what is happening to me???

Hi all,

I dint know where to start, I am terrified and really dont know how to understand what is happening to me.
My body was very badly affected from head down to my legs but I thought the worse is behind me when I slowly started to recover from extreme weakness and breathing difficulty, everything was changing daily , some of my symptoms improved , other occured but I could feel I was very slowly recovering, I had my better days and of course worse , my better days were just free from pain and a little bit more energy but I was so happy that I could at least do something at home. But now I feel worse than ever and I dont understand it at all as I had my test repeated by hospital in april and it became aparently negative so it definitely didnt come from my blood.
About a week ago I started to sweat all over again the same way like just in the begining, the sweat was really eeird and I could feel something is going wrong. The weakness all over body is almost as bad as it was when I had my test positive. I cant hold my head up , stand on my legs, my hands shaking, have awful stomach cramps, blurry vission, swallowing serious trouble, I can feel inside my troat everything is sagging, my left side of neck (in the front) is sagging , face droped completely , eyes trapped inside, I feel very dizzy, my muscles feel so havy, I cant eat, sleep , think, concentrate again, I have extreme anxiety and panic attacks again, pain in my joints all over body, ear ringing and fullness, I can feel like someone sat on my chest, my breathing is really bad like I with asthma, my heart is racing 150 whenever I stand, goes too slow when Im in rest, I have tremors,cramps in hands and legs, the list goes on but I dont understand why???
Is it a strong relapse or is os it my body coming back from being flat and sunken but my nerves are too weak to hold it all and it makes me more sick?
Or is it toxin attacking again somehow, I really dont get it how come if my blood was clear already?
Im terrified that it can be the way I think it might be.. Please tell me Im wrong..

To me it looks like every area affected, paralized in the begining now is only geting bigger, muscles coming back ( I mean only volume) but they are too weak and it all start to sagg because too much denervation was done and my nerves really cant even sprout so became loose and saggy. Anyway I feel like Im dying slowly. Please could anyone tell me if you had like this and it did improve, is it a relapse o is it the effect of being poisoned earlier? I really cant handle it all.

Thank you for any info :(


Has anyone developed a rash inside and around the belly button? I’ve had it for 3 days now and today it looks really infected. I’m not sure what to do, my GP is away and I will not go to a&e again. This might be totally unrelated, but the truth is I’ve never had it before. Thanks in advance for your comments.

POTS resolving.

I am almost to my eleventh month here and I think my POTS is getting better. My heart rate does jump up on occasion but nothing like several months ago.

This does’t mean though that I’m better – in fact in a lot of ways I’m a lot sicker now than when this all started. My stomach is destroyed and it takes between four and seven hours of being upright for me to start shaking and have to lie down. Im just sick. It’s like having a horrible, horrible flu sort of forever.

For me the POTS wasn’t as upsetting to me or as severe as it is in other people — honestly if you’re going to spend most of your time in bed anyway it’s not such a big deal that your heart rate jumps up when you get out of it. From an overall health perspective though its good news.

It proves that autonomic symptoms can start to resolve over time. It might relapse too, but it *can* go away.

Autoimmune supplements

Hi all
It seems a lot of us have autoimmune issues and autoantibodies. This was the protocol I was given for my autoimmune issues.
The products I use are from apex energetics. I get them shipped from the states. The Berberine is from Swanson.

Berberine – stops B cells from making anti bodies
Essential fatty acids – lowers inflammation and protects cell walls
Gastro ulc – assist digestion and acid reflux
Glutathione recycler – spare cells being damaged by autoimmune response
Methyl sp – lower homocystein levels stops damage to cells and blood vessels
Repair revite – heal gut lining
Vitamin d – pushes the regulatory cells.
I also take..
Gapatone – lows anxiety and stress
If anyone has reflux I can thoroughly recommend the gastro ulc product. I no longer have any issues with this.
This was obviously designed for my specific results but I thought it may help people.


