My experience – 7 years of Botox

Hello all,

I  came across this site after I had a very disturbing experience with Botox on Oct 14, 2014.   I’ve been Botox user for 7 years for injections in the 11 lines (approx 3-4 times per yr).   Well, on Oct 14th I was injected with around 25 units at about 5pm, went to bed and noticed by heart was RACING and I also had frequent urination, insomnia and anxiety (like I was crawling out of my skin) too.  This was not the run of the mill anxiety  or panic attack.   I’m very familiar with both.  this was clearly caused by the injections.  Then it occurred to me that I had this same situation happen in 2007 several hours after surgery on my eyes (had Botox too) and brought to my plastic surgeon’s attention.  He said it was side effects from the anesthesia.    Now I’m putting 2 and 2 together, both situations were identical.  That said, since I started Botox in 2007, I’ve had a sharp increase in panic attacks and crazy anxiety out of no where.    Never again will put Botox in my body!  Never.  I can’t believe it took me 7 years to figure this out.  How do get rid of this cr@p from my body?


Four year update

I was hesitant to post because I so badly want to say I am recovered and don’t want to discourage anyone.  But here I am at the four year point; this has been my best year yet. At three years I started to see some improvement.

I still have pain everyday and new symptoms now and then. The new symptoms don’t last as long but can be just as painful. The old issues still come and go as well, but they too don’t last as long. The symptoms still seem to circulate though my system.

I seem a little less sensitive to things. My weight is back to normal. I still only work part- time. If I do too much I get pain. I have been able to be more social. Still not back to my regular exercise but I am running and have been able to increase my distance.

Recently, I had to have a biopsy on my breast and the light surgery caused a relapse but I recovered in about three weeks to my baseline. My baseline isn’t as bad as it was.

This has affected every part of my body. I am very careful in what I do, eat, drink and medical advice I take. I think this has changed my life forever. I probably would have killed myself if it wasn’t for the people on this forum and the encouragement and support I have gotten. I am forever grateful.

I hope to come back like others at some point and say that I am recovered. Everyone recovers in their own time.

New to this site and in shock!

I am new to the site and actually found it by accident. I supposed I should start by giving a little back history on myself. I am 31 years old, mother to one 8 year old daughter and married. I had been overweight since the birth of my child in 2006 and finally got the weight off 6 years later. After losing 80 pounds I had facial wrinkles on my forehead, between my eyes, and from my nose to my mouth that I hated. I went in for my first ever botox treatment at the beginning of April, 2014. I had 3 injections in the large line across my forehead, 2 injections between my eyes and I had radiesse filled into the lines from nose to mouth. When the doctor injected the last botox between my eyes, on my left side, it HURT. None of the other shots hurt like this one and I started to cry it hurt so badly. 24 hours later I woke up with the most excruciating headache I have ever had. I have suffered with migraines since I was 19 but hadn’t had one in probably 4 years. I took my normal fioricet and it did not help the pain. 2 days later the pain was SO bad I went to the ER. I told them about the botox and they assured me there was NO way botox caused the pain. 3 days later I began to vomit. After one round of vomiting the pain in my head was back and my left eyelid started to droop for a few seconds at a time and I immediately went into my first ever panic attack. I had tingling on the left side of the back of my neck, my left arm was numb, my heart was pounding, I could not think or speak. I thought I was having a stroke. I went back to the ER, again, told them I had just had botox and they told me there was nothing wrong. They did an MRI, heart monitor, blood work, etc. Everything was fine. I KNEW something was wrong! Aside from being overweight, NOTHING has ever been wrong with me! NOTHING! They gave me a shot of Ativan and sent me home. I have been to the ER numerous times for these very same symptoms. Each time they give me a shot and send me home. It always begins the same way, I begin to get tingling in the back of my neck on the left side, into my jaw, down into my chest and my arm goes numb. Then I can’t think straight and cant speak. ANY amount of stimulus sets me off even worse. If someone speaks to me, I hear them, but I physically cant respond. My heart starts to pound and I honestly feel like I am about to DIE. When the panic attack is over, I am weak. I am always fatigued to the point that I lay in bed for hours a day, my vision isn’t normal and I can’t concentrate on anything at all. My muscles in my arms and legs always feel like Ive ran a marathon even though I do nothing all day long. This has been going on since April of 2014. It is ruining my life. It is ruining my daughters life! I went in to my family doctor in August and broke down in her office because I couldn’t take any more of this. She put me on Zoloft and vistaril. I took ONE capsule of Zoloft and was a zombie for 3 days. I didn’t even leave my bed. So right then I decided I was NOT treating this with an antidepressant. I am NOT depressed! I LOVE life! I have always loved living and being a great mom and wife! I went back to the doctor and told her I could not use Zoloft because of what it did to me. She then gave me celexa, which I never even got filled. I began researching panic attacks online and found that Magnesium citrate, fish oil and st. johns wort were supposed to fight anxiety naturally. I started the magnesium and fish oil along with vitamin d3 on a daily basis and I felt BETTER after about a week of being on it. I went untilt he end of September feeling almost normal. I then ran out of the magnesium for about a week and had another panic attack which sent me back to the er for another shot of Ativan. Got back on my magnesium, fish oil and vitamin d3 and have been on it since, with the exception of last week when I ran out again, and guess what, another panic attack. Back to the ER, shot of Ativan and now another prescription for vistaril. My sister is a registered nurse and began looking into panic attacks and botox and low and behold, she found this website. I NEVER in a million years thought any of this was caused by the botox because the ER doctors laughed at me! So now what?! How long is this going to last? Forever? For the rest of my life? Because I cannot live this way. What is the treatment for getting the botox out?! I will NEVER again inject anything into my body like this. I’m the girl who refuses the flu shot but I went and willingly allowed a neurotoxin to be injected into my body! I feel like a total fool.

