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I will soon return with my story. I have been sick for almost two years now. I have done a lot of research and tests. The symptoms of LYME disease are similar – and I will have my blood analysed with dark field microscopy soon.  I will return as soon as I know more about it. Lyme disease patients can get help to detox – maybe we can too.

Important info

Hello everyone, I don’t know if you ever found this documentation but I will post it in here incase someone did not.
In 2009 Dysport manufacture Ipsen tried to get aproval for cosmetic use under brand name RELOXIN. They were not successfull for 300 U vials and with information they put in here so.. They have changed vials to 125 su, changed the brand name and hidden lots of informations.. And got aproval in 2010 for AZZALURE.
Take a look of what they hidden from public..
This is a link :




Hello all,

I am 22 months out,my life is hell.
I have been diagnosed with polineuropathy, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular system damage, muscles atrophy, skin atrophy, fat loss, alopecia,thermoragulation problem, anxiety is much worse than ever. I am on daily IV fluids because i cant absorb fluids when I drink.Autonomic nervous system damage. Have referal for EEG because of central sleep apnea suspicion.Plus awful face and neck disfigurment.
It is hard to stay positive and I feel like give up. I want this nightmare end. Its too much for me.
Hope you all doing better..

Dental Work…Holy Pain!!!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve posted on here…mostly because I talk to quite a few of you off the forum.  Anyway, the last time I was on here, there were about 30 members…now there are hundreds, and that breaks my heart!  I am praying for all of you on a daily basis as I know how hard this journey is!  I can tell you to hang in there, it does get better, but it is a LONG journey and full of ups and downs.  For the most part, I’ve been doing MUCH better – I’m at 4 1/2 years and back to work, running, family and friends…basically back to normal life, with flare ups here and there caused by stress (Emotional or physical).  I gotta say the flare ups are still brutal though, and I will never get used to them.  I am currently in a flare up because of dental work, and was hoping to get some encouragement/advice – PLEASE be gentle as my anxiety is high because of this.

Anyway, so I had a few questions that I’m hoping you all could help me with!  I have been going for dental cleanings regularly through this, and my gums would always act up a bit for a few days after, but nothing unbearable.  Well, about 2 months ago, I had a back molar chip in such a way that I had to have the filling in it replaced and since it was a big filling, I had to get a crown.  I had the dentist put some temporary bonding on there till I could muster up the courage to get the crown done.  I was SO scared of that numbing shot!!!  Fast forward a month, and I felt ready.  I was feeling good and brave, so off I went to the dentist to have the tooth prepped and have a temporary crown put on.  The numbing shot was absolutely fine (no issue at all), but what I didn’t prepare myself for was once the shot wore off (stupid on my part – I know how sensitive we are, so I should have been prepared to be at the very least uncomfortable for a while).

Once the numbing wore off, the pain took me aback – it was brutal.  I have gone through this entire botox process med free (aside from an ativan here and there if things get really rough, but even that was only 3-4 times a year), but this pain brought me to my knees, and I caved and took some ibuprofen, which helped to calm things down, but as soon as it wears off, there’s the pain again (in the crowned tooth and the tooth in front of it…I also have had gum sensitivity and pain in other teeth, which I know for sure is botox/nerve related sensitivities since those teeth weren’t touched, so I know that will go).  So, I took the ibuprofen for the first few days, then stopped it and decided to try to wait it out till the permanent crown came in a couple weeks.  During those couple of weeks, the pain waxed and weaned, but was always present to some degree.

Today, I went back to get the permanent crown put on.  I refused the numbing shot, because I wanted to make sure that they got my bite correct.  Wow, talk about pain!!!  When they finally got the temp off (OUCH!), they put the permanent on.  I was doing okay so far, though in pain.  Once they put the cement on the permanent and then put it on my tooth, I wanted to pass out.  It was literally like having acid poured into an overly sensitive tooth.  They then put a desensitizer on it, but that didn’t help any.  I’ve had the dentist check twice in the past three weeks for infection or problems, and there are none.  He says everything looks fine and that even when he prepped the crown, no pulp was exposed, so he doesn’t think pulpitis is involved.  I told him I would tough it out as long as I can in hopes that things will calm down, but if not what do I do.  He said the only thing to do is a root canal or extraction.  I told him I won’t do a root canal (I’ve researched extensively over the past 3 weeks, and I know that extraction would be my chosen route, if necessary), so he said that’s fine…if it comes down to it, we’ll remove the tooth.  The pain right now is unbearable, and I need some insight from people that know what we botox people go through.

Okay, so here are my questions (sorry for the long winded lead up).  Again, please be gentle as my anxiety is quite high because of all of this.