Protein, fasting, autophagy

For a while although I could barely eat and even though I somehow now have IBS after years of rock solid digestion, I had this idea that I had to get enough protein in me at all costs because protein is one of the building blocks of good health.

I’m rethinking this now. It might not be one of the building blocks of illness and recovery.

If you have a virus or you are awash in foreign proteins such as when you have an autoimmune disease, a viral illness and so on, eating protein and avoiding sugar means that the body already has enough proteins to digest. That might not be what’s really required. If you avoid protein then the body goes looking for other proteins to digest and although the process isn’t really selective, it will start to consume all the useless proteins, such as viral proteins, in order to create energy.

Believe it or not, I’ve started to feel better on a diet of rice, butter, and fruit with extra vitamins of course to keep my D and B’s up. I should actually be eating more sugar but there is only so much sweetness I can manage in one day. I think if I get some more strength back I might switch to a diet of fruit only.

The idea is that sucrose, and all sugars — promote autophagy, this process of disposing of foreign proteins. Protein ingestion turns OFF autophagy because that protein is what the body will digest and use for metabolism first. Fats — that’s *saturated* fat, protects nerves and also stops the process of releasing free fatty acids into the bloodstream, which is what starts the nitric oxide cascade that leads to illness. You’ll hear over and over again that botox does not cause nerve damage but our physiological response to it *does*.

So if there is any toxin we need to get rid of, autophagy will take care of it, over time. Things that promote autophagy are sucrose, fasting and a low protein diet. Fasting is probably the worst choice because the body will mobilize free fatty acids into the bloodstream if there aren’t enough calories for it to burn. There is also this type of sugar that I just bought called Trehalose, which does an even better job of promoting autophagy than any of the above.

If anyone is interested in this stuff, this is what I bought:


There’s evidence that this type of sugar is helpful in nerve diseases, parkinson’s, and even als.

please can u tell me how to understand it?

Please could anyone tell me if I understand it properly, I have really bad relapse now and again my brain seems to be blocked.
This is from Dysport manufacture. To me they dont know how long it can circulate. i cant find anything about 4 h toxin’s lifetime. Lots of words PROBABLY, PUTATIVE, PRESUMABLY in here .. Where injectors and doctors get the info from about it’s metabolism, recovery time and circulation time. Injectors say all info about it but even manufacture dont, I dont believe then that doctors/injectors are lied about it. To me THEY ARE THE ONES THAT LIE.


toxicology consultation

I went to my toxicology consultation yesterday because someone cancelled and I jumped at the opportunity of taking that appointment.

I was convinced they would help me, but the doctor just said that I am ex poo experiencing side effects from the botox (bocouture) and should wait 8 weeks for them to subside. If they didn’t subside in 8 weeks, I should take steps to be observed by other doctors to try and sort it.

He didn’t test me for anything and didn’t offer me any help at all. I begged him for the antitoxin and was told that I would only get it if I had breathing problems, which I don’t.

I went to my gp afterwards and she has no solutions to offer me at this moment, she will wait for the report from the toxicologist before doing anything. And she is going to be on annual leave next week, so I will be left with no support.

I have been having the worst neck pain of my life, I cannot be without pain either sitting or lying down. I’m taking a tablet that contains codeine and paracetamol, it doesn’t help.

I was weighed yesterday and I lost 7kg in less than 2 weeks. I have absolutely no appetite and feel very nauseated.

I have blurry vision that comes and goes from my right eye, and its hard for me to focus my eyes.

I feel my face , neck and arms burning randomly. My insomnia is bad, I only sleep 2 to 3 hours a night and I always have nightmares or very vivid dreams. I don’t even know how is that possible.

I have tremors, I shake. Extreme sensitivity to light. I have trouble swallowing even my own saliva! And I’m always tired, when I was a person full of energy.

The worst is depersonalisation. Feeling disconnected, like I’m not myself. Only someone who has experienced this will be able to understand me.

This doctor wants me to sit and wait?! Can this be for real?!