I am new to this site but have some serious health problems……..could it be dysport?

I have had 3 years worth of serious health issues and have only just now put together the timeline and my  issues started just months afte my first dysport injection.    I want to mention my symptoms to see if other people have experienced anything similar… I have chronic fatigue,  brain fog, gut problems (overgrowth of bad bacteria that have damaged my gut lining and caused leaky gut so I now am intolerant to many foods), no production of digestive enzymes, stomach acid or bile so I need to take supplements before I eat anything and last but not least I am severely deficient in iodine and need to supplement with 25mg of iodoral per day.   Are these all related?   I never had any problems before and now I feel like I’m falling apart.    I had dysport injections several times over the 3 years – the last of which was just 4 months ago. I’d love to hear anyone’s experience with gut issues and also the iodine as so far I have been unable to link the two in any way. Thanks in advance Kel

New Symptoms

I am concerned about the more autoimmune type symptoms I have been having, and now seeing some symptoms of allergies. My ANA and C reactive protein are normal.  I have had most of the symptoms described on this site, except depression, stomach problems, and breathing problems.  My worst symptom to this point was neuropathy.  I am 21 months out from last injection and my symptoms are changing.  I know some others had lupus type symptoms later.  Did they go away?  Did any allergies get better with time?


Hi I am foxterrier.
Just to update you. I recently had my third brain scan and whole lots of tests inckluding blood tests they were all normal. Then I went to a en,throat guy here in Stellenbosch in Western Cape.
He said that I needed Botox in to my vocal cords to get them working again, my speech problems persist, that I find it hard to speak or hard work. Dr. Rabie in Stellenbosch said that Botox could never has caused this speech disorder. Have you had any ENT run tests. If so could you mention them.

To all in the USA may I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


low vit d. may increase risk

just happened to notice this article after reading the article from soloist.. its interesting so i’ll put it up here.. i have heard that many many people are chronically low in vit d… like 45% of the population or something. i wonder if this is any factor in some of our reactions. the researchers seemed to find that vit d is ‘neuroprotective’ or something like that and prevents certain kinds of neurological damage from other conditions.. i wonder if any of us reacted worse, or took longer to recover, due to low d levels.

