doc had her do a hida scan which showed her EF at 17%. Diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia.

Of course she is afraid to have the surgery and anesthesia. If anyone has dealt with this and can give advice, it’s so appreciated. This one is urgent as her surgery is scheduled for next week.

Thanks to all.


6 years after Azzulare

Havent been here 4 ages. But in my daily prayers have supported everyone. For the last 1.5 year I felt quite good.I happily gave birth to my son and thought that toxin left my body forever.Unfortunately I got a terrible relapse past weekend( was on antybiotic).Feeling the same as at the beginning.Cant stop crying.How IT is possible?Thinking of everybody suffering.

Docter said my case was one in 100 million

in 2000 I was shot in the temple with botox.  It felt wired and numb at the time.  It paralyzed my face for life.  I’s horrifying and it weakend my entire core.  It’s created a unbalance in my neck and that is felt down to my toes.

I want to sue this fuckers!


Im finally dealing with this, MIR net week,  I want to take these bastards down!


I know one executive for Allergan, she lives in a a huge home, she’s a horrible person


I have the courage to take on the pigs!


these greedy punks are going down!



Botox Kills Sex Drive – Your comments??

After 25 years, a “beauty therapist” in the U.K. notices a strong correlation between Botox users and a diminished sex drive and even a lack of love or emotional capacity.

She assumes it is the result of not being able to smile because she doesn’t understand the damage to the nervous system after botulinum  toxin poisoning or the long-term damage to the muscles or the interruption of acetylcholine, which remains compromised to various degrees indefinitely in some cases. As you all realize, not even physicians understand the long-term damage of botulism and partial recovery!

So I would like to hear candid comments from the Botox Support Community as to your experiences, both male and female.

Three Year Update

Hi All, I just wanted to post a quick update. I wish I could say I am recovered, but just not there yet. However, I am much improved. I was a wreck, and like many of you, feared for my life. I was lucky enough to end up at Mayo Clinic where I was able to receive incredible care (even though they would not admit my illness was from botox). I have had to battle every day to rebuild my body. It’s been really hard, but I have seen improvement with time and care. Hang in there! Wishing you well.

Body under constant attack..

Hello  everyone,

Not long ago my adrenals were fine still and since last months I start having more weakness, breathing , circulation more issues, head exploding inside and the back of head, veins swelling especially in the afternoon and by eveining I barely stand on my legs with swollen belly, legs, hands , generally very ill and weak. In the morning I wake up with overactive nervous system , stiffness and after 15-20 mins I get weaker and weaker.  Head ache is worse than ever including my eyes.

I also get very emotional and down, I wanna cry for no reason.

About 2 months ago I had blood tests done by immunologist including cortisol  which showed very low level ,  my dr decided to do Short Synacthen test for me and it showed that my adrenal cortex doesnt produce cortisol enough which means that might be another autoimmune reaction. In the last 2 years I have been diagnosed with ANTI TPO ( started with 300 and by now is >1300 , )  IA2 – antibodies ( double high) and now possibly Addison’s disease..

I can feel my body deteriorate and  it’s just too damn much for one person to handle it all like surviving bad Botulism was not enough..

My immunologist seems to be very caring and as the only one tries to help and doesn’t deny it is all from poisoning , he actually says IT IS from poisoning but he can’t  kick this toxin out of my system anyhow. He decided to give me short course of Prednisone for about 4 weeks to see if I will have any improvement , I was trying to avoid it for long but I guess this is my only option right now since it gets so much worse.

Could you please let me know if any of you been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases or reactions after this evil poison?  Adrenal  insufficiency maybe? I’m so afraid to take prednisone but I guess I have no choice anymore, if somone is on steroids ( I’m sorry I can’t remember who was) could you please let me know if it helps or cause any more trouble..

It’s very hard  to stay positive now and keep thinking  that time is my friend..






Getting tests done by LLMD/MTHFR

I have a long complicated story but essentially was feeling “better” with the help of valproic acid and lorazepam . I hit a tolerance and had to come off of the lorazepam after several years and all of my symptoms plus many others came back.

I had about ten different tests run last week looking at toxicities, mold, lymes,  autoimmunity, and inflammation. I will be happy to share results when I get them.