Another stupid relapse and I am really getting tired of them .

Hi everyone ,First let me say for the new members that are here that I had some okay months and was able to do some daily activities and also was able to somewhat enjoy the summer so please try not to get discouraged from my post .

Well,I am very tired and fatigued so I will try to keep it short.About 2 weeks ago the muscle pain started to intensify ,the killer headache which I haven’t had in in a year or more hit again and after that everything went down south .The legs started getting cold ,numb and tingling and then just like I expected it radiated all over and now I been dealing with profound muscle weakness which to be honest it’s scaring the crap out of me .Body has gotten very weak especially the arms and spine muscles ,the breathing has gotten worse and the fatigue and loss of strength is quite persistent . Feeling a bit desperate since I am almost 30 months out and quite frankly didn’t expect this kind of relapse so I was wondering if any of you “old timers “out there had something like this happening this late in recovery and how long did it take to get back to baseline ?

Sending healing thoughts to everyone .

Dermatologist consultation


I should have shown him my photos with huge acnes all over my face! But I didnt and he thought I had no abscess at all. I will correct him and send him my photos, he will be shocked. Also he has twisted all about pharmakokinetics and he forgot to add that it was Azzalure – well known in UK. Why did he write it was Botox????? I told him it was bloody Dysport – Azzalure.

First timer

Hi this is my first time on here, I live in Wales, UK. I’m not after advice but just wish to tell my story in the hope it will help others. Im 54, healthy, sleep well and have never had any medical issuss . I had botox back in February this year with no problems (azzalure).  I paid a special price of £99 for 3 areas…crows feet, elevens and forehead. Loved the result. Went back to same clinic (run by local GPs) 5 months later on 15th July, had 24 units of what I now know was Bocouture. Luckily the doctor preferred a small dose to start then review in 2 weeks. Following night I felt bit restless but thought nothing of it, lots going on in my life and I have flushes at night which wakes me up. 2nd night I had no sleep. I never suffer from insomnia and generally sleep very well despite the flushes. Had a few drinks following night but got drunk very quickly which wasnt  normal but I did sleep. After that night sleep completely evaded me. After 3 nights of literally not sleeping I saw my gp. I had already googled botox and insomnia and found this site but didnt want to believe this was all down to botox. My gp didn’t know anything about botox and suggested it was possibly stress brought on by other factors in my life. He prescribed  zopiclone to be taken every other night but only 7 tablets given as they are addictive. These certainly worked but on the nights I didn’t take them the insomnia was severe. I started feeling dizzy and foggy during the day and my vision worsened. By this time I was pretty sure botox was the cause of the insomnia but couldn’t get through to the doctor who administered it. I stopped all medication as I was getting confused about what was causing what symptoms. 2 weeks after my botox was my worse night. I emailed the clinic at 3am begging for someone to return my calls.  The following day the doctor phoned me and after telling him my symptoms he absolutely agreed botox was the cause. He had never come across it before but after researching my symptoms told me that Bocouture reported insomnia as a rare side effect. Unfortunately he could not advise me how long it would last. I’m 5 weeks post injection now and after trying amitriptyline (did not help with sleep but felt like a zombie), over the counter sleep remedies ( no good) and zopiclone (works but doc won’t prescribe me any more) I’m finally having good results with diazapam. I avoided taking it initially but as nothing else has worked it was a last resort. I take a 5mg tablet about an hour before bed and I get a good sleep with no side effects next day. I’ve only had 3 nights on this so am worried about taking every night.I may miss a night here and there as my body appears to manage the odd night of no sleep. People have reported feeling pressure in the head. I had this but only in the evening when I would normally start to feel tired. Also pressure in my sinuses although they weren’t blocked. As soon as my head hit the pillow the pressure worsened. I felt tired and had my eyes shut but sleep just would not come. I felt very strange and could feel myself almost going to sleep, I could feel my eyes moving very quickly and it almost felt like an out of body experience. My thought on the head pressure is that the messages to the brain that I am tired are being blocked by the botox and creating this pressure in my head. It only happens in the evening when I would normally start to feel sleepy watching TV. Needless to say I won’t be having botox again. I never knew lack of sleep could be so debilitating and I’m amazed at how I’ve functioned over the past few weeks with so little sleep. I’m finally feeling and looking more myself (the dark circles around my eyes have gone) but this is only due to sleeping tablets. I will try not taking a tablet on the weekend to see what happens.  Reading some of the horror stories on this forum makes me realise I’ve got off lightly, that’s if this is all I get…who knows what’s lurking within me.  I will post again if i have any improvement.