“In October, researchers revealed that in a study of patients who suffered from sudden cardiac arrest, 65 percent of those with low vitamin D levels suffered poor neurological outcomes six months after hospital discharge, compared with 23 percent of patients with healthy vitamin D levels. In addition, 29 percent of patients with low levels died six months after their cardiac attack, whereas all the patients with healthy vitamin D levels survived.”

“The researchers discovered that when compared with subjects with normal levels of vitamin D, those with low levels had a 53 percent increased risk of developing dementia, while those with a severe deficiency had a 125 percent increased risk. Plus, people with lower levels of vitamin D were almost 70 percent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, while those with a severe deficiency were more than 120 percent more likely to do so.”

Family Gets $6.75M in Botox Treatment Case

Thousands of people continue to suffer life-altering symptoms after receiving botulinum toxin injections. While the resulting neurological problems present numerous challenges for any victim, the cases that are the most heart-breaking are those that involve young children. This most recent lawsuit involves Joshua Drake, a 7-year old boy now left with recurring seizures, and, unfortunately, his story is just one representing countless others. As the medical community and pharmaceutical industry continue to turn their backs on this problem….the very sad and unfortunate scenario is that we (or at least, those who have been affected) have to consider a lawsuit settlement hitting the mainstream newswire as a small victory towards greater focus being placed on patient safety in the future. The deception in the Botox clinical trials regarding the (un)safety of these products is becoming known through court proceedings now part of public record….but the deception continues through the unrelenting marketing of these products without emphasis placed on the real risks and through both the FDA’s and the manufacturers’ disregard of the tens of thousands of reported problems.   Women, men, children and their parents continue to unknowingly agree to treatments that could ultimately change their ability to live a normal life, and those who receive injections in hopes of achieving therapeutic benefit can be left with a myriad of problems much worse than those for which they received treatment.

I continue to speak out regarding this issue because there needs to be more victories. Different victories. Victories that don’t involve children or other people falling victim. While through my own battle with this toxin I have lost the physical ability to do many things, I have not lost the ability to share this message. I have not lost the ability to do what I can to try and prevent this from happening to someone else. If you, or someone that you know or love, are currently receiving or considering these treatments, please use Joshua or me or the thousands of other people whose lives have been affected by this toxin as an example of what is NOT being told regarding what CAN and DOES happen with the use of these products. If there is one person whose life we can save through sharing this information….it is a victory.

Thank you.

Any advice for GERD/acid reflux and frequent migraines?

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.

For the past couple of months I have been unable to eat most things because afterwards I get acid reflux burning in my chest. I stopped eating any bread (I was able to eat this in moderation, 1 piece a day) and most grains and citrus fruits as they gave me the worst reaction. Oddly though I can eat crackers made of wheat with no acid reaction (maybe something to do with how it is processed or refined?)

What complicates matters is that like a lot of others on here I developed sudden food allergies even to certain fruits and vegetables, so I have only a small list of foods to choose from. I can eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, white rice, most vegetables and certain fruits.

Since I have had to change my diet, I have been getting frequent migraines. Obviously there is something off in my body causing this, as I was able to eat normally and not experiencing migraines until recently. I have no idea what changed! I am going to try apple cider vinegar as a remedy for the acid reflux today, and hope it doesn’t make things worse.

26 month update

Kris and Heather,

Was trying to respond to your posts but having trouble with log in for replies.

I am 26 months post injections now and still have new and recurring symptoms but am finding that during the time between relapses I am better than before.

Kris, the dry mouth for me was unbearable for the first 6-8 months. I had constant sores in my mouth and severe swelling of tongue, and the inside of cheeks. The only thing that helped is Biotene oral rinse. I carried it with me and used it several times a day. I also had to avoid acidic or spicy foods. Even cinnamon flavoring made it worse. It did pass but you should try to supplement with calcium if you can tolerate it and continue to use the tooth paste.