Prior to botox I had a terrible time getting off of ativan and with general anesthesia in the past. I found out I had a specific type of the MTHFR gene mutation the 667t or c I believe, which means I have trouble with methylation. This translates into me being a terrible detoxifier. My body has an incredibly hard time breaking down toxins and eliminating them. This MTHRF gene is said to be the smoking gun behind why some people get sick from mold and others don’t or why some people smell perfume and get sick and others are fine. Inflammation is what ultimately results from not being about to properly deal with these environmental toxins/neurotoxins.

I will update this post when I can with any info that I find might be helpful as I get these test results. I want to encourage you to get the MTHFR test. Supposedly taking methylated versions of all vitamins especially methyl folic acid is essential. I really think we need to be looking at why some people get so sick from benzos or botox, chemical sensitivities and the inflammatory response etc. There is a reason beyond just being unlucky as to why our bodies reacted the way it did. And in no way-I repeat- NO WAY does that take the blame off of companies like allergan who know certain people should stay the hell away from this crap. If they were to say “chances are you’ll be fine” that woudn’t sell tons on their product. Very upsetting the info they hide.

Allergies acting up again

The breathing problems are back in the last few weeks and and I feel very weak and anxious .I have done allergy testing last year and only showed allergic to mold and dust mites but I don’t understand why allergies are acting up now.My doctor prescribed Flonase which helped a bit last night but now I find myself having a hard time breathing and my  sinus area between my eyebrows have gotten very red and itchy and I wanted to see if its there anyone else experiencing sinus issues and allergic type of reactions more so this time of the year ?

buona sera

sono quasi 4 anni che soffro per tutti i disturbi causati dal botox.

Ho bisogno di un consiglio.

qualcuno dopo la disgrazia del botulino ha provato a fare trattamenti al viso con vitamine o acido ialuronico con la tecnica del picotage?

sono spaventata per paura di reazioni allergiche.

qualcuno ha fatto esperienze del genere?




Da 4 anni soffro per tutti i disturbi causati da una iniezione di botox per uso estetico.

Ma qualcuno di voi ha vinto la causa legale contro il medico o la casa farmaceutica?

Se si con quali analisi o mezzi per dimostrare il danno subito?

Questa disgrazia del botox mi ha sconvolto la vita.

Vorrei cercare una strada per chiedere un risarcimento .

Qualcuno mi può dire come fare?


A possibly helpful supplement: citricoline

Hi All,

It seems like there’s not a ton of activity here anymore, though I do check back a lot. I found something that might possibly be helpful and wanted to share, though, in case there are still people checking this board.

First: I am more than 24 months out (I was injected in January of 2015) and, I think, mostly recovered, though I still have lingering issues. For a year or two I had excruciating joint and stomach pain. I also developed high levels of anxiety. At first it was unrelenting, now it seems like it just presents in certain situations. For instance, I have a really, really hard time flying. (I take the train when I go out west to see my family now.) I also developed some OCD symptoms which may have been latent but are really annoyingly full-blown now. Half the time after I cook dinner I worry I will get food poisoning, and I am especially afraid of fish because it often harbors botulism. Lots of pretty irrational fears, which I did not have pre-Botox. No way to prove it’s connected but hey, I’d bet money on it…

My depression has also worsened – I was really proud to have been off meds of any kind for 10+ years, and now seeing a psychiatrist and trying to figure out what to take for anxiety & depression. He thinks I’m crazy, I’m pretty sure. I tried to explain the Botox and why I am so afraid of medication but as you all know, that often doesn’t go over well. : ) I had a really discouraging visit with him on Monday – I filled my wellbutrin Rx, but asked for the non-time-release stuff because for whatever reason, those are the meds that always seem to kick my butt.

Doing research into Wellbutrin, I realized my intuitive fear of it was actually founded – it’s anticholinergic. Actually I read that any med with “anti” in the title (including antibiotics) are anticholinergic, too, which explains a lot.

I remember Anne had a great thread about cholinergic supplements a few years back, so people might want to refer back to that. I tried Huperzine A and had a really bad reaction to it, and still have a mostly full (probably expired) bottle. But, in hopes of feeling better I re-Googled cholingerics and discovered citricoline, which apparently has a very low toxicity level, raises dopamine levels, clears your head out, increases blood flow, and boosts choline, which might help a lot of us. I did a search for it on the site and didn’t find it, so thought I’d post about it. I ordered a bottle from Vitacost so I’ll try it and see if it helps, and if so let you know what happens. I know a lot of us have unpredictable reactions to supplements and meds, but wanted to put it out there in case anyone wanted to try it. Hope everyone is on the up and up – happy (almost) spring!