who can offer me some advice?

So this is my second post. I am desperate to feel like myself again. This is a scary place I find myself in. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I have no hope in my heart that I will ever be myself again as I’ve seen so many posts of people who suffer from depersonalisation after having botox and apparently they haven’t recovered from that even after several years. I’m scared life as I’ve always known it is over for me.


check this out!

Susceptibility to enteric botulinum colonization of antibiotic-treated adult mice.
Burr DH, Sugiyama H.
The relationship between the indigenous intestinal microflora of adults and their resistance to the enteric botulinum infection of infant botulism was studied. Orogastric challenges of 10(5) type A Clostridium botulinum spores were given to adult mice whose gut flora had been altered by feedings of a mixture of erythromycin and kanamycin sulfate. From 80 to 100% of mice became infected when challenged 15 to 60 h after antibiotic administration. The mean infective dose of 2 X 10(4) spores per mouse for challenges given 23 h after antibiotic administration contrasted with the failure of 10(6) spores to infect control mice. Botulinum-colonized mice remained asymptomatic, although colonization lasted up to 5 days, and total botulinum toxin in the gut on days 3 and 4 postchallenge averaged 3,400 and 2,200 mouse intraperitoneal mean lethal doses. The mean infective dose for inocula placed in the colon of antibiotic-treated mice was 10(3) spores per mouse, and C. botulinum multiplied in the cecum as well as in the colon.

Dermatologist who gave me aantibiotic must be completely idiot! He gave me for ROSCEA – ERYTHROMYCIN. I am NOT going to take this definitely now. And I am even more sure now that Botox/Dysport drugs have spores. This must be why the producent say NOT TO USE WHEN ACNES, SCARS, ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY BEFORE OR AFTER INJECTION.. HOW DO U THINK – WHY??
I am 99% sure that them drugs are not clean toxin and bastards know that very well. It is a russian roulette who will get sick and who will be tge lucky one and will recover from only side effects.
My GP said today that will try to repeat my mouse bioassay in UK as it is very possible that I had spores as I’m having really bad relapse now.
Guys I swear I will test this fkn poison for spores. I even have a place where can be tested. I promise to you all, I will stand on my hair again to test it.


So I was having more better days… many more.  But like always it comes back, maybe not as bad until I get a relapse that knocks me on my butt for a few weeks.

About 6 months ago I had my blood work done and my WBC count was only 2.8.  And I was having all the symptoms that goes along with that.  Same symptoms since I had received botox.  Weak, difficult, breathing, tired all the time, unable to do much, ache, dizzy.  These are all the symptoms I am having now and have been having for a couple years on and off.  There were more symptoms when it first all started so it has been an improvement.

Doctors do not know why my blood cell count has gotten even lower.  No cancer no diseases. And they will not admit it is from the Botox toxin.  Well I found this website that says it is.  They also give the percentage on when it occurs after getting botox. Here is the link:  http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/botox/white+blood+cell+count+decreased

I am thinking doing everything we can to stay as healthy as we can to help our bodies fight this like the Bacteria  toxin it is.  I am no expert and I am still sick after 2 years and a few months.


So I was having more better days… many more.  But like always it comes back, maybe not as bad until I get a relapse that knocks me on my butt for a few weeks.