– Has anyone on here had EXTREME pain after a dental procedure (like I have to put all my food in a processor right now, because I can’t chew anything…constant, intense, pain that makes it so you can’t sleep, shooting nerve pain in the tooth from anything touching it, even my tongue, etc), and if so, did it calm down and how long did it take?

-Has anyone on here had a tooth extraction through this?  If so, could you describe your experience and the healing process.  I’m not scared of the shot, since I did fine with it before, but I am scared of the healing process – basically I’m having terrible anxiety that I’m not going to be able to get rid of this pain!!!

-Lastly, if I can stand it, how long do you think I should wait to see if it does calm down before having the tooth extracted.  I realize I just had it worked on today, and without numbing, so of course it’s going to be painful even with the ibuprofen I’ve taken, but I seriously feel like I want to go in there and rip it out myself right now because the pain is so bad.

If anyone could give me some encouragement/helpful insight, I would be forever grateful!  Thank you so much!

Giving away a red lamp for pain

Hello all,

I have a brand new red lamp with stand and adjustable neck and settings that has not helped me. I understand it works well for some for muscle pain but most of my pain is from nerve damage and it actually seems to make it worse. If anyone would like this lamp, I am moving and have to donate it but thought I’d check with everyone here first. I’d just ask that you pay for shipping. Please private message me with your address if interested and I’ll look for the cheapest shipping method.

Thinking of you all,

Some Hope

Hi All,
I wanted to post an update that made me feel more hopeful and maybe can give hope to other people struggling through this nightmare, too. One of the most disturbing side effects I suffered was ocular hypertension – basically damage to the optic nerve/glaucoma. I went back to my eye doc last week and took a field vision test (I got my injections on 1/7/15, so this is a little more than a year out). It was almost perfect (meaning no permanent eye damage) and the pressure is starting to come down in my eyes. He feels like all I need to do is keep seeing the optometrist and having them do the low-tech eye pressure test and I should be fine. This despite the fact I have had a hard time kicking coffee and haven’t had a consistent exercise program, the two things my doc suggested would help. (I did the best I could – partly it’s my damn stressful job which eats up a lot of hours and energy. Hence coffee. Hence inconsistent exercise! But just to say, my body has healed on its own despite my lousy habits.) I still have some facial damage with my chin (dents – argh!!!) but even that has gotten slightly better. There are some weeks where my face still looks awful but it seems to get better after it gets worse. My horrible joint pain, which was really getting me down last year, has gotten better, and though I am still having stomach issues, the feeling of having razor blades rolling around in my stomach is gone, at least. : ) And my hair is starting to fall out at a much slower rate (gotta have gratitude for the little things, right?). I know that sometimes people get better and then get much worse – it’s such a crapshoot! – but it really feels like maybe I have made some true progress. I wanted to let people know because reading “recovered” posts here helped me get through some of my darkest hours with Botox poisoning. I think about everyone here a lot and send out love & light for healing.

Anyone start to get hair loss 1.5 – 2 years in?

Hi all,

All of a sudden I am experiencing significant hair loss. I know many of you here have had the same problem, but I wonder if anyone has experienced it starting 1.5 – 2 years after botox injections?  I’m not sure if I should be attributing unusual new symptoms to botox anymore since I hit the 2 year mark this month… but hair loss does not run in my family.  And up until 6 months or so ago I had a thick head of hair. Now, I have been told I have the beginning of female pattern baldness – the thinning is very evident around my hair line. And the texture seems to have changed as well. It seems to be getting worse quickly and I am only 46, so though I may be peri-menopausal, it’s still early stages . Anyone else experience the same thing? If so, did it progress or did your hair grow back? Any input would be appreciated! :-)

It’s been a while since I last posted. My last injections for migraines was Dec 3, 2015. I went to the Drs. 8 times. Steroids did not work. Oral or injections. The highest dosage of RX antihistime didn’t work. Nothing did. Out of all the Drs. I saw only 2 admitted it could be Botox.

The hives covered my Entire body for almost 3 months. My skin turned purple, swelled and even my butt was covered which made sitting very difficult. They never left until the Botox was completely out of my system. I am now myself 100% convinced it was indeed the Botox. I had 2 skin biopsies and it came back as a hypersensitive medication reaction. Botox was the ONLY thing I had used and the itching and hives started a few days after injections. OMG the itching for 3 months was TORTUROUS! Now that it’s gone. My skin is back to normal and my head of course has been aweful.

Im very very disappointed that after the whole horrible experience that “all”  Drs are now saying. Yes. Yes it was very likely the Botox.

