Has anyone tried Ayahuasca?

I am 13 months in and am having a bad flare up at the moment. My  relapses usually last about 5 days to a week but this one is over 4 weeks now . It always starts with bad anxiety and then as the anxiety subsides all the eye, ear and brain and nerve symptoms kick in. I have  tried almost every supplement and vitamin  known to mankind to rid my body and brain of this toxin . Besides Sxeletium Seraphos and Picamilon  which I take for the anxiety nothing else seems to help  and I am very sensitive to most pharmaceutical drugs. Benzos for instance do not work at all on me . Many pharmacetical SSRI.s for instance only work on about 70 percent of people so the rest of us need to find alternatives.  I have recently tried cannabis oil but it does not help either. I have decided that I might try Ayahuasca. It is an ancient South American potion that has been used as a powerful healing substance for thousands of years  and there is now renewed interests in its amazing healing properties.  It  has been successfully  used to treat psychological/emotional issues   such as ptsd, depression and anxiety but there is now some fairly concrete evidence that it seems to have had some good results on  many physiological  issues. The Ayahuasca is administered in a controlled environment by experienced practitioners  and is relatively safe when proper diet and pre-preparation has taken place .  As botox poisoning affects the mind body and soul  I think there would surely be some benefit in this treatment. I am researching on how the  Ayahuasca may react with the botox  itself but not much is available on the subject. I am going to contact some clinics abroad to discuss this with people who may have some idea.  Ayahuasca is illegal here in the UK but legal in many other countries  which have  these clinics. . At this point legal means nothing to me  as botox is legal and is deadly so my mindset has changed drastically as to who one can trust.  Pharmaceutical company pressure probably got Ayahuasca  banned in more corrupt countries like the UK and US  where lobbyists grease politicians palms handsomely.  It works and cant be patented…shock horror. Sorry to rant but I hate the fact that much research is blocked by big pharma scared of losing profits. I work in mental health so am very aware of what goes on as far as banning of substances that cannot be patented are concerned. Oh well I will update when I find out more. I am at the point now where I will try anything to get rid of this hideous poison I have mistakingly put in my body over and over again .


now i can’t cry…

Last week I posted  about small fiber neuropathy after xeiomin injections three months ago. A week ago I realized that when I cried (over this and my old life being gone) no tears come out. I am going to the eye dr. today, I tested negative for Sjogren’s and my eyes are not dry, but my gland doesn’t seem interested. I am so terrified that this is also the Botox and that the damage is spreading to other areas of my body. I have an appointment with an endocronologist in September but I am so frightened that I have killed myself. I went to a new Dr.. who is very well known but he was very aggressive with treatment. I look great, but I am afraid I am slowly and painfully dying. Can anyone please console me? I am having very very bad thoughts. Will this ever end or is this just the beginning? I can’t live this way, always afraid, always in pain, scared of the next problem. I am now on lyrica, which helps a little and Ativan for anxiety. I am so ashamed and wish I had a time machine so I could slap myself. I was happy with the way I looked before and never should have gone to someone new. I had a bad feeling when I walked in and I did it anyway.

Bones, Muscles and Fat
Klaudia007, will you tell is more a out the Polish lady and what has happened to her bones, muscles and fat? I tried to respond to your post but it didn’t work. Thank you, Klaudia007.

This is a horror

I received botox injections on december 1, 2014 and my life has not been the same since.

In first year I didnt get much help from polish doctors. Despite the fact I had result from my blood test (toxin was found in my bloodstream 7months after injection) they lied to me that Im completely healthy person and I have mental problems! I was treated like piece of trash!

In second year I got the medical documentation which confirmed my symptoms and showed that all my neurological issues are connected with botox intoxication.

Now i was diagnosed with polineuropathy, muscle and fat atrophy and also brain damage (demyelination).

My face and head are sunken and small, my body has also been affected. My cheeks dropped, I got sunken temples, my nose got smaller, my eyes were smaller, even my forehead is flat now. The sides of my forehead and head are totally sunken. ALL OF THE FAT IS GONE FROM MY FACE.

NOW im making more testing to check for autoimmune disorders. I also have many neurological symptoms like dry eyes, head pain, muscle weakness etc. Im worried that I have fat necrosis.