About 6 months ago I had my blood work done and my WBC count was only 2.8.  And I was having all the symptoms that goes along with that.  Same symptoms since I had received botox.  Weak, difficult, breathing, tired all the time, unable to do much, ache, dizzy.  These are all the symptoms I am having now and have been having for a couple years on and off.  There were more symptoms when it first all started so it has been an improvement.

Doctors do not know why my blood cell count has gotten even lower.  No cancer no diseases. And they will not admit it is from the Botox toxin.  Well I found this website that says it is.  They also give the percentage on when it occurs after getting botox. Here is the link:  http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/botox/white+blood+cell+count+decreased

I am thinking doing everything we can to stay as healthy as we can to help our bodies fight this like the Bacteria  toxin it is.  I am no expert and I am still sick after 2 years and a few months.



So I was having more better days… many more.  But like always it comes back, maybe not as bad until I get a relapse that knocks me on my butt for a few weeks.

About 6 months ago I had my blood work done and my WBC count was only 2.8.  And I was having all the symptoms that goes along with that.  Same symptoms since I had received botox.  Weak, difficult, breathing, tired all the time, unable to do much, ache, dizzy.  These are all the symptoms I am having now and have been having for a couple years on and off.  There were more symptoms when it first all started so it has been an improvement.

Doctors do not know why my blood cell count has gotten even lower.  No cancer no diseases. And they will not admit it is from the Botox toxin.  Well I found this website that says it is.  They also give the percentage on when it occurs after getting botox. Here is the link:  http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/botox/white+blood+cell+count+decreased

I am thinking doing everything we can to stay as healthy as we can to help our bodies fight this like the Bacteria  toxin it is.  I am no expert and I am still sick after 2 years and a few months.


spore theory more real

Hi everyone,

I already mentioned about possibility that drug can be contaminated , another specialist confirmed it is possible. This time neurologist who did inject people for 30 years. He admited that some patients can be unlucky and get an injection with spores BUT if it will grow and cause toxicoinfection depend on whether toxin has spread and where. If it did and found some enaerobic place it will grow and start producing more toxin, then we get relapses. He adviced to test stool samples, acnes, blood for bacteria if anyone have a chance. It is known that denervated muscle, tissue become less supplied with blood and it makes condition for spores. The same way junkies get botulism, it does not have to be huge dead wound, it can be small abscess. So… Anyone had or have unusual acnes? I think we should test the drug for spores..

My hell

Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I am sorry if I don’t come across in the right way, I’m in so much desperation right now that I will take any advice anyone can kindly give me.

On Thursday the 6th of August at 7pm, I had Bocouture injections on my crows feet and marionette lines. I don’t even have wrinkles yet, but I was told by the doctor (a dentist working for a beauty salon) that if I did botox (bocouture) I would never develop them.

I had a horrible nightmare that night (I’ve been having them ever since the injections) and I got up to look at my face, it was incredibly swollen, like a balloon.  I knew that swelling would be a side effect, so I didn’t make much of it. I ended up going to volunteer and felt weird, but not worried at all.

Saturday morning, roughly 1 day and a half after my injections, that’s when my hell truly started. Burning to my face, to my neck, to my scalp and to my arms. Not all at the same time, sometimes just my face and arms, sometimes just my scalp, especially the hairline, sometimes just my neck.

Nausea, lack of appetite (I’ve never ever experienced lack of appetite in my life!), feeling like i have something in my throat that doesn’t allow me to swallow properly, blurred vision on my right eye (the doctor probably hit a vein because I bled after the injections and still had the crust, a little dot where the needle went in under my right eye).

Tremors and horrible anxiety. Brain fog (forgetful, confused).  Pain in the back of my neck, I can’t be comfortable in any way, either standing or sitting or lying down.

But the worst is what I now know is depersonalisation. I don’t feel like myself. I feel weird, as if I’m anesthetized. As if I’m seeing the world through a window. It’s a horrible feeling, and very scary. It’s like I’m not me. I don’t even know how to explain it properly.