Heather and all who are experiencing hair loss, mine started about a year ago and seems to be getting worse. I lose a large handful every time I wash and you can now see my scalp all over. I had a full thick head of long blond hair before this so like you I am very upset about this. The good news is, several months back I was trying to take biotin and could not tolerate it. Now my system seems to be accepting it so I started taking again last week. Some have suggested HBOT helps to repair the issue with hair loss so I will be looking into possibly renting a chamber. I remain hopeful that this will pass but this part is so upsetting.

My skin has also lost so much elasticity and color and moisture and it’s the same everywhere — trunk, arms, legs, face. Sleep and a ton of water is critical for me. Early on I eliminated all but one caffeine drink per day and I still stay with that. I rarely drink alcohol now and for the past month have been doing my best to stay away from gluten, all junk and sugar. I started on charcoal also about a month ago but picked up a cold on a trip up north so I’ve been off of it but I’m planning to start up again this week. It did make me feel better while I was taking it so I’m looking forward to starting it up again.

I’m dealing with the neuropathy too (burning in head and on surface of skin on the face, tingling in arms and legs). I still have it daily but not as severe. Aspirin is the ONLY thing that has helped to dull that pain.

Back to the elasticity, I have finally been able to do a power walk almost every day which is helping to rebuild muscle and the skin is looking a little less saggy in places. Have been doing this now for a few weeks and it’s the longest stretch I’ve been able to handle daily exercise so that is good. I also get small red spots (I call them crop circles) because they appear out of nowhere in clusters in random places on the body. They disappear just as mysteriously and suddenly as they appeared. No explanation for that.

My veins still bulge in my hands and feet on a regular basis with no explanation. Probably some vascular reaction to the toxin but doctors don’t know.

Still taking this one day at a time and I will say I am way better than I was those first 6 months. Staying hopeful that time will heal our bodies and having each other sure helps our minds.

Thankful for my friends here and wishing you all well.


Almost 2 Years Out- Update

It has been a long road.  But I can for sure say, things are getting better.  In terms of symptoms,  I’ve been through anxiety, depression, major weight loss, mental fogginess, double/skewed vision, etc.  Now I am at my heaviness point ever (besides pregnancy), my skin is supper saggy,  I have very little muscle tone, and my hair is falling out so severely my husband saw the pile when I got out of the shower and asked how I have any hair left (he said it lovingly…humor helps).   Pretty much all of the symptoms come and go, except for the hair loss.  That started about 2 weeks ago.  I’m just praying it stops as abruptly as it started.

Months have passed where I haven’t visited this site.  Reading the stories and symptoms can be terrifying.  I will say this.  This f-ing horrendous ordeal has taught me to love my family and the good days more.  If my hair would have fallen out like this 3 years ago, I would have  freaked.  I’m at the point where people are probably going to start noticing my scalp, but I’m okay. After all, vanity is what got me to this point in the first place.

I’m going to start looking at this like Adrenal Fatigue.  We will see what happens.  In the meantime, my advise is just to stay strong.  I have had days of utter despair .  They passed (God willing, they will never come back).  I still have moments of agitation.  They pass.  My skewed/double vision has been better lately.  It all ebbs and flows.  But this is my life now and I am so very grateful for it.

I am at 18 months and feel like I am never going to get better

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone on here is getting better!
I am a little over 18 months and continue to have so many symptoms (fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness, hair loss, etc.) Just when I think one symptom is getting better it comes back again. I just feel like this is never going to end. I am really concerned about my teeth and gums right now. My teeth look transparent and my gums are sore and receding. I think it might be due to the horrible dry mouth that I have? Also, I think my face is getting worse instead of better.:(
All my muscles are still sunken and my skin looks terrible. Like all of the elasticity is going out of it and I have wrinkles that weren’t there before. My eyes are still small and beady with big bags under them. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Kris

General Anaesthetic

I know this question has been asked previously however this was quite awhile ago – has anyone gone under general anaesthetic since their injections?  If so how did they feel afterwards?  Did the general anaesthetic make any of their symptoms worse, bring back any symptoms that had resolved or cause any new symptoms to occur?

