Low Neutrophils & White Cell Count

I had Botox injections in my forehead over a five year period. My last injection was seven months ago. Since then I have been taking heaps of supplements to speed up my recovery [including B12, glutathione, digestive enzymes, astragalus and chlorella]. I had a whole lot of blood tests done last week and a few… Read More »

Affects when Botox wearing off?

I had Botox injected into my jaw muscles in June 14. This was to help with the chronic neck and shoulder pain which I believe is caused by the TMD. It actually helped, eventually. I don’t remember suffering any immediate bad effects of the Botox. However, from August there has been a gradual decline in… Read More »

Anyone else having worsening of their symptoms at this time of the year?!

Hi Guys,I was doing a bit better with going organic and the AC(activated charcoal ) treatment but just like last year this time around I’m back to square one again with violent muscle spasms/twichings ,breathing gets worse and also chest tightness and palpitations. Granted I did go for a pt evaluation and the therapist I would… Read More »

Recommended reading

Hi all Since I’ve been unwell over the last year or so I’ve read a number of different books on health and most recently I’ve started reading Why is my brain not working? by Datis Kharrazian. I think it has some very good suggestions to help us with many of the symptoms that we have… Read More »

Thank You!!

First, let me say how very, very sorry I am to all of you here who are suffering from this terrible poison. It is a profound reminder to me of the many who suffer in the shadows. I have already begun praying for you all and that you may get your lives back as they… Read More »

5 years , feeling ok, but not fully recovered, legal action

Hi All, Iam back here for an update  to give hope for the new victims of botox world.I had very very hard time from 2009-2013.I had all the symptoms which are listed on this forum. From 2013 I started to feel better but in a very small steps.I feel ok now , I can live… Read More »

Nearly two years and eyes are biggest issue.

Can the eyes fully recover? It seems that small movements of the eyes leads to dizziness and headache. Driving makes me feel sick and TV is pretty much gone. I have been prescribed topomax and will see how I get on. Just wondering if anyone has been like this and have it resolve this far… Read More »

Botox used to relax my esophagus pre surgery.

I started having an issue with food and liquid going past my esophagus into my stomach about a year ago.  Food would get stuck and liquid would refuse to go down.  My body would hiccup to help move it along or it would eventually go down with quite a bit of pain.  Finally, nothing seemed… Read More »

Botox was used to relax my esophagus pre-surgery for Achelasia

I started having an issue with food and liquid going past my esophagus and getting to my stomach about a year ago.  Food would get stuck and liquid would refuse to go down.  My body would hiccup to help move it along or it would eventually go down with quite a bit of pain.  Finally, nothing seemed… Read More »

Lawsuit – do I have a shot? And looking for lawyer

Hi everyone. I am now 5ish months out from my botox injections and I feel like I’ve reached a plateau in terms of recovery. My most troubling issues at this time are whole body muscle weakness and chronic fatique (terribly exacerbated just yesterday by 2 doses of flexeril – a muscle relaxant – given to… Read More »

This is so much more serious than I ever could have thought

I still have been having many issues. Today I was diagnosed as prediabetic from a test that my hormone dr. gave me last week. So very scary. I have never been sick a day in my life before this episode with Botox. I am beyond scared. The inflammation in my body must be so very… Read More »

Lumps on fingers and toes

Hi everyone! I have been getting lumps on my fingers and toes. They look like blisters, but they are hard and under the skin rather than on top. They start out as a small circle, and grow much bigger. They last for weeks, and once they eventually shrink, others will take their place on different… Read More »

topical capsaicin for muscle/nerve issues & pain

hey everyone! i know a lot of people have neurological issues here, including pain, numbness, and a lot of various neuropathies and problems.. also muscle pains, joint pains, and related issues. obviously with our sensitivity this would not work for everyone or at all times, but has anyone tried topical capsaicin for these issues. im… Read More »

New Issues can anyone relate

I am at almost 2 years now and I am having some wierd issues. I now have water behind my ears I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist. I have fullness in the ears and my sinuses are always clogged since the injections. I am also very very dizzy like vertigo. The dr. saw… Read More »

Thinning skin in face and body

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is feeling improvement in their symptoms. I know that this subject has been brought up before, but I don’t know if anyone has more information about thinning skin. I have really noticed drastic changes in my skin the last couple of months and it continues to get worse. I thought… Read More »

Follow-up/second opinion apptmt

Hi All, Just got home from seeing follow-up/second opinion dr. who saw me 17 months ago right after the nightmare Botox shot.  I want to scream YIPPEE!!!!! right now, not because he miraculously cured my forehead dents, but because he never once deviated from the fact these dents were not there before the shot and… Read More »

23 months and still sick……………………………………

I am at 23 months now and I am still sick. And still different new symptoms are coming up. It is so scarey to me. This time I feel into a depression. I really feel like I lost my life. And I am a very positive upbeat person but this is starting to take a… Read More »

b12 methylation pathway – relationship to folate, glutathione

I know some people here have tried glutathione, and others b12. I’ve read a little bit about the b12 methylation pathway. It seems that for the myelin sheath around nerves to be repaired, the body’s folate and b12 methylation pathway has to be functional. There is also a relationship between glutathione and b12 that this… Read More »

B12 vitamin and acetyl L carnitide

Hello everyone, on September 18th it will be 2 years since my injections (50 units). At the beginning of my nightmare I wondered when would it end? But now I’m seriously wondering: will there be an end? I’m definitely less ill this year than I was last year. I have way more energy, a clearer… Read More »

Vulvodynia/44 month update

Botox seems to be the drug that keeps on giving.  I have been diagnosed with vulvodynia which is:  burning, itching soreness of the vaginal area. This is my third episode of this . It comes and goes and is very uncomfortable. I know that there are at least five other women who have had the… Read More »