If anyone has any suggestions on how can I recover from this depersonalisation, I would be so grateful.

I have made one bad decision and I have suffered so much already! Yet, apparently, so little when compared to some of you. I don’t know how do you manage and I don’t know how will I manage myself…

The next Monday I went back to the doctor who told me I was very sensitive and that in the last few days something was in the air and some people are not feeling well. I left confused by his words as I know there’s something wrong with me.

I went to Accident and Emergency on Tuesday as the burning to my face had become absolutely unbearable. The doctor that saw me could not explain all of my symptoms, but said that it looked like I had had an allergic reaction. I was prescribed Chlorphenamine, which I didn’t take when  I read the list of possible side effects.

My GP is nice but knows nothing about Botox and has sent me to Toxicology, I will have an appointment on the 26th of August.

I feel so angry that the doctor who injected me didn’t tell me about the risks of the procedure. He told me that the only side effects would be swelling, redness and bruising, and if I didn’t like the effects, it would be gone in about 3 months.  He even gave me the consent form to sign and I asked him “What is this?” to which he replied “This is exactly what we just talked about, just sign at the bottom” and I did. I had no reason to not trust him, as he mentioned several times how safe the procedure is and how he only deals with predictable products like Bocouture.

My symptoms were definitely not predictable for me, but he probably knows about the risk and that’s why he told me just to sign at the bottom, so I wouldn’t read and become aware of the true risks I’d be exposing myself to.

Today I have phoned Merz Pharma, the manufacturer, and reported the adverse reaction. They asked for my doctor’s email and I gave it to them. I don’t think they will do much, they are not even able to give the clients suggestions on how to get better.

I am due to see the doctor who injected me  this Thursday the 20th of August, it will be my 2 weeks revision. I feel like he made a fool out of me by not telling me the possible side effects. I feel desperate because I feel so not like myself, and not having any appetite, nausea, tiredness, all that is making me really depressed (I came out of my depression a few months ago and was really happy and lively before deciding that these botox injections would be a good, reliable way to take care of me).

I am in London, but I would welcome suggestions from anyone in the world, suffering has no borders.

God bless you all,












Muscle Issues Getting Worse

I am 5 1/2 years post injection. My issues with my muscles are getting worse over time. Muscle spasms have always been a symptom for me. At the beginning the spasms would affect my jaw, neck, traps, and most severely my feet. The spasms would not last that long and they weren’t every day. Over time, they have become more severe, more frequent, and they last much longer.

My feet were the most effected. The cramping would pull my toe bones out of position and my feet would become contorted. At times the cramping muscles pull my toes sideways. The pics attached are from a couple of years ago when the spasms were mainly affecting my feet. The pain and severity is much worse now.

The severe cramping is now moving up into my ankles and legs. My ankles lock and it is as if the muscles in my feet, ankle and lower part of my leg turn into stone. It is one of the most painful things that I have ever experienced. When it happens, I can’t move my feet, ankles or leg at all. The pain is unbearable. It usually strikes me at night and wakes me up from sleep. At times, scalding hot water with magnesium salt penetrates the muscle and helps it to relax. The cramping can sometimes last 5 minutes or 30 minutes before I feel relief. I can also usually feel mini spasms running through each muscle fiber up through my entire leg…a long with burning, electrical surge through the nerves. It is a deep, burning pain that goes straight to my core. It feels like my nerves are being severed with a hot sharp scissors.

Last night when my leg and ankle locked up…the pain and cramping was so unbearable…I almost called an ambulance. I was alone…I couldn’t stand up…I had to drag myself across the floor in the middle of the night screaming in pain to reach the bathroom. My body was fighting the pain so hard I was completely soaked in sweat and lost control of my bladder. I was lying on the bathroom floor…soaking wet…begging God to please make it stop. After almost an hour…it starts to subside. I changed my drenched nightshirt and stumbled back to bed…my body still trembling from the intense trauma….only to be woken an hour later with another episode. And another one today. I dread that it will happen again tonight.