As you can see Im totally destroyed. I think I will put here some pictures of my “new face”, but believe me I LOOK DRASTIC NOW, LIKE I HAVE ANOREXIA OR SOMETHING. My polish neurologist told me that there is a risk that I WILL DIE FROM SERIOUS BOTOX SIDE EFFECTS. IM ONLY 31.

I found 53 old woman from Poland. She is 7 years after injections now and had similar symptoms to my in HER 2nd year. SIMILAR TO MY SYMPTOMS AND VERY UGLY (VERY UGLY I LOVE YOU;)).  SHE FEELS MUCH WORSE NOW!!

Her body and face didnt back to normal. The toxin destroyed even her bones!!

Its a horror.

No reports done by anyone to Allergan?

Hi everyone, I had an injection 4 months ago and my life was turned about upside down, 3 days after major stuff started: chronic insomnia(going from sleeping 9 hours a night), heart palps/racing, anxiety/panic attacks (never had them in my life), muscle twitches and lots of other symptoms.

When I reported this to the clinic that did the Botox injection they have filed a report with Allergan around this around my main symptoms – but said there are NO reports with the same symptoms as me reported with Allergan?? I keep reading most of you have reported this, so why wouldn’t they have reports around insomnia, brain fog, anxiety etc.

Feels like Allergan is keeping some closed doors to protect themselves?:( Money speaks maybe?

It was insinuated by the clinic that people on these boards are just people with other symptoms using Botox as a scape goat.

Is there anyone that has been to a doctor who has been able to point to Botox being the culprit?

28 Month Update

  1. Hi all just wanted to post an update. After my initial Hell I was evaluated at Mayo where they came to the conclusion I was suffering a severe dysautonomia. I was diagnosed with Pots. While some things did seem to improve (digestion, tremor, blurred vision), I still suffered with vascular tone and muscle weakness. When I stand up all the blood pools in my extremities. When I could no longer handle dragging my legs around before feeling like I was going to pass out, I had several veins in my legs ablated (EVLT). This significantly improved my tolerance for standing. I have noticed small, but slow improvements. I have also had to work full time. The first year I did not think I would make it. I am doing  better now. I continue to use massage, acupuncture, and reflexology. I take pyridostigmine and propranolol daily and exercise as much as possible. I also take collagen, pycnogenol, and wear compression gear. I keep hoping for improvements and live each day the best I can:) Best wishes.


I would appreciate very much hearing from those of you who bega to experience insomnia shortly after botox injections.  I went from being a very healthy sleeper, to having insomnia, from one day to the next.  It was like a light switch was turned on.  I had injections two months ago and have a few other symptoms.  All have improved a slight bit, but not the insomnia.  The only improvement is that I can sleep 4 hours straight if I take 10 mg. of ambience (I tried with some of my husband’s).

It would be encouraging to hear from some of you who have struggled with insomnia, how you’re doing, what has helped, etc.

Thanks you.


New research says botox effective for chronic migraine

Thought I’d post this to you all as it just came into my inbox…not good news…  it validates the use of botox for chronic migraines and says nothing about side effects. My guess is botox treatment for headaches will simply increase because of it. I haven’t read the guidelines associated with the news, but thought some of you might want to. Here is the link:


salve a tutti

Sono Passati 3 anni dall’iniezione di bottox Sono 6 mesi Che i Disturbi Sono insopportabili Qualcuno mi quo osare un consiglio Un aiuto Qualcuno sa dirmi se i Disturbi alle gambe alla Respirazione al occhio scompariranno Completamente?

Botox Flare-up after detox

Hello.  I received my last Botox injections close to six years ago.  I thought I had healed and was living a normal life for the past four years or so.  I recently decided to do a heavy metal detox and now all of my symptoms are back: anxiety, depression, brain fog, shakiness, abdominal pain, weakness, insomnia, fears, headaches, pain everywhere, etc.  I feel as though I am back to the beginning of my nightmare.  Have any of you heard of someone getting a severe reaction like this to a detox?  It’s been close to 2 1/2 months since I started feeling this way; I stopped the detox immediately.  Now I’m worried that I’ve stirred something up and since I’ve stopped the detox it won’t get out.  I didn’t think I would ever feel this way again since I knew I would never get Botox again.  Now I’m terrified.  Any feedback on this is appreciated.  Thank you.