Low Neutrophils & White Cell Count

I had Botox injections in my forehead over a five year period. My last injection was seven months ago. Since then I have been taking heaps of supplements to speed up my recovery [including B12, glutathione, digestive enzymes, astragalus and chlorella].

I had a whole lot of blood tests done last week and a few things have improved [my inflammation factor is nearly back to normal] but, for the last 4 years, I have had low neutrophils and white cells. They are always the same … neutrophils – 1.4 [should be between 2 & 7] and white cell count 3.5 [should be between 4 & 11] This shows my immune system has been badly affected, and I’m wondering if it will ever recover.

Has anyone else had this problem? And has anyone else had neutrophils and WCC that have eventually increased to a reasonable level?

Many thanks,


Affects when Botox wearing off?

I had Botox injected into my jaw muscles in June 14. This was to help with the chronic neck and shoulder pain which I believe is caused by the TMD. It actually helped, eventually. I don’t remember suffering any immediate bad effects of the Botox. However, from August there has been a gradual decline in my mental health. I have had various issues to deal with-relationships breakdown, losing my job and having to find another, car dying and ongoing situation dealing with my dad who has dementia (and having to deal with all that alone as I do not have a partner), so I would expect those things to take their toll. However, I am currently off work because of anxiety. I thought I was feeling better but went out yesterday to a hospital appointment and it just turned into a bit of an ordeal. I felt anxious, cried in the waiting room, didn’t feel safe driving. I have a history of depression/alcohol and drug abuse but no longer drink/take drugs and the depression wasn’t really an issue anymore. I actually thought I was at last starting to feel better, after having issues my with my emotional/mental health for most of my life. This episode is not like anything I’ve experienced before which is why I’m on this site. Could this somehow be related to Botox wearing off?? I did read a snippet somewhere (by a doctor) that when B wears off it can cause anxiety).

Anyone else having worsening of their symptoms at this time of the year?!

Hi Guys,I was doing a bit better with going organic and the AC(activated charcoal ) treatment but just like last year this time around I’m back to square one again with violent muscle spasms/twichings ,breathing gets worse and also chest tightness and palpitations. Granted I did go for a pt evaluation and the therapist I would say was a bit to strong on my neck but still just trying to figure out if maybe its not just me and weather change has something to do with the relapse/worsening as well. Quite honestly the anxiety has gotten worse also since I am terrified of getting thru another breathless relapse .

Thanks in advance and sending healing thoughts to everyone.

Recommended reading

Hi all
Since I’ve been unwell over the last year or so I’ve read a number of different books on health and most recently I’ve started reading Why is my brain not working? by Datis Kharrazian. I think it has some very good suggestions to help us with many of the symptoms that we have all experienced. It talks a lot of about blood sugar imbalances, stress, adrenals, inflammation and how these things effect the brain. Also poor circulation and blood flow to the brain. My hands and feel are always cold which are symptoms of poor circulation which probably also effecting my brain. For poor brain oxygenation he recommends a number of botanical compounds including huperzine which I’ve read of other people taking on this forum. He talks a lot about gluten sensitivities and nervous system disorders and the gut brain axis and diet and herbs for healing leaky gut. He warns against heavy metal chelation if you have a leaky blood brain barrier. I know some people have considered having mercury fillings removed, this is dangerous if your blood brain barrier is compromised and can lead to further inflammation and brain degeneration. He recommends a number of herbs to dampen neuro inflammation including resveratrol, curcumin and a number of others. He takes these himself as a precautionary measure. I’m only half way through but this is by far the best book I’ve read so far. Also there are a number of practitioners that he recommends that may be able to help. I’m going to re-read it and apply many of the suggestions.

Thank You!!

First, let me say how very, very sorry I am to all of you here who are suffering from this terrible poison. It is a profound reminder to me of the many who suffer in the shadows. I have already begun praying for you all and that you may get your lives back as they were, and as you deserve. I can tell you that your stories brought me to tears, over and over.