After 3 years. Never again. Never! I’m so glad this nightmare is over. I didn’t know from one day to the next what else would be affected

Just wanted to update everyone who was supportive to me during my struggles and horrific reaction. Thanks –








buonasera a tutti

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I noticed a Limpoma on the back of my leg

I was wondering if anyone else on the site has had a limpoma. I just noticed this today on the back of my leg as big as a golf ball. I think it has to do with the toxic trying to come out of my body. I read on line about them. And to be honest I am very nervous about it because with one usually comes more. I was wondering if anyone else got this. I am going on 4 years out. I have had many symptoms headaches, burning that still come and go. I know that my energy has been better than the beginning. But I am still having too many issues.
If anyone has had this please let me know.
Thanks Lori

Natural help to heal nerve pain

It’s been a while since I posted and thought I’d share some natural remedies for healing nerve pain. I haven’t tried all of these and I know many of us have sensitivities to everything so you know to proceed with caution and introduce one at a time but hoping this may be of help to some.

I have to say first I am in my 4th year since injections and I my muscles spasms in my legs have calmed somewhat. I still have a deep dent in the right calf where the large muscle is still contracting constantly and there is still constant ‘twitches’ of the muscles in both calfs but the constant painful deep muscle spasms have calmed a bit so I am thankful for some relief.

The nerve pain in the face is unfortunately still 24/7 and unbearable without aspirin. My concerns about taking so much aspirin (500 in 90 days) and the risk of bleeding associated with it is what prompted me to do more research on natural alternatives for pain relief and nerve healing. Sharing what I found here to both relieve pain and some to prompt healing of the nerves. You may know some or all of this but perhaps this will help someone. Please let us know if anyone has tried any of this and had positive results or negative reactions.

I also want to share that my #1 help in seeing some relief over a long period of time has been a clean diet. Green leafy veggies, herbal or green tea, lots of water, all organic if possible, no gluten, dairy, preservatives, packaged foods, artificial ingredients, no sugar, etc. I have not eliminated meat entirely but cook it on the grill with nothing but light salt and pepper. Veggies always fresh either cooked or raw. I notice a real improvement in inflammation very quickly after eating celery. Beyond that, less than 9 hours sleep a night or going to bed later than 11:00 even with 9 hours aggravates all symptoms. And of course there is the stress factor. Exercise is now helping — a year ago I couldn’t take walks without triggering relapse.

So here’s the list for nerve pain relief and healing — many of these address inflammation as well:

Green Juicing —
Stops the cycle of chronic inflammation and gets inflamed nerves back in shape. Also helps clean out toxins. Juice cucumbers, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli & other greens — add a fruit if you don’t like veggies and it will sweeten in up.

Ginger —
Reduces inflammation

Turmeric —
Reduces Inflammation

Benfotiamine —
B6 if you can tolerate. Helps to repair damaged nerves. B12 as well but I know many can’t tolerate.

Herbs: Vervain, Wild Lettuce, Valerian, Crampbark, St. John’s Wort —
Lowers inflammation & calms and helps heal nerves

Omega 3 oils —
Full of anti-inflammatories

Skullcap —
Strengthens nervous system & brings relief to inflamed nerves.

Lobelia —
Relieves tension & relaxes muscles that may be pressing on nerves

Black Cohosh —
Works well with Valerian — helps to regenerate irritated nerves.

Bitters —
Swedish bitters can heal nerve pain.

Arnica & Peppermint oil —
Helps to fight inflammation.

All the Best for good health soon!

Pituitary issues

I just wanted to point out (and I am not sure if anyone has done this yet) that it’s possible that we either developed or had pituitary issues that were created/aggravated by the botox. I have had two MRI’s that show issues with my pituitary gland. If you look up symptoms of pituitary lesions, you find many that overlap with the symptoms we experience as a result of Botox injuries. Some of these are relevant, and some not, but most importantly, there is help (I think) that can be provided. If you have had an MRI but not had one that is protocolled for the pituitary, they may not catch anything. Here are just a few of the symptoms:

  • extra hormones in the blood
  • flushing of the face
  • weak muscles and bones
  • high blood pressure
  • irregular heartbeat
  • headache
  • vision loss
  • large hands and feet (acromegaly)
  • breast milk even if not pregnant
  • lack of milk when breastfeeding
  • menstrual cycle changes
  • lower sex drive
  • impotence
  • loss of body hair
  • delayed sexual development and growth in children
  • weight gain
  • bruising easily
  • irritability, anxiety, depression
  • nausea, vomiting
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • seizures

I wish everyone healing on this awful journey!!!

Facial changes

Like many here, I have noticed drastic changes to my face, including fat loss, muscles loss, sagging, etc. Is there ANYTHING that anyone has done to help this? I realize the toxin is going to do what it wants, but even if I could do something to keep it from getting much worse would be helpful. I try not to read too much on here because it’s depressing, but if anyone can offer any words of wisdom who is further out, then I would be so appreciative. Trying to stay positive, but it seems like there is a lot of pain and suffering down the road . . .