Lumps on fingers and toes

Hi everyone! I have been getting lumps on my fingers and toes. They look like blisters, but they are hard and under the skin rather than on top. They start out as a small circle, and grow much bigger. They last for weeks, and once they eventually shrink, others will take their place on different… Read More »

topical capsaicin for muscle/nerve issues & pain

hey everyone! i know a lot of people have neurological issues here, including pain, numbness, and a lot of various neuropathies and problems.. also muscle pains, joint pains, and related issues. obviously with our sensitivity this would not work for everyone or at all times, but has anyone tried topical capsaicin for these issues. im… Read More »

New Issues can anyone relate

I am at almost 2 years now and I am having some wierd issues. I now have water behind my ears I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist. I have fullness in the ears and my sinuses are always clogged since the injections. I am also very very dizzy like vertigo. The dr. saw… Read More »

Thinning skin in face and body

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is feeling improvement in their symptoms. I know that this subject has been brought up before, but I don’t know if anyone has more information about thinning skin. I have really noticed drastic changes in my skin the last couple of months and it continues to get worse. I thought… Read More »

Follow-up/second opinion apptmt

Hi All, Just got home from seeing follow-up/second opinion dr. who saw me 17 months ago right after the nightmare Botox shot.  I want to scream YIPPEE!!!!! right now, not because he miraculously cured my forehead dents, but because he never once deviated from the fact these dents were not there before the shot and… Read More »

23 months and still sick……………………………………

I am at 23 months now and I am still sick. And still different new symptoms are coming up. It is so scarey to me. This time I feel into a depression. I really feel like I lost my life. And I am a very positive upbeat person but this is starting to take a… Read More »

b12 methylation pathway – relationship to folate, glutathione

I know some people here have tried glutathione, and others b12. I’ve read a little bit about the b12 methylation pathway. It seems that for the myelin sheath around nerves to be repaired, the body’s folate and b12 methylation pathway has to be functional. There is also a relationship between glutathione and b12 that this… Read More »

B12 vitamin and acetyl L carnitide

Hello everyone, on September 18th it will be 2 years since my injections (50 units). At the beginning of my nightmare I wondered when would it end? But now I’m seriously wondering: will there be an end? I’m definitely less ill this year than I was last year. I have way more energy, a clearer… Read More »

Vulvodynia/44 month update

Botox seems to be the drug that keeps on giving.  I have been diagnosed with vulvodynia which is:  burning, itching soreness of the vaginal area. This is my third episode of this . It comes and goes and is very uncomfortable. I know that there are at least five other women who have had the… Read More »

Eyelid ptosis !

Hi everyone ! I m French and lucky me I speak English which gives me the possibility to find help and support reading your posts. I m just going out a Botox nightmare and I wanted to share it with you. I suffer from Bruxism and afterhaving first decided to deal with it thanks to… Read More »

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Autoimmune brain damage

Hi everyone!!! I hate to be so gloomy, but I am really concerned about this. I am having so much trouble thinking, keeping things straight, and remembering things. It’s like my brain just shuts down. This has gotten worse the last couple of weeks.I was reading that Botox can cause an autoimmune reaction and brain… Read More »

Accidental Withdrawal? Botox bomb?

Hello friends on Monday night I forgot to take my Zoloft and Nexium meds in the right dose. Tuesday night I resumed as normal.. Tuesday afternoon I started to feel bad stuff happening, yesterday all over body spasms, migraine developed, and now today, short of breath, palpitations escalated etc, you know the drill! I thought… Read More »


I have had the same headache for over year I finally got a new neurologist to diagnose it is a converted migraine. He injected me with 31 shot of Botox now I have insomnia Moniz you trouble swallowing have to wait for September to go get another shot has anyone experienced a converted migraine could… Read More »

Slowly but surely – recovery taking time but is real

Hello,  I have been on this site several times over the last 2 years and at the deepest hell pit of my symptoms can honestly say many of you saved my sanity!!! I am only registering and posting now to share my experience out of honest hope that I might be able to offer some… Read More »

Benefits of positive thinking

I have always been one of those people who focus on being optimistic and cheerful  regardless of the situation.  The cup is half full rather than half empty type of thing.  I tell my friends to “look to the bright side’ when they are feeling down.  I encourage my customers, my friends and family to read “The… Read More »

Botox Detox & Recovery Guide

Hello everyone, I’ve just talked to MariaB and she’s sent me this link: All credit goes to her for finding this site but she seems very busy and may not be able to post it, so I’ve wanted to share it as I think it’s very informative and interesting!

Diet change: causes new problems anyone?

Dear friends, at about 7 months (2 months ago) I had a terrible crash after 5 months of mild to moderate symptoms constantly. I worked out that suddenly I was reacting terribly to all drugs, supplements and many foods: histamines. i stopped ever taking codeine and even though I took very little infrequently, from the… Read More »

Small Fiber Neuropathy

Hi All! I’m wondering if any of you have been tested for small fiber neuropathy..every symptom is common of SFN. I have tested positive. I know Botox caused this. I’m wondering if anyone else has had the test?