Help!!! I can’t take this anymore!!!

I feel like I’m living in a nightmare that after 3 years just keeps getting worse. I can’t take it anymore. My face has lost all of it’s fat and keeps getting worse. I’m so scared! I don’t know what to do. Is there any hope of it coming back?
Can anyone help? I don’t recognize myself.

Cold that wont go away at 6 week today

Its been 1 year since i had the injections today. Im living life relatively normally with a few lingering symptoms, are try to keep myself to myself. But this cold i caught on April 27th wont shift. Its been six weeks today since it started, and I know its not allergies BC i took tablets and they didnt improve it. I have been to the Dr and she was very dismissive and scored me for going in with “a little cold” (that was at the 3/4 week mark). At this point the “little cold” had put me in bed for 3 days flat and I was unable to eat – I had a high tempratire.. so iim guessing it was flu.

Anywyas… now its getting to be a joke as its rolling round to 2 monthswith a snotty nose and I dont know what it is – even Sinusitis apparently clears up by itself in about 3 weeks… so could it be that? Then i thought about the Dysport and wondered if anybody on here had a suggestion or any experience with similar. I am blowing my nose every half hour, its snotty and clear but sometimes has dark streaks of black in it. Sorry if that graphic but i was told if it was green it would be infected… so what could it be?



3 year update

3 year update


Hi it has been 3 years since my injections. As I’ve mentioned before some of my major issues were the vestibular migraines meaning that I got dizzy and had head painI all along the right side of my face and head. I had eustation tube issues, loud humming in the right side of my head , anxiety swollen lymph nodes, neck pain, eye pain, pressure in my head . About a year ago I also had sudden hearing loss in my right ear .

I was put on 2400 mgs of nueronton and 100mgs of  Nortriptylin . Today most  of my symptoms are gone. I no longer have severe head pain, dizziness or blurred vision. After getting a steroid injection directly through the eardrum my hearing came back.  I no longer have anxiety or swollen lymph nodes. I do however still have tinnitus but it’s a lot lower. I still have to take the nortriptylin or my dizziness and migraine symptoms will come back. I also still have eustation issues but I hardly notice it anymore.

I believe my body reacted to the Botox by attacking itself. I notice that Botox is putting out there more and more side effects, I am glad to see that. I am like 90% back to my normal self . Thank god for the medication. I would say I felt better at the 1.5 mark maybe 2 year mark. Please hang in there it does get better with time. You may have some symptoms that don’t go away but the majority for me have cleared up.

3 year update


3 year out update

it has been about 3 years since I had these injections. As mentioned before some of my major issues were humming in right ear,  dizziness, permanent migraine with pain all along the right side of my head including jaw teeth face. I also had swollen lymph nodes in my neck , jaw and back of head. My eyes were blurry and my vision seemed off. There were more issues but these were the major ones. I have been on medication since this ordeal to combat the severe vestibular migraines I had been suffering from. I was put on 2400 mgs  of nueronton and 100 mgs of nortriptyline. I have been able to successfully wean off nueronton w no side effects. I have definitely gotten better since this ordeal. I no longer am dizzy, I do not have anymore migraine pain and my vision seems back to normal. I do however still have tinnitus but it seems a lot more quiet now. I hardly notice it now. I also still have eustation issues in both my ears. About a year ago I had sudden hearing loss that did come back with a steroid injection through the ear drum. Thankfully I got all my hearing back. I believe I had an attack of the immune system after these injections. I read about the list of side effects and thankfully they have come out with a lot more than 2.5 years ago. Glad that is being exposed. I still have to take the 100 mgs of nortriptylin or else my migraine symptoms come back. As I write this I now believe the botox or possibly the the juvederm were the cause. Please know that a lot of symptoms will disappear but you may be left w some. I am better but not the same. I can now function  and do everything and more pre injection. I would say it took a good 2 years to feel good again w the help of some major medications. All of that anxiety is also gone. . Peace and love to all of you. I hope you feel better soon.