I am fearful that I am developing some form of Dystonia…and this symptom almost could be characterized similar to tetanus (which is caused by a different form of the same toxin as in Botox). But I know this is just more of the same night more…nothing can really explain this…no doctor can help..nothing that can be done.

I just don’t know how much more pain I can take. I hate living in fear. Fear when it is going to happen again. Fear that it will continue to get worse. Fear of what will come next….

Another diagnosis – ROSACEA

Hi everyone

Today I have seen another brilliant SPECIALIST – dermatologist, unfortunately at the same hospital in my town.
Anyway, after speedy look at me he said:
1.my purple legs down feom knees to toes – ITS A NORMAL BLOOD FLOW.
2.my purple hands full of white stains-ITS NORMAL AFTER LOOSING WAY (I have lost 8 kg)
3. My extremaly dry ,falling out hair, brows and lashes – ARE NORMAL IN MY AGE.
4. After seeing how badly my face swells up – He said it is ROSACEA – which he said it can happen just like that to someone.
In the begining of the conversation he tried to deny any of my symptoms are related to this toxin and tried to make me an idiot by saying that toxin only affects muscles for a while and thats it. But after he said HE INJECT PEOPLE EVERY WEEK i got it that it’s a waste of time letting him keep saying bullshits longer. I start proper converstation which he definitely did not like. I start asking question which he wasnt ready to answer and became very stressed and nervous and was messing out with his answers. What made me laugh was that he said
1. Manufacture lied that pharmakokinetics were not done with Azzalure. (this is what manufacture says in the leaflet, unless they do lie about it to cover their asses)
2. Toxin’s lifetime is 4 hours (Manufacture warns that it can take even weeks later to get symptoms)
3. He suggested that my blood result was from foodborn poisonic if it was detected 7 months after injection :D but then he changed his mind and said that possible that maybe I have been injected with something contaminated and tried to quickly end the apointment- of course I did not let him.
He was proper stressed and afraid of my knowledge but kept trying not to tell the truth. We all know why.
I have asked the last question
ARE YOU SAYING THAT MY SYMPTOMS ARE DEFINITELY NOT RELATED TO IT, DEFINITELY?? – then he replied very low voice that he cant say for sure.
Anyway, about my swelling face he diagnosed me with ROSACEA , I had no idea what it is and did my research and guess what I found. An article about botulinum toxin as a cure for this condition. After reading this I am sure again that whatever toxin meant to be helpful for – it can cause this to the healthy person. In my opinion of course.
This is what I found.

Botulinum toxin a possible therapeutic option for rosacea
Research indicates the neuromodulator may affect a neurogenic component that influences vascular dysfunction, inflammation and hypersebaceous activity
May 16, 2014 By John Jesitus
Orlando, Fla. — Botulinum toxin type A (BoNTA) may provide a reasonable therapeutic option for some patients with rosacea, according to experts who spoke at the Orlando Dermatology meeting recently.

“It’s very important for us to be aware that we have a limited understanding of all that botulinum toxin A is doing within the skin,” says Erin Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D. “We have been using it for more than 15 years clinically for its cosmetic benefits, and we have not begun to address the potential therapeutic power of this drug.” Dr. Gilbert is assistant professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, New York.

Related article: Neuromodulators may be effective therapy for psoriasis

Among skin diseases, she says, “We know that the etiology of rosacea is multifactorial. For most people, there’s a strong inflammatory component.” As a clinician and researcher, she adds, “I approach rosacea from the perspective of neuroinflammation. We know that neuropeptide genes are dysregulated in rosacea. One of the relevant peptides may be vasoactive intestinal protein (VIP) peptide, while calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) appears to play a larger role. These are common themes that are seen across the board in neuroinflammatory disorders.”

He gave me antibiotic for it – erythromycin. I’m thinking if I should take it? To be honest Im afraid to take any antibiotic now. What do u think guys?