All I can say is thank God for this site and that I was lucky enuf to find it before I went and played Russian roulette with my life. I have been diagnosed with severe health anxiety, if you don’t know what it is, look it up, it is a nightmare. It caused a major depressive episode and triggered panic disorder. It has taken me almost two years to recover, and to think I was about to destroy it, I can tell you, has shaken me to the core.

I couldn’t handle any medications for depression, especially the SSRIs, just a nightmare. The anxiety and insomnia were off the charts. The only thing that helped me was a good therapist and cognitive behavior therapy and it has been a very, very tough road to regain my emotional health.  Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve realized how much I’ve aged Because of the terrible stress and wanted to look a little “better”, and I started researching the botox, dermal filler route. I am shaking as I write this because SO many of the symptoms of botox poisoning mimic my symptoms of severe health anxiety. I went to the allergen site and read the manifesto of evil side effects of botox and I can tell you, I KNOW I dodged a deadly bullet. From all the posts I’ve read here, I KNOW that this evil stuff would have triggered a catastrophic event for me. I have a very difficult time with bodily sensations to begin with and I know that every little flutter or sensation I felt would have sent me over the edge, it would not have mattered whether it was the botox causing it or not, but I do know that I’ve struggled so hard to recover and im not about to lose this tenacious emotional health over some wrinkles.

I know that it is small comfort to you all who are suffering so badly, but perhaps you can take some small measure of satisfaction knowing you absolutely prevented someone from doing something that they may very well have not been able to handle. By reading these posts, I know you all are much stronger than I am emotionally. I will be forever grateful to all of you and from now on, will warn anyone I know not to do anything within 100 miles of this evil stuff.  I will continue to check back here in hopes that you are all recovering and regain your lives that were certainly stolen from you. My prayer is that you will all have the perseverance to help yourselves and be well again.

Much love and peace to you all.

5 years , feeling ok, but not fully recovered, legal action

Hi All,

Iam back here for an update  to give hope for the new victims of botox world.I had very very hard time from 2009-2013.I had all the symptoms which are listed on this forum. From 2013 I started to feel better but in a very small steps.I feel ok now , I can live my life , but I still have light symptoms like fainting feeling, sleeping attacks, tiredness.Iam also very paranoid about my health.I think it will be with me the rest of my life , the shocking paranoid feeling  from the re-lapse.Thats how the recovery went , you got better and re-lapse and again better and re-lapsed even deeper.Socking!!!I live in the UK but  I received my injections in Hungary in a private clinic.Ive  run out of time by the hungarian law to sue the manufacture, so I had to go for the doctor.Its all began.I have many documents from all over the world , from America, Sweden…  I received botox clinical trial results , which is a secret in a way, I have emails from Matteo Caleo who is an Italian science and testing the botox on animals… I have many documents that shows the botox can travel from the injection points to the central nerve system and brain.

I found a neurologist who is practising with a german founded  mashine and he was able to find the botulinum toxin in 3 places in my brain, bladder and liver.He told me in this case the botox is build and attached into the nerve cells and endings that is a very long process to get rid of it.It will clears out but very long time.I had also a thermographic scan , which  shows the poison part of the spine.Also I talk do Dr. Anna Hristrova , who knows a lot about  botox.

My lawer wanted an out of court setlement which is only for the loss money and payments for cures, nothing major amount but it will be a legal action.The media is always hungry for new stories , in Europe the botox subject is still very quiet not well known as in America.

There are 3 known botox victims in Hungary at the moment.We all met through the forum and we are regurlary keeping in touch.We all 3 had a more serious blood test and we had the common results of  a low  CD- 57 white blood cells which is responsible for the immune system. I started to study the reason of  CD 57  cells, only 2 cause of lower CD 57 cells : any type of poisoning and lyme. Both effecting the central nerve system.We all were healthy before botox , so the low CD-57 caused by the botox. I would recommend to all of you to do the blood test for CD 57….  thats why the recovery so slow because the body is struggeling to recover the immune system , white blood cells also the botox is stucked in a molekular level in the brain and central nerve system.

I will update you how the legal action is going and my recovery !

Take Care